Detailed Nikon 1 J2 mirrorless camera specs

The latest Nikon 1 J2 mirrorless camera specs - besides the LCD screen, I really have hard time figuring out what are the updates from the J1 model:

  • 10.15 million pixel sensor, CX format, built-in image plane phase difference AF
  • EXPEED3  image processing engine
  • ISO range: 100-3200 with ISO high of 6400
  • Electronic shutter: 1/16000-30, Bulb, Time (when using the ML-L3)
  • 10 fps continuous shooting, 30 fps, 5 fps, 60 fps in high-speed continuous shooting mode
  • Video is 1920x1080 60i, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC compression method, MOV file format
  • Media: SD / SDHC / SDXC
  • 920,000 dot LCD monitor type 3 (J1 had 460k dot LCD)
  • Dimensions: 106mm x 61mm x 29.8mm
  • Weight: 237g (body only),  280g (with battery and SD card)
  • Eigth creative modes: miniature, select color, soft, easy panorama, backlight, night scene, night scene portrait, four exposure modes

Via Digicame-info

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  • Arita

    Nothing to write home about…

    • karl

      yeah, well, maybe they finally fixed Auto ISO…

      But the screen on my J1 tends to get quite warm when it’s on for a longer period – J2 a “bugfix” release only ?

    • MJr

      Just a way to reset the price back to MSRP.

      • Gernot


      • Worminator


        I love the smell of cynicism in the morning!

      • +3 Do Nikon not realise the first iteration was a fail? There must be so many suckers in the world it’s unbelievable.

    • Timo

      A camera which basically hasn’t got anymore but a new name with a lens, which practically did exist before plus a FF-version of the D7000 – if that is all what Nikon has in the pipeline for the Photokina, it is not worth going there

      • Shy

        Excuse me Timo but for me a FF D7000 is a break through (I can tell you owning a D800 and a D700). Maybe you will enjoy photokina´s canon booth 🙂

      • Nikon Shooter

        If your sole reason for going to Photokina is to check out new offerings from Nikon, then it’s never worth going there.

        To NR Admin:

        The main update that you’re missing is the brand new sensor. The updated Nikon 1 sensor is going to have a 25% increase in IQ, a stop of ISO and a stop of dynamic range.

        I think this is the true incarnation of the Nikon 1. The previous release was more of a beta version, sort of like the D1.

        • Nikonnut

          If that comes to be true I’ll probably get one.

          I’d also like a redesigned bounce able built in flash like the Sony nex and Rx 1000

        • rhlpetrus

          Where did you get the info on the sensor from?

        • I think the ISO range is the same.

      • Worminator

        Huh? The D600 will be the star of that show.

  • stageshadow

    this is a nikon1 J1.2 , not a nikon 1 J2
    sorry, but this should have been there since day 1…

    • I agree, but this is typical for consumer class electronics. They release minor upgrades every year to keep the price up. Sony has been doing this with their NEX cameras, Samsung with their NX cameras, and even Olympus/Panasonic do this with their m4/3 cameras.

  • Hopefully the J2 has more capabilities in combination with the FT-1 adapter than its predecessor.

  • Steve

    That will come with the J6.

  • Ian

    Is this a Joke?

    • Sergio

      FInally we figured out what the J stands for

  • Henry

    The good news is that for just about the same spec, the J1 model should see a price drop….

    But yes, no other real pluses for the J2. Odd upgrade, as somebody intimiated to earlier, it it not worthy of a model number.

    • Henry

      *it is not worthy of a new model number*

  • OleM Helgesen

    Should have been a J1s

  • A hardfirmware update for Nikon 1 J1: Nikon 1J2

  • FMJ

    still hoping for a APSC version of this, with the awesome AF

  • Merv

    A rugged/underwater version of this Nikon 1 series would be good as a vacation/outdoors cam

    • Owen

      I believe they announced an underwater housing for this series of cameras just recently.

      I also think it’s quite expensive – as all underwater housings seem to be.

  • Brian

    Or maybe its so that Nikon say that they have a newer camera out than Canon’s mirrorless….

  • Steve

    Normally I would say that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But in this case…. Still, it’s a great time to buy a J1.

  • chipmaster

    All I want to know did they fact the P mode and autoiso to pick faster shutter speed and higher ISO.

    Also when can I get a firmare upgrade for that on my J1?

    • WoutK89

      I dont think you will see a firmware update to your J1, because if they did, people would buy the J1 and have the same as a J2, but for a lower price.

  • Sean

    I’m going to take a guess and say these specs are off.

    • wublili

      The specs indeed sounds a bit strange. I didn’t expect any big change but no change at all ? Something doesn’t add up.

      • Worminator

        This is a point release mainly to switch to the new kit lens. Updated the LCD, and, we assume, the sensor, but made no changes that would require re-tooling the production line.

        Nikon’s game here is all about minimizing costs, so they can undercut m43 and still make a profit.

  • Booyah

    Waste of money, version 2.

  • yawn


  • prashanth

    Nikon J2 = Nikon Joke 2 😛

  • Yawn…

  • BB

    Arigato you idiots at Nikon. STILL no PAL compatible framerates. Particularly 1080 25P is sorely missed.

  • nick

    No APSC size, hotshoes cannot put sbxxx flash.
    Like at small toy compare to Canon EOS M.

    • Arkasai

      You realize why those features aren’t in a lot of small cameras is that it defeats the purpose of the small camera. Small sensor means shorter lighter lenses and no one wants to be the guy with an SB600 in the hotshoe of their pocket camera, come on.

  • Incessant Troll

    when the 1 series first came out i was super excited for the new format. in my opinion this system has probably been the biggest disappointment over the past few years of any manufacturer. there are so many questions but the first is why is it so ugly? even if the specs did not change whatsoever, i would consider buying in if the J2 did not look like a fischer price toy. epic fail.

    • Worminator

      Troll or not, I actually feel the same way. I loved the concept and the look of the J1. In person though the camera is too big and too bulky and too ugly and too plasticky. And Nikon has not made good on the promise of CX format over mft: The promise of smaller lenses. The promise of a wider selection of lenses. The promise of smaller cameras.

      The Canon mirrorless is so much more attractive to me on so many levels: aesthetic, functional, design, features.

      However. If it sells, more power to ’em. dpreview said it best: this camera isn’t for us.

  • vince

    I’ve got a Nikon DX dSLRs (D7000) and five lenses. I could use a back-up camera in my bag. I’d prefer a smaller body than a dSLR. I’ve come to expect a certain view and depth perception for each of my lenses. I like to be able to slap a lens onto either camera bodies and get the same look and feel. Using a different sensor size, the Nikon 1 changes the “look” of each lens. Its not useful to me.

    • rhlpetrus

      D7k + V1 is exactly my system (5 F lenses and 2 CX lenses). Very handy, V1 is better than it seems to be from specs and looks.

  • D800_is_finally_here


    Any chance the J2 would be able to do 1080/60p? That sounds like a perfectly reasonable upgrade. Even compacts from Sony/Panasonic do 60P by now.

    Nikon claimed the sensor can easily handle 2K/4K video anyways. They are just up’ing the video spec step by step to milk us.

    • WoutK89

      isn’t that what all the companies do?

      • Worminator

        The sensors have the pixel count, but the cost of getting the data off the sensor and encoded as high resolution video in real time gets prohibitively expensive as the bandwidth goes above a certain point. A couple of years ago it was 768p/30. Right now consumer electronics are at 1080p/30. Next year it will be 1080p/60. Eventually it will be 2k, 4k.

        It’s not a conspiracy by the manufacturers. Its just the pace of technology.

        • n ex

          Sony consumer electronics were at 1080p /60 last year.

    • This is a possibility.

  • Mato34

    It looks like a real winner to me…

  • georg

    Support of Nikon CLS?
    Hotshoe compatible with Speedlights? (ok, more a V1 feature..)
    1080 Video with 25fps?
    Fully compatible with AF-S lenses with the FT-1 adapter?
    … (other DSLR features) …
    Smaller? (Or still big as m4/3?) Smaller lenses? (Or still big as m4/3?)


    Then it is just an expensive P&S.

    By the way, my opinion is we need a mirrorless FX body.

  • One More Thought

    I just don’t get it; why release such a small incremental upgrade? I guess this is why they are not upgrading the V1; the V1 already has the better LCD screen on it.

    As for the inevitable Nikon vs Canon comparisons…while the EOS M seems to not be the most exciting camera in the world, the main thing is that Canon put in an APS-C sensor. That makes their mirrorless format more formidable going forward.

    Camera models come and go, but the sensor size and mount lasts for decades. So Canon will undoubtedly come out with better M series cameras, but Nikon is still stuck with a 1 inch sensor.

    If I were Nikon I would beg Sony for their 1 inch sensor that they use in the RX100; however, if I were Sony I would flatly refuse. In fact, given the fact that Sony seems to make the best sensors these days, if I were Sony I would stop selling my best sensors to the competition and keep them for my own cameras. If I were Sony I would rather sell my own cams rather than help Nikon sell theirs. Imagine if Sony had been the one to release a cam with the D800 chip in it?

  • Nikonnut

    If you like taking candid moments at dinner parties and other social events very little comes close to the speed and practicality of the Nikon 1 series. That I believe is the selling point

  • CRB

    Im having a hard time thinking who among normal consumers would buy it against the sony RX100….smaller better resolution…better video (correct me if im wrong)…nikon and canon will sell their mirrorless only with the brand name.

    • rhlpetrus

      Try AF.

      • One More Thought

        The RX100 has very good AF…maybe not quite up to N1, but still very good…and for the other advantages, many consumers will prefer RX100.

        Already, many pro’s are gushing about the RX100…yes, it’s that good of a compact.

        For many general consumers, it’s the better choice…for pro’s and enthusiasts, it makes a better complement to a bigger system…

        The RX100 is generating the type of buzz that the D800 has…there’s a reason for that. The other really talked about camera this year is the Olympus OMD EM5…Funny how they all use Sony sensors…maybe there’s a pattern here…

      • CRB

        Regular consumers wont care that much for the 1 systems AF, only people with dslr…s, and those have much better mirrorless options. nikon is, still, afraid to lose dslr customers, and thats a shame.

  • Rich in TX

    “I really have hard time figuring out what are the updates from the J1 model…”

    this one has a ‘2’ on it?

  • Norcimo

    It’s a pity Nikon cripples intentionally the N1 cameras in order not to steal sales from their DSLR lineup. Think a second: if Nikon released a firmware to allow AF-C and all AF points with the FT-1 , some users (a lot!) would save lots of money not needing to buy the heavy, expensive, pro grade zooms! That would be a killer move against other mirrorless systems, but sadly Nikon only wants to protect their own DSLRs and big teles…

    • D800_is_finally_here

      If Nikon release the Nikon 1 version of Panasonic’s 100-300mm m4/3 zoom, what would happen?

      That lens plus the Nikon 1 AF would be a killer. It would be 74-222mm f/4-6.3 in 2.7x crop speak.

  • Joseph

    Dear Nikon:

    Full-frame digital rangefinder based on the SP PLEASE!!

  • glumetu

    They pulled an Apple trick with this upgrade!

  • netman

    the creative modes are a big difference and improvement … the J1 has been lacking them and for the average J1 buyer that was a drawback compared to other mirrorless systems. hopefully a free firmware-upgrade for J1 users will be available, that would remove quite some frustration. … and please guys don’t forget, target buyer for a Nikon 1 is not the classical D800 or D4 user 😉

  • Jan Turek
  • KnightPhoto

    Did the J2 and J3 lose the sensor dust-shaker that was a feature of the J1?

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