Nikon 1 J1 and V1 firmware update 1.20 is out

Nikon released firmware update 1.20 for Nikon 1 J1 and V1 mirrorless cameras. The improvements for this version are:

  • The exposure control program used with shooting in Smart Photo Selector mode, or still image shooting mode with Exposure mode set to P Programmed auto or Scene auto selector, has been revised for faster shutter speeds to prevent blurred subjects.
  • Auto white balance performance has been increased.
  • Exposure accuracy with ISO sensitivity set to Auto 100–3200, Auto 100–800, or Auto 100–400 has been increased with shooting using the optional Speedlight SB-N5 to photograph subjects at close distances.
  • The following issues have been resolved.
    • An error message was sometimes displayed during interval timer shooting, preventing capture of the specified number of shots.
    • When the camera was turned on by releasing the retractable lens barrel lock on applicable lenses, there was sometimes a slight delay before the shutter could be released.
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    • karl

      autoiso! autoiso! autoiso!… damn, still no minimal shutter speed…. crap

      • knightPhoto

        %#$@$@Q&! How for even 1 second did they not consider the Auto-ISO fix!

        Takes what would be my great camera and almost ruin it for my shooting style. I work around it by using Shutter Priority, but c’mon!

        The other bullet points above are welcome, especially the first one about favouring higher shutter speeds for the general public user.

        But still, Grrrrr!

  • WouterJ

    Does the firmware upgrade change the name to J2? 🙂

  • Kai

    Someone really needs a life…

  • Neil

    My only hope would be a way to turn off image review. Not sure why they won’t add that in?

    • CL

      Me too!!!

  • I noticed the link is for Nikon Europe. Would there be any issues updating the US version with this or cause any warranty issues?

  • fmj

    I do’nt have a J1/V1, but can someone tell me whats wrong with the ISO thing?

    is it that both camera do’nt have Auto ISO at all, or it is set with low ISO range?

    • Hom Thogan

      Its that you have very little control over the available parameters, like minimum shutter speed, etc. The implementation is very stripped down.

    • Shawn

      Based on what I’ve read Auto ISO on J1/V1 is really dumb, and there is no way to specify the minimum shutter speed like you can on every Nikon DSLR made since at least 2005 (if not earlier).

    • Old Badger

      AS others have said, Auto ISO is a very different implementation to that on all Nikon DSLRs. In particular there is no way to specify the minimum shutter speed the camera will use before increasing ISO. That has all sorts of implications – if you take moving subjects you may want to specify a higher minimum; in other conditions a lower one (static subjects and/or a VR lens).

      Nikon 1 auto ISO is a compact camera type of implentation and not a DSLR type implementation. It won’t bother someone coming from a typical compact camera but is a mjor annoyance if you are a DSLR user. I’ve never understood why Nikon used this implementation on the V1 when it’s supposed to be an enthusiasts camera.

      To give you an example, my V1 took about 100 shots befire it used 100 ISO. In dull British winter weather, it always wanted to wind up the ISO to get a shutter speed that might supress camera shake and stop the lens down a bit. The whole set up was completely unpredictable and often inapproriate. Why sell VR lenses and limit users to this?

      I think I’m right in saying that Nikon rarely upgrades firmware to add or improve features, but only to correct problems, accommodate new equipment or, sometimes, to add minor refinements. I found so many annoyances with my V1 that I sold it after 3 months, having concluded they’d never be put right.

      It did take very good images though, so I have some hope for future models but am not holding my breath!

  • I don’t even bother with the auto iso.
    Does this mean I’ll be able to shoot time-lapses at faster than every 5 seconds?
    If so, very glad for the update.
    I was also just complaining this weekend about the awful response time when unlocking the lens. Really hope these fixes are what they say. They should be taking a cue from Canon
    and just releasing a big update for the V1.

  • Sad!
    Nikon missed the chance to enhance usability!
    Its totally crappy, that the 1’s don’t turn off by parking the lens again…

  • FMJ

    thanks everyone for explaining the Auto ISO problem, i see that Nikon SLR user has been spoiled, most camera manufacture do’nt have good Auto ISO like Nikon SLR anyways, isn’t it?

    both my Canon 5D1 and Sony NEX 5N don’t have that option….

    i am actually starting to like the Nikon 1 system for its super fast AF, video capabilities, but obviously, i want an APSC equivalent : )

  • Waking with zoom is better but the time-lapse is still a minimum of 5 seconds if anyone else cares. Really wish I’d waited for the OMD E-5.

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