Nikon to start producing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products?

Nikon Corporation added an amendment to their Articles of Incorporation to "Manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceutical products and cosmetics". Few months ago Fujifilm also announced the introduction of their own skin care/beauty product line - maybe this is the new trend for Japanese camera manufacturers?

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  • Michael

    Or this is just an advertising answer to FUJI to tell them that people looks the nicest on pictures made by NIKON cameras 🙂

    • Stu

      actually, ironically, you are better off grabbing a fuji to shoot people. you still can’t find an s5 pro for cheap

      • it might be something related to some weird japanese law, something like that you need pharmaceutical licence if you produce anything with chemicals for use of end customers (lens cleaners, whatever)

        • Global

          That would make sense to me — for example, the FDA regulates “food and dietary supplements” as a single category with specialization. Drugs are a separate. Its possible that cosmetics are just regulated under the same umbrella as certain other chemicals that Nikon is making and the license has a really long name.

    • Sperminator

      Or, i can use the NIKON Skin Cleanser to clean my ANGER wrinkles after my NIKON equipment failed once again!

      • Calibrator

        For that to happen it first has to be delivered.

        Although you may need skin care in that case, too…


    • Ssmith

      Both Kodak and Fuji branched out to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as a way to leverage their chemical business, especially in the film days. This is a logical move not because of cameras per se but I’d guess their manufacturing processes for components, and the need for solvents, cleaners, and other agents etc and like other businesses trying to wring out every ounce of profit for their investments in materials.

      • I did not know that Kodak did it too.

        • ssmith

          Kodak and Fuji both saw the end of their film business as a possibility years ago. To leverage their film business and the abundance of chemicals they both branched out into cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. History shows that Kodak never quite figured it out in the digital camera business due to some amount of corporate arrogance while Fuji prospered. I think we all now know that Kodak is another great American corporation that reacted poorly to a changing business environment and customer demands.

    • -1

      I’m all for a little passionate profanity here and there… but this is just crude and unacceptable in this forum.

  • wublili

    Maybe there is some markets out there since in some cases post production just can’t do the job.

    • jason

      firmware upgrade for issue in D800 LCD = Cosmetics. To correct skin tone in LCD

  • T.I.M

    They now do cosmetics products to makeup the D800’s issues ?

    • Kit HB

      That’s not entirely silly.

      When 1080p video replaced standard definition there was a big hoo-haa in costumes and wigs – especially wigs, because the stuff they used to hold it all together started to show up in the picture and it spoiled the effect in costume dramas. In the end I think they got DuPont involved.

      Maybe Nikon know they need to raise the makeup artist’s game now we have the D800E.

      • T.I.M

        @Kit HB
        As long I don’t have to wear lipstick to use my D800e….

        • BartyL

          No, you can still wear it for fun though.

          • Spy Black

            …and a wig too…

  • Canon Sales Manager

    Canon will begin manufacturing Condoms. Stay tuned, for our big event!

    • T.I.M

      @Canon Sales Manager
      Do they have the 600mm f/4 size ?

      • Canon Sales Manager

        Sure! we make F/4 size, and soon we will introduce a f/2.o, for wider apertures in various colours. Stay tuned!

    • Joe Jaro

      size doesn’t matter!?

      • Can-doms

        It depends on how much Depth-of-Penetra… err Depth-of-Field you want to use… 😉

        • BokehFan

          It comes down to depth of field and Bokeh.

      • T.I.M

        @Joe Jaro
        Yes, size matter, but it also depend on the aperture !

    • Nikon Shooter

      I can already see it in big bold letters:

      The all new Canon for your cannon!

    • Duct Tape

      as long as there is no leakage 🙂

      • You Sir, made my day.

      • Michael


      • Tim Gohan

        They better be good so the real Ken can finally stop growing his family 🙂
        and asking for money to fund his gadget shopping sprees!

    • Ken Hockwell

      Given how many people Nikon have already fucked with their manufacturing delays, it wouldn’t surprise me that they’re getting into condoms.

      • Sahaja

        Hopefully not. The rubber on their cameras often comes off.

    • Safety First

      I hope they are weather proof!!

  • With a high pixel count camera such as the D800, skin care is very important so this does make sense !!

    • The Invisible D800e


    • Sam


    • jc


      Sony already put out HD makeup some time ago. Guess they weren’t able to patent that one!

    • not really.
      if you are shooting ugly grls with D800, just go further away.

  • qztronic

    You guy really got no clues, Camera&Lens production (including Spectacle Lenses) involve a lot of those “chemicals-and-stuff” thing, That why it a possible things. For an easy example;; Japaneses Katana sword maker also decided to produce Golf clubs …because it involve with a great metalwork know-how 😉

    • Mark J.

      The “Chemicals and stuff” used to make optical lenses are all pretty much fatal if ingested by a living creature. So there really is no connection there.

      And as an aspiring bladesmith(been taking classes and setting up my own shop next year) I can tell you flat out Bladesmithing has no relation to golf clubs whatsoever. Completely different types of metals, techniques etc. It’s like comparing a guy who makes swords to a plane maker, i mean they both do metal work right?

      • tonyc

        Whatever you say on this site, you can be sure there will be a self agrandising expert waiting to shoot you down in flames!!!
        The truth of the matter is they are following this site and have decided to stop making cameras and go where the money is… Mental health 🙂

        • Oh no, he’s much more than a “self aggrandizing expert waiting to shoot you down in flames”. He’s right. On both points.

  • D700guy

    That should make for a good laugh. “I’m sorry Mr Johnson, there is a new miracle drug that will cure you completely, and we do have on pre-order, but you only have 3 months to live without it and Nikon has no idea how many shipments they’ll make and when they’ll ship out, could be 4 months”.

  • jorg

    what marvellous friday-news

  • Snw

    Smart move Nikon.. making those skin tones looking smooth and good and thus lowering the time used in post processing.. great news for all the D800 owners… :b

  • Peter2

    Do they make drugs to cure people’s NAS (Nikon Acquisition Syndrome), or do they make drugs to worsen it (so that it’d boost Nikon sales)?

  • ukj

    hope they make 35mm blush then my wife may forgive me whin i bring home a new d4, i’ll tell her its a new makeup box

  • MyNameHere

    Once they learn how to do nano-coating, that knowledge transfers well to skin coating and other new nano-tech drugs. Some sunscreens have nano-particles in them now. Some cancer medications are in nano-particles that look for cancer cells and leave healthy cells alone.

  • JED

    Perhaps you need a sense of humour…

    • NikonCanSparkle

      He shoots with Lomo.

    • Myles

      Perhaps you need to do what your parents did — get a job sir!!

    • LionKing

      Undoubtedly, he has no humor. This type of simtoma is quite common in Canon users.

      • GETFIXED

        You’ll see in the future Nikon getting manufactured in Israel. Then they’ll deal with the foreskin, too.

        • Jan

          No way, The Iranians are going to make that imposible!

  • Jason

    yes, this is the missing firmware upgrade for D800 LCD — make-up for faces to correctly align with LCD skin tone

  • elph

    Coincidentally I noticed a D7000 hooked up to a rig at my optometrists like two weeks ago. Breaking new ground!

    • KitH

      my optometrist has had a 5Dii on the back of the retinascope for a while. Says the image only uses a small part of the sensor, but it’s still got much more resolution than the original sensor that came with the kit. And she just “has” to have a spare body at home in case this one develops a problem.

  • bisho

    so nikon will start to use their nano coatings on peoples skin along with lenses!

  • Nikonmanias

    They will use AF-S tones! Automatic Fabulous Skin Tones!!!

  • NikonNut

    Better than Condoms!

  • alvix

    you will love their gaussian blur skin cream ….

  • T.I.M

    ***** UPDATE*****
    Set the camera’s microphone sensitivity to low for even better results (do not use auto-adjust) the Rode amplificator is better than the one from the camera.

    “I just received the Rode stereo VideoMic pro and made a quick test, it’s x100 better than the Nikon ME1 microphone.
    It’s a little pricy, $200 would be a fair price for what it is (retail for $300).
    Make sure you use a LITHIUM 9v battery, they are expensive ($10) but last longer and, most important they don’t lose charge, even after few months (nothing more anoying to turn on the microphone and found out that the alkaline battery is discharged while not in use)”

  • GeoffK

    They will tout it as the best makeup to be photographed in.

  • Get a life

    I bet 99.9% of bandits who put perthetic posts on this site and believe that Nikon care about them, are all single sad people. There will come a day when it is against the law to sleep with a camera, as most of you need a wife or a life 🙂 a true proffesional photographer does not take brand loyalty as a matter of life and death like you bandits. Nikon laughs at you and you all bend over and love it. My 3 year old son is more of a man then any of you streaks of piss. I wonder who will be the first to reply…….canon troll. Change the record you arse wipes xxx love you all (not) xxx

  • mikils

    -Good Morning sir, how can I help you?
    -I’d like to purchase a new D800e body please
    -Sure, sir, and by the way, are you aware that this state-of-the-art camera with its 36 MP and no Bayer filter will render the smooth skin of your wondrous model-wife looking just as Moon surface? Now, you may be interested in this new products line from Nikon, the I-AM-smoothing-your-skin-better-than-soft-Canon’-blurred-pics……… and so on, and on and on.

    I can just see it!

  • Harusuke

    In the not so distant past, Olympus made the same claims. In that case, the cosmetics hid more than wrinkles.

    • preston

      HAHAHA! I guess theirs weren’t quite good enough for THAT level of hiding. .

  • They are working on a sensor that measures odorantssmell variables. These sensors will be in future model cameras and will embedded monomolecular data in each image or video. Once encoded these data can be reproduced by a odor generator unit attached to your computer and to work these will operate using chemical and perfume products currently licensed as pharmaceuticals. This technology will mean that in the future with video you will get sight, sound and now smell.

  • TT Isle of man

    Too late Nikon, Adobe already thought of this 🙂

    See here:

  • kirit

    i order D800E from B&H April 3rd i don’t know when I’m go’n get… does anyone know how the manufacturer work’s any detail from Nikon for D800E???

  • Gareth

    fujifilm has been making stuff like this for years. I bought fujifilm multi vitamins when i was in japan.

  • Oh boy, we can’t make fun of the Canon people anymore because Canon makes copy machines

  • AM

    Will those cosmetics and pharmaceuticals come with VR?

    • T.I.M

      Usually, women don’t appreciate VR.

    • ShaoLynx

      Well, actually it’ll come with WR – Wrinkle Reduction.

  • haha

    Nikon makes: Lens for spectacles. Not sure if it is classified under pharmaceutical quasi-pharmaceutical. Nikon also makes spectacles so it that cosmetic?

  • Spy Black

    I must say I don’t understand Nikon’s stake in this. Fuji branched in cosmetics because their film manufacturing laboratories are, believe it or not, similar in production capabilities to manufacture cosmetics. I’m at a loss as to which branch of Nikon has similar production capabilities.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Christ on a bike. Where is my goddamn D800? Go to hell B&H.

  • Spock

    April fools?

  • John Richardson

    So future DSLR changes will only be cosmetic ….

    • BartyL

      Boom boom!

  • R R

    things like these.. make me miss the old conservative Nikon 🙁

  • BartyL

    Yeah, for half price I reckon I could stand to handle it (with latex gloves on).

  • GaiaOverAll

    If Nikon will test its products on animals, not buying more Nikon … .. .

  • LY

    new version of software – NX3 or something. Im 99% sure.

  • Ah ha, now I know what has held up the D400….They are fixing their face like some of us are wont to do….

  • ren kokwell

    Puhlease! Stick with the optics. lol

  • Smudger

    I AM Loosing the plot.

  • Banned

    Maybe for a line of Nikon-branded foundation makeup to reduce reflection of flash. I know my wife picked this up from the beauty store for our wedding so there is a market for this. There are known brands doing this already.

  • Sahaja

    Nano crystal cosmetics?


    HOW TRUE. Enough of all these foolishness and comments sexual in nature. Now if you excuse me, my wife is calling me for a quickie.

  • Andrew

    It makes perfect sense to make us look good before taking the picture. It will be interesting if the camera will spray the cosmetic a few milliseconds before the shot. They may need to license some inkjet technology from Epson though!

  • Sven78

    This is a god idea for the firm. They make glass for the sunglasses, so why not go more into looking god. I hope they can put the money back and to make for me the pefect lenses like 10-300 f2.8 with weight of only 400g!! This is only dream and maybe joking:)

  • peterw

    yes off course it is logical for Nikon to tie up with pharmacy and cosmetics

    1) for pharmaceutical products it is normal to have a very long time between devellopement of the product and delivery to customers. The prices are huge, but the product is sold anyway. Very good bussiness.

    2) Well, who needs a D800 or a D4 anyway? It is not sold because we need it, but because uhmu
    ‘I am worth it’
    as Andy McDowell so beautifully states in only slightly different words…
    … and that gives a great link of a long and fruitfull cooperation with l’Oréal, Paris.


  • r2

    Call me when Adobe start’s making cosmetics, those I’d definitely buy…

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