Nikon D800E available for order on, will ship in 5-7 days

BestBuy has listed the Nikon D800E on their website and you can now order it. I checked several different zip codes and the availability was 5-7 days (shipped to your local Best Buy store). The D800E was previously not listed on The D800 and D4 are still listed as "sold out online".

Here for example are the store pickup results for Best Buy locations near New York City:

Currently in the US, there is a third large shipment of Nikon D800 being shipped to existing pre-orders.

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  • papafins

    Picked up a D800 from Best Buy in Houston yesterday. Thea are starting to get a few in the area stores. If you go in a sales person can look to see what stores are getting them and when they should arrive. The woodlands store should get one on 5-24 or 25, the Sugerland store is scheduled to get 2.

  • dmcdougall

    Samy’s Camera has ONE D800 in stock as of 7AM Pacific time today which means I’m finally off B&H’s waiting list.!!!!!!!!

  • D4 Owner

    To support this thread I just got confirmation from NPS that Nikon is releasing more D800E’s today (5/23/12) and one is on it’s way with my NPS number on it. Assuming a bunch were allotted to the BB chain also.

    • Vin

      It does make you think some of the larger store do get a little info from Nikon, B&H told me they would get some D800E @ end of the month. “Check back end of May” might not get any real inventory numbers.

  • CE

    Re: D800 NEF files. I have this issue with my D800. When i select the CF card as the primary slot selection and subsequently transfer the raw file to either Capture NX2 or View NX2, I am unable to perform most of the editing options such as adjusting exposure, white balance, noise reduction etc, can only perform some simple adjustments such as saturation under quick adjust. I initially assumed that capture nx2 had not been updated for the D800 but after downloading the latest version 2.3.2, the problem still exists. TO MY SURPRISE, when i select the SD card as the primary slot, i have no such problems when i transfer the raw file to either Capture NX2 or View NX2.. White balance, exposure, noice reduction, etc are all working as expected. I reformatted the CF card and even replaced with another CF card but the problem with the CF card still remains. It is a sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB card. Has any D800 user exprienced any such issue please?

  • xkmendl

    Picked my D800 today from one of our local camera shops here in the South Bay, Southern California. Five weeks from order to delivery. Not bad I guess. I heard that Nikon is having to go over quite a few of what was shipped to US. UN boxing, RE-QC CHECK, RE BOXING, RE SHIPPING, all labor intensive and time consuming. One hell of a camera! Tested all 5 of my Nikon lenses and WOW!!!!! No batteries other than the one that shipped with the camera. The battery sure looks like a Sony battery. Nikon change suppliers? Good luck to all those still waiting. Give you local shop a try.

    • F64photo

      The EN-EL15 battery and the MH-25 charger are exactly the same ones that I use on my D7000! The battery says, “Cell made in Japan, further processing in China.” I assume that that means that the battery cell was inserted and/or molded inside the plastic cover there. On the bottom it says, :SONY E-D.”

      The charger says, “MADE IN CHINA.”

    • ronen

      can u give me the store name?
      i want to ask if they have another one in stock…
      please reply

  • Best Buyer

    Purchased the D800E at the day this post went up. Originally received a pick-up date of June 5. Just received another email from them with an updated pick-up date of June 4.
    Who knows…

  • F64 Photo

    Nikon D800/800E cheat sheet is now available. It will give you something to do while you wait for your camera! ;-))

  • MLN

    I wish I could afford a D800E

  • Best Buy Cancelled

    Ordered on May 18th 3:45Pm pst. Just received this e-mail:

    “Thank you for your Nikon D800E 36.3 Megapixel DSLR Camera (sku 5483754) order on Unfortunately, we are out of stock on this item and unable to obtain any more at this time. As a result, your order will be canceled. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    We would like to inform you that the Nikon D800 model is currently available…”

    So it looks like BB cannot get any more E’s than any other retailer.

    Here’s hoping my Feb 6th 9:30pm pst B&H order still comes through.

    • BestBuyer

      Also ordered D800E on at Best Buy on May 18. Just received an email saying that it’s available for pickup.
      Meanwhile, still no word on my order from B&H.

    • mkush

      Ordered a D800E on May 18, about 12.45pm (Eastern). In the initial email they said it would be ready for pickup on June 5 (today!), then on June 2 I got an email saying that the pickup date is now June 8. Then yesterday (June 4) I got an email saying that the camera is on its way to the store and that they will mail again when it arrives. So it looks like it’s nearly a sure thing at this point. Still no word on my day-1 preorders from both B&H and Amazon, literally ordered within minutes of when the products went live on their sites.

      • mkush

        My D800E is available for pickup at Best Buy now. And, wouldn’t you guess it, Amazon shipped my preorder yesterday! When it rains it pours. Now what am I going to do with two? I was assuming that as soon as the Best Buy one showed up I’d cancel the Amazon and B&H preorders… too late.

        • Vin

          That is nuts! $6600.00.? Thanks for the update!
          2 D800E’s in one day?

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