Top 10 NikonRumors posts for May 2012

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for May 2012:

  1. More Nikon D600 specs
  2. New/updated Nikon D600 specifications
  3. Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 fisheye lens mounted on a Nikon D800 (video)
  4. Nikon D600 release probability now at 80%
  5. Nikon acknowledges the D4/D800 lockup issue, offers temporary fix
  6. Annular solar eclipse with Nikon D7000 and Nikkor 300mm f/4.5
  7. New firmware update v1.03 for Nikon D700?
  8. Nikon 100-300mm f/4 full frame lens patent
  9. Nikon D700 firmware update v1.03, ViewNX v2.3.2 released
  10. Nikon releases firmware update 1.01 for D4 and D800, fixes lockup issue
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  • Foolishcfo

    June will be the month the floodgates open on D800’s!

    • Jan

      Anyone receiving D800 from B&H (Not D800E)

      • Foolishcfo

        There are signs supply is arriving: a local Best Buy just had two D800’s come in, Amazon is now delivering March orders, and B&H says they are seeing increases in D800 shipments. D800E and D4 shipments are still very weak but it appears D800 deliveries are improving.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Think no one but us reads this site? Think again.

        Dear Sir:

        You’re receiving this message because you ordered but have not yet received a Nikon D800, D800E or D4 camera.

        We are happy to report that we have seen an uptick in both the frequency of D800 deliveries to us and the quantity of camera bodies per shipment and we are hopeful that this trend will continue. As we have in the past, we will continue to fill orders in the order we received them.
        For the D4 and D800E we have not seen the same improvement yet but we do anticipate an increase in frequency and volume during the months of June and July.

        We understand that you might want to know your place in our order queue. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge this information because doing so would reveal information of a confidential and proprietary nature. We note from comments made in various online forums that several of our competitors have also adopted policies of the same nature. While we are very aware that some customers may find this policy frustrating, it is nevertheless necessary. We understand that you are interested in the speed with which your order will be filled, and we will continue to fill orders as quickly as we get cameras from Nikon USA.

        We remain grateful for your patience and patronage and are honored by your trust.
        Henry Posner
        Director of Corporate Communications
        B&H Photo-Video

        • Foolishcfo

          I received the same email.

        • Keeble & Shuchat Photography in Palo Alto, California is more than happy to tell you where your order is in the queue. No frustration from that great store’s direction 🙂

        • Jason

          What B&H needs to say is that we failed you because:

          + despite large volume of nikon sales, we do not have an effective releationship with Nikon to have them ship us more units and fulfill our credit card verified list.

          + also, we failed to build an effective relationship like Amazon, because they are now filling March orders, while we are still stuck in Feb 7th.

          + but, we can tell that you that the only information we control – wait list position — we decline to share with you. You trust in buying from us, but we don’t trust you to give your wait list position.

          + please continue to buy from us, although we did not do much except place a customary call to nikon, and send you a generic email update

          • Jan

            Please send this post to Henry Posner from B&H

            • Foolishcfo

              You both are friggin amazing. B&H hasnt done a damn thing wrong. Because they are the best known more orders were placed with them. They move a helluva lot more Nikon product than Amazon. Blame our idiotic legislators that don’t allow B&H to get more product plus the geniuses (I’m kidding) at Nikon that won’t tell them when they can expect product.

              I don’t blame B&H for not telling us where we are in line because who knows how many REAL orders they have because we’ve all ordered on every site. It’s a damn Nikon problem, not the vendors that sell Nikon product.

            • Jan

              Foolishcfo you are wrong.
              Nikon has a problem delivering everybody know that but to be fair to all their dealers they try their best to make an even distribution to all dealers we don’t know how even but at least all dealers are getting cameras.
              If B&H and Adorama were getting 5 times as many cameras as they are some dealers would not be getting any. Nikon has to think about reputation with their dealers not just with their customers.

              B&H and others are making no secret about the reason for not letting the waiting customer know why they don’t tell how far down the line they are, they claim they do not want the competition to know. What BS is that?
              All they need to do is to say you are number 200 but there could be cancelled orders before yours is up so that is worst case. How difficult is that?

      • ActionJunky

        I ordered the D800 from B&H late February 7th. Still no news. I ordered another from Amazon on April 17th. I just got an expected delivery date of June 22nd to July 12th.

        On May 16th, I ordered from the local Ritz Camera store and the tracking number says it will arrive on Monday.

        Before you bash me for multiple orders… I gave them plenty of time and I believe I will be keeping my Amazon order. Anyone interested in the Feb. 7th order date?


        • Foolishcfo

          No bashing here. I ordered from Amazon on 03/22 and was given the same delivery estimate as you. I picked a D800 up from my local camera store and want an additional body for travel. One of the sites I have ordered the body from is Ritz so it sucks you can walk in a store and get one that fast when they haven’t delivered orders they had previously taken. Enjoy your D800. It is a great camera!

        • Mock Kenwell

          Yep, after B&H’s long wait without word, I ordered from Amazon too. If B&H gets here last, they deserve to lose my order. They had an almost 3-month head start. If I cancel, someone gets bumped up in line. Win/win.

  • fr

    I hope the d600 is legit. The camera industry needs a game changer.

    • You really think an entry-level FX is a game changer? What else stands out to you?

      • Foolishcfo

        A pinhole camera made out of cardboard?

      • BIGEATER

        Supposedly there’s a guy named George out in Rochester who claims he can make pictures using rolls of acetate coated with silver halide…

        • BartyL

          Uhhh…what? I’ve just had my camera obscura installed, and now this!

  • DX2FX

    It just shows that there’s a huge interest in a chepaer, lower MP D600, than even the D800.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Wait, so you’re saying there’s more interest in a cheaper camera than an expensive one? I’ll alert the media.

  • So mad bro!

    WHERE’S MY D800?!?!?!

    Oh yeh, that’s right, I’ve had it for about a month now. Take that whiners!

    • Thomas

      You may have a D800 but your still clueless on how to use it properly, giving a monkey sniper rifle does not make them a trained killer, that’s all you are, A monkey with a gun.

      • So mad bro!

        At least I have a gun bro. Ahhhh hahahahahahahahahhahahhhhhhHHHhH

    • Mock Kenwell

      Sure you have. I think I hear your mom calling you to dinner. Run along now little boy.

    • Calibrator

      Anybody claiming to own a D800 and spending his time on rumor forums is either a liar, a troll, an idiot or all of those three.

      Suit yourself.

      • So mad bro!

        U jelly?

    • burgerman

      Me too. 2200 shots later still BEAUTIFUL images!

      The biggest thing isnt the resolution, but the dynamic range. Its huge! Who needs NEFs. Just set JPG settings to low or zero sharpening, contrast and saturation to lower levels. You can then get everything you want from these in post easily.

      HDR? Yep! Every shot, in one frame should you need it. And focus and exposure are just telepathic compared to the D700.

      Why are they scarce? Why do you think!!! Read this

      • foolishcfo

        Thanks for sharing the latest juice news from DxOMark. I’m anxiously awaiting their lens tests.

  • Paulo G

    Consistent rumors about Nikon d400 would be Nº1 of the tops!

    • Foolishcfo

      My fear with Nikon offering a discount on the D7000 is they are going to come out with a D7100 soon instead of a D400. Too bad. The D300/s cameras were solidly built and it looks like Nikon may go cheap with a D7000 successor.

  • Alex

    I see D4’s “in stock” on’s site..

    can this be true?

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