New Nikon products now available for pre-order

Nikon's latest products are now available for pre-order:




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  • Ole

    Fine. But isn’t the RX100 a ‘better’ option than the V2, if I don’t want interchangable lenses?

    • pointshooter

      Even a Nokia might be a better option then. 😉

    • BornOptimist

      Off course the RX100 is a better choice if you don’t want a system camera, but then why even bother thinking about Nikon 1-serie if you don’t want interchangeable lenses?

      • Ole

        Because I want the best picture quality in the smallest package. If the Nikon J2 is much better in quality with the kit lens than the Sony RX100, I would definately think twice before buying one of the cameras

        • Michael

          RX100 is indeed a better choice if you want the best image quality (given RAW) in the smallest package.

          A new Panny M43 with compact 14-42mm zoom is also okay. (Not Oly, because sensor wise Panny is still way ahead)

          RX100 pros – better aperture at every focal length (equivalent focal length and equivalent aperture, because we’re talking bout’ different sensor sizes) except the longest end.
          – lower read noise, which translates to higher dynamic range

          Panny pros – better lens, RX100 is quite bad at the corners, but usable, at the center, it’s very very sharp.

          This is given you pursue just image quality in the smallest package ignoring other factors.

          • Ole

            Thank you for the input Michael. The RX 100 looks very promising. In 6 months, there will probably be a new king of compacts.

    • JC

      Nikon should contract Tiffany to make a jewel case for the J2, it will be a must have item by Christmas on Rodeo Drive.

  • EvanK

    Wish the waterproof case was a little cheaper, it would’ve been nice to have a waterproof ILC within my budget.

    • nau

      thats what I was hopping for … but nope … will stick with point and shoot for now 🙁

  • hq

    For me, I need the ability to remotely trigger the camera. With the J2, I can do so via Infrared. With the Rx100, there’s no way.

  • bothered

    And I was hoping for a d800 without the focus issues being released… sorry days to be a nikon user 🙁

    • Maji

      Are you serious???? Nikon has one of the best products out in the market right now and you are freakin bitching? I don’t think you own a D800. Some units have AF-issues but there are workarounds to it. Nikon should and will fix it.

      I think you are a Canon troll and just go back to your CR forum.

    • Rudi

      Dump Canon troll… green with envy. Canon sides seem to be boring 🙁

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Maybe Canon should make green lenses for all the people who can’t afford the white ones…

        • Harold

          70-300 DO.
          Green ring.
          Was crap.

    • Aldo #2

      my d800 has no issues and someone just offered me 4k dollars for it the other day… oh yeah it sucks to be a nikon user =]

    • Ric


      I just invented a new drinking game. Any mention of the D800 focus problem and you have to drink.

    • PixelBrine

      I know this is a troll but I will respond for others who may be considering a D800.
      I have owned my D800 for about 2 months now and have done pretty extensive testing on all focus points and have found nothing wrong at all. Some slight back focus issues with a couple lenses but that’s t be expected and easily fixable with fine tune. I tested mine with a sturdy tripod, focusing chart, remote shutter release and mirror up. Live view focused a few shots and auto focus the same shots then compared the results. Did it for each focus point and each lens. Clearly not all D800s ave the issue and if you do Nikon has acknowledged it. Just send it in to be re-calibrated and cleaned no problem.

  • Steve Starr

    Seriously, more Coolpixes and a 2nd Jx in only a few months? Dealers have a hard time unloading their J1 for a J2 already. Haven’t they already announced a quarterly loss with the flood of these things? Everyone is making them and discounting them, some heavily.

    Nikon needs to look at their pro line (large DSLRs) and get their act together. People buy Nikon because of the name, but their lack of control on the D800 focus issues is appalling in that they cannot fix that, much less announce they have a problem in quality. Sure, a great sensor. Not so great quality control, nor ability to repair the things either even with multiple attempts for some.

    As goes quality, so will the brand name. May as well make thousands of poor quality throwaway Coolpixes than one good D800. Maybe if they cannot do better, collaborate with Motorola or HTC with a better camera in their cellphones. Nokia has already beat them with their Pure phone. Nikon is going down the dead end road of the Instamatic.

    Still awaiting their belated “Announcement” regarding a D800/D4 focus fix too. We built it. We just can’t fix it.

    • Aldo #2

      D4 focus issue? And I hope you are a dealer cuz from the consumer perspective flood of cameras means cheaper cameras. I bet you 90 percent of people complaining about the focusing issue on the d800 didn’t even know they had it before they saw it on a forum.

    • Ric


  • D

    Bored now. Please post some DSLR stuff already.

  • I wanna see someone use this camera in commercial photography. I remember a Sports Illustrated shooter that used to use a point and shoot for the swimsuit issue. It was funny.

    • Aldo #2

      It would be cool to see. I think any camera can produce professional quality photos as long as light is abundant and you know what you are doing ( being able to control it manually helps a lot).

      • I agree. Throw some strobes in the mix and no one will know what camera it was shot with. I’m working on a way to make my strobes work with my iPhone; simply for fun.

        • Aldo #2

          ah! I bet those iphone pics would look better than some of the ones taken by some “professional” photographers lol

  • CRB

    Put the RX100 sensor inside the 1 series and give us some really fast good primes…35, 50 and 85(or 90) EQ with good quality….then im in… some other user said…J stands for joke….and the joke is on us….J2? more J1s…..

  • Ren Kockwell

    More uninspired Coolpix and no innovation with the 1 series. I will say it again. I DON’T WANT INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES IN MY SERIOUS COMPACT. Just use the 1 series sensor, make the lens fast (f1.8), decent in low light (1600 w/o too much noise) and make it pocketable (1/2 the size of the J1). The J1 does some fun things with video, but the poor IQ, slow lenses and large form factor kill it for me out of the gate. The future of this system for me is moving the chip into a serious compact.

    • One More Thought

      I agree…for this intended market, most people will not want interchangeable lenses; hence the appeal of the RX100.

      Those who care about interchangeable lenses but in a system more compact than a DSLR, will probably gravitate towards a larger sensor option: either m4/3 or APS-C.

      In short, the N1 is a solution looking for a problem that does not exist.

  • One More Thought

    The lack of an aggressive followup release re the N1 series may mean that Nikon is getting ready to let the N1 series kind of fade away into a small niche.

    If this were a real hit Nikon would have released a better update and more lenses and accessories. Where are the fast primes that were promised? How about all of those James Bond type of accessories?

    Nikon may be reading the writing on the wall. Canon, Sony and Fuji all have gone APS-C for their mirrorless. Of course Olympus and Panasonic have m4/3 and a very good lens selection.

    And now Sony is creating pressure from below with its RX100. It’s almost as if Sony has said to Nikon, you want to really see what a good 1 inch sensor looks like, and how it can be effectively packaged into a small unit?

    So my guess is that Nikon consigns the 1 series to a very small niche, and ends up going APS-C for mirrorless.

  • Fishguy


    Amazon US seems to have 14 D800 in stock at the moment. I hesitate to pull the trigger because I’m still hoping for the release of a D400 this fall, for a bit less money.

    • fishguy

      Well – now they have 18 in stock! Either there is a bug in their system or lots of people are cancelling orders due to focusing issues (grin)

      • umesh


        • Ric


  • Nikon D600 available for pre-order in Slovenian shop:,145.html

    Price: 1799,99€
    All other specifications same as here.

    • MuttonPuncher

      That converts to $2,214 US dollars. I guess if the D600 comes out with no issues…it will be worth it.

    • Leroy Jenkins

      It’s literally a copy-paste of info from this site.

    • Maji

      Usually the price in Euros is the same in the US, just change the sign to $. So, if it is true, then the price for the D600 will be around $1800. However, I think this is just a store fishing for business. You put a deposit down and when (and if) the camera is released, you will be one of the first ones to get it when the store gets their allotment.

    • Of course they are the same – they took them from here 🙂

  • Dotin

    ADMIN, any new info for the D600?

  • Jabs

    Off Topic:
    Nikon D4 being used by Usain Bolt at London Olympics (he borrowed the camera -lol).

    Plus a few other shots – fastest athlete with the fastest camera???

    Congrats Usain, Yohan, Warren and Jamaica. NOW – that’s a great ad for Nikon’s D4.

  • Goddamn that

    Seems that the people who make decisions about the products to be released are either inexperienced, mentally retarded or they have a serious alcohol/narcotics issue..

    None of the announced products seem even vaguely interesting to me. None.

    Nikon has forgotten the medium level DSLR segment entirely. It´s either $10k superteles or the low-end crap that comes out.

    No useful stuff, like an updated 300mm f/4VR or 80-400 VR II, or a new 20mm f/1.8G on the horizon.. Sigh..

    • Maji

      Why are you bitching so much? Did you forget about the 1.8 primes that came out a few months ago?

  • can the underwater case use a external flash or lighthing?
    if you want serius pictures you really need flash or something like that!

  • Zoot

    Why compromise on quality, when anyone can use a D4?

  • ojoe

    Waiting, waiting, waiting for the replacement of the D300… c’mon Nikonyou can do it!

  • John

    Any one have a guess on how much the price reduciton will be and when. I my memory only goes back a few months with the D800 release. I believe it was not too soon after that the D700 was reduced. Yes, yes, i know the D800 is not a true replacement for the D700

    • MB

      What price reduciton?

      • John

        On the J1

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