Nikon will be at the heart of this year’s Photokina with ‘I AM Life’ theme

Nikon issued a press release about their Photokina 2012 presence:

Amsterdam, August 9th 2012: Nikon will once again be the premier booth at Photokina, bringing the theme ‘I AM Life’ to the world’s leading imaging show. Expect hands-on access to the latest products and exciting presenters in the most spectacular booth in Halle 2.2 at the Koelnmesse. Photokina is open to the public between 10am and 6pm from the 18th to 23rd September.

Takami Tsuchida, President, Nikon Europe, comments: “In 2010, the theme of the show for Nikon was ‘I AM Photokina’. This year, we are taking the theme one step further as we introduce ‘I AM Life’ with the largest interactive booth, inspiring presentations, movies and visuals.”

Central to the Nikon booth will be a giant interactive multimedia ‘heart’. In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy the huge I AM Nikon video screen and presentation area throughout the day. Nikon Europe has assembled some of the world’s finest photographers and filmmakers, including Sandro Miller and Anthony Arendt, who will be presenting their Nikon D800 ‘Joy Ride’ video. Adventure sports photographer, Rainer Eder, and renowned pet photographer, Carli Davidson, will also introduce their work, educate, entertain and inspire visitors with their presentations. A full schedule of English and German speakers will be available at

In 2010, Nikon delighted Photokina visitors who entered the show, via the South Entrance, by taking their photograph and projecting the resulting image on to a giant screen. This year, Nikon is planning to surprise guests once again, taking over the South Entrance to offer more photo fun, with the option to email, print or share the results on the Nikon booth.

Furthermore, Nikon will be showcasing its full range of products – from stylish compact cameras to high-end professional D-SLRs including the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4 flagship cameras. Visitors can take advantage of the interactive video area which demonstrates the outstanding video capabilities of the must-see cameras.

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  • wublili

    I am D600 !

    • Nabi

      Let it come true!

    • Leni

      Let it come true!

    • JC

      I am photo…………………….no video

      • ashwins


      • Video doesn’t affect

        Grow up and get some knowledge.

        If you don’t like video then don’t use it.

        • Video is amateur

          Video is for camcorders. Lets face it, it was put on for amateurs who think they are shooting movies, when it is just home video of their kids doing stupid crap.

          • Geoff_K

            As a parent, I can say that any video I shot of my son was NOT crap. It is a cherished memory.

            I agree, dont like video, dont use it. It is not like it is adding much cost to the camera.

            People like you that hate it will still likely buy a camera with it, while others would not buy the camera without it.

            • BRC

              As a parent: +1

          • Mark V

            It was added on to expand their market of who they could sell to – it’s pretty simple. More professional film and television endeavors are using DSLRs. Clearly you aren’t their target market for it, but don’t be ignorant of information that is readily available by saying it’s “amateur”.

            • distanted

              As a Nikon shooter it might be easy to dismiss DSLR video as amateur, because until the D800 Nikon didn’t have a serious VDSLR camera. However, if you nay-sayers knew anything about the video industry, you’d know that the Canon 5DMkII turned the industry upside-down by offering a 35mm sized sensor for a fraction of what it had cost on a video camera. It’s been used to make movies, music videos, shoot weddings and pretty much anywhere else you might expect high-end video equipment to be used. So, calling it amateur just shows that you don’t know squat about video. I don’t use the green box setting on my Nikon, but I don’t try to make myself sound important by complaining about it.

          • minivini

            When you grow up and get a job in photography (though you likely won’t), you’ll quickly realize that clients, whether press or event, want video in addition to stills. The clients needs have evolved – either we evolve with it, or our competitors do. It’s ok, though. The more photogs sit backing picking their noses, the more work the test of us will get.
            See ‘ya on the flip side. Or not.

            • minivini

              Posted from my phone – can you tell?! Wasn’t worth the effort to go to my computer.

          • umesh

            Video dslrs have such good quality thaty they are used for documentaries and small films. But you wouldn’t know about it. Right?

          • Dastan

            but the prevailing majority of affordable camcorders have such a crappy video look, while with HDSLR one can take advantage of fast glass etc., and why take two cameras (photo and video when u can get away with both in one)

            so sick and tired of super-true guys who consider shooting video with DSLRs something of a complete disgrace…

      • explorer76

        Lets see, I should add my own “I don’t want list”:

        – I have no need for continuous shooting in my camera. Plus why do amateurs think they can be sports photographers just because they have 8FPS in the camer. Please remove this useless crap.

        – I don’t need autofocus. Those who care about their photographs take time to properly focus their shots and not rely on some processor to pick focus and then complain that it back focuses or front focuses.

        – I don’t need a JPEG engine. Real photographers shoot with RAW anyway so why waste a processor on jpeg processing

        – I don’t need the P and auto modes. Manual mode is all one needs. Though if you really must have some automation then I will let you have Av and Tv.

        – Obviously we don’t need the AWB and picture profiles and all that crap specially since there will be no jpeg engine

        – And who the hell cares if the LCD on my camera has 2 mega pixels or whatever is the latest marketing spec. The older 230K LCD is good enough to review the pictures. Anything above it is just another marketing gimmick to get your money

        Until Nikon removes all these bloats and stop charging us money for useless features, I refuse to buy another Nikon DSLR!.

        There you have it – wouldn’t the cameras be much cheaper and better if Nikon will listen to me.

        (In case it wasn’t obvious, this is intended to be sarcasm)

        • Sports


      • Jediphotographer

        Tell that to Joe Simon, Ray Roman, Robert Balasko and other heavyweights.

    • Jim Epsteen

      I am jack of all trades.

    • Andrew

      I am on top.

      Nikon 1, D4, D800/E, D3200, and now D600!

    • Bogdan Dumitru

      I am Bogdan Dumitru.

      • bd

        from constanta?

  • Wilson

    I Am D400!

    • nuno santacana

      That would be nice too, but I think D600 will be the only big new thing. Otherwise we’d have still no reliable rumors about D400.

      • Andrew

        Agreed, the D600 will be the big news. Nikon has catered to the high end via the D4 and the D800. Now it is time for the prosumers, so anything in the $1200 to $1500 range should be exciting such as the D7100 or the D600. But the D7100 will not happen in September, so for now all eyes are on the D600. With the release of the D600, we are expecting one more DSLR this year, but no one has a clue what that model will be.

  • raaz

    Is it likely that we’ll see a D7000 repalcement at photokina?

    • MegaMo

      Very likely ! although there were almost no rumors at all..
      and people want D400 but I’m getting skeptic.

  • Zoot

    I AM Quality Control Deficient.

    I AM in denial.

    Unless I get this sorted out…

    I AM not.

    • St.

      Are they going to show examples of Left focus points problems?

      • BartyL


        • umesh


      • LP

        It’s now kinda funny now, this guys are not willing to give up with this… When will it get old? Perhaps you should try the D800 yourself before talking so much trash so much of the time.
        Really guys, let us know if you still think you’re Jerry Seinfeld with super jokes, or is it because you’ve heard from a forum about the issue.
        The issue has happened, not to me, I have seen it just on the internet, and on this forums. Let say it has happened, do you have proof of how often, of how many cameras are affected? Or the density of cameras against any other brand and model? Go and sue Nikon with all that proofs, be a hero to ALL those D800 owners that have found on this camera such a bad product, save them from dishonest Nikon.
        Really guys, please shut the hell up.
        Go take pictures, go have fun, do someting constructive, do something with your lifes, and come back to NR to comment smart, proactive, well thought stuff… Thanks, I hope I may find a hint of seriousness on this guys that just don’t give it up…

        • Marc

          Well, better Nikon comments smart…

          • Tarun

            I agree. My copy of d800 is flawless too. Sure i had to fine tune AF for my lenses but thats about it. Internet can be a curse sometimes. This is a good example of that.
            Go out in the field and shoot people. Photography is an art.
            Ever seen a painter blaming a bad painting to his brush or palette. .

        • Minoltafan

          Well said!, Redirect complaints to Nikon (Repairshops)!
          Nikon has made some tremendous steps lately, considering that they kept the “F” mount. Probably will DX fade out to be an “amateur” format. D400? – My guess; Not! D7000 will probably be the before last or last “serious” DX camera. Nikon!: Steal some of the handling features from Minolta Dynax 7, into a D700 or similar body! – I’ll answer to your call! Sony won’t make it! – They’r to busy making “Playstaytion-Handycam-Mini-DV-SLR!

        • My copy is fine as well-posted test crop images to facebook because some loud-mouth didnt believe me

        • Brad

          I would love to get my hands on a D800E, but I have been waiting for it to arrive since ordering it in April. I agree though, the number of problems that have been reported with the camera make me wonder if I want mine to arrive any time soon. It’s funny how a lot of people here who have received working copies are so quick to jump on those who are not so lucky. I think with such an expensive product, widespread issues should be worked out before the product is released to the public.

          • LP

            It’s funny how a few people who have received a defective copy are so quick to jump on those (most) who received a good product…

            • LP

              I must add, those few who have received a defective copy or those who doesn’t even own a copy…

            • Fred

              It’s funny that there are no reliable statistics either way but ppl take a view devoid of logic as to the amount that have problems or not.

            • Brad

              The only reason I say this is because I am a longtime lurker (and recent member) on nikonians. I don’t consider their forums to have millions of posters (since you have to pay for an annual membership to post), yet there are probably 30 or so threads where members reported problems ranging from the focus issue, issue with the flash not working, camera turning off but not turning on etc. While I did not mean to imply in my earlier post that half of the cameras are defective, if you just take this small sample of the population, I think it is clear that there is a QA issue with this product.

      • Hermann Kloeti

        Why should they when everyone gets it for free, together with a new D800/E!

    • scurvy hesh

      Cameras are complex machines. Get over it. Everyone has had some issues here and there. They always get worked out after the first generation of them are done being “beta tested” by the early adopters.

      Look I even found some Canon ones.

      Would this stop me from recommending Canon? Absolutely not. They make fine cameras as well.

    • Rip Kirby

      Shush boy.

    • Fred

      I am focus challenged
      (another report on Lloyd Chambers …)

  • O.

    Maybe I should visit the Nikon booth and convince them to build a professional grade 50mm f/1.4 (or faster?) with fast autofocus, full weather sealing, ED glas, Nano Crystal coating and a golden ring.

    • LP

      Sounds good, I’m in…

    • Hank Carter

      Haven’t you heard? Fifties are old fashioned. (sarcasm alert)


    • JonMcG

      Can you ask for VR while you’re at it? Being able to shoot at 1/10th at f1.4 would be quite nice.. 🙂

    • Nikon Shooter

      That would be a redundant lens. Nikon already has a pro-built 35mm 1.4 and the 85 1.4 Either of those lenses can pretty much do what the 50mm does, with 35mm taking the cake as the comparable 50mm replacement. 50mm is a filler focal length. Why even bother with it when the current crop of the two focal lengths it’s meant to combine is simply out of this world?

      Though I completely agree that the current 50 1.4G is complete garbage.

      • Lol, is this sarcasm? I certainly hope so.


      • Dan

        Hey dork, yes I called you a dork…the 35mm and 85mm can ‘do what the 50mm does’ except…..guess what….SHOOT THE SAME ANGLE OF VIEW AND SAME COMPRESSION AS THE 50mm! You’re a tool. Do you know anything about photography?

        Oh and as a documentary journalist the 50mm is one of my most used lenses. Not a ‘filler,’ but a solid work horse.

        • Nikon Shooter

          Surprising reaction…

          You weren’t this upset even after I let your girlfriend play with my 85mm f/1.4 (she loves larger lenses), so why get upset now over this? Is it because she said that your 50mm is not big enough to provide the pleasant compression and bokeh that she loves and gets with my lens? Well it’s only natural. Your lens can’t give a wide perspective nor take a truly pleasant portrait. Sorry, but your lens is just average in every possible way.

          • Adam

            You will find thousands and thousands of websites for the kind of thing you are interested in. You don’t have to comment on photography just because you mistyped the URL and ended up here. Enjoy your 85.

            • Gloria


              Some of the posts here border on disgusting. I wish people stuck to photography topic, as well as made qualified statements before they click on the ‘post’ button.

            • pre puberty

              holy shit. a girl! crap, now I’m all nervous. ahhhh…. hmmmm…….how are you….?

              (the dig is actually about the prepubesant boys on this forum, don’t take it literally)

            • Gloria

              Except for the fact I could be your grandmather, ‘pre-puberty’. But if you’re into that sort of stuff I can’t stop you.

          • O.

            The 50mm lens must be the reason why Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Photos are so average, too. 😉

            The 85/35 is a decent combo, yes. I go with a 50/28 combo and I am pleased with the results.

          • umesh

            Surprising reaction…….
            But really portraits aren’t the only things lenses are used for.

          • Dan

            Look you stupid tool, I give two shits about your lens. I’m sorry you don’t have any real skills or creativity and you’re stuck taking the same regurgitated shallow depth of field images. If you want to get into a pissing match over gear then you really are a pathetic “photographer.” I’ll take my worst lens, my 20mm 2.8 that’s been dropped six feet onto concrete and fell off a moving car, and out shoot you any day. Step off son.

      • Billy

        And just how would you know, smarta$s?

        Go away…

      • Banksie

        fwiw, I have the 24, 35, and 85 G series 1.4 lenses. I also have a 50mm 1.4 AF-D. All four get a lot of use. There’s quite a difference between 35 and 50 (and 85) and so the 50 is very useful. It simply depends on the project and what’s needed. They are all very good focal lengths. None are ‘redundant’ at all.

        I also have a 28mm Summicron, a 35mm Summicron, a 50mm Summilux, and a 75mm Summicron. The 50mm Summilux tends to get used most often. A rangefinder is used for specific kind of photography, and the 50mm suits it pretty well.

        Lenses are made in certain focal lengths for various reasons. To simply argue focal lengths for the sake of focal lengths, and outside of any use context is kind of odd, imho.

    • KnightPhoto

      That’s because Nikon is retaining full weather sealing, ED glas, Nano Crystal coating and a golden ring for the new 50mm f/1.2 😉

  • Dotin

    New products might be Coolpix as the previous Admin post says.

    D600 on September?

  • Ralph

    Please, Nikon – a 17TS . Its my only remaining Canon envy item.

    • They need to take a look again at the 24 and 45 too. I love the 45, but having greater flexibility in the movements and controls would be welcome.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        I agree. I would buy a new 24 TS if it allows T & S to be performed simultaneously and if it performs better than the old one.

        And I AM NOT INTERESTED if a 17 TS just performs like the Canon lens (which is rather weak on FF cameras when shifted and seems to be more of a APS-C-lens).

        BTW, I received a Mirex-TS-Adaptor (Hasselblad V to Nikon) 2 weeks ago. Great stuff. I AM PLEASED.
        Now I can use my 50, 80 and 150 mm as TS-lenses on my D800E. 3 “new” lenses for just 460 bucks ! ! !

  • Ken

    “…including the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4 flagship cameras”

    Perhaps they can demonstrate the left focus ssue at the booth?

    Time to start a class-action lawsuit against Nikon for negligence selling defective products.

    • LP

      Yes Ken, yes, sure… Save it for your workers union…

    • Victor Hassleblood

      >>Time to start a class-action lawsuit against Nikon for negligence selling defective products.<<

      You have never touched the camera.

    • babaloo

      ” …the left focus SSUE at the booth?”


      For someone who can’t type properly and miss letters from “the left”, the left focus issue should hardly be a concern.

      • Papan Gill

        Hahaha – hilarious!


        Good catch, babaloo 🙂

      • Eddie Lee

        He wouldn’t be able to see it anyway… “what left A/F issue ya talking ’bout” says the dyslexic.


  • I am 100-300 F4 or 80-400 VRII, otherwise, I am disappointed.

    • A big, enthusiastic +1 for that!

    • Davide

      Absolutely +1!

      And also a 400mm F/4 that does not cost like a car!

    • David

      Massive +1 for that, especially the 100-300, i have a sigma vesion and its a brilliant lens, almost the same size as a 70-200 aswell

  • I’d like to see a 135mm FX lens. I can’t understand why Nikon doesn’t have this?


    I AM 70-210/4vr. I AM 135/1.8VR.

    Otherwise, I AM CANON

    • DSLR Camera

      BTW, until D600 is announced Canon 5D Mark II is the best deal for camera under $2000 right now.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Yeah, Canon is a good company, too …

      Especially because they do no 135/1.8 and because their 135/2.0 has no VR(IS).

  • Nikonnut

    51 point Auto focus with 90k metering,
    24mpx FX
    50-25k iso
    100% VF

    under $2000

    Nikon D600-I AM Future

    • Josh

      No way the D600 is getting the top of the line and metering. It will have the same as the D7000.

      • Josh

        I meant,

        No way the D600 is getting the top of the line AF and metering. It will have the same as the D7000.

        • Nikonnut

          We shall see!
          I AM Wishing

  • Iclick

    I am a non-crippled V2!!

  • Anyone able to pull a picture of a D600 out of that I am Photokina collage? Just wondering…

  • Jazz

    IAM life?! I am Photokina?! sounds like they are retreading the same campaign….and if this does not result in at least a D600 or D400 then they should call I AM FAILURE!

  • Benjamin D.

    I AM hoping they provide better security so all of their product line isn’t stolen again!

  • Bnny

    What about knew DX camera like D400 …?

  • Francesc G.

    We’ve seen a lot about the new D600, and nothing about the D400 or D7100.
    Maybe the breaking news at the Photokina, if what we’ve listened about the price of the D600 it’s true, is the dead of the crop sensor prosumer models.
    I’ve, for one, welcome my new full frame overlord!

    • MegaMo

      DX will not die.
      There are people that love using D3200/5100/7000
      and FX lenses are just too expensive for some people.
      (Unless Nikon come out with a line of cheap FX lenses – I really can’t
      see them throwing away DX)

      • Josh

        There are plenty of cheap FX lenses. What planet have you been on? The only reason people love those cameras is their price. DX always was compromise to keep costs and therefor prices low. The D600 indicates that the sensor is no longer or never has been even close to the most expensive component and that the price differnce between an FX sensor and a DX sensor is shrinking. When you add that to more and more mirroless cameras with APS-C sensors the time is ripe for Nikon to start slowly moving it’s all of its DLSRs to FX.

  • Jon

    I AM D3S and i am still happy :)))

    • Modesty Blaze

      I’m D700 and happy too, but definitelly keeping an eye on latest and greatest these days…time for daddy to get an upgrade and the D800 looks more and more appealing by the day 🙂

      • Jon

        Correct! A D600 could be the alternative to your D700 instead no?

        • Taki

          I agree with Modesty.
          D700 is a pro-level camera with top of the line Nikon A/F and metering systems. D600 is rumored to be aimed at enthusiast/amateur who is willing and ready to move up to the full frame. D800 would be (for me anyway) a logical upgrade to the D700 which I just sold last week on evil-Bay.

    • And I’m hoping that the release of a D600 will help drive down those 2nd hand prices more too so I can get a great backup to my D800.

  • Leonard

    I am still waiting a compact better than Canon Powershot G1X. Hopefully that this event will be up to Photokina 2012 and NIKON will be producer.
    I am not the single one who is waiting this!…

    • CSTAR

      G1X is proven to be a failure. I don’t think Nikon or Sony will jump in this area recently.

      • Josh


        That is the most ridiculous thing I have read on these comments so far.

      • Ke

        The G1X is no failure, it’s selling very well.

        I don’t like it myself, but calling it a failure is wrong.

      • Ke

        If you want the figures, Canon said this week they are making 30,000 G1Xs per month. For a enthusiast aimed camera it’s doing very well indeed.

  • donald

    CSTAR , define failure ? , I have used a G1X to shoot birds , landscape , concerts & underwater , all with great results , it’s ideal when I don’t want to lug 2kg of DSLR/Lens , have you even SHOT this camera ?

  • Dweeb

    “with the largest interactive booth, inspiring presentations, movies and visuals.” WTF??? How about just a 300 f4 VR lense after a decade?

    • Plug

      Yes, just DO it. 😉

      • I see what you did there. 😉


      • Hi there collеagueѕ, fastіdious article
        anԁ nice arguments сοmmented at this place, I am actuallу enjoyіng by thеse.

    • Iclick

      Or an upgraded 80-400mm

  • neversink

    Please Nikon
    D900 and D5 — the D800 and D4 and just so yesterday!!!!!

  • Hope we see one of these:-

    Nikon 300 F/4 AFS VR II
    Nikon 70-200 F/4 AFS VR II
    Nikon 80-400 F3.5 – 5.6 AFS VR II

    • Minoltafan

      “Nikon 300 F/4 AFS VR II
      Nikon 70-200 F/4 AFS VR II
      Nikon 80-400 F3.5 – 5.6 AFS VR II”

      -So agree with you!

    • Plug

      Almost. The first two definitely, but then some ultrawide primes.

  • Pro Camera

    I hope D600 will not be too tiny as D7000. I think I will end up buying a D800.

    • T-OM

      I agree, while the height of the D7000 can be fixed with the grip it’s just too small regarding the width of the camera. It feels like I am pinching it, and this is coming from someone with a Canon 350D

    • ashwins

      Not only as small, but—as a D7000 owner—not with the same terrible AF (with fast primes)!

  • Retsu

    I need 70-200mm f4 vr

  • DX is not dead. Nikon is taking some risks if it delays the D400 much longer. That said it does seem that the D600 is it this Photokina. A 80-400VR improvement would be well received by many users I know, and I would buy one. Especially if it is any where near as fast as the 70-300VR.

  • I AM: still not yet get my D800! pre-order back in 02/16/2012 on
    I AM: still on backorder!

  • Joel

    I AM: Enjoying shooting on what I currently own** rather than endlessly complaining on forums about products that are yet to be announced.

    I’m still bewildered as to how few posts I see lauding the amazing product line that Nikon have been able to launch in spite of massive interruptions to their facilities. The D4 is a solid, dependable workhorse of a camera, and the D800 is an utterly jaw dropping beast that is frankly an astounding deal for US$3k (even despite of a handful of examples with poor AF that will be fixed in due course). If you’re one of these people have had a public whine about the 800 but are yet to actually get your hands on one, then I sincerely recommend you take a trip down to your local camera shop and try it out. You’ll be flawed by the resolution, the dynamic range, the speed and capability of it’s AF system. Trust me, in good hands it’s a sensational camera.

    You’re also about to see what shall become the most accessible full frame body ever to be announced for around $2k. It’ll open up the world of FF photography to students and enthusiasts alike who simply haven’t been able to afford to enter into the format until now.

    It’s a brilliant time to be a photographer and it’s a brilliant time to be affiliated with the Nikon brand. Perhaps we could all be a little more appreciative for what we’ve currently got on offer guys, maybe even learning to appreciate be creative with what we’ve currently got. Photography after all is about the image – the imagination – the art. Not the tech.

    ** The camera I own just so happens to be a D800 with a slightly soft left side. Something that I’m more than capable of working around whilst I await for Nikon to provide a fix.

    • Maji

      You are talking too much sense here. It is wasted here.

      Keep enjoying your camera and as a good workman you know the limitations for your tools and know the workaround.

      While you are making great images with a great camera, these gripers will be fantasizing about the perfect cam that can improve their horrible skills.

  • Nick

    I’ll be there! Super stoked.

  • aham

    look forward..

  • horse

    I AM fed up with the i am campaign.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    That’s not what MIKE said…

  • Buyer

    I called in the local store to check the stock level and am just inches away from pulling the trigger. But really worried about spending $3000+tax on a defective product. I’ve experienced the horrible Nikon service center before and didn’t want to go thru hell again. From the thread at Nikonians, it seems that the problem reported by real owners were not a small number:

    Just by quickly browsing, it seems that almost 1/4 to 1/3 of reported a problem.

    I really need to rethink the purchase. I’ve been waiting for a D400 upgrade for too long and now need a camera quickly. Now the D400 isn’t coming out, and the rumored D600 is going to be like D7000, which I don’t need, and the D800 is flaky… Nikon really failed me.

    • Troll Interceptor

      “Just by quickly browsing, it seems that almost 1/4 to 1/3 of reported a problem”

      So you came to that number by “quickly browsing”…really?

      Just shut up you Canon fanboy.

      • buyer

        it wasted my time posting to a board with such low quality people who didn’t even know how to read and write like an adult. Maybe you’re not an adult after all, so stop posting until you grow up and ready to buy a real camera.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          [I]t wasted my time posting to a board with such low quality people who didn’t even know how to read and write like an adult. Maybe you’re not an adult after all, so stop posting until you grow up and [are] ready to buy a real camera.

          I won’t comment about the sentence structure or the content. The best thing I can suggest is that you just start over, from scratch.

        • Nooki

          First learn how to write and spell, then buy yourself a camera…It’ll make a world of difference in your case I can promise you that much. Or maybe you just need to grow up.

          Trolls would be trolls..

    • ashwins

      Don’t be a child, Buyer. Nikon has acknowledged the issue and there’s already a FF fix for it.

      If you need a camera quickly, go and buy your Canon, be happy and stay on your own forums. Thanks!

    • Kinky

      What a bozo.

      You should get out more of find yourself a girlfriend…or both.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Trola la la la la la la la la la
    And I’m about ready to pull the trigger too…
    The rest of you can remember what Mike said.

    • Pablo Neruda

      Pablo, that weed you’re smoking isn’t doing you any good, buddy.

  • Pablo Ricasso
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