Nikon working on a new Coolpix camera with a large(-r) sensor

Nikon is currently working on a new camera with a large(-r) sensor to compete with the Canon PowerShot G1X ($799). It's not clear if Nikon will just use the 1" sensor from their mirrorless line or they will go with a new 1.5" sensor similar to the G1X. The current Coolpix P7100 camera has 1/1.7" CCD sensor. For better illustration, here is a diagram for the different sensor sizes from Wikipedia:

I am also not sure if the new camera will be a replacement for the Coolpix P7100 or it will be a completely new product line.

[NR] probability ranking: 40%.

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  • Porkchop

    if this is true hopefully they can cram it into a body the size of the p7100. I have used the G1X from Canon, its nice but far from compact. This would be a good complement to my d7000.

    • Vandyu

      Sounds good, but that price is a killer for a compact. Wish Nikon could undercut Canon and grab more sales.

    • iamlucky13

      From the moment the 1-series was announced, I assumed a CX-sensor compact camera was part of the long-term plans.

      I might actually be more interested in that idea than in a 1-series aimed at serious users. Most of my F-mount lenses wouldn’t be sensible adaptations anyways, and any of the lenses so far except the 10mm prime and the 10-30 kit zoom destroy the compact benefits of the 1-series anyways.

      I’d keep the stowed size as close as possible to that of P7100, and give it a 24-105 (4.4x) equivalent lens – I suspect this can be done, although obviously the extended size will be bigger. No need to push it out to 7x like the P7100 – If I need telephoto, I’ll go ahead and bring my SLR. Don’t worry about chasing big zoom numbers. Just make the lens sharp and keep the distortion and CA under control.

      MP and ISO counts don’t worry me. The current Nikon 1 sensor seems quite adequate in those regards. For a camera I’d be hiking with like this, dynamic range is my main priority.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they can also fit this sensor and a 3x (28-90) lens in something just a little bit bigger than the Canon S90. That would also have some appeal, although I’d probably still go for the larger camera in this case.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Totally agree. The CX sensor should be in a fixed lens compact that can fit in a pocket. This is the best use for this sensor. A truly pocketable compact with just a bit more resolution and manual possibilities would be the best realization of this system. I like your range as well. That’s all you need in a compact. Make it F2 or F1.8 with 1080 video and I’m all over it. throw a Foveon-size sensor in there and I’ll buy stock in the company.

        • John Paskey

          HAhahahahahahahaha …Ren Kockwell …love it …thanks for the laugh

  • JLK

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    • J Shin

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        • yhannoby

          fifth thirds. >:D

          • J Shin

            Six thirds!

            If we get to eight thirds, it’s full frame!

          • Goose

            seven turds! …i mean, seven thirds!

  • JLK

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    • Nikon Shooter

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      • JLK

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        • Candid

          Calm down bro.

          • jorg

            So glad about new coolpixxes! Currently i am shooting very happy with D300 and D700, very good cameras.

      • D

        I’m sure the irony of your own comment escapes you.

        Seriously, you’re kind of a fag for caring so much about JLK’s comment.

      • Reason

        So I really hope you guys aren’t Nikon shooters…… Bunch of kids

        • Young gun

          I know you are, but what am I?!

          How old are you? 85?

        • Vandyu

          Geez, I thought I was going to read comments about Nikon’s larger sensor P7200 that’s been rumored. Instead, I wandered into a kindergarten playground.

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    • ric

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  • Chris Zeller

    This is where its at! If they can cram a 1.5 x crop sensor and eventually full frame into a tiny pocketable camera then you will really have something that you can use as an alternative to your DSLR in situations where a DSLR is not practical. Mirrorless is totally useless here. By the time you add a decent lens you might as well tote your DSLR. Whats needed is a camera that really fits in your pocket.

    Canon gave us a taste of this with the G1X. Unfortunately the execution was lacking. Too slow, poor UI and not really pocketable. ELPH APS film cameras and the 35mm Olympus that I used in film days could do it, so there is no magic optics required.

    • pap911

      I would love Nikon AF600 with Digital FF. Maybe that’s why Aptina works on FF sensor for Nikon (also rumor). Maybe with same AF technology as in Nikon 1 series xD

      • Vin

        I 2nd that, water tight and had a view finder.

        • Steve

          At some point they will realise they have to make a camera better than anything else and that can do everything and fit in my absurdly small yet deep pockets. Wake up Nikon ! Btw, have they declared the Nikon 1 a fail yet ? There’s no rumors of the promised lenses… must be soon they realise that we in forums could tell them exactly what products they should be making. 🙂

    • PHB

      Bigger sensor means bigger lenses. Or rather, better low light performance requires bigger lenses. The only way to improve low light performance is to collect more photons per pixel. So either you have to make the lens bigger (or more transparent) or split the light between fewer pixels.

      I can’t see why Nikon would not release a Coolpix using the V1 sensor. It is pretty much a no-brainer type decision even if they plan to release a larger sensor body as well.

      What I can’t see any point to is a large sensor without interchangeable lenses. The CX sensor size is plenty big enough for the 10MP of the current generation body and has enough headroom for a generous 24-36MP sensor if you really need it.

      • Andrew

        The trajectory is for more MP based upon consumer preference. The trade-off for more MP is “lower” low light performance. It is for this reason that Nikon needs to go for a bigger sensor.

        • JED

          Pixel size is irrelevant. Sensor size is determines low light performance – not the number of pixels you put on the sensor. Check the D800 and D4 – same size sensor, same generation, same low light performance.

          • Sky

            And that’s how the new myths are born.

          • Shawn

            This sounds reasonable. I imagine it being like buckets and rain. One big bucket (sensor) or thousands of little buckets (pixels) over the same area and you’re still capturing the same amount water (light).

            I think any differences you might see between different pixel densities would be dependent on the level you review the results. Average them all out to the same and you’d probably see the same results given the same technology level.

          • PHB

            For an existing mount, the sensor size determines what proportion of the light entering the lens is wasted. DX has all the design constraints of FX but throws away half the light and thus ISO performance is about half.

            For a new design the sensor size is only relevant to the maximum number of pixels. Halve the distance between the lens and the nodal point of the lens and the image size will be cut to a quarter but exactly the same amount of light will fall on the sensor.

            A big sensor is not going to deliver better low light performance without big lenses. That is big dimensions, not ratio.

            Cameraphone cameras have poor performance because the sensor pixels are right up against some hard quantum limits and because of diffraction.

            I can see no point at all in having a sensor larger than CX size in a fixed lens camera of 20MP.

            A fixed lens on an FX sensor seems completely crazy. The sensors are still expensive. The cost of an interchangeable lens mount is not negligible, but small in comparison.

            Taking the Nikon J1, stripping off the interchangeable lens mount, using a cheaper case and putting a mid range zoom on is going to reduce production costs by maybe $50 which is likely as much as 30% of the total. They can reuse maybe 90% of the design.

            $50 on the cost of an FX mount camera would be an irrelevance. Why not just do the job properly and introduce a large sensor mirrorless mount? Whatever that camera would be it would not be a coolpix class camera either.

            I can see a big argument for a FX sensor interchangeable lens mirrorless format. Like the CX mount, it would take F-mount AFS lenses via an adapter. As the cost of sensor drops there will come a point where it makes better economic sense to buy a second body for use with specially designed wide primes than to make DSLR lenses. The 24mm f/1.4 could be made for about a quarter the price on a mirrorless mount.

            But I don’t think the economics favor that quite yet.

            Meanwhile, I am really glad I took my V1 on my three day trip to Australia than the D300. I am just starting the 28 hour journey back

      • Steve

        I would add that low light isn’t solely determined by more photons. There’s a lot that can be done to reduce noise in the analog signals and digital processing so that the signal can be amplified more successfully. If you look at the world of audio, the greatest advances are in op amps with <1nV of noise and ever increasing upsampling rates/bit depth.

      • Jim

        Lens size doesn’t need to be big just to be fast. Yes if you mean telephoto but my Leica M summicrons, 35mm and 50mm (and for that matter my collapsible 50 mm) are quite small and f/2. Of course there is no mirror in the camera either.

        • PHB

          That is because the Leica lenses are of a design known as ‘short focus’. This has a pretty symmetrical arrangement with the front and back lenses being about the same size. It also gives very good results. Almost all diffraction limited wide angle lenses are short focus designs.

          Nikon can’t use that design in the F-mount lenses because the rear lens element has to clear the mirror sweep. So instead they use a design known as retrofocus where the front element is much bigger than the rear. This is a much more complex design. Nikon’s reputation was originally established as being the first company to really master the use of a retrofocus design. That is why Nikon was able to produce the first really successful SLR system.

          Nikon is still very good at coping with the constraints of retrofocus but their designers can make even better short focus lenses.

          The cost of using the CX mount technology to make an FX sized mount that can take F-mont lenses via an adaptor is probably not very large. I would hope that after they have worked out the kinks on the CX format that they produce an F2 mount to allow mirrorless bodies that can share the F mount lenses.

          But what is the hurry? Better to get it right than fast. I can’t imagine that Nikon would want to launch an F2 mount until after they have learned all the lessons they can from product feedback on the CX.

  • confused

    can someone explain why the G1X sensor is ca lled 1.5″? nothing about it corresponds to a dimension of 1.5″.

    • Wikipedia: sensor sizes:

      Sensor formats of digital cameras are mostly expressed in the non-standardized “inch” system as approximately 1.5 times the length of the diagonal of the sensor. This goes back to the way image sizes of video cameras used until the late 1980s were expressed, referring to the outside diameter of the glass envelope of the video camera tube. David Pogue of the New York Times states that “the actual sensor size is much smaller than what the camera companies publish — about one-third smaller.” For example, a camera advertising a 1/2.7″ sensor does not have a sensor with a diagonal of 0.37″; instead, the diagonal is closer to 0.26″.[21][22] Instead of “formats”, these sensor sizes are often called types, as in “1/2-inch-type CCD.”

      DPR’s review notes the G1X’s actual dimensions as being 18.7 x 14mm, for a real diagonal of 23.36mm, which is indeed roughly 2/3 of the quoted “size”.

      Ah well. At least no manufacturer’s using millifurlongs.


      he so-called 1.5″ style

  • so 1 serie does not run as expected?


  • Nikon Shooter

    Make it completely pocketable (unlike Canon’s G series) or no need to even bother. My Canon S95 is absolutely amazing for a p&s and it fits in my jeans. When I’m in the mood to wear anything over my shoulder for some leisure photography I sure as hell won’t bother with a glorified point-and-shoot.

    • Ken Elliott

      Totally agree. I have 8 cameras that I can “wear” on my shoulder, but only one that fits my pocket – a Canon point-and-shoot SD900. Other then the D800 I’ve got on order, I don’t need any more large cameras. Heck, compared to my 4×5 view camera, the D700 is small and light.

      I would really like to have a camera that fits in my back pocket, with full manual controls and PSAM. Pack as large a sensor as you can and I’m good.

      • Vin

        Me too., or going to have to get really big pants! With a tight belt.

        • Steve

          Is that a 70-300 or are you just really pleased to see me ?

      • GeoffK

        The downside when they do this is it will cost over $1000.

  • If Nikon are going to try to compete with Canon, they should make something which is better than the Canon. The P7000 wasn’t as good as the G12 and P7100 though slightly better still isn’t as good as it should have been (I know, I own one).

    Nikon need to have a compact that has the speed of the Fuji X10, with the AF ability of Nikon 1 series. Also make it a similar size to the P7100 and not something huge, also have an interesting design, which is practical and exciting, not just a rip off of the Canon ‘G’ series

    Unfortunately I doubt Nikon will do any of that and we will probably end up with a G1x clone.

  • bigeater

    If this camera-to-be supports CLS flash, count me in because the one thing that really separates Nikon from the other camera makers is the exposure accuracy and versatility of their flashes.
    One of these cameras, a trio of SB600s, Lastolite Ezy boxes and Manfrotto Nano stands—it would be portable heaven. And please don’t everyone pile on about lenses and ISOs and all that. We know this won’t be a perfect camera. But with the right support equipment, it could be awesome.

    • Crocodilo

      So, several kilograms of lighting gear (speedlights, softboxes, stands) and a compact camera make a “portable heaven”? That’s a laugh!

  • Gary

    Is it just me or what….

    Why is there a photo of a CANON product leading off the story of a NIKON product on a NIKON forum?

    Hey, I’m just saying….!

    • Rich in TX

      maybe instead of jumping the gun and posting, you should actually READ the caption and the article. You would see they are comparing the discussed pending Nikon sensor with the one in the photo from Canon.

      Just sayin…

  • ric

  • T.I.M

    Great info but we already know about it, in fact, Nikon is cutting the D800’s sensors in half to fit the new coolpix cameras.
    Anyway by the time the D800 will be available, 36MP sensors will be part of history.

    • Andrew

      You sound like a man that is still waiting for his D800. The minute the tone of your responses change I will know that you have received your D800. If you charged Nikon interest every day they delay your shipment you will be a rich man! Maybe you should change your profession to finance.

  • Joaquim Prado

    Why we are not reading that nikon has solved D800/E and D4 Stock problems? Haven’t heard a word yet on my camera.

    • Vin

      Yes! Anyone here anything about more D4 & D800E shipments. ??? I just found a Pro Nikon dealer 2B 2nd in line for an E. But now idea where they are?

  • photdog

    After Nikon have already the V1 / J1 the call isn’t a Canon G1 X but the Fuji X Pro1 !!!
    With the AF speed of the V1 and CLS, that would be it.

  • pureuser

    yes yes yes

    if it use 1″ sensor, with fast AF & response,
    and acceptable weight, i will buy it ^_^

  • Donald T

    Well I am a confirmed Nikon DSLR Shooter & I love my D700, but, I got a G1x because Nikon don’t do anything like it. I have been using it for a couple months now , sure there are niggles , it’s not as fast as a dslr (didn’t expect it to be) , I don’t like that they ditched the front control ring , mics are in a stupid location , but , it fits in a jeans pocket (just) & it’s low light performance and resolution is significantly better than my S95 , if Nikon can produce something better I will happily ebay the G1x but I don’t expect it soon.

  • If it has hotshoe it could be a winner..

  • Vin

    Any one receive a D800E,? Anyone hear anything about any new shipments?

    • T.I.M

      go to D800e description on B&H website, they say that shipping started.

      • Vin

        Thank you, will look.

        • Joaquim Prado

          How come nikon simple ignore that they are massing with most of their costumers? This D800/E delay is starting to get rediculous. There is 40 units to sell on ebay and now I expect to receive mine D800 sometime in june and I really do expect to receive in July. How many cameras was pre-ordered? 100.000? I don’t think so! where all those D800 on ebay come from?

          TIM have you received your D800E replacement?

          • T.I.M

            @Joaquim Prado
            No, and I would not buy one on Ebay, even if it was priced right.

            • Joaquim Prado

              You should have already. thats what I am talking about. you received a defective unit and they even boder to return a regular one right away!

  • Aaron Shepard

    The magic of the G1X sensor is that it’s 4:3 instead of 3:2. The height is roughly DX, but the width is narrower. That means the lens needs to expose a considerably smaller area, so it can be smaller and lighter than normal DX lens sizes for the same focal length and aperture.

    The 2:3 ratio is really extremely wasteful, so it’s a wonder that someone didn’t do this with DX long ago. In fact, if these companies had any sense, they’d give us a square sensor. Then we’d never need a separate set of vertical controls.

    • Don

      wow, that just might work. So would you also make the LCD display on the back square and just display each orientation the same same with software vs looking at it sideways or a vertical being very small.?

    • Shawn

      Yes! But provide crop overlays because we’ve all been so used to “orientation” for so long, and by god do our wives have a lot of empty photo frames they insist we fill! 🙂

  • Nikonmanias

    Nikon J/V1 system are dead. Nikon should have assumed M4/3, or do something like Fuji X1 pro. Actually the prosumer or enthusiast market don’t want super small sensors, that why some cameras brands are pull out from P&S cameras, like Samsung. Smal sensor are for smartphones. If Nikon put in the new camera to fight with Canon , must me at least M4/3 or APSC 1.5.

    • PHB

      You are completely wrong.

      Sensor size is (almost) totally irrelevant to anyone who understands the physics. And the advantage is almost entirely to the smaller sensor.

      I just took my V1 with me on a trip to Australia. Everyone who saw it wanted one. Particularly when I showed them the pictures taken with an 18-200mm lens on it via an adapter. That is a 50-540mm equivalent zoom in a package that is little bigger than the lens costing about $1500. Upgrade to a 70-200 and strap in a 2x teleconverter and you have a complete monster that can do duty as a telescope – 1080 mm.

      Low light performance is irrelevant when you are shooting in daylight. In fact I find that I can rarely open my 85mm f/1.4 up fully in daylight sans filter anyway.

      Nikon are selling them faster than they ever hoped. The CX format is here to stay.

      • Sebastian

        I’m not sure I like this tone of debate…

        Nikon 1 is not a bad system, but yes, sensor size does matter. I do understand physics, I teach image processing at a college, and sensor size does matter. If you have a lot of light, like in Australian daytime, it’s not very important, but if you want to use the same camera to shoot the starry sky over the Australian desert, the bigger sensor will yield better results.

  • Foolishcfo

    Who cares? I got my D800 today! And I learned that Delkin CF cards don’t work with it!

  • Vin

    Just make me a mini Nikon/Hasselblad, that is 1.5″ square. Changeable view finder and rotating LCD, swap able CX, DX, and FX leses. Tilt/shift attachment. Just a mini view camera.

  • Global

    By the way, why isn’t there a .75 or a .8 size sensor?

    It seems like the small sensors are incredibly crowded together — but… ironically,… between the best sensors (35mm & Medium Format) there doesn’t appear to be anything.

    I’m not saying there should be something there — just odd that there doesn’t appear to be.

    • preston

      All of the digital medium format backs have sensors in between .5 and 1 – they’re just not listed in that wikipedia graphic (and ironically neither is the Canon G1X sensor, which is between 4/3 and DX but closer to 4/3, even though that’s the topic of this post). The Leica S2 is .8 and the Hassy and Phase One/Mamiya backs range between .75 of the 40MP back and .6 of the 80MP back.

  • Jorge

    I carry my Panasonic Lumix LX5 Everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Love that camera!
    And it fits in my jean pockets.

  • This does not make sense to me.

  • Tamatikon

    Nikon should relaunch the old model rangfinder S3 in digital version, is this the moment or loses the race.

    • Sahaja

      Yes an FX Nikon digital SP!

  • Leo

    It is time! I was tempted to by a Canon G1X but, in this case, I will wait a new NIKON with a large sensor (as Canon G1X), with same zoom as P7100 and with same nice colors as NIKON, special at night shooting. It is a must for NIKON to make photos up to ISO 3200 (very usable) and with an aperture wider than 2.8. Or else…Canon G1X!

  • HotDuckZ

    FX will be great…

    I’m kidding, but I think people like the largest.

  • Davo

    Whether its the CX sensor or bigger, please have on-sensor PDAF.
    Large sensor compacts are now nothing new.
    What would be new is a large sensor compact that is as quick as a DSLR with an enthusiast UI.
    I suppose it’d be like an improved UI version of the V1 with a compact retractable fixed zoom lens.
    And by keeping the sensor CX sized with a fixed zoom lens, there’s a chance it’ll actually be pocketable.

  • Sky

    Each time I see G1X I’m laughing how much of a fail Nikon 1 was. Even stupid compact from Canon appears to be a better option, while Nikon seem to (thank god) completely abandon this nonsense – Soon we’ll be one year into it’s existence and so far we haven’t seen anything new. Even Sony was better in that respect with NEX system during it’s first year, where these days it is considered as most lacking in lenses/accessories (well, less lacking than N1 but noone cares about it anyway).

    • Michael

      Heh, heh! G1X has one damn lousy sensor in it.

    • WoutK89

      So Sky, according to you numbers are the only thing that matter, not actual performance?

    • Shawn

      The only mirrorless camera with phase detect auto focus is a “fail”? I think Nikon was very smart to do this, it’s the future, and I bet in 10 years all SLRs will even have phase detect built into the sensor to enhance live view performance. They were smart to be the first because if they didn’t do it, someone else would.

      Nikon 1 too expensive? Yup.
      Nikon 1 not enough lenses? Yup.
      Nikon 1 lousy interface? Yup.
      Does that make it a “fail”? I don’t think so. It’s just as much a failure as many other mirrorless systems (overpriced, not enough lenses, lousy interfaces).

      A reasonably priced Nikon 1 with a fast compact lens (and decent controls) would quickly replace any pocket camera I might carry around.

      I look forward to the future of mirrorless, but if Nikon doesn’t up their game they will lose in this market to m4/3.

  • Michael

    Contrary to popular belief, the Nikon J1 and V1 is very successful. It might not appeal to pros but many beginners that lack knowledge about cameras buys it.

    I think the new camera will have a CX sensor. It’s not really a problem. The G1X’s sensor is lousy. If Nikon increases the aperture (f/1.8 or f/2.0), then it’ll have the same low light performance as G1x. If Nikon decides to pay a bit more to make the sensor (since smaller sensor are cheaper, look at how good S90, S95, S100 is given it’s small sensor) slightly better, then it would have exceed G1x. The Nikon 1 sensors actually have about the same sensor efficiency per unit area as the D7000, D800 etc. If Nikon decided to turn the Nikon 1 sensor to 4:3 while keeping the same lenses then that would be even better.

    I don’t see a reason to buy a G1X. I’d rather buy a X10 (without the orbs). There is virtually no improvement in low light performance when comparing G1x with X10 (X10 has one stop in aperture, G1X has one and a half stop in aperture). X10 is much smaller too, and has a really small sensor.

  • mando

    Where would the 41MP Nokia PureView sensor be on that picture? Is it slightly smaller than CX? And a typical mobile phone like the iphone would be smaller than the smallest one shown on your diagram?

    If the Pureview reviews are good its going to replace my compact camera and I dont see the point of any nikon mirrorless… I realise that nokia is/was the largest camera manufacturer in the world but how come a company like nikon cant come up with something like it?

    • wublili

      Nokia has 1/1.2″ sensor (13.33mm).

      In that diagram it would half way between 2/3″ (11.00mm) and CX sensors (15.86mm).

      iPhone 4S has 1/3.2″ (5.68mm).

      Compact cameras varies from 1/2.3″ (bad ones) to 1/1.7″ (good ones)

      In the wonderful world of sensor technology, 1 “inch” sensor would be exactly 16mm. Go figure…

    • wublili

      And forgot to say but… If you really think Pureview competes with (Nikon’s) mirrorless camera system, then you really don’t need mirrorless system (MILC). Go with the Nokia. Youo’ll be happy.

      MILC is not about the sensor size, it’s about the flexibility over fixed lens systems.

  • jose

    The Nikon 1 sensor would allow for a smaller lens, hopefully collapsible into the body, making the camera easier to pocket. Keep the lens aperture (2.8-5.6) and zoom (28-200) within reason, and sort noise through processing. Please use the same P7100 body, ideally entirely made of magnesium, and try to improve the OVF, to at least the same standard as in the X10… That would be a terrific compact camera.

  • bymeric

    v1 j1 is the bullshit. we want the full frame mirrorless.. nikon just do it

  • bythom

    we want the full frame mirrorless..

  • bykenrockwell

    yes we want to fullframe mirrorless camera..

  • canonians

    we want fullframe mirrorless camera

  • bilibili

    nikon will do nikon m9 like Leica M9 🙂

  • Vin

    yes to mirrorless FX , but also a mirrorless view camera too, so I can see image circle. Tilt, shift and crop, in live view,. Small field view camera for a new age. Nikon needs to think out side the DSLR BOX, just mirrorless like everyone else is not enough. Nikon made great large format lenses and enlarger lenses at one time. If anyone could push the envelope Nikon could.

  • Pete

    They need to do something like the Fuji X100 – that is selling like hot cakes and has had rave reviews – they pretty much got everything right apart from a clunky menu system, it’s on my wish after I get the D700 upgrade…!

  • Merv

    Where a Nikon 1 sensor I think would be most useful would be in rugged cameras which also would take pictures in NEF/RAW quality

  • Sahaja

    Is this just going to be another Nikon near-clone of the Canon G series – like the P7000, P7100 and P7200 seem to be of the G10, G11 and G12? Only this time a clone of the G1x?

    They say imitation is the best form of praise – and with these particular cameras Nikon seem to be imitating Canon

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