Next Nikon announcement: Coolpix cameras

The next Nikon announcement will be for the new Coolpix cameras and will probably include the high-end compact and the new Android models. I am still not sure about the exact date - the official introduction will be on or around August 15th or August 22nd.

I believe Nikon will have at least one more DSLR related announcement before Photokina (September 18-23).

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  • More Coolpix

    Yes,that is exactly what we need…..more Coolpix,because we are losing our Hot Mail….or do we just need to drop the pix and come up with cooler ideas 😉

    • Timo

      Not a single day without news about new mass-market P&S toys. Great!
      Not only do these gimmicks delay other lenses and cameras which are due for replacement since long, wherever you go you have groups over groups lengthy arranging their silly “me-in-front-of” shooting-scenes, getting in your way.

      Now it appears that the D400 will be delayed again to have more space for an unimpaired launch of the mass-market entry level FF D600. And the massive firmware update of Canon’s 7 D seems to indicate that Canon won’t replace the 7D this year, reassuring Nikon that they don’t need to hurry with their D300s replacement.

      However, Canon apparently has read the signs of the more serious customer a bit better, as they are heading for an APS-C Bridge Pro X1. Not that I’m and outspoken fan of bridge cameras, but this may finally herald the big makers go Fuji X Pro 1. HOPEFULLY

      And before somebody try to presume again, that I belong to the Canon camp: No I’m a Nikon fan, a Nikon DSLR fan to be precise – expandable to a Nikon X Pro 1 of course.

      • Michael Switzer

        1. If you can’t take great pictures with current crop of Nikon DSLRs my guess is its not Nikon’s fault.
        2. If you are so unhappy that Nikon doesn’t have an X-Pro 1, you might try Fujis. I have one and it’s a pretty fine camera and the lenses are truly outstanding.
        3. You’re upset that the D400 might be delayed because Nikon wants to release a couple of new coolpix. Really?

        • NikonBoy


          I was just going to say all that.

      • LP

        What are you talking about? Coolpix are Nikon, on a Nikon rumors site. Seems right to me.
        What are you expecting from Nikon that you cannot right now? Or that any other brand has that this one doesn’t? I am not saying the’re perfect, I’m saying there’s no flaw current lineup, no holes, certainly space to improve. But that’s called progress, technology. If you keep trashing everying new with what it does NOT have, you’ll never buy anything…
        So I’ll tell you what. Go buy a D4 or a D800, get a 14-24, 24-70, 70-200, 200-400, 85 1.4G, maybe a 50 1.4G or the 135 and the 200 micro, add three or four SB910 to the mix and use all that, go try it for a month, and then let me know what you are NOT happy with…

        • Rikard

          I’m sold my D300 and bought a D800. I’m extremly satisfied with my new camera, so why not go ahead and buy a D800 instead?

          I’ve sold my last Dx lens a week ago, I have not bought any Dx lense for many years now, since I planned to go over to fx…

          So, now I have the following setup:

          24-70 2.8
          70-200 2.8
          35 2.8
          50 1.4
          85 1.8
          150 2.8

          • d40

            D800 is too expensive.

            • Torben

              D800 too expensive?, it’s actually so cheap that Nikon can’t produce enough, good price for a HQ camera made in japan.

        • Timo

          I have the 14-24, 70-200, 50mm, 105mm micro, some SB 900 and just got the D800.But I still need an updated 80-400 (the 200-400 ist to large to carry around). I hope they come with an updated 24-70 incl. VR and preferable internal zoom! I’d also love to see the patented 16-35/2.8 (that combined with a 50mm + 70-200 the D800and a D400 would give me a comparable light package covering 16 to 300mm in top quality including the possibility to use a polarizer)
          Not only I wait for an 17mm PC, in fact the entire PC serie should be improved (Canon showed that it can get better, but I hate the idea to buy into a second system just for the PCs)
          Last not least the 135/1.8 would make a 200/1.8 on a D400 much smaller and much cheaper than the 200/2.0
          The Fuji XPro 1 is a great camera but comes with the disadvantage of a slow AF – too slow for street photography. Otherwise I had it already.
          Still questions left???

          • Michael Switzer

            With the rig you have now, Nikon is somehow preventing you from taking all those fabulous pictures you envisioned because there are rumors that they might introduce some new coolpix cameras that don’t necessarily fit your needs. I don’t understand the logic. Do you mean there should be more rumors about the the d600/d400? What does thst have to do with this set of rumors. Should Nikon only leak rumors about stuff you need?
            And shouldn’t your complaints, valid as they are, be directed at Fuji and not Nikon?

      • KnightPhoto

        I agree with Timo, D400 is sorely needed. D400 with D4 autofocus, large buffer, more modern sensor and EXPEED 3 frame rate capability (whatever than computes to).

        I sold my D300 in May, using three other cameras now.

      • anlsx

        actually we have dlrs thanks to P&S cameras, without them nikon would be broke or in no finantial position to make high end dslr’s (or even crappy ones)

  • Simon Gosselin

    I wonder if the new high end compact will feature wifi capabilities and GPS? A larger sensor would be great!

  • tox

    Larger then Nikon 1! 😉

    • Steve

      Nikon must have seen the RX100 and realised the Nikon 1 is too big, so I expect they’ll either try to make it much smaller or release an aps-c mirrorless (DX-M anyone ?) to match the EOS-M.

  • tnt

    more crappy products from Nikon. Why don’t they just focus their resources on fixing the damn AF issue on the CURRENT D800/E/D4!

    • Owen


      • Ric


    • Me

      That has been fixed.

      Welcome back to Earth, where have you been mate?!

    • KnightPhoto

      I agree, focus issue has been fixed by now.

      • Sarcasm

        SURE? HOW?
        Keep reading here and on other forums of folks which still have the problem… ah I see… you were sarcastic 🙂

        • KnightPhoto

          Clearly there WAS a problem in initial manufacture, and clearly the repair centre’s initially DIDN’T know how to fix it, but those days should be long over by now. Any remaining examples now should only be limited to “exceptions to the exceptions” by this point in time.

          A lot of the remaining internet hysteria thing is guys not understanding their high-end equipment, not understanding AF, not understanding how to distinguish AF fine tune from the left AF problem, not understanding how to properly isolate/test it, and not understanding how to form conclusions about what they just tested.

          Even Thom is now indicating a brutal success rate of testers out there with 80% of them getting it wrong. So we have internet hysteria piled on top of unskilled testers. Maybe they should get out their flashlights and peer into their lenses, I’m sure that will help the situation 😉

          • Problem?

            Excellent reply that reflects nicely what I thought all along.

            Most of this “problem” was/is internet histeria/attention grabbing and hypochondria.

            I’ll also add, nearly all the people complaining about Nikon not fixing the camera didn’t or don’t own the camera(s).

    • BJ

      Have you shot with the D800? After fine tuning the AF it’s AWESOME! So much better (more accuarate, faster) than my D300 or D7000, and the resulting pics are incredible ;o)

  • What about the D600 announcement?!

    • nuno santacana

      I think that will be on 22nd (in 23rd 2007 they announced D3 and D300). May be 15th will be Coolpix and then on 22nd the good stuff.

    • I don’t have a date yet.

  • Mr. Dy

    D600… D600… D600…
    Screw coolpix cameras and nikon 1 ^^ DSLR’s rules ;D

  • Pro Camera

    That is good news. I am glad Nikon is releasing new cameras.

    I hope Nikon has a D750 in development as well. The D800 is very costly and the new D600 apparently will be very small. We need a replacement for D700 at the same price range.

    • JC

      Just swap out of the sensor, and keep everything else the same.

      No F!@#$#@ video!!!!!

      • Cndlpwr

        Like it or not, video is here to stay. Don’t like it? Don’t use it.

        • Booyah

          Video is for hacks. Screw video, because it puts useless buttons on my camera. Go buy a camcorder , leave my camera alone.

          • Gabb3r

            Obviously you don’t understand that like it or not, HD video is there to stay on Nikon DSLRs and that without it, Nikon would lose a LOT of their DSLR sales to Canon and even Sony. The 5DMKII was a huge hit not just because of photographers but because lots of video professionnals fell in love with the system and the possibilities it brought to the masses.

          • Phillip J. Fry

            Not sure if troll… or just stupid really stupid.

    • Kotozafy

      “We need a replacement for D700 at the same price range” ?
      Please remember that the D700 was released at the same price as current D800.

      • Kerry33

        You are wrong. First initial price of D700 is around rm8800. While the d800 is close to 10,000. Thats almost a usd300 in diferrence

        • KnightPhoto

          Here in Canada the first initial price of the D700 was $3,300. The D800 $3000 (I.e. $300 CHEAPER!).

          I know many people think the “D800 is expensive”, or so they say, but it has been introduced into the SAME price slot (some places slightly more expensive, some slightly cheaper).

          And it’s $500 cheaper than its Canon competitor. Incredible value actually.

    • jetelinho

      as much as u r correct – forget it, there simply won´t be a straight d700 successor … as much as I would have loved it (I will have bought it but there won ´t be anything like available …), don´t think about it as it will only make you waiting for Godot.
      what about the 22/24mm at f/1.8 or @ f/2???

      • Ben

        20mm needs replacing more then the 24mm, 28mm is so close to 24. I use my sigma 20mm 1.8 all the time, i would like an upgrade for it.

        • KnightPhoto


          We have the 24mm f/1.4 and 28mm f/1.8 and 35mm f1.4 now. 20mm seems like the next logical candidate.

          But Nikon’s never made anything faster than f/2.8 in a 20mm before so I wonder what is going to happen!

          I do agree with jetelinho about the D700 straight replacement though. I mean really now guys, we have the D4, D800, and D600 about to pop. Do people really think Nikon is going to shoe-horn in another FX model (the D700 replacement) in there too? I chose not to gamble even though I was dying for a D700S and got the D4. Couldn’t be happier and I’m not wasting time anymore waiting for the D700 replacement.

          I think Nikon is offering us D700 upgraders three well differentiated choices this time around: D4, D800, or D600. D700 and D3 weren’t well enough differentiated I’m thinking from Nikon’s point of view. This lineup makes more sense from Nikon’s point of view, if not from D700 upgraders point of view 😉

  • JB


    While I appreciate that some might be interested in this digital stuff….there are MANY of us waiting on pins and needles for the latest F7 rumors!!!!!

    Wait….did that have anything to do with this thread…..hmmm….

  • DaveyJ

    Lots waiting for a D400. and video is here to stay. I owned D700. No one in my shop picked up that camera to photograph anything. The D7000 gets used by us for video. In terms of still photos though the D7000 was not any improvement over say a D90, at least as far as we can tell. Coolpix though is strictly something I can see for what it does for income for Nikon, not as a milestone. And the D600 looks really tiny……

    • Bob

      “D7000 was not any improvement over say a D90”

      What an idiot you are.

  • chris

    it has been exactly 5 years since nikon released a top-tier dx body (d300) d300s does not count because it is nearly the exact same camera. There has been such a huge improvement in image quality within the last few years that it is an abomination to not have this technology within a professional-grade body. i would kill even to have a d7000 sensor in a d300 body…those of us who photograph birds and other skittish wildlife appreciate the extra reach of dx and won’t be giving it up any time soon. throw us a bone!

    • Rikard

      You can use the crop mode (dx) on a D800 with dx lenses (or even with an fx lens), or you just can do post crops from those 36Mp if you need the, extra reach and still benefit from fx…

    • BJ

      Try the D800, I thought I was going to only use it for landscape and studio work, but threw on my old 80-400 and shot birsds on the beach, surfers, sail boarders, etc (handheld) and the results are incredible. Yes I do crop a little more than I did with the 300 but the IQ is noticably better. (resolution, and Higher ISO).

      • Michael Switzer

        Beautiful work BJ. Doesn’t it make you wonder why there are so many “photographers” at NR contantly complaining about how Nikon is keeping them from taking great pictures because they haven’t released a certain lens, or a D700 replacement, or a blah, blah , focus issue. This is Nikon RUMORS. If you don’t the like rumors (nikon releasing new coolpix) go to photorumors. If you don’t like the cameras go buy Canon. If you can’t focus either with AF or Manual go sell shoes.

  • Admin Watch

    Admin believes there may be a DSLR announcement, we believe he is right BUT also that he “forgot” to give credit to Thom Hogan! 😉

    • What are you talking about? I did not use Thom’s info, I posted about the D600 few months ago, check the D600 category.

  • Bernard

    From my local shop here in Paris (Usually with very reliable sources):
    No V2 until at least the beginning of next year
    D600 at Photokina
    A possible APSC mirrorless in the near future

    • KnightPhoto

      That fits (no V2 yet, D600 right away).

      Now the APS-C mirrorless, might we get a pro-level one as our D400 replacement and that’s what the delay was? Every once in a while I hear the D400 is going to be “something different”. Heck, a mirrorless D400 could get the frame rate mashing well above the current 8fps on DX. It could do some other stuff too with on-sensor PDAF for great continuous AF video. It could do some of the ultra high-speed tricks the V1 does with its electronic shutter. Etc…

  • The recent coolpix camera is pretty cool, so maybe the forthcoming will be decent as well.

  • none of yobusiness

    I love that I only had a peak at this page because I was looking for d600 chatter and I got it.

  • Ed Evans

    I was pondering whether to get a D800E or wait for an eventual D400 – I’m glad I went with the D800E – on the centre focus point in 1.5x crop mode it does a very nice job for me – the D400 might end up with slightly more resolution / pixels when its released than the D800E when in FX, but the versatility of having the DX or FX option when I need it in one body is great for me.

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