Nikon instant rebates for August: up to $450 off (incl. D800 and D4)

The Nikon instant rebates for August offer up to $450 savings on DSLR + lens combo purchases. The new D3200, D800/E and D4 cameras are also included:

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  • 24-70/2.8 VR II 🙂

    • D800 = Biggest FAIL

      How long can Nikon pretend that AF issue will go away?
      No one will buy it anyway due to it’s yet to be fixed Auto Focus and green LCD issue!

      Ironic that the 5D Mark III turned out to be the true successor to the D700 !

      • MarkG.

        The green cast LCD is no longer an issue with the firmware update and no ones knows how much D800 as issues with AF neither. Mine works very well

        D800= on of the best camera on the market

      • yrsued

        Someone needs to get a life…

      • Andrew

        Did you say that the 5D Mark III has a light leak issue? When you give us an update on this we will listen to you. And yes, both Nikon and Canon are great companies. But for your information, the D800 is still back ordered due to unprecedented demand.

        • Michael

          Don’t waste your time replying trolls.

      • eggzz

        I LOVE my D800 !!
        Even if it DID have a leftmost-focuspoint-issue, I would call it one of the best cameras ever made.

        People that call this a bad camera because of these little, and even fixable, flaws, don’t own the camera and they don’t know how to shoot a picture.

        AND they probably work for Canon.

    • T.I.M

      @Alexander Vavinov
      I don’t even use the VR on my 105mm and 200mm.
      I think VR is good for cheap 4.5-5.6 zooms.
      I pay $$$$$ for fast lenses, I wish Nikon made a “non VR” version cheaper.

    • Nikonnut

      The 24-70 VR2 is the first thing i noticed too!! why arent you guys more excited? heh heh

  • D800 = Biggest FAIL

    No one will buy it anyway due to it’s yet to be fixed Auto Focus and green LCD issue!

    Ironic that the 5D Mark III turned out to be the true successor to the D700 !

    • fifi

      If nobody is buying, why the f… are still waiting lists??? You’re talking lots of BS!

      • Jan

        DOn’t feed the troll.

        • BartyL


    • Merv

      Read Thom Hogan’s August 6 commentary ‘This is Only a Test’

      He ran in a number of casual users who had D800 cameras and none of them were even aware of the AF issue as they only used the center autofocus point.

      So there will be lots of people buying the D800

  • YN

    Hilariously, the 24-70mm AF-S seems to have been upgraded to VR II! (I’d be happy if even the first VR version existed.)

    • El_Pickerel

      Yeah, where was Admin for this one huh? 😛

    • snarfy

      haha good catch!

    • Darren

      Please don’t quote me, but I remember reading somewhere that VR and VRII are different. Lenses don’t go form VRI to VRII. Some lenses that are higher quality like the 24-70 will go strait from not having VR to the VRII version.

      Like I said I could be completely wrong. In other words, the VRII technology is being used, not VRI.

      • Sports

        It’s the other way, actually.
        Some lenses have the “new” 2nd generation VR even when the lens is called “VR”.
        In other words, “VR” in itself says nothing, but all models newer than …. something …. have 2nd gen. VR.

        • Not Surprised

          Not to miss the point — there is no VR in the 24-70 — at all.

          But B&H’s website for rebates says “24-70 f/2.8 ED VR II”.


        • WoutK89

          Don’t be fooled by the naming convention, but “VR” and “II” are to be read separately, as in features VR, but this is the second version of the lens featuring VR (look at the 200-400 VR, it already had VRII but was called just VR for instance, and now the second version of this lens is named VR II)

  • Wuhoo for 24-70/2.8VRII at $2700! -_-


  • Nuno

    pfff… d800 with instant rebate on USA and mine ordered and fully paid in Portugal since 4 months and 1 week and still not delivered…

  • Troll Boy

    Darnit, when are they going to give out rebates for lenses on their own? Already have a body, don’t need another one …

  • Frank

    Am I the only one that saw that 24-70 VRII thing? Is it possible? do you have any info about it. I’m going crazy waiting for my 800E and my 24-70 2,8. The lens is already there waiting for the body to come ( 4 guys in front of me) and I keep thinking if it’s possible that the new 24-70 VR comes alive for photokina or anytime soon.

    Anybody in my situation…?

    • jon

      70-200mm VRII can out a year ago…

    • WoutK89

      IF Nikon will ever release a 24-70 with VR, it will not be named VR II, because it is not the second version of this lens featuring VR.

  • humenbean

    It’s not working anymore. Going directly it shows $200.

  • nikoninsider

    There is a very good chance that the d800 issue will not be directly addressed. It’s actually too complicated to disentangle owning to both sloppy (post tsunami) tolerances and mis-programmed units. Early data shows as many of 25% of units suffer from poor AF calibration to some degree. Only some are fixable. Others can be “adjusted” but never really repaired short of wholesale replacement.

    There is still a lot of current production, but sales data shows that pre-orders have dropped significantly. Nikon is leaving the door open to a different contingency plan, but internal analysts are weary of serious potential fallout.

    The rebates are designed to keep some of these bodies moving until early next year when the D800/e pair will be discontinued and replaced by a minor update which ups the overall fps slightly – 5.5 fps FX, 8fps DX – and quietly fixes the AF issues. New models will be known as 800s/se and come bundled with a new NX software suite with very advanced deconvolution based sharpening tools as well as new anti-moire tools.

    • Fred

      Nikon are banking on the world ending on 21st December anyway so why worry?
      “Goodbye and thanks for all the whales!”.

      • lorenzo

        Hey Fred,
        why do you treat this guy as if he really was talking for Nikon?
        His are just speculations and jokes 🙂

        • Calibrator

          Where exactly was the joke?

    • Andrew

      I thought only 5% of users (i.e. early adopters) were affected by the left focus problem based upon my reputable sources? And that the fix coming out will address all of those users. But since this issue was identified a while ago, all of the new D800 cameras have 0% problems. My source is JB007!

  • Nathan

    I find it hard to believe that the D90 is still considered a current model.

    • Fred

      I know, the damn thing focuses correctly and has the same per pixel noise (SNR) as a D800.
      What a poor camera.

      • Michael

        It has 1/3 to 1/2 stop worse noise performance in terms of efficiency.

  • Spider-Man

    I think B and H made a mistake. There is no VR ii.
    Also Nikon will never apologize about the autofocus thingy.
    They probably just fixed the new batches.

    Nikon doesn’t care about you, they do care about your money though.
    With that being said i will take my chance on buying a D800(RECENT BATCH). I will test it for 20 days.
    If it has these issue, i will not play the back and forth game. I will simply return the camera and buy a used D3x. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! (while i use the D3x i’ll wait till Nikon comes out with a D800s! YOU KNOW THEY WILL!

    Ps, i like Nikon cameras, canons are good but the button lay out confuses me.

    • T.I.M

      @L’homme araignée
      I got mine from Nikon store and I have not LCD or focusing point issue.

      • Andrew

        Now you have caused the back-order lines for the D800 to get longer.

        Don’t you know that the left-focus issue was planted by professionals who were tired of waiting for their cameras and thought that the amateurs would surely be turned away by these reports? Unfortunately the plan backfired by attracting all of the Canon fanboys. And besides, the increased publicity has even caused more people to desire the camera. Oh well, there goes reverse psychology!

  • Flo

    24-70 vrII was the 1st thing I noticed too lol.

    Strange there is no d7000 + 17-55 2.8 DX bundle, that one would actually make sense…

  • $200 or $450?

    Is it possible to get $450 off a D800 and 24-70? My cart only shows a rebate of 200 dollars?
    Is the 450 only available on the D7000?

  • Spider-Man

    You all need to stop b**ing. The new batches are fixed.

  • The 24-70 VR II coul be a big improvment – maybe with new optics (improved resolution on the edge of the image). In this case it would be a good deal.

    Maybe on Photokina.

    • Guboot

      Who needs VR on a 24-70mm 2.8?? be serious…

      • Butch Reynolds

        Personally I would love VR on the 24-70. I do a lot of team and individual work and have to move fast (thusly no tripod) and I’m not the steadest person in the world so VR would be awesome for me. I use VR on my 70-200 all the time for portraits.

  • Fred

    It seems to be an error… The VR will give more weight to the 24-70mm… instead off for the video the VR is not necessary on such lens

  • Cesar

    Who on Earth will buy the 18-105 kit combo together with the 24-70? That just doesn’t make any sense! When will Nikon give us proper rebates just like Canon does with their cashback actions?

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