Nikon D4 now in stock

Nikon D4 is now in stock at OneCall. This also means that they no longer have a waiting list.

Update: the status now says "coming soon".

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  • mikils

    One wonders whether it’s the version with XQD

    • I’d guess not anymore at this point. It’s probably from the new stock of regular cameras.

    • jorg

      nikon included card and reader up to the point when both were available in the market. after both were available, the free lunch ended.
      no idea what applies to NPS though.

  • Nik

    Still waiting on my order from thecamerastore in calgary, alberta. Apparently I’m about 2-4 weeks out still after a Feb 6 pre-order. #firstworldproblems

    • Shawnino

      How do you know how close you are? I am waiting on 800E from them.

    • Rwj

      I knew that London Drugs had one (D4) in Vancouver couple of days ago.
      Might want to go into LD and see if they can ship it to you?


  • It’s no longer in stock.

  • You can’t add it to your cart so I wonder if they really have it in stock or not.

    • Foolishcfo

      The same thing happened to me with Best Buy a couple weeks ago. Their website said a local store had a D7800 but when they went to verify it they found they hadn’t received any D800’s.

      • Mark J.

        There ya have it, you looked at the D7800 model online, and then asked for the D800 in store! πŸ™‚

        • Foolishcfo

          Nah. I had sent Peter the emails from Best Buy showing they had it in stock and “Proof” they didn’t. Using your example sounds like a bait and switch technique! πŸ™‚

  • Nikon Shooter

    Only thing good about the D4 is the D3s sell-off that followed its announcement/release. The fact that the price of a used D3s is back to where it was a year ago and the brand new units are selling for $500+ of the MSRP says a lot about what kind of flop the D4 happened to be with it’s “future-proof” XQD and all.

    • Jabs

      Keep telling yourself that mess – LOL

      A D4 is way beyond a D3s. Nikon has enviable production and delivery problems now from pent up demand and overwhelmingly positive responses but NOT technical backwardness like many Manufacturers when they introduce new gear.

      Have you seen what Leica is up to and when was the last time and in what quantities have either Sony or Canon delivered a great Pro body? Sony has NONE – Canon has one released – the 5DMK3 and a few high end Video bodies that cost an arm and two legs.

      Nikon has DELIVERED two incredible bodies and is about to body slam them with a third – yeah, keep your old gear while others move on up – lol.

      Nothing wrong with the D3s, D3 or D700 (I just bought one) but not in the league of the new D4 and D800 PLUS the new card is generations ahead of anything on the Market, as it is a new replacement standard from the Compact Flash Association and Nikon got it first – that’s all.

      The new card is like comparing an SSD to an HD = nothing to compare it to and thus a wrap, game over the goal post got moved plus you are still maybe in 2011 – lol.

      • Tonio

        Actually XQD cards are far more expensive and slower than SSDs which may explain the lack of uptake. The new Blackmagic Cinema camera literally uses 2.5″ SSDs as its storage cards.

        I think XQD may collide with miniature SSDs and lose.

        • It won’t be the first time that Sony has tried to introduce a new media and failed (everyone remember the Sony memory stick?)

          • Jabs

            This is NOT a mere Sony innovation but a ratified Standard by the Compact Flash Association which includes Sony and Nikon. I expect widespread adoption later on as most cameras ARE not fast enough now to need it, as Nikon alone has a digital pipeline called Expeed 3.

            When others introduce a digital pipeline with as many channels of output and input in their camera bodies, then we can talk. Perhaps it is too advanced for people now, but the D4 certainly uses it to great advantage.

            I expect people like RED to eventually use it and not cameras such as micro 4/3rds bodies. Canon and Sony indeed need it right away, as their pipeline is so much slower than a Nikon 1 that it is ridiculous. This is the reason why Nikon can offer the full HD 1920×1080 via HDMI streaming and they alone do this. They have the bandwidth and the foresight to have gone digital while others are stuck in analog land.

            It is THEY who have to follow Nikon and not the other way around. Heck, a Nikon 1 camera shoots faster than anything on the market except the D4 and D800.

        • Jabs

          Actually the new cards are miniature SSD’s but with a PCI-E interface and thus there is lots of room for bandwidth growth.

          There are two basic types of SSD’s now on the Market.
          1. Based upon HD technology in the 2.5 form factor
          2. Based upon the PCI-E Interface and is an attached PCI-E card plugging into that bus but way more expensive and ridiculously fast.

          So far, the PCI-E variety has several gigabytes per second throughput versus the much slower (if you can call it slow) 2.5 format multi-cell SSD’s.

          The new card then has a much better future than anything on the market as it is based upon a PCI-E interface and has two channels of output, therefore one channel sends and one channel receives = you can’t touch it as they will ramp up the speeds to over 1 gigabyte per second of throughput in the future.

      • Jon

        Holy shit, I loved your “body slam” comment. That had me rolling.

        • Jabs

          @Jon – Thanks

          Every now and then, I have to try and bring a dose of reality here. D4 and D800 plus D800E and now an upcoming D600 plus the D700 is still in Nikon’s lineup equal overwhelming choice of fantastic Pro bodies like no other Manufacturer.

          Canon has two announced Pro bodies and one delivered.

          Sony has none either announced or delivered.

          Leica has gone into the upper hemisphere of Trekkdom – LOL

          Only Nikon seems to be dealing with reality and their sales reflect that while others seem to have gone from the ridiculous to the sublime precipice of functionality and actual performance into real boutique nonsense.

          ‘Pass the Grey Poupon’ as you exchange fancy mustard with your Rolls-Royce compatriot per the old US Television commercial – equals snob appeal and a cheap D5100 or now D3200 outperforms them easily. Reality bites, as they say!!!

          Bling versus real performance seems to be their thrust now – and that’s really bad!

    • I’ve shot both, (and also the D3x); I prefer the D4 over the D3s if you try to shoot things that move.

  • Andrew

    [NR] Admin, I just called OneCall’s camera department and was told that they have taken the D4 off the site. It is an error. It is still showing “In Stock” on the product page but when you click on “Add to Cart” the Cart is empty. So apparently their webpage and database are managed via two different processes.

    • thanks – I did not try to add it to the cart, I guess it was a false alarm, sorry folks

      • Foolishcfo

        I knew it was a false alarm immediately as you would have surely sent me a private email about its availability before making your post….right? πŸ™‚

  • T.I.M

    D4 ?
    Is it the pro camera that Nikon announced in 2009 ?
    I prefer my D5 !

    • john

      Oh my god I’m tenth!!! YES! got in the top ten.

    • Jabs

      Another invisible camera to add to our troubles, eh!

      Have you received your D800E yet? How is it, if you have?

      • T.I.M

        I called B&H again, they said that I’ll get my D800e in 2018 !
        (I email them Monday 14th, they said few more weeks)

        I don’t care anymore, maybe I should have keept the defective one, maybe not, maybe I’ll wait for the D900, maybe I’ll get a D700.

        I’m tired of my D5100, a real piece of junk, autofocus is acurate only with 105mm+ lenses (I have to use manual focus for my 14-24mm).

        I don’t really care about the D800 36MP, I just need a FX camera with 18+MP
        DX sucks.

        • benji2505

          I thought the focusing with the 14-24 is no issue beyond F10. So use a small aperture and you don’t need AF. Do it like Canon-Lovers πŸ™‚

          • T.I.M

            You can’t just count on the d.o.f to get a sharp image, if the subject is not perfectly in focus, shooting at f/11 won’t make the image better.
            Using a tilt lens is the only way to have the wole picture sharp when your subjet is very long.

            • Benji2505

              The focussing with the 14-24 is very limited IMHO if the object is more than let’s say 5ft. away. Bokeh with this glass is only for very close objects and a wide background.
              Generally speaking I would have to agree that dof does not replace a crisp, on the spot focus.

        • Jabs

          What body did you return? You lost me there or maybe I forgot as been very busy!
          I need some lenses now especially a 28-70 F2.8 as I like that lens. Need flash (SB 910 or such) and GPS too to add to my D700 with MD and loving it so far. It reminds me of an F4s and also want an F5 to shoot Fujichrome 50D and 64T plus maybe some B+W. Need also polarizers and a good Gitzo plus a Zero-Halliburton case, as I travel a lot and soft cases are a waste of my money and time as you might as well use a laptop bag – lol.

          • T.I.M

            A D800e opened (sold as new) with lockup issue, that can cost you to be sue if you miss the rings exchange in a wedding.

            • Jabs

              OK – sorry to hear and hope that you get a better one next.
              New cameras are a pain until they have been on the market for a while. Happens to almost every one. Same happened when the F3 and FA were introduced and has happened for generations now – small details need to be fixed and even when it is perfect from the Factory, shipping or even scanning a body with X-Rays or such can cause lots of problems when it leaves the Factory. I remember once maybe years ago, when Nikon had to change their shipping method after they began examining freight more closely – shucks, t’aint nothing right – lol

  • Jabs

    Anyone want to make a POLL as to what camera people will be shooting at the upcoming London Olympics?


    -or- other brand bodies like Canon?

    • Jibs

      I’ll bite. I’m guessing the most popular camera there will be a phone cameras?

    • Ric`

      I’ll take “All the Above” for $200 Alex.

    • Foolishcfo

      Pink Coolpix cameras because we can’t get pro cameras.

    • Jeff

      I would say the D4, I met a few pro’s at the Long Beach GP who had them,the D800 and the 5D3 because it is out and you can buy one,plus all older pro bodies from Nikon and Canon

    • glen

      i bet 1dx… which will out for orders in June 2012.
      D4 will come out after olympics…

  • Rob

    Rumor probability: 0%

  • T.I.M

    I’m glad Nikon does not make medecines, millions would die before that can swallow the first pill ! (and assuming the pills don’t have manufacture issues !)

    • GeoffK

      population control, too many people in the world. ;-P

    • peterw

      In sofisticated countries, there is some kind of regulation on drugs…
      … you can’t get it if the doctor doesn’t prescribe…
      … for camera’s this would imply that a photobureau decides whether you are better of with a D4 or not.

      (I guess a D4 would cost 200.000 dollar, and it would take 10 years of research and devellopement before it would be availlable to the market).

      (if you would work in a photobureau, Nikon would invite you regularly for golf weekends – with some lectures about new lenses – and even longer paid Holidays).


    • medicine production , are in a whole different league.
      I know , I am a pharmacist πŸ™‚
      getting a medicine approved needs almost 5 – 7 years clinical tests.

      Now where is my D800 that I pre ordered and payed since January ????


      • T.I.M

        liar, pre-orders started february 7th.
        I can tell you’re a pharmacist !

      • Mz

        Ordered D800 on March 8 from Amazon, shipped today, will be here on Friday.

    • B!

      I think you said it just a few day too early. Look at the news

  • Steve

    I ordered my D800 less than 2 weeks ago and picked it up last Saturday in the UK. This from a small but well respected UK Nikon and Pentax dealer.
    Perhaps if each Nikon Authorised dealer is getting the same allocation irrespective of size you might be better off looking elsewhere than the major online retailers.

  • Joaquim Prado

    I wish I had the budget to buy a D4!

  • benji2505

    I wonder what’s the bigger obstacle – raking up the budget or getting a hand on one.

  • Trevor

    It says “coming soon” on my screen

  • Baraldi

    Several consumers reported receiving their orders for D800 and D4.

    In Paraguay (Supplier for the Brazilian market lol), there are shops that have already received the D4 and D800, but with values ​​up to 30% more expensive than in the United States …

    Apparently the Nikon solved the problems with the D800 and D4. Now at last these cameras should reach us.

    I only regret the crisis with Greece that has made the price of U.S. dollars more expensive. Now it is almost impossible for me to buy a D800 …. Nikon Congratulations!

    Note: In Brazil, the D800 will cost $ 6,240 (with taxes on imports)
    Or something around $ 4,900 on the black market and no manufacturer’s warranty.


    • Sad Reality check

      I doubt it will be this low here in Brazil. I’d guess more like USD $8k equivalent in BRLs. Photo gear is usually around 3 times the US price here…

      • Why is that ?

        • Sad reality check

          Because brazillians as consumers will pay anyway. We arent very clever when it comes to not purchasing abusively priced merchandise, everything expensive is suddenly a symbol of one’s status not of one’s consumism.

    • Jason

      There are $8000 wedding photographers in chicago using $2000 nikon D700. Nikon is thanking them by not shipping D800.

      • Baraldi

        If you become aware of any photographer in Chicago who needs an assistant photographer, I am ready to work in Chicago!

        You can easily find me through my facebook profile:
        Leonardo Baraldi Fotografia

        Best regards!

  • Frank

    Vanbar in Melbourne, Australia has the D$ in stock, with the XQD card and reader.

  • Funduro

    Quick everyone send me one U.S. dollar !

    • Jason

      why, are you dancing in a nikon thong?

      • Benji2505

        Nope. Without one.

  • KenTi

    D800E on E-bay for $3600 BIN not bad since that’s about the cost of tax if bought locally… So tempted… must wait… but so tempted….

  • D700guy

    So, how long was it in stock, 30 seconds?

    • Rob

      0 seconds. If you read the above posts you’ll see it was a glitch. It’s still on backorder, and always was.

  • PixPix

    I tried both D4 and D3s for wildlife and honestly (i did no try video) the results are very similar. Ok AF-C is a bit better when following flying birds but it does make the decision to sell a D3s to buy a D4 (IMHO).

  • glen

    also, it says In Stock in the Digital Rev. but it cost around US$8,500.00


  • 120-300 OS for Nikon

    I like the tests of digitalrev but these prices are nuts!
    finally nikon is now also selling in Colombia but an D300s with kit lens kost 5.200.000 in the Falabella store thatΒ΄s about 3000 us Dollar

  • r

    Too good to be true. I don’t see things getting better with chronic power shortages in Japan.

  • Baraldi

    I’m moving to full frame system. I was just waiting to launch the Nikon D800!

    But with all these issues (prices and defects), I began to understand why the majority of Brazilian photographers prefer Canon. In Brazil, the Canon comes with values ​​more accessible and there is availability of technical assistance …

    Since we’ll move to full frame … I read the reviews of the 5D MKIII with much more care and attention!

    Will I switch to Canon?
    Still do not know the answer …

  • Nikon D800 landscapes of scotland:

  • Frank

    Is One Call a US dealer? I’ve never heard of them.

  • Vin

    I called my local Nikon Dealer and Pro photography store, they had only received a few D800’s. Only had 1 D800 & 1 D800E as demo only. Said they did not expect any for months. They get notified about a week before any are shipped from Nikon but no idea exactly what is on the way. They were willing to take my name number. Put me on the list. Said let them know if I find one from somewhere else first.

  • Vin

    I did not ask about D4, but they did say everything they had received from Nikon had gone out to NPS so far.

  • Sean

    How to get a Nikon D4 in the USA:

    1. View the Nikon dealer list:

    2. Pick a neighboring state, but not your own, since sales tax is several hundred dollars. Press CTRL+F and enter the state with a space after it, ex. I’m in WI so I entered “IL ” — the space will ensure you don’t match in the middle of a word.

    3. Advance to the first match. Open Google in a separate tab and find their store. Call and see if they have a D4 in stock, and if not, how many are on the wait list.

    4. Repeat until you find one, or, you find the shortest waitlist. Check other states as necessary.

    I did this and had one on my hand the next day. Had to call about 20 places before one was found.

    Good luck!

  • Frank

    From One Call:

    “We did receive just a couple of them in stock, but they sold very quickly.
    If you placed a preorder today we would expect you to wait 2-4 weeks.”


  • D700guy

    FYI, was just notified that my D4 shipped today from Adorama. Ordered on Jan 6th

  • Jan

    Any new updates on D800 shipments from B&H and Adorama?

    • Mz

      Ordered D800 from Amazon on March 8, shipped today, will be on my office on Friday.

  • It is sad , very sad only πŸ™‚ (avatar)
    I NOW have the money
    I have the passion (used F3 , F3 , F4 with all kind of lenses)
    by the way ISO 400 was really fast then πŸ™‚
    I waited for a DSLR from Nikon
    when the D700 came out I was out of money
    When I had the money the D800 was about to come out.
    I am waiting and waiting and waiting since 2007.
    Maybe waiting to get something is actually better than getting it.
    I think I will cancel my d800 order and keep waiting for the D900.
    hope …. always hoping πŸ™‚
    Keep shooting , keep stopping time !!!


    • T.I.M

      B&H told me only few more weeks.
      If you cancel your order the D800 will be in stock the day after and you will kill yourself !

      • @T.I.M
        Yeap… Murphy’s law πŸ™‚

        • So TRUE, talked to B&H and sounded like it would be a very long wait for my D4…so I got a D3s from EBay with low miles for weddings in the meantime (Arrived Wednesday). Friday I got a box. OMG it is the D4. So, I am broke until I resell it. haha

  • DanielD

    Anybody from UK? I’ve ordered a D4 body to Jessops at the beginning of March. But nothing till now. I’ve lost my hope even for the Olympics, too. I have to look for alternative solutions. Bravo Nikon! Bravo Jessops!

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