New firmware update v1.03 for Nikon D700?

Image credit: Tschaensky

A member of the German forum received his new Nikon D700 camera and noticed that the installed firmware version A was 1.03. The latest officially announced firmware update for the D700 was A/B 1.02. Maybe Nikon is about to release the new 1.03 version?

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  • This is frimeware from D7000

    • Mathell

      No, there is already a statement from Nikon that they will release it soon. Just read my post from yesterday!

      • RR

        So much anger…


    • No, it’s not – the latest Nikon D7000 firmware is A: 1.0.2 / B:1.03, I already checked that before publishing the post.

  • Jens

    If there was any major updates, wouldn’t the people that already have the firmware – have noticed it by now?

    I also wish for the Auto ISO zoom option. It’s ridiculous if you had to buy a brand new camera for something that simple. I get that they probably can’t put 1080 video on it, since the processor might not be able to handle it – and it would ruin the sale for their new cameras. People would consider buying used D700.

  • Baraldi


    I’d love to find the D700 to buy in stores! But since I can not find any more …

    Bring us something new about the issues of the D800. Nikon solved the problem or I have to buy a 5D MKIII?

    I have money saved for the D800, but as I have to buy on the black market, I will not have warranty on the camera. (Nikon is it in Brazil)

    I can not stand to wait to upgrade to full frame system ….

  • Photonut

    Has the new firmware been confirmed by now?

    Three days ago, I picked up my D700 from the Nikon Service Center. NO new firmware! Usually, when I brought a cam in for service it had been updated to the latest firmware!

  • firefyter1972

    I just received my new D700 yesterday and it does have the new firmware. Bought from B & H.

  • redoutable

    hello it’s for de D7000 i think not for d700 🙁

    • Jim

      It’s for the D700, but it’s not released on the website at the moment. The picture of the german forum are showing the d700, not a d7000.

  • Tayfun Sertan Yaman

    I just bought a new Nikon D700 this week. The firmware is exactly the same as the picture. A 1.03, B 1.02.

  • what problem or trouble it solves with this new firmware ? should be interesting when it is released .Keep us updated on this .

  • The official link to the firmware update of the D700!

  • flash

    The new firmware is now available. I just received an email from the german Nikon support site.

    • anna

      I too received an e-mail today from Nikon Finland about the firmware.

  • marco

    in Italy has just released the update on the official website …
    but little update for d700

  • Guenther

    A very very very small update!!! Solves a problem which I never had. But new features? An absolute nogo!
    Why should they? Hey guy’s, you paid a lot for your D700, so you are potential enough to pay a lot for a new (Canon 😉 camera to get new features.
    And a lot of stupid things are continued in the new models, so no update can bring away these silly points.

    • Rudi

      If you need features buy a p&s (even canon if you think you’ll get better IMAGES).

      • Guenther

        Rudi, this is a affront!
        Do you really think I mean a partymode or a paint menu to insert hearts and flowers for a ready to take postcard picture?
        I mean auto-iso or a combined fixation of exposure and flash output or a “save as” function for the user settings.
        But it seems that you are one of the few users who need a quality button (I don’t understand why a professional camera need a quick access to the picture quality settings because raw is the only way to shot). Instead of this unnecessary knob I wish a programmable button More!

        • Guenther

          Sorry, incomplete message: auto-iso with flash!

      • Guenther

        And I don’t think that a Canon make better images, but when changing the camera, why not thinking what is really necessary for “good” pictures? And today there are lots of alternatives with comparable quality.
        My former camera was a F100. So the D700 is the perfect follower for use with my old glasses. But time has changed and I never used the D700 in the same way as the D100.
        I wouldn’t change now to a D800 and maybe many others too! And maybe Nikon looses customers to other brands.

    • EJee

      Yep. Had an e-mail from Nikon this morning that the firmware update is available. I’ve just downloaded it from the Dutch Nikon site.

  • harry

    This D700 is awesome. Very pleased I bought a new one prior to the D800 coming out. Why all those pixels in the D800 ? why Video. If I want Video I will buy a video camera & no-way would I want stills from it.
    In use I find that 3 M Pixels is fine for up to A4 6 M Pixels better & I use 6 mostly. On a rare occasion when giant sized poster prints are required I will use 12 M Pixels. Haven’t bothered as yet with RAW. I don’t see the need. My curiosity may get the better of me & I will do some comparison shots in RAW one day. What I have done is set my D700 on trap focus for macro work. Saved the settings in “Custom setting bank” the trap focus “Makes” the shot.
    A fantastic camera, no complaints with mine.
    The latest firmware update was received today. To fix a problem that I have yet to experience. I am wondering if I should bother with the update.

    Harry located in the Donington Area.

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