Nikon D4 now ships without a free XQD card and reader

Up till now Nikon included a free 16GB Sony XQD card and a reader (aprox. $185 value) with every D4 shipment. This seems no longer to be the case and  the last Nikon D4 shipments do not include any freebies.

The other bad news is that so far I have not heard about another major manufacturer to jump on the XQD wagon.

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  • DanielD

    Today I’ve felt let down by Nikon. I have met a photo journalist – old friend of mine – who remind me an old discussion between us from January about my next chose. I remember I was looking to buy professional camera and I was almost decided for Canon 1DX just because Canon anounced they will release a new pro level camera (even I was using D3 with my lenses collection (24mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.4, 14-24mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8) + 2x SB 900, etc . I still owe my old Canon gear (5D + 24-70mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/4). But in that moment Nikon anounced the new D4 and they said it will be on the market before 1DX. My friend advised me to change on Canon because he will share with me his Canon lenses (about 14). But I didn’t followed his advice.

    Now I’m asking myself ( after all inaccuracies and lack of management): was a good decision to pay a lot of money for D4? And to be treated like that? And now they are taken another smart decision with the XQD . I have scrap for every little penny + the bank loan to pay them in advance just to have that new card and the reader. I’m deeply humiliated. What a beautiful lie – good for you Nikon. Disgusting

    • Joaquim Prado

      I agree! Nikon should have planned better. Come on! Nikon is one of the biggest camera manufacture in the world and let such a thing happen, they should at least put a limit of preoders for each dealer and schedual in a proper way the shipments to the dealer and them to the costumers.

      I have been waiting for my d800 for about 3 months already and haven’t heard a word from Ritz or Nikon. I feel like I am the one doing a 3k favor to nikon and ritz.

  • KnightPhoto

    I think it’s pretty likely the DX 24mp D400 will have one XQD and one CF, just like the D4.

    Face it, CF is dead. Since CF is so obviously dead, how long do you expect SanDisk and Lexar to continue to drag their feet on offering XQD 😉

    One day when XQD reaches its potential speed, we may no longer need be restricted by in-camera buffer size. Just shoot as long a burst as you need.

  • MB

    XQD is more expensive?
    Lexar 16GB CF 1000x – $139
    Sony 16GB XQD – $129
    When you people talk about XQD and CF think SATA and PATA interfaces, is anyone using PATA drives today?

  • 123

    I keep saying it…

    The introduction of xqd was a joke.

    If it is the standard then why not in both slots?

    The d4 is a guinea pig camera and a waaaay too expensive experiment.

    If xqd fails to take off d4s will suffer in both the new and used market.

    I am very skeptical of them and this is the first red flag i have ever felt very passionate about.

    I will not upgrade ever if things stay the way they are.

    • ML

      CF is almost at it’s limit of 166MB/sec with the 1000x cards from Lexar. Faster speeds than that are not possible ever with Compact Flash.
      So there actually is no option to XQD in the long term. Or would you prefer SD cards?

      On the other hand of course nobody else is offering XQD cards yet. With only one camera that is sold in low quantities. And one manufacturer that has a deal with Nikon the quantities that could be sold are yet way to low for competition to arrive. Once more cameras feature XQD cards more manufacturers will offer them. Nikon should have built XQD in the D800 as well.

      • Don’t Argue With

        He who argues with, or tries to correct a fool, is a bigger fool.

      • Jan

        SD over CF any day.
        at the same speeds & capacity, SD costs 40-50% of CF for high speed, and 20-30% of CF at low speed.

        Everything comes with SD readers built in.

  • porkchop

    how about using ssd inside of the camera instead of cards…

    • Hendog

      Please never work for Nikon?

  • neversink

    As I said… I am returning the D4 for two reasons…
    1. Despite my order months ago and promises that the card and reader would be included, there was no card or reader when my D4 was delivered on Friday.
    2. But my D800 works great, and I have used it for action. Who needs 10 fps anyway? The D800 is probably, in the long run, a better camera, and a much more all around camera than most people thought. It’s all about technique, composition and light.

    • Lou

      UHH..Sports photographers need 10fps. You sound like a …… well, I won’t say it because I’m professional. So you’re returning the D4 because it has too many fps and doesn’t have an XQD package…hmmm. Yeah, you sound like a real winner!

      • Too many Trolls

        Lou, as you can see this thread is full of Trolls complaining either about the D4, XQD, or both. It is not hard to decipher the comments of professional photographers, business minded individuals, and tech savvy people and the rest who simply wish to post their ignorance on-line, or have nothing better to do than post their fictional fairy tales.

        For Example: Who returns a camera, that when initially available for pre-order, never mentioned that an XQD card and reader would be included with the D4?

        Who returns a $6,000 camera because it shoots 10 fps?

        The most likely scenario, if any of this is true, is that they were not able to scalp it for a profit. so they sent it back.

        Yes, many can agree that the D800 offered more inovation and change, but the D4 is a better camera then it’s predecessors, the XQD card was a good choice, and having one slot for XQD, and the other for CF, eased D4 users into this new card technology.

        • neversink

          I’m not a scalper, and I have been in the photography business full time for more than 25 years, part time for 12 years before that. I can afford the D4. I have photographed everything from the board room to riots in the street. I am a semi-retired pro and still working. Photography has been good to me. It has taken me many places and rewarded me. I have used all kinds of cameras in my career and have even mixed my own developers in the past to control contrast.

          So why am I returning the D4. First, I love the D800 and its IQ. 4fps is not blazing today, but when I was taking photos with my Nikon Ftn and F2 with manual lenses, 4 – 6 fps was considered blazing fast with an attached motor drive.. So, I have decided I did not need 10fps, even though it is amazingly blazingly fast.

          What I did not like was Nikon’s lack of courtesy to its loyal customers, although I love their products. It is the first time I have ever complained about Nikon….I can easily afford the D4… But here is how I look at it. Nikon has put out new technology with XQD. They should give this away for at least a year, at least until XQD is tested in the field. It’s the least they could do when selling a $6,000 camera with a technology that is considered by many to . I felt that we pros photographers were “dissed” by Nikon.

          I still shoot for a living, even though semi retired, with film and digitally, although most of my work is now digital. Photography has been good to me. I have the luxury of returning this beautiful camera, because I don’t need it to make a living. The D3S, D700 (which I am selling_ and the D800 will get me by. I am just making a statement, which unfortunately Nikon won’t hear, but maybe my dealer will pass the word on.

    • PhilK

      Your reasoning doesn’t make any sense.

      As far as being “promised” an XQD card and reader, I don’t think Nikon ever claimed that the D4 was supposed to come with those things. But it may have just been a “bonus” that once people saw it included, started acting like it was their divine right to get one.

      Does Nikon literature claim that the card/reader are in the D4 box? If not, please be quiet. If your dealer made dangerous claims like that, blame your dealer, not Nikon.

      For example, please look at the official US brochure below – written in February 2012 – see it listed in “supplied accessories”? No? Then please be quiet.


      • Andreu

        yeah I agree.. When I got my D90, it came with a 4Gb card in it.
        My friend said his didn’t come with one! There’s even a competition on it and if there’s a photo or something in the SD card, I win something else! But it expired before I bought my camera!

        My point is, don’t blame Nikon for not giving you a freebie.
        When I get my D800, All I ask for is the camera, manual, a battery and a charger. The rest will be bonus for me. 🙂

      • neversink

        Nikon didn’t promise me the card and reader. My dealer said that as far as they know, Nikon was still including them in the camera box. Of course, my camera box didn’t come sealed but do any of them???? Anyway, perhaps my gripe is with my dealer who promised that the card and reader would be shipped with the camera, but to me Nikon has a responsibility to its pro customers to show them a little gratitude, particularly, as I wrote above, when it comes to testing new technology that has not yet been adopted by the industry.

  • Kyle L

    Maybe I just got lucky, but my D4 shipped last week and came with the XQD card and reader. Blessing in disguise, I suppose: the reader has a nasty bright-blue LED on it that I could certainly do without.

    • neversink

      Who cares about the blue light. My Lexar Pro reader also has a blue light. Not a big deal….

      What I do care about is that you got the free card and I didn’t. I received my D4 last Friday. When did you receive yours????

  • porkchop

    So you are saying you would have no use for a micro ssd @ 260MB/s write speed????? I know the initial write speed for the xqd card is 125MB/s and they (Sony)claim it will get faster, but im pretty sure the ssd will always be in front as far as speed and capacity.

    • The D4 and D800 are geared towards pros and serious amateurs. Using a single large internal drive for them isn’t feasible in most cases since portability, backup, reliability, and flexibility are all compromised.

  • photdog

    When will some of you get it?
    The problem here is NOT the technical advantage of XQD over CF but the lack of trust into the future of the standard. And due to Sony’s track record these worries are justified. XQD Cards, with no doubt, offer the better technical prospects. And likely hardly anybody doubts the technological capabilities of Sony. But what the people doubt are Sony’s management capabilities to make their -even superior- standard to the common standard. And as a consequence of that not working out, the Sony standard will be dropped sooner or later as the past examples reveal. In that case the users are screwed. And who likes to be screwed?
    Thus some in weighing risks and advantages, conclude that the speed advantage of the present XQD compared to the best CF isn’t worth to take the risk. As simple as that.

  • DanielD
  • I’ve had my D4 since mid March roughly, have run over 10,000 shots through it – shooting large scale theatrical performances professionally. Because a lot of this is at 10 or 11 FPS, I appreciate the new card format because, simply, it’s faster. Frankly, I would’ve liked it if both slots were XQD, since clients don’t get the cards, they get the shots after I’ve offloaded and post processed as required.

    The bottleneck for me is having two different card formats. I load images into the Macbook during intermissions, and because I use both slots to record images consecutively (as opposed to backing up to one or the other) I need to cart two readers around with me – and the cables of course, because for some reason, SONY opted to use a different cable format at the reader end than the normal mini USB connector that other readers use. That, to me, is the dumb decision here. A single reader that includes XQD and CF card formats, would solve the problem, much like the multi format ones already out there.

    • Adrian Baxter

      I agree with you, the XQD cards seem great (got my XQD cards, waiting for my D4), Future potential for better video through XQD will be possible with the speed of the cards.
      I’m sure we will see it implemented more as new stuff comes out. It’s still early days.

      • Chris Hutcheson

        Hope you like your D4 when it arrives. I’m quite happy with mine, though it’s been quite the jump from the D300 I was using before that. Sure beats renting a D3S, which I’d been doing for some time for the theatre work.

  • D

    blah blah blah I know something everyone else NEEDS to hear blah blah professional blah blah opinion stated as fact blah blah I have a camera but spend all my time on these forums blah blah blah blah xqsssd blah better than blah blah blah you’re wrong I’m right blah

    • neversink

      Is that opinion or fact????

      • Victor Hassleblood

        It’s a mirror.

        • Chris Hutcheson

          Or perhaps a speech defect.

  • PhotoGradStudent

    My camera arrived at the shop I ordered it on Friday 5/11, picked it up Saturday 5/12. While I was there, I bought an extra battery at 180 (US).

    It came with an XQD Card and Reader. Would I have still wanted it if it didn’t? Yes, I didn’t even know it came with one, and bought a 32gb XQD card and reader from B&H the previous week.

    What’s another 200 bucks if you’re already spending 7k? Yea, it’d be nice to have, but if 200.00 is what makes or breaks the deal… you shouldn’t be getting the camera in the first place.

  • neversink

    After testing out the D4 today, comparing it with shots on the D800, D700, D3S, D7000 I have determined that the D4 is king, so I am keeping the damn camera, despite no xqd card and reader …. Yes, 36 mp is great, but the D4 is just right on. You can focus on any moving object and the camera never misses. Much better than the D3s…. and the focus is right on for 10 fps….

    I am totally astounded…. I can make huge prints from any of these cameras. So i am keeping the D4, using the D800 as backup (and just in case some Art Director or Creative Director insists on 36mp I can pull out the D800 and give them all the mp envy they desire.)


    • KnightPhoto

      @neversink – glad to hear you are keeping the D4, I think that is the right decision.

      My feeling is that as long as the long-suffering pre-order guys are still out there on long wait-lists, it would have been a good gesture to keep supplying the bonus 16Gb XQD and reader. But yes it is true that for a short period there were zero XQD to be had whereas now, they are commercially available. I just ordered a 32Gb to start to build my XQD stocks,

      • Chris Hutcheson

        Be prepared for a looooonnnnnnng wait loading that 32G puppy into Lightroom 4…yikes.

        • neversink

          Haven’t had any trouble downloading into Aperture 3 or Capture One 6… I don’t use Lightroom… Never really tried it…. Have no opinions about it one way or the other.

          Downloads are very quick in Aperture, and I am going into a 3TB G-Technology Drive via Fire Wire 800. I was going to download externally to the Aperture Library, but in my tests forgot to and embedded the download in the main Library. I am very surprised how quickly everything downloaded. It seemed to download faster than my smaller D700 / D3s files, but I haven’t really timed the downloads yet.

          Haven’t yet played with adjustments in PS… Not sure I really will need to…

  • Ron

    D4, D3S or D800 ???

    I have a D800, but maybe upgrad to D3s or D4.
    Pls advice.
    Use camera most for conserts inndor, laps-pictures outdoor…
    Have good glass ! f 2.8 14-24/24-70/70-200 & 105mm macro

  • neversink

    If you have to ask, then I don’t think you need to upgrade. But is a D4 and upgrade to a D800. Not really!!! They are both new animals, but have different capabilities. But a D4 is better than the D3s for reasons that have already been discussed. A D800 has many similarities to the d4 but there are many differences too.

    Do you make your living from photography?? If not, why do you want to spend 6K on a camera. Add another 1K (easily) for extras. This is my career. If I didn’t need to upgrade I would have kept my old cameras. Of course, if you’ve sitting on gobs and gobs of cash, then you can buy yourself a new toy without any worries….

  • Just received my D4 from B&H after placing my pre-order on day 1 back on January 7. To my amazement I did in fact receive a 16MB XQD card with reader. Apparently I must have gotten some “old” stock. Either way I am very happy and am shooting at the speed of light.

    • I received my D4 from B&H on May 22…it did NOT come with an XQD or card reader. I wrote to Nikon inquiring about it & was told that it was a promotion they were running & it was done. Lucky you 🙂

  • Peter Guerrini

    Adorama shipped my D4 on May 23. It did have an XQD card & reader.

  • Jason

    Bought my D4 in Tokyo early April. There was no XQD card and reader. However I was in Hong Kong this weekend May 27th and they just started shipping the D4 and it does include the 16mb XQD card and reader.
    Picked up a 32mb XQD card in HK for 2180 HKD (£180)

  • maris

    Pour lire notre carte XQD:Quand une simple clé USB possèdera-t-elle lecteur XQD directe et sans fil????

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