Pimp your Nikon 1 camera

A new website called pimpyourcam.com (some images are NSFW) will soon start selling uniquely designed Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras that will be available at selected retailers at the end of July 2012. You can see more images of various designs on Facebook.

Press Release:

New product: “Pimpyourcam.com” – the new and unique way to customise camera bodies and lenses


True to the principle “be unique”, the PIMPYOURCAM.COM team are now offering the opportunity to personalise the usually dull black (or at least single-coloured) body of your camera (and your lenses).

The team is made up of the well-known Dusseldorf advertising photographer and photography book author Jens Brüggemann and the Berlin airbrush artist Torsten Rachu.

Life is colourful – so why only take photos with a boring black camera? Jens Brüggemann asked himself and the idea to transform colourless cameras into distinctive works of art was born.

Torsten Rachu, who is responsible for the conception and creative implementation of the designs, has decades of experience in airbrush design. His customers include the global players BlackBerry, Electronic Arts, Disney, Siemens, Sega, Sky, Sony, Nokia, Nintendo, Eidos, Micky Maus Magazin, Microsoft, Bombardier Transportation, Coca-Cola, Haribo, Warner Music, O2, Otis, etc. He has even designed a mobile phone for the Queen!

Every camera is unique increasing its value considerably. The design also provides a high recognition value and thus offers good protection against theft. For those customers, who want a really personal touch, an individual design can be agreed with the PIMPYOURCAM.COM team in advance for a small extra charge which is calculated according to the actual additional work required.

The styling process has undergone extensive testing and professional photographers have tested the use of the airbrushed cameras. Proven treatment methods to prepare the camera and the use of special paints and coatings guarantee the long term durability of the design.

Photography is twice as much fun with PIMPYOURCAM.COM!

The team works with selected specialist retailers where the product will be available worldwide from the end of July 2012. The customer can then order their selected design directly in the camera shop when they buy a new camera. It is also possible to add a design to existing photographic equipment.

The customer can choose the design they would like from the selection provided on the PIMPYOURCAM.COM internet site. The design will be deleted from the system immediately following the receipt of the order in order to guarantee uniqueness. It is also possible to add an individual design (for example a company logo). The PIMPYOURCAM.COM team will fulfil all possible camera design requests!

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  • Nikonnut


  • jaaon

    why not its fun

  • Tony Bologna

    Sadly this is the most compelling reason to buy one of the 1 series.

    • Nikonnut

      Its got one of the best autofocus systems of all cameras too. Try it it’s something.

      • pogodrummer

        well the om-d beats it…

  • EnPassant

    Nikon will soon notice a rising demand for the white version of their 1 series cameras! 😀

  • Bonetti

    Will Nikon will Still Cover the Warranty???

  • D400

    does it take twice as good pictures? 😉

    • Huggs

      No but you’ll look good taking one. 😀

    • Andrew

      The pictures will come out different because your guests will be intrigued by the psychedelic colors, thus distracting them from their pose. So in some instances, you pictures will look twice as good.

  • Dave in NC

    I think a D4 with an Andy Warhol design would be a big seller. 😉

    • I think an Andy Warhol with a D4 design would be a big seller…

      • Dave in NC

        good point! I can envision multi-colored D4’s just like Campbell’s Soup cans. But once it was announced, it would probably be a few months before you could see it. 🙂

        • Calibrator

          You could see it alright – but only in the hands of NPS members.

          In contrast to Canon who would announce it at least half year before they could deliver the very first production run to their customers…

  • A picture of the camera owner’s face, so that when the camera is being used it’s perfectly camouflaged.

    • n/a


    • Anonymus Maximus 1st


  • Peter

    Why the heck not…add a little character into the typical colours of cameras. If they had a Depeche Mode version, I would buy it.

    • Funduro


  • john stevens

    I have some questions…

    1. Does it also include increasing the paltry 10MP to 2oMP? To Compete With Sony, and everyone else!

    2. How much for these fancy designs? The over priced, is just that over price and adding FOO FOO BS…does not matter.

  • lorenzo

    Uhm… very professional 🙁
    Oh poor Nikon, what a bad end you made!

    • hunt

      Yeah because professionals aren’t allowed to have fun.
      I’m a professional are my job and I still have fun.

  • Ho hi

    Leica has Hermés.

    Nikon has Germans with airbrushes.

    • Tami


    • Calibrator

      Germany and Japan – successfully cooperating as always…

  • I like the top one. Very Swatch like. Very vibrant. I bet these are Molotow Oneforall paints.

  • T.I.M

    the fuji quicksnap disposable film camera had a better look….

    • tasteless

      Euh… vraiment pas!

      • T.I.M

        how can you say that Mr taste less ?

  • Spy Black

    A hacked Nikon 1 is not all that’s pimped at pimpyourcam.com!

  • lorenzo

    Off Topic: New Thom Hogan’s discussion on D800/E LT AF issue


    • Arrrrrrrggghhhhhhhh!

      Oh please make it stop!!!!

      Do we really need this “issue” brought up in every topic?! We get it! Some cameras have an AF problem that shows up in test chart shots 😛

      Please people, stop dragging it up constantly!!

      Talking to people in general, I’m not aiming these comments at the poster above.

    • Rob

      Thanks I have been told there maybe a problem. Was not sure what or how to make some tests, And at what point are the cameras good. I don’t look at or comment on each topic so have not seem this post before.

  • John Richardson

    ok, I like this idea. Since each design is unique it can be fun! Which it seems is what photography should be about for even Pros.

  • rob

    Does it use lenses – and are they colour coordinated?

  • Shkacas

    Low quality stuff… 🙁
    (look at last picture – edges of the buttons)

    It would be awesome if they could tear it down and paint body only and not just cover buttons with the piece of duct tape.

  • Shawn

    It’s less about pimping one’s camera and more about being an attention whore.

  • John_IGG

    Can they make one that looks like a Canon? or D800E? or whatever?

    I wouldn’t buy one. No way!

  • gargamel

    How about pimping my D600? It should be out in 2 month so I guess the first batch must be in production already. Any news what’s up with my camera that I am going to get from that early batch?

    • Rob

      Why bother with a D600 just buy the D3200 and you will have it.

  • Benji

    I actually think this is sweet. Why the hell not have some sweet graphics. Not like the J1 is a very serious camera to start with. Pretty much the only time I use mine is when I’m drinking anyways.

  • Jabs
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