Multiple Nikon announcements scheduled for Photokina

There will be no new Nikon announcements in July. In August and probably September Nikon will start introducing new products in almost every category. For the Photokina show in Cologne (September 18-23, 2012) Nikon will have new DSLR camera(s), lens(es), Coolpix models and mirrorless products on display. Expect more details in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Derek

    An updated copy of 100mm/F2 would be real nice.

  • Jerry Klein

    Good morning,

    I find it really fascinating to read through the comments related to the Photokina post. It reads like a big Nikon customer wishlist; which is really interresting. I wonder if the Nikon management acknowledges this data.

    • cheebahgah

      No, they don’t care and they don’t need to. Consumer products are about companies getting around to giving people what they wanted AFTER they can’t milk them for their desire anymore. When that happens, the companies toss another morsel out and the dogs eat it up. Of course it isn’t enough to satisfy any hunger. That doesn’t stop the loyalists from blogging about how The Makers(tm) must have listened to them and implemented their brilliant ideas. It’s a win-win with little or no effort.

  • Mr V

    So, dunno, I have been using Nikon D40 since 2006 and now kinda feeling like I have money saved for an upgrade and being familiar with DSLR controls and all, I have been dreaming of the day I have extra money to buy D7000.

    But all these rumors of replacement, probably in Photokina, should I bother buying D7000? I had planned finally to get replacement in August. In computers they say that “it is never really worth the wait, there is always something better around the corner, just buy now what you need unless it is really some sort of big processor update in 1 month time (Think moving to Intel Ivy Bridges for example recently, where 1-2 month wait was worth it).” What about these midlevel DSRLs? Wait for D7100 or what ever it will be called?

    Thanks for your opinions, peeps. 🙂

    Mr. V.

    • Fred

      yes, it’s worth waiting.
      If the ‘latest and greatest’ is a true replacement for your object of desire but isn’t what you wanted then the price of such object (D7000 presumably) will drop in price anyway.
      they say patience is a virtue 😉

    • Pablo Ricasso

      You might take a look at the D3200. The only downside is that they make you buy a lens.

      • LesM

        Hey Pablo …. Is that the case in the USA?

        In Australia we pay much higher retail prices than in the USA for everything Nikon, but at least we can buy it “body only”.

    • Gary Fong

      Yes it’s def worth the wait. Look at all the people in 2009 wondering whether to buy the D700 or to wait for what we now know as the D800. There’s still a 3mth wait on the D800, but look at them now, all laughing at the fools who have been using a D700 for the last 3 yrs when they could almost, almost, be using a D800 maybe in just a while longer.

      • AndyF_Germany

        I feel the need to share a different view here. Not in order to contradict the two “Yes”-advisers, but to complement them.
        If there even is an announcement of a (presumed) D7100, which I highly doubt (there would rather be a D5200, a D7100 could follow in spring 2013), then you would have to wait 3-5 months to get your hands on one. But wait – because then the 3-4-months-waiting-period for reports of LCD color tinting, AF calibration errors, possibly exploding batteries, etc. will start.
        (Ok, read this with a sense of humor please, but there is a lot of truth in it)

        The D7000 is a well-respected camera, its price has dropped significantly, and the problems that it had at the start should be solved by now. Furthermore, I really doubt that the 24 MPix APS-C Sensor will be ready by September (that means: by now, as a September announcement demands that the camera would be finished by now) to deliver a clear, “smudge-free” quality. In my opinion, if you expect top-notch image quality, the technical progress in image data processing is not yet ready to cope with this pixel density.

        But that’s just my opinion…
        (But in fact I made the leap from my 2007’s D40x to the D7000 three weeks ago)

        • Pablo Ricasso

          “Furthermore, I really doubt that the 24 MPix APS-C Sensor will be ready by September.”

          The dx 24 mp sensor is in the 3200 that’s on the shelf. Go into the store and get one.

          • AndyF_Germany

            Please read further: “…if you expect top-notch image quality, the technical progress in image data processing is not yet ready to cope with this pixel density.”

            (yes, my sentence above is a little convoluted)

  • fisheyland

    50mm f/1.2G

    • Steph

      Yes, I absolutely agree! This would be the lens i’m waiting for!

    • +1 for that. 😉

  • Everlast66

    I’m hoping for the new S9400, S8300, S6400, S4400, S3400, S2700, SW 110, S40, L820, L320, L27, P520 and P320 !

    • I am curious if Nikon will announce a new high-end Coolpix Camera.

      • I am more curious if nikon will copy the canon G1X as the high-end coolpix

  • Uday Kiran

    I’m hoping for a new high end DX camera no matter what model it replaces (D300s or the D7000). D600 is more than just good but dont feel like replacing my dx lenses for expensive fx lenses.

    • Adam

      I replaced my dx lenses just recently in anticipation of the d600. I then got nuts and bought a used d700 though and now have to decide if I want to sell that and get the d600 after all, and replace battery grip and batteries, or enjoy the d700 until I go for the d800 after upgrading computer and storage.

      Anyhow, I bought a 28-105 Micro for $120 on ebay, a 50 1.8 for $120 on amazon, and a used 70-200. I am missing a wide angle, but there are some fantastic D lenses out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

      • cheebahgah

        Not sure what the issue is. Sounds like you need two more bodies for those extra lenses. Keep the D700, order a D800 now, and order a D600 in the fall. 🙂

  • Steven Guo

    I’m hoping for the 16-35 F2.8G Lens

    • 16-35 2.8?


      I was saying a bunch of comments back that it would be nice to have this lens with the lack of distortion at the wide end of the 17-35 2.8 and the sharp corners of the 16-35 f/4 VR.

  • Little would tempt me right now, except that a 17 PC-E would cause my car to drive to the store involuntarily.

  • vesilvio

    hey, Nikon !?!?

    admitting the error of quality control/design of the D800 is NOT a shame!
    The real shame is what you’re now doing, that is NOTHING!

    Instead of focusing on the launch of new models, look for a solution to the D800.
    People have spent thousands of dollars / euros / etc. in a revolutionary and promising
    pro-body and many are suffering from problems with its autofocus.
    Please, have the dignity to admit it publicly, have the courtesy to apologize, to promise
    a solution, in short…. DO SOMETHING! Instead of hiding in silence and denial !!

    • Sean Brown

      Do you own a D800? Do you have the problem?

      Nikon are not going to admit a mistake over internet rumors and conjecture. How widespread is this problem really? Is it the result of random mistakes that will happen occasionally or is it affecting most of the cameras? Do you know?

      The way you’re talking you’d think EVERY D800 has the problem.

    • DRAMA!

      Hang on… Nikon have a solution to the problem for people who have it and it’s the result of misalignments in the AF during the calibration faze it seems, not so much a manufacturing default. This will happen occasionally and the 36MP of the camera will show this up even more than usual.

      Who’s hiding? Stop being so dramatic.

  • Antoine Psaila

    Plllsssss upgrade the 80 400 !!! We aviation photogragher are dying for one !!! We’re fed up looking at third parties and watching canon users very happy with their 100 400 which is going to be upgraded very soon !!!

  • Dave

    Well, I’ll have an AF-S 24mm f/2.8 (or even f/2) G

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