New Nikon 1 J2 camera and other mirrorless products to be announced in August

Nikon 1 concept accessories at the CES 2012 show

Nikon is expected to release a new J2 camera (replacement for the Nikon 1 J1) and some new mirrorless accessories, including an underwater housing. The announcement should happen around mid-August. Do not expect any major changes in the spec and design of the J2. At that point I am not sure if there will be also a new V2 mirrorless camera to replace the current V1 model.

Nikon is also rumored to announce a new slimmer standard zoom for Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras - probably the lens on the left (image: Nikon 1 lens concepts on display at the 2011 PDN PhotoPlus show in New York):

I already mention that Nikon will have multiple announcements in the weeks before Photokina. There is more to come, stay tuned.

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  • vic lau

    where is the pimped J1?

    • nobody trust nikon and if they hope that people will start buying into the (expensive) system on promise that something will come?

      Well those people got burned on DX system which even after xxxxxxx years (many of them it was also the only digital pro system) there is not enough good lenses to use the system fully.
      We have no 50-150 zoom, old 17-55 which is as big as 24-70 on fullframe, no f2 zooms, no fast DX friendly pro primes, etc.

      so keep this trashy plastic system for your female kids nikon :-), full frame or go home.

      • gsum

        We need a FF manual rangefinder that has no useless gimmicks such as face recognition and in-camera image processing; no clutter – just a photographer’s camera. But I doubt that the marketing dept would allow it or that Nikon could make such a camera fast enough given the demand that it would generate.
        The Dilbert Principle (marketing dominates proper useful engineering) governs the photographic world.

        • Reynold


        • Forget rangefinder (after all, we’d need to wait on lenses again). Give us a digital FA. (I imagine Nikon could make a digital FA and include AF-S support since the motor is in the lens.)

        • Carsten

          Leica already makes those, so where is the market that can absorb serious quantities of this that will make the price less-Leica?

          It makes little sense to create a purist’s Nikon, where is the MF glass? MF with AF-S lenses sucks hard compared to Ai-S lenses.

          I pitty anyone who thinks he just need retro equipment to produce HCB like shots. I don’t know what I need in between a Nikon 1 and a D800

        • NK Martin

          I’m a long time Nikon user back to film and manual everything. The new line up is very good. I have a full system for my D3S. So what do I shoot with most of the time, Fuji XPr1. Love the rangefinder style and the manual controls. It if a joy to use! How great would a Nikon FX rangefinder be? Well at the moment only Lieca makes a real digital body and Fuji makes a nicely styled AF body. I’d put my money in for a great Nikon FX AF body with old school style….

      • I am also dissapointed because of incomplete DX system.
        I am even start asking myself if they plan to drop the DX system anytime soon.

        If they will have a full line of lenses I will start thinking about V1 line, but at this moment Nikon 1 line has only kit lenses, and only one prime which is only 2/3 stop faster than the kit lens.

        Buying now thinking they will announce new lenses for Nikon 1, will be a huge mistake, because it is possible that in 2-3 years Nikon will launch only a few macro lenses similar to the 85mm f/3.5 or 40mm f/2.8. Nothing wrong with macro DX lenses, but macro is not my priority.

        • they just dont care. this is disadvantage of global market. if you are major player, you can release almost anything (including incomplete and buggy trash) and get some profit out of it. So they just do it.

          We need more players to get the competition to push quality and innovation again. Like in MF world is.

          I still think that nikon is better then canon and the rest as a whole, but it is obvious that they are playing the “slower progress, more moneys” game.

          Luckily i am not forced to buy that stuff. Happy with my Mamiya and D800 and D700 with 35/2 as “point and shoot”

        • Joel

          Don’t buy DX lenses. FX lenses work just fine and won’t go obsolete.

          • I really don’t want to carry huge Full Frame lenses, thinking only about the investment. My backpack is already pretty heavy.

        • Sahaja

          Nikon’s DX system lacks a few prime lenses and a couple of good quality zooms. Of course you can use FX primes – but at the wide end that doesn’t work.

      • karl

        wow, those 2 people disappointed with DX have met on NR !

        …seriously, DX is just fine – it’s what most people wanted from the system – even some professionals…

        • Jekyll

          Who is “most people” and how do you know how happy they are?

          • karl

            don’t tell me you haven’t figured that out by now – 10 years and 18 bodies since the introduction of DX !!

          • rpz

            The people complaining about DX are also making the assumption that the current DX lineup doesn’t satisfy anyone. But who’s to say there aren’t just as many satisfied people out there with the lineup as unsatisfied? No company will or can ever make all their customers happy. There will always be haters and gripers.

        • Discontinued

          Are you serious, karl ? ? ?

          DX has never been what most people wanted – especially professionals have been kind of forced to go with it, as there were no FF DSLRS for quite some time.

          Have a look into the history of (D)SLR cameras and lenses (or the lack of them) and you’ll get what I mean.

          Still I don’t get it this Harold Ellis ! ! ! Why even bother and bring it up ? ? ? It’s over, dude.
          There is FX, there is DX and there is Nikon 1. Just buy or leave what you want and stop complaining.

          • karl

            oh please, stop for a second to realize one simple fact:

            MOST PEOPLE buy entry level DSLRs

            Now, with that in mind – DX is EXACTLY what MOST people wanted. Me included.

            • Tuan

              I think that assumption is not correct, karl.
              You can only deduct that DX is the nearest thing to what MOST people want, not that DX IS what people want. For example, I want a camera with good focus and small, and before Nikon 1, the only thing that good in focusing is DSLR. So is DX is what I want? No, it’s too big.

            • karl

              I see, so people buy stuff that they do NOT want… I thought it was the other way around…

            • BornOptimist

              I’m with Karl here. Most people doesn’t care if it’s a DX or FX sensor. They don’t even know the difference, but they do know the difference in price, and FX is not what they want to pay.
              The few people that express themselves on blogs or forums are in a big minority, and have no significant impact on Nikon’s decissions. Even most proffessionals don’t express themself on blogs og forums.

            • most people wanted 50 1.8 fullframe equivalent. They got 18 different 18-something kit lenses instead.

              when nikon introduced 35G f1.8 DX which sorta does the job? yes, thats right. too late. And it is not equivalent. 35G1.4 DX would be about as 50 f2 (standard lens already in film times) on FX is. And wide angles? Lol and lol.

            • you know why APS film was a failure? Right. APS digital is also only crotch to make more moneys for nothing. It would be fine if they at least made appropriate lenses, but they never did. People are forced to buy APS cameras, they do not want to buy them. Even birding and sport pros use full frame (and teleconverters when needed). DX was and still is a failure.

            • karl

              Harold Ellis, don’t put yourself in the position of a judge.
              You’re not a judge. The market is. And it has already spoken it’s verdict absolutely clearly. You just fail to listen.

              DX is an immense success. Despite lacking the stuff that YOU want.

            • DIDNT READ :(

              wow some people post on the internet way too much

            • Iau

              I agree on this. Despite I wanted a FX years ago I’vr realized I don’ want a larger an heavier body with ditto lenses. They did make the old slrs like FM2 smaller but I guess that is no longer possible. And why do the lenses have to be so huge? Skip af-s, vr and make some high quality mf, if that is what it takes. I hate to bring along heavy gear on longer hikes. Luckily I feel DX is a good compromise. Those who need FX can still get their FX cameras.

              And I don’t believe this is a pro vs amateure thing. Many pros like the extra reach for wildlife.

            • Boris

              +1 karl

            • Want to buy and afford to buy is two totally different things
              if d3100 and d700 had the same price I wound wonder how many would prefer DX over FX

            • Andrew


              DX gives you interchangeable lenses. DX gives you entry level price for professional quality camera. DX gives you the #1 brand in photography – Nikon!

              Many people buy for these three reasons combined.

        • @karl

          I am very content with DX cameras and DX lenses that I have, but I am disapointed because the system is incomplete – it is a subtle difference.

          I also consider the Nikon 1 because it is small and lightweight, but i will not buy full frame lenses to put on Nikon 1 with adapter.

        • ausserirdischegesund

          Well, one more of those here.

          We really need a cheap 24mm (35mm equivalent), 18mm (28eq.), 16 or 14mm prime (similar to what the 35 f/1.8 and 40mm f/2.8 are) for DX to be a complete system that makes sense.

          Especially a cheap, small and relatively fast 24mm would be important to me.

          • A 24mm f/1.8 DX lens would sell very well.

            I think it would be easier for Nikon to sell DX prime lenses than Nikon 1 lenses or FX lenses.

            They hope that all the consumers will buy FX lenses to use on DX cameras and CX cameras, planning for heavier backpack?

            There is no point in having DX/CX cameras, if you use big and heavy FX lenses, just because “they work fine”.

      • Spacedog

        You can find the lenses you’re hungry for at Sigma, and they are definitely no crappy hardware. The only reason I don’t own the 50-150 is the missing focus limiter 2,5m-infinity. It speeds up the AF quiet a lot.

        Why DX-friendly primes? For buying the same lens in FF when buy a second body?

        @gsum: face recognition can be very useful when you shoot fast sports as Jazzdance for example and want the face to be in Focus at f2.8. You can’t control the af when you don’t know what happens in the next moment and you’re concentrated on the picture you take. And the golden rule (as for all useless gimmicks) is as it ever was: If you don’t want it, deactivate it. I’m very pleased with Nikon, and yes: I AM A FANBOY! 🙂 I tried Canon, Minolta, Olympus and Sigma before I touched my first Nikon. I understood the basics at the moment i saw the buttons and menues, and the Camera worked as it should in my eyes. I’m sure that i will use Nikon as long as they exist and every picture is pure fun. It’s also more fun to shoot than to discuss what could be maked better. By the way: 30 degrees celius. I’ll take my MTB for a ride and will take some Photos with my crappy DX-format D7000 😉

  • Frank

    We need APS-C sensor mirrorless camera from Nikon

    • Agreed. With manual controls. You know- just to one-up the Canon.

      • And a viewfinder. You know- just to one-up the Fuji.

        • D400

          And a mirror. You know – just to one-up sony.

          • Tom V

            And a matte box / follow focus rig. You know – just to one-up Panavision.

            • Ben

              and FX just to one-up pentax

            • karl

              and 38 megapixels – just to one-up Nokia


            • Larry

              And let’s call it the D800c

              The “c” stands cheap, or competitively priced in the J1/J2 range.

            • Collins

              Wow this train of thought was awesome !!!



    • Jamez

      I would buy a Nikon APS-C mirrorless and adaptor for F-mount immidiately when available!

      • Tuan

        I think that camera will come, but not now. It will come when Nikon confident that EVF/LCD technology can fully replace OVF.

        I have a feeling that unlike some others, Nikon is very conservative and careful, they only release camera with certain technology if the technology reaches certain quality. Just like it was in the Megapixel race: Nikon stay at 12Mpx for a long time, they only crossed that line when the jump provided true benefits.

        • Nikonnut


        • > “I think that camera will come, but not now. It will come when Nikon confident that EVF/LCD technology can fully replace OVF.”

          Bingo. I think you are correct.

          This is exactly what Apple does. Tablets have existed for a long time before the iPad, and smart phones existed long before the iPhone. MP3 players existed before the iPod. Apple knew what they wanted to do and when all the components became available, they executed.

          • Zobraf

            ?? Somewhat bad analogy.. Wasn’t it Apple who were one of the first to bring tablets to the market with the Newton project?? Late 80-ies.. Well, then they were called PDAs.
            Of course the very first tablet was “The hitchhiker guide to the Galaxy” with a big bright button “Don’t panic”..

      • C

        That might be the D3300, but I’m not sure that is what you would be after.

    • nuno santacana

      +1 That would be a truly exciting announcement.

      I think most of us are also hungry for D400&D600. Hopefully this summer sensation. We saw the photos of D600 but still nothing about D400.

    • Vince

      Absolutely agree we need mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor. Very important that when I attach my lenses onto it, the framing and perspective stays the same as on my D7000. Looks like Canon got it right. Their EOS-M makes a lot of sense. Going from the DSLR to the MIL, one does not have to switch the way he/she visualizes the scene.

      • Sahaja

        If you want a larger sensor mirrorless from Nikon why not let them go the whole hog and produce a full-frame mirrorless camera? (Digital SP?) Then the framing and perspective stays the same as on your D700 or D800.

        Sooner or later someone besides Leica is going to make a full frame mirrorless camera. It would be nice if that were Nikon.

    • Shawn

      I’m not sure how mirrorless APS-C solves any problems at all. Most people on this forum dissing DX and Nikon’s amateur models have, time and time again, cited the size of the camera as one of their reasons of hatred (“too small”, “made for girls hands”, etc…).

      How is a tiny camera with a giant lens solving any of these folk’s issues? It does not solve any of my problems, but I am a dedicated DX shooter.

      When I get into mirrorless I will be looking for compact size, interchangeable lenses, good image quality (worse than APS-C is acceptable, a good sacrifice for compact size), good selection of fast prime lenses, phase detect AF, and enthusiast level controls.

      My prediction is that the smaller systems will win over in the market because the market has significantly more non-photographers in it. I think those people would prefer a smaller system even if they sacrifice quality for it.

      Everyone here pretty much owns a D700, D800, D3, or D4, so of course they think about the market in terms of their needs. Those needs are fine but not the same as the consumers which drive the volumes in this business.

      • Ric

        This is the most sensible statement said in here in a long time.

        1. Large sensor
        2. Small body
        3. Inexpensive

        You can only have two

      • Sahaja

        A full frame mirrorless camera with an EVF could be as small as an M9. That is a full frame mirrorless camera and an EVF probably takes up less room than a whole rangefinder / OVF assembly does.

        Mind you, if they put their minds to it, Nikon could probably produce a full frame DSLR with an optical pentaprism viewfinder about the size of a Nikon FM2 or FA.

        I’m not saying Nikon shouldn’t make larger DSLRs as well because they are better for some jobs and some people prefer them – not everybody though.

    • Karen G.

      Me too.

      • Stevey

        I’d buy a Nikon aps-c mirrorless if it had the pdaf like the Nikon 1 and came with a wide angle pancake f/2 lens and f-mount adapter. It’d supplement my dslr & lenses nicely. Even at US$350 (the current price in Hong Kong) the J1 doesn’t interest me. Nikon 1 is a fail for me.

  • Greg Schmidt

    We really need the D400 and D600 and maybe a D7100.

    • Skagli

      yep…I hope also D600 and D400 will be annunced in autumn…
      I need them! 😀


      I would love to have d700s with the d3s sensor … now to the reality: o.k. on the d600 notes … BUT, PLEASE, BE IT IN THE D300/D700 body!!!

      • MegaMo

        Nikon D600 is supposed to come this Aug.-Sept. I think not Autumn.
        Will have the D7000 body (why?wtf? I dunno. Nikon has to cut on costs)

        D400 on the other hand 😀

        • Joel

          The D600 being in a D71000(?) body is not Nikon about cutting costs, its about delivering a consumer grade FF at a great price that doesnt bite into the D800’s pro market.

          • karl

            ..and it surely will outsell the D800 by a factor of 10:1 at least

    • Shawn

      I think the D7100 will be my next camera. Hope they add more custom U# modes and the auto ISO options of the D4/D800.

  • nau

    underwater housing for acceptable price would be great

  • photonut

    20 MP RX100 Sensor?

    • BornOptimist

      No, that sensor will no do it.
      A new sensor will have PDAF, which is missing on the Sony sensor.

  • Rob Ueberfeldt

    Love these dinky toys. Image quality will shit all over any camera phone and you can get accessories.

    • znsel

      They should make these cameras with built-in phones.

  • Mike

    RX100 sensor and a similar f/1.8 zoom lens and Nikon will crush the EOS M.

    An APS-C mirrorless would be a dumb move. What’s the point of small cameras with huge lenses? My bet is we will see a full frame F-mount compatible mirrorless first.

    • Plug


    • Michael Laing

      I am not sure that Nikon would go down that route, as I think they fear that it might kill its DX sales. This is why I also think that the V1 was such a piece of junk because they could have made the camera much more ergonomically friendly, giving much better controls but then it would have competed directly against the D3100.

      • Steve

        That is the problem with Nikon and Canon. They are too entrenched with their DSLRs, which can be seen with their lackluster mirrorless solutions. The RX100 is a watershed product as it is the first compact that can be truly considered an alternative to an entry level DSLR for P&S upgraders.

        P&S crowd is not interested in changing lenses. They just want a fast camera that can take very good pictures and preferably fit in their pocket. Up until then have have had no choice but to use a DSLR.

        I’ll be interesting to see who comes next with a similar 1″ sensor compact.

      • Sahaja

        Why should Nikon worry if a Nikon camera hurts sales of a their DX DSLRs? Currently the profit margin on mirrorless cameras is probably higher than on entry and mid level DSLRs. What they should worry about is people buying Canon or Sony mirrorless cameras instead of Nikon cameras.

        The Nikon 1 cameras are selling quite well – but they are no real competition for larger sensor mirrorless cameras.

    • sam

      A lot less complicated structure = cheaper price (or more profit 🙂

  • Lardinio

    Nikon cocked up with the Nikon 1 system. I have still yet to read a good review a year after it was launched. It’s innovative for sure, but was left woefully lacking in 3 obvious areas ….

    1) sensor size – I don’t care what anyone says, they messed up. It’s too small, I just wish Nikon would admit it. There was no need for a sensor that small, not price, not size to fit in a smaller form factor body.

    2) lack of manual controls – I haven’t shot auto for years, I don’t even do that on my compact. My missus does, but then again she’d rather spend £100 on a camera not silly money like Nikon want, which brings me onto ….

    3) price – as soon as I saw how much they wanted for what they delivered I was NEVER going to buy one. Strangely my compact camera has a smaller sensor and is worse in low light, worse autofocus too. However, it was £300. It has full manual focus, significantly more portable and it did the job i wanted for the price I was willing to pay.

    What will the J2 bring? Probably a bump is pixels without compromising high ISO capability, may be a few ergonomics changes, better screen and a slightly higher price (bad move). Will I buy it? Nope, never. Have recommended to all my friends they save their money and buy a decent compact or a proper DSLR.

    • Tuan

      For me, even my D3100 is huge, and I don’t want to haul it around. So I mightily interested in the One system. However, I did not replace my 3100 because the price is too high. $400 for J1 is OK, $600 is just too much.

      My wish list: a camera with good, fixed lens (non-interchangeable), CX sensor, phase detect focus, and weather sealed. Is it sound odd?

      • IdR

        It doesn’t sound odd. It sounds mouthwatering.

    • karl

      1. sensor size is fine. I don’t want huge APS-C lenses on my mirrorless camera
      2. this would not be an issue if Nikon implemented AutoISO correctly – with the minimum shutter speed
      3. the price for J1 is just right

    • Tuan

      I think there is space for both DX-sized and CX-sized EVIL. Some wants absolute image quality, DOF control. Some just wants good enough image quality, small and light. And a lot want good focusing. Too bad, among all EVIL, only Ones are good focuser.

      I think there are some difficult in incorporating on sensor PDAF into large sized sensor, and that’s why Nikon still yet to release their DX EVIL, not because they fears that the thing will cannibalize their DX DSLR.

      • Tuan

        Oops, grammar error(s)!

        @Admin: Nikon Rumors commenting system is great, open for all, no registration required, just comment. However, once you committed, there is no way to edit. I think it’d be better if for each commenter, NR leaves a cookies with unique ID, if the unique ID matches, user can edit the comment, similar to Stack Overflow, which also allows user to answer question without registering.

    • Nikonnut

      Do you own a J1 or V1?

      I think the Nikon V1/J1 has the best autofocus found on any system. Which to me is the greatest strength of the camera and why it sells so well in most places. I have a D7000 and a sony nex 5n as well as the V1.

      I think that Nikon had the photo enthusiast in mind rather than the “photographer” think of all the japanese youth who love taking pictures of themselves and friends where ever they go and only using those pictures online rather than anything else.

      I dont think most of them care for a large bulky slr or even care what iso/aperture/shutter speed mean but wanting better pictures and as quickly and easy as possible than found on a compact or phone camera.

      • Lardinio

        Nope, I don’t own one and at that price I don’t want one either.

        I have no arguements withthe focus system, it was clear it’s a winner. Nikon have always been strong here.

        I totally agree withthe rest of your statements too. It’s just I’m not a japanese teenager with a bucket load of cash looking to upgrade from a smart phone.

    • Despite what you think, the Nikon 1 system is massively popular and a HUGE hit for Nikon. It might not have what you were looking for personally, but it did for a lot of people. It is making Nikon a lot of money, which will in-turn allow Nikon to continue to build the best DSLRs on the market.

      The Nikon 1 AF system is the best in the biz currently and its CX sensor reached D3s-ish QE – making it one of the best performing sensors on the market, considering its size. If the sensor was APS-C, the lenses would be HUGE and this would totally defeat the purpose of a mirror-less system. What Nikon did with the CX sensor was very smart, IMO.

      More lenses will come on-line. I’m interested to see what Nikon does with the J2 and V2. When I reviewed the NIkon 1 system, I really loved it, despite its obvious shortcomings. I hope Nikon took my suggestions to heart.

      Canon’s EOS-M is the real cock-up, if you want my opinion. Totally half-assed and yet another reason to hock that same tired, old 18mp APS-C joke-of-a-sensor.

      • Jabs

        @Cary – How are you and how is Business plus the ‘better half’ (not the D800 – lol).

        I too like the Nikon 1 and see that many other manufacturers are making a version of this and now we have all these different colors in cameras looking like it. I believe that Sony’s new ‘little camera’ probably has the same sensor size as the Nikon 1, so maybe Nikon will use that higher resolution sensor in a Nikon J2 and V2 plus keep the J1 and V1 while improving or adding controls. I really like the flexibility, the thoughtfulness of designing a System of a small camera as Nikon often alone does – in this Nikon 1 System. They probably will enhance it soon and then create a new market of small system cameras that work well with all its accessories.

        As far as Canon is concerned, they seem to have issues with sensor design and manufacturing despite what people love to trump here about them being able to make sensors cheaper due to use of a larger substrate. Who cares as their prices do not reflect that? They are behind technically and I am totally disappointed in their new cameras, as I expected them to really give Nikon a run in the Olympics camera-wise, but they seem to have gone on and hid their new Pro body and the Pro lenses except for certain Pros. Maybe they were more affected than Nikon in the Japan and Thailand disasters?

        Or – maybe Nikon surprised them and caught them napping like what seems to have happened to Sony too.

        The new Canon mirrorless seems to have been rushed to market and devoid of much design finesse plus using a modified version of their 18 meg sensor that is so ‘last generation’. Maybe Canon in trying to fracture the market in Video and Stills, lost track of what people need or had too many irons in the fire and now their products overlap but not excel in much. Nikon beats them in stills and RED ‘whomps’ them in Video at the high end, so I don’t understand where they are heading with expensive 1920×1080 Pro gear costing more than $16K while stuck with APS-C sensors and HD resolution. They are more expensive than a RED and the RED does 4K plus RAW?

        Maybe they need to hire some Engineers and fire some bean counters, eh??? – lol

      • Lardinio


        I have no doubt that’s it’s popular somewhere and has sold well in certain markets. I don’t know about the official stats for UK sales where I live, but I’ve NEVER seen one being used out on the street and I don’t know anyone who owns one. I was at the Olympics, Greenwich Park watching the eventing on Monday and spectators were told to bring a small camera. All I saw were mainly Nikon’s DSLR, some Canon, and few M4/3 systems (mainly panasonic) and lodasa smartphones (mainly iphones). Being a photographer, you keep you third eye out for these things right? Not one Nikon 1 system that I saw and I was there all day. I saw more spectators with D4’s than I did Nikon 1’s 🙂

        So it’s not just me the Nikon 1 system is not for. I know it’s innovative and great AF system but the fact remains it has some issues which i have pointed out. Now it might be because I come down from the DSLR side of things that I’ll expecting something better from Nikon.

        I’d have expected a system from Nikon with these spec’s to be cheaper. I’d have expected a system from Nikon with this price to have a bigger sensor.
        I’d have expected any system from Nikon to have full manual controls.

        It’s just my beef and let’s face it, it’s not really an issue for Nikon because Canon has just pulled out the dullest mirrorless camera you could have wished for.

        I look fwd to Nikon learning from their time invetsed in the CX system, take what they have learnt and built and applying it to creating a more suitable system for people like me – who want a better sensor (probably DX), full manual controls and a sensible price.

    • Maji

      I think Thom Hogan said something good about the V1 and J1 cameras.
      From his review…

      … I’ll say right up front that I actually (mostly) enjoyed using the V1. On the same trip I had a D7000, J1, and NEX-5N. I found myself picking up the V1 more than the others…

      Features –Average, about what you’d expect for a mirrorless camera of this type

      Performance — Better than expected, especially considering the small sensor size

      Value — Nikon wants too much money for what the camera is. It would be an average value at US$599-649, I think.

  • Dumbed Down

    Forget the D800 and it’s wonderful fuzzy focus.

    Who wants a D600.

    This is where it’s at.


  • Marco

    I love my V1. But I really hope next to a successor there will be many more lenses, which will be available SOON. Preferably primes. Fast primes. Light primes.

  • V2 wish list

    1) EVF
    2) Build Flash
    3) Hotshoe compatible SB400 and other SB series
    4) Flip LCD
    5) Twin dail control
    6) Better manual focus assist
    7) better hand grip design

    • john stevens

      How about a larger sensor? How about 20mp? To justify the over the top price of 700 plus???? Come on people…Fuji, Sony, Samsung, and now Canon…Let’s get real. Nikon still does not get it.

      • BornOptimist

        IMO 10MP is enough. A larger sensor means larges lenses, and THAT is not what I want, so 2.7x is a good compromise. What is missing from this system is a larger selection of lenses. We need a few fast fixed focus lenses (WA, Normal, Short Tele and a dedicated macro), and a better implementation of auto-ISO. An adapter to use ordinary flashes would also be welcomed.

  • pap

    They add PSAM on mode dial 😀

    • I see when

      MAPS is better, easier to know where you be.

  • I’d like 4″x5″ camera with Hubble-power telezoom credit card size and thickness. With 63″ fully articulated and rollable display.
    Until Nikon made it for $0.99, all their development is totally shit. And their engineers are stupid monks because they afraid to break so named “Law of physics” developed by evil jews by Hitler’s order, as we already knew.

    Nikon 1 is a great system and I like its solid feel and responsivity. Go ahead, Nikon. And don’t listen to jerks.

    • look to old film cameras and manual focus lenses what can be done in small form and performance.

  • papatole

    I’m interested in buying J1. So I’ll wait till J2 comes out. I just love Nikon 1. They’re tiny, cute and cheap. Their lenses are so small and cheap too, unlike those big-bulky-expensive DSLR lenses. Nikon 1’s image quality is okay for me. Saw an A4 size print of J1 picture, looked good enough, better than a picture taken by D300s at wrong setting (under/ over exposed). Pardon my english.

    • Plug

      +1 There is only a small difference in quality at A4. At A3+ of course the DSLR results are better. If you only print at A4 then J/V1 is very adequate. I find my V1 stuff very useful alongside my D800.

      • karl

        It’s not just the print size.
        In terms of DOF, the CX sensor with that poor excuse for a prime can never match a DX sensor with a fast zoom/prime.

        The system needs a FAST – f1.2/f1.4 – 35mm and 50mm equivalent lenses.

        • papatole

          Who says that people are buying Nikon 1 to match DX cameras? Whenever I want quality, I would bring my D700. For everything else, Nikon 1 would be more than enough (in most cases, Nikon 1 is even too much). Who wants to bring D700 + 24-120 to the mall every week? For me, Nikon J1 + 10mm will fit nicely in my pocket, ready to shoot whenever my daughter makes those funny faces at the mall.

          • karl

            I just pointed out that “print size” is not really the relevant criterion for CX vs DX comparison – since there’s no difference.

            Currently, when I expect to take pictures, I take my D7000 with the 24-70mm Nikon. I would love to take my J1 with a 19mm f1.2/f1.4 prime with me every time I leave the house.

        • Shawn

          You’re right, in terms of DOF, DX and FX cannot ever give you more DOF at large apertures than CX can.

          I’ve seen a lot of great selective focus photos, but I’ve also seen just as many, probably more, photos with large DOF. Large DOF is something that a lot of nature photographers want and are willing to shoot at small apertures on a tripod to get.

          It does seem like some people out there believe that selective focus photography is the only way to take pictures. If bokeh is the only trick in their bag then I won’t be weeping their short lived creative photography careers.

          There is a sacrifice to be made with the smaller sensors in regards to selective focus, but I don’t think you’ll hear many complaints from the iPhone and compact users looking to upgrade. As a dedicated DX shooter, I think this is one sacrifice I’ll be willing to make to get a smaller sized system when I want portability. The thought of shooting hand-held hyperfocal shots in marginal lighting is actually quite intriguing.

          I can’t wait to see what improvements will come in the eventual V2 and what new lenses they might introduce.

  • Luke

    Nikon is overly busy with updates for the Me-in-front-of and baby-boy shooter league. These shooters don’t need more IQ than is available already anyway – it is far more than sufficient for Facebook and the like.

    Talking about mirrorless, the Fuji X Pro 1 is the one to beat! Sensor size and manual controls instead of color schemes! And apparently Fuji’s non-Bayer sensor pattern is also worthy to spent a look on.

    The D300s and the D700 are waiting for a successor so long already. And concerning the latter neither the (great) D800 nor the D600 is a real successor!
    Just six weeks (before Photokina) and no leaks???

    And then the lenses: the successor for the outdated (and outperformed) 80 – 400, a 70-200/4.0, a new 17mm PC-E an improved 24mm PC-E, the patented 135/1.8, an improved 24-70/2.8 with VR, the recently patented 16-35/2.8 in a pro version with less distortion than the current 16-35/4.0 and on and on…
    as for me, a 70-200/2.8 without this strong focus breathing (just about 135mm out of 200mm at closest focus distance left!) would be desirable!

    After all the discussions about international regulations wouldn’t allow for radio controlled CLS flashes, now canon got it – when will Nikon get it also?

    Nikon stop fooling around in the toy department and come to the real stuff!

    • Sahaja

      Yes the Fuji XPro 1 looks like a good system with nice lenses. What many people don’t seem. to like about it is the focus-by-wire system.

      Nikon could go one better and make an FX mirrorless about the same size.

      • Luke

        Exactly, you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s a wonderful camera. And Fuji seem to keep their promise with more lenses following. Some commentor did even suspect, that Fuji would turn away from focus by wire. Don’t know if that is possible fro their technology. However The AF speed of a V1 and the other features from Fuji would make a cam being ideal for street photography among others.

  • 120-300 os for Nikon

    Well Mr nikon or ms Nikon bring out the D400 and please with cf card door lock like was on the D200 D300 and all the new goodies oh and same battpack as the D800.

  • One More Thought

    With the “1” series, I always wondered what Nikon was going to do when it came to new models and their names. Would the next model be a J1A, J1X, etc…I guess we now see…but it is kind of awkward and confusing for the customer…now it will be the J2 camera in the 1 series…and then eventually J3, J4, etc…

    It made sense only for the first model iteration: J1 and V1…but now it will seem kind of out of sync…oh, well, so much for marketing…

    • BornOptimist

      No different than their SLR/DSLR-range. The first F-mount camera started with the “Nikon F”, and was succeded by F2, F3, F4, F5 etc.
      Same will happen with Nikon 1. The mount will contiune as Nikon 1, but the cameras will continue as J2, V2…

      • BartyL

        The mount will continue as CX.

        • BornOptimist

          No that’s not correct. “CX” is a reference to the sensor-size, not the mount. The mount is called “Nikon 1”

          • BartyL

            I sit corrected.

          • One More Thought

            But that’s the point…the F mount gave us a sensible numbering system…F2, F3, etc…

            But this is the 1 system camera…and soon it will be the J2 model in the 1 system…that’s confusing…

            Look at the title of this post: “New Nikon 1 J2 camera…”
            That’s the type of wording you are going to see over and over again when this camera debuts…

            It’s not the end of world…but it’s a poor naming choice by Nikon…it only made sense with the first models…

          • Jabs


            Sorry but I checked the specs on Nikon’s USA web site and here is what they say.


            Mount – Nikon 1, hence you are right.

            Thus camera series and mount are both Nikon 1 – lol.

            • BornOptimist

              Yes, that’s what I write. Back in the days where F-mount was introduced, the camera was called “Nikon F”, and the mount was also called “Nikon F”. It is exactly the same now with the introduction of “Nikon 1”. Further cameras will probably be called something else than “Nikon 1”, but the mount will continue as “Nikon 1”.

        • Jabs

          Actually the Nikon 1 is the camera series and CX is the sensor SIZE.

          F-mount is the mount of both FX, DX and film bodies.

          • BartyL

            Yes, I did what you did and went to the Nikon site & checked (might have been an idea to do that before responding to BornOptimist?). See my response below his reply.

            I was fooled initially by thinking about the way Nikon have designated lens mounts up to this point – DX, FX. So they’ve broken from tradition there, but when all is said and done this will only rate as a minor ‘quirk’.

            I don’t see myself in the market for something like the 1 series soon, but eventually I will get over carrying around large cameras and lenses. I hope that in the interim Nikon develops the 1 series or something like it as a more ‘serious’ camera system.

            • BornOptimist

              I’m sorry BartyL, and I appologise if I’m starting to sound like an smart-ass (believe me – I’m not).
              DX and FX, like CX, has always been a reference to a sensor size. The mount has always been called “F-mount”.
              The lenses made for DX vs FX says how large diameter the lens will illuminate, aka how big sensor the lens will fit. But the lenses are always made for F-mount if they are made for a Nikon DSLR camera. Nothing has changed with the CX-nomenclature

            • BartyL

              It’s all good BornOptimist. As far as corrections go (and again, you are correct) it’s constructive. Thanks.

    • babola

      It’s even worse with numbering for Nikon’s DSLRs. They’re just about run out of numbers for different models and classes. The Dx0 is pretty much exhausted, so is Dx00. Yes they could squeeze in few more models in the latter range like D400, 500, 600 and 900 but after that it’s anyone’s guess. Adding letter ‘S’ to the model number isn’t exactly scalable either. Sub-numbering the models by incrementing the second numeral like they already do in the consumer Dx000 class (D3000/3100/3200 as an example) is another way to do it but knowing Nikon they never did that in the past on their enthusiast and pro models.

      Canon somehow managed to address this by adding Mark XX numbering after the major model number, not a bad idea in general.

      I need to lay down … 😉

  • FMJ

    the point of having a 2.7x crop sensor is to have small lens, but i don’t find 1 system lens to be small at all, they are similar to Sony NEX lens, and micro 4/3 lens, even Samsung made some pencake for their APS-c. The body of J1 isn’t small to begin with either.

    I see comments above mentioning AF system compare to D800, but we are talking about an AF system that can do continuous AF during video! I really hope Nikon can come up with their 2 series with DX sensor, i don’t mind Sony NEX size lens, i want good video continuous AF for chasing toddler. If this camera ever comes from Nikon, i will ditch my FF becoz of the Video capability.

    Look at the Canon EOS-M, their hybrid AF is so slow, slower than any mirrorless in the market right now. if Nikon do it right with 2 system, they will sell like hot cake in my opinion.

    • Incessant Troll

      i love the 2.7x crop format; i’m just wondering if nikon will change the way it looks. J1/Vi are so FUGLY. sorry to anyone who has one or thinks otherwise, but to me it looks like a fisher price toy. ps full frame sucks I<3U

  • Shawn

    This system has potential, but (like everyone else has already said) it’s too expensive, has a horrible interface, and is seriously lacking lenses (fast primes is what I’d personally like to see). Fix those three things, and I’ll probably get invested.

    Doesn’t hurt that it’s compatible with existing Nikon lenses, though in most cases that completely voids the point of buying a smaller camera.

  • morg

    Boring!what about something I might want to buy.D600 D400?

  • PAG

    I’ve read comments before that the Nikon 1 lenses aren’t really smaller than the Sony NEX lenses, so I looked up the two fairly comparable kit zooms each system. It seems like the longer the lens, the bigger the differences.

    Sony 18-55mm : 2.44″ x 2.36″, 6.85oz, 49mm filter, f3.5-5.6
    Nikon 10-30mm : 2.3″ x 1.7″, 4.1 oz, 40.5mm filter, f3.5-5.6
    Major Differences: Nikon is over a half inch shorter and weighs over 2.5 oz. less.

    Sony 55-210mm : 2.5″ x 4.25″, 12.1 oz, 49mm filter, f4.5-6.3
    Nikon 30-100mm : 2.4″ x 2.4″, 6.2 oz, 49mm filter, f3.8-5.6
    Major Differences: Nikon is over 0.8″ shorter, weighs almost half as much, is 1/2 stop faster at the short end, and 1/3 stop faster at the long end.

  • Anonymous one

    As four months old owner of a nikon V1 i’m sure that:

    On the good side.
    – It’s good for photographing people.
    – Super AF in good/medium light conditions.
    – Very good EVF (and i’ve seen 4/3 ones)
    – Light an reliable in a proper little body.
    – Decent video capabilities.

    On the bad side:
    – Nasty user interface.
    – Horrible mode dial.
    – Lack of resolution por landscape/nature.
    – Expensive. Very Expensive.

    Fix this things (especially a firmware new version) and it’ll be a good selle. Not for everyone sure.But photographs are surely very good.

    Yes, it’s not a DX (best in many ways as a second camera for casual) nor a FX. I also have a D700 and feel really confortable with my V1.

    Looking forward to accessories (not specially super-fashioned) and LENSES. It’s the key to a interchangeable system.

  • Ben

    “Do not expect any major changes in the spec and design of the J2”
    What replace the model if your not changing anything?

  • One More Thought

    The Nikon 1 series is a good series…better than many give it credit for…

    That being said…the sensor in the new Sony RX100 is better…

    Now Nikon certainly can and will improve this lineup over time…look at how m4/3 has evolved …
    For those who bash the new Canon M series…well, the same holds true…Canon will evolve as well…

    As a challenge to both Nikon and Canon, though, I’d say, give us a really revolutionary camera…don’t dip your toe into the mirrorless pool of water so conservatively…you can both do far better…and the competition isn’t sitting still and has a head start…the Olympus OM-D EM-5 is fabulous, the Sony Nex-7 is great, and if Fuji can figure out how to do a good AF then their X series will truly be world class…and oh yeah…that little RX100 is something that will also claim some of this market…

  • an onymous

    Excuse my harsh criticism on the Nikon 1 system, but they made an absolutely fatal blunder strategy here, there are too few lenses and will take ages until it becomes very interesting format.

    But as it looks like now, as others mentioned, Nikon have a quite incomplete DX lens family, what Nikon should have done is create a DX mirrorless and make more DX lenses that will benefit BOTH DSLR’s and mirrorless, that would have saved Nikon a lot of R&D time and money.

  • Aznpoet

    I have no problem with Nikon’s mirrorless system in terms of sensor and camera size.
    Just look at Sony’s NEX; it’s a soup can attached to cigarette box fugly.
    For me, the problem is the lack of lenses and the UI (lack of buttons) for direct access to the features.

  • I got to use one of these for the first time last night for a night shoot. It surprised me because the screen is very responsive and it’s a great little camera, BUT the flash is horrible on it and there is no hotshoe! Is there any way to use a flash with this camera? The only way I can think of is an optical slave, but CLS would have been nice.

  • Shawn

    Wishful Thinking:

    Nikon 1 Lens wishlist:
    20mm 1.8 (50mm equivalent, preferably pancake size)
    30mm 1.8
    5-8mm 2.8 (holy hyperfocal Batman)

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Hey I just thought of this. (I’m so brilliant.)
    It looks like we finally get white lenses too!
    People will know I’m going big time when I get one of these!
    Nobody’s got nothing on me now.

  • @carol harris
    i think you in the total wron i have used dx lenses and dx format bodies for over 7 years and yet i obtained fantastic reasult. I mainly do u/w photography. They are amzing dx lenses like the tokina fish eye lens love this baby. I am now using a d4 and i still regret that lens. Dx is an amazing format when you do macros photography… i’m dying for an fx format fisheye lens with a zoom like the tokina it just is not there, the best and closest lens i got to this is my nikkor 14-24!! also clearly u think everyone uses and need there camera for the same purpose sorry to tell you it is not the case..

  • Fred
  • felipe

    A 4k video? maybe ? more dslr apart from the d600 and d400? or a new line of nikon products?

  • NotLow

    The only way a V2 could possibly be attractive is if it had a similar control scheme and features as the NEX7. for a control freak like me it’s perfect. I almost went for a V1 but the CX crop factor didn’t do it for me and the handling is terrible in comparison to the Nex7. so thats what I’ve got to accompany my aging D90. hopefully the new product announcements apart from the 1 series will have more to look forward to.

  • dinomite

    usually i dont comment on nikonrumors.. but with some alkohol.. why do all of you ask this and that an higher mp blabla, rangefinder.. you can do good photos with a shitty 3mp mcdonalds camera. i still want higher iso instead of mp’s. 7micron pixels are just magic. wheater its a d700 or a hasselblad back.. cheers

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