New high end Nikon Coolpix camera to be announced at the end of August

New high end Nikon Coolpix camera with 28-200mm f/2-4 lens will be announced at the end of August. I am still not sure if this will be the P7200 or a new Coolpix product line. Few months ago there were some rumors that Nikon will announce a new compact camera with a large sensor to compete with the Canon PowerShot G1X.

The Nikon Coolpix P7100 was announced in August 2011 and is due for replacement this year.

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  • impressive

    Amazing coverage in the past few days! 😀
    ~news from all fronts

    • Yes, July was slow but August and September will be very busy here.

    • Andrew


      I am generally not in the market for a Coolpix, but anything high-end is always of interest. Something smaller and lighter than the D3100 that comes with a comparable or higher image quality than a Nikon 1, that give us good low light and a great zoom range is quite tempting.

  • Adrifter

    High end coolpix? That’s an oxymoron.

    • Have you actually ever shot with a P7000/P7100 or just scoff at it’s specs?

      Holds up next to my D7000 & D3.

      • The P7000 is on a level playing field with the D3. lol. I’ve seen it all on here now…

        • Nikon Shooter

          I got so curious about the D3/P7000 real world comparison that I clicked on his Flickr link. He is right: I can not tell which of his work was shot with a P7000 and which with a D3 😉

          Just kidding. Your squirrels are awesome!

          • Andre

            You clearly need to get your eyes checked.

    • +1000. I couldn’t agree more. It will never be “high end” while they continue to use the awful “coolpix” branding. The thing about “cool” is that you would NEVER EVER put the word onto your product – in their utterly naive attempt to make it “cool”, it has the opposite effect; I will NEVER buy one. Even worse they came up with a “street” (lol) word for pictures (see “pix”) and combined it with “cool”. Could there be a more appalling or less appealing brand? One of Nikon’s great downfalls. Is this because they were a Japanese company making a product for the rest of the world? Did something hideously get lost in translation? Who ever made it up should commit Harakiri….

      • hunt

        How about you commit Harakiri for your stupid senseless comment.

        • Why stupid? I’m being deadly serious. The only way I would ever shoot a Coolpix is if it was covered in black tape. What’s wrong, own a small collection of them?

          • bigeater

            how ’bout if they changed the spelling to make it more internet-hip so it looked like this: “kewlpix”

      • +1 🙂

        • I mean +1 to you Russ. I totally agree 🙂

          • Nikon Shooter


            So you’re saying if the name was better you’d be a “coolpix” user? Be real. Judging by your truly amazing work you wouldn’t touch it with a six-foot poll.

            Coolpix line is not made for you, hence it’s not marketed to you.

            I’m pretty sure they ran the shit out focus groups before they came up with that name. It must’ve worked. It may be a Japanese company, but Americans are in charge of the non-Asian marketing division.

            • Thanks man. Actually I bought a Lumix LX-5 to keep in my pocket, but I barely use it. The truth is, I bought the Lumix because Nikon didn’t have anything to touch it from a quality point of view and because Nikon is a disaster in the P&S department in my view, so my message is a serious one. It’s like the Nikon 1 – looks OK, feels very plasticky but they went cheap on the sensor. I’m VERY disappointed by my lower cost options. The problem is once you’ve shot with cameras like the D700, D800 and D3S as I have then everything else looks and feels crap.

      • Andrew

        Ah, when you have one too many dollars, you could harbor such thoughts. But Millions are gladly purchasing Coolpix cameras!

        Now consider this, the average consumer does not decompose a name in the manner you just did. When I first heard of Samsung in the 1980s, it held no appeal to me. It still does not appeal to me but at least it has become more tolerable over time. But what does the company care, they are selling a boat loads of products. My thinking is that Coolpix has become distasteful to many in these quarters because of all of the disparaging remarks made about it. I for one like the name and it is likely acceptable to the millions of people who have bought Coolpix cameras.

        Personally, I think the Coolpix name is brilliant. I find it playful and fun; and I am sure that is one of the things Nikon wishes to convey. I have never heard anyone describe the Coolpix name as you have in this post, and so may I suggest that you may be a remote minority in holding such views. Sure you would have a few to agree with you on this blog, but that means very little. So based upon your analysis, should I also surmise that the Cool-Aid name means something similar to you, that is creating a soft drink that is “Cool” and should “Aid” anyone perishing from thirst? And then surmise – what a senseless and all important musing by Kraft to think that their product could attain to such a high ideal? You have to be careful setting the premise and convincing yourself of the conclusions you arrive at. You can imagine anything you want to imagine, but the reality is that such imaginings “does not make it so!”

      • Vandyu

        I have to agree that Coolpix has always turned me off, but then PowerShot isn’t much better. OK, just a little better. At least it isn’t CoolShot 🙂

    • Andre

      I agree.
      I’m a totally Nikon dedicated user as far as SLR and DSLR usage goes but when it comes to compacts their “high end” gear only seems to match everybody elses entry level stuff.

      • Andrew


        I do not agree, you are way off!

      • mimentum

        Agree somewhat strongly

  • Impressive.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Nikon has never managed to make a Coolpix that can compete with the legendary G10. Even the best Coolpix was one step inferior. Let’s hope now it will soon be Nikon’s turn.

    • beriberi

      I am also waiting for “p7200″as an underwater photographer. Hope it will have a live shutter/aperture preview. 28 – 200 zoom suits me really, bigger sensor, of course.

      • beriberi

        In fact I am still stuck with my Canon G7! searching around, can`t decide,Canon g12 was not convincing-small sensor and zoom.But this rumors are finally promising.

  • nuno santacana

    August 23rd has been used by Nikon previously, but for big DSLR cameras. I find strange that we still don’t know when D600 will be announced. Much less D400 (if it even exists).

    • Slithy_Toves

      The P7100 shoots very well…I’m excited to hear this!

    • Andrew

      Yes we do, between now and Photokina – 18 September through 23 September 2012. So in less than 1 month and 14 days, the D600 will be announced.

  • Looks good – need some more of these innovative models cloning features and looks from Sony, Panasonic & Canon throughout the range.

    This sounds promising and hopefully will have raw support.

  • Essenobi

    If this has a 1 inch sensor or larger with a 28-200mm f/2-4 lens then I’ll certainly hold off on getting Sony’s RX100 – this would be an incredible Nikon camera if they don’t cripple video and keep it similar to the Nikon 1 series.

  • Nathan

    If the new camera doesn’t have RAW then forget about it.

  • Jote

    28-200, ah, how I wish Canon produced such a G-series camera. I almost jumped on the P7100 ship, but I found myself tied to the Canon brand too much. Sad!

  • WW

    If they were planning to complete with the oversized Canon G1X then I think they are aiming the wrong target.

    IMO They should try to beat the Sony Rx-100.

    • beriberi

      Yes, in fact, and with bigger zoom and live S/A preview they can win.

  • Richard

    I can vouch for the P7100, it’s truly excellent, it’s horses for courses of course and no single camera is perfect. There’s really good choice in this segment now. I prefer the longer reach offered by Nikon and, for me, having ultra small apertures aren’t necessary as Nikon controls grain very well on the P7100 so there isn’t a problem using ISO 400 with f2.8, which I think would be at least as good as ISO 100 with f1.4 on a competitor.

    The P7100 doesn’t deserve to be harshly criticised, imho, especially by the ignorant.

    The new camera is rumoured to have minimum apertures of f2 – f4 whilst maintaining its reach, that would obviously be an improvement. I expect Nikon will utilise the Nikon 1 system’s 1″ sensor, so not only improving the minimum apertures but increasing the sensor size too. Ifthose two changes are introduced then the P7100’s successor will be a real winner, imho.

    • John Norway

      Well said!
      I am waiting and hoping for a compact camera with big sensor and good image quality, combined with a versatile zoom and big aperture. And it is ok if that camera is a Nikon. I appreciate that the minimum aperture will be f/4 on the long end.

  • Robert

    Oh, I hope it is a response to the G1x. The travel market needs some high-end stuff that fits in a pocket. I love my D7000, but I’m not taking it on a tour of Italy. However, I would take my SB700 and a P7200 or whatever it might be called.

    If it’s not a response to the G1x, then I’ll be a G1x owner in spring, toting my Canon flash that I now use as a slave.

  • Robert in Upstate NY

    The old adage “that the best camera to use is the one that you have with you” applies here. There are many photographers that have produced exquisite images with a P7000/7100. Using Nikon D700s & D3s with big glass professionally, having a pocketable camera with reasonable image quality and the option to use my Nikon speedlites (a sb400 most of the time) makes a convenient kit to carry around. Not having to carry a big rig around promotes spontaneity & creativity. The menu is clumsy, but after working with it for a while it becomes as second nature as a D3 menu. If the name bothers you use a Sharpie ;^)
    Get out and Shoot!

  • neversink

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

    I use Nikon DSLRs but their P&S models are subpar. That is where Canon G1x or Fuji’s pseudo Leica x series (just another P&S in my opinion) shine. The Fuji just feels so flimsy that I use Canon P&S, but will be curious to see what Nikon comes out with. Nikon definitely needs a larger sensor in their cameras. Hopefully they will come out with a brilliant P&S that surpasses the Canon P&S in IQ.

    PS – Do you really know what P&S truly stands for??? It’s what these camera companies do to us every time we purchase one of these overpriced POS P&S digital cameras…..

  • JG

    Whatever they do with the P7200 they need to keep its OVF. Eliminating a viewfinder in an attempt to make it smaller immediately drops that camera off my list. A larger sensor would be a bonus especially if it means clean ISO 1600.

    I shot with a P7100 and my D5100 side by side in a parking lot of a big camera store and the results were pretty similar (even though I had no opportunity to adjust any of the P7100s Picture Control settings) and I used its OVF for every shot.

    Which of course is not the same as taking a new camera out for a couple of weeks in any and all shooting scenarios for a real test drive but there’s always a need for a competent small camera that resides under the seat of my car in case of emergencies.

    • Richard

      That’s a good comment about the OVF, the P7100’s OVF might be basic but it does the job and without any interference from the lens throughout the focal range. (The Canon G1X for example loses some of its OVF view by lens intrusion, must be very irritating, perhaps to the point of making it worthless).

  • Looks very interesting to me! Being 18 and having a d300 and d200 with my 300 2.8 im always looking for new solutions to lighten up my kit yet still have a range of options, If this is announced along with a D400 a little later this year I will be very tempted to trade in both my bodies for a d400 and this coolpix as a lightweight backup until i have more funds for the D600! Very exciting times for the Nikon community !!

  • Robert

    Hmmm. 1/1.7″ backlit CMOS. 12 MP. 1600 ISO. No OVF. 28-200mm f2-f4. I think that’s what the baseball announcer would call “a swing and a miss”.

  • An upcoming p7200 needs only 4 changes over the P7100. A larger sensor, the same anti shake as the P7700, faster F stop like the P7700 and faster write in RAW mode. Done!

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