Nikon D700 firmware update v1.03, ViewNX v2.3.2 released

The previously reported firmware update 1.03 for Nikon D700 is now official. The new A1.03, B1.02 version contains only one fix:

An issue that, in some very rare cases, caused images to be extremely under-exposed has been resolved.

Nikon also released ViewNX 2.3.2 with only one fix:

When printing images with Print As: in the Printer Setup dialogue box set to Full Page and the Print Information box checked, images were printed with excessive margins, regardless of the options selected for printing in the Advanced Print Information Settings dialogue box. This issue has been resolved.

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  • ravemotion

    That’s it? And I had hoped for the improved Auto ISO that’s in the D800….

    • Ren Kockwell

      Well, my D700 update (a new D800) is still nowhere in sight. Ordered on February 9th. We all know the shortness of supply is Nikon’s fault, but is it really that tough to tell me where I am in line and communicate with me on a regular basis (once every 2 weeks)? It seems others here who ordered later have already received theirs. Here’s B&H’s lame response.


      Hello Sir, my name is Shiah B:

      Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio. I do apologize about the lengthy delay in receiving your camera. Unfortunately we do not have an estimated date of arrival for the camera yet. Also, I cannot see where you are in line camera. I am sorry for the inconvenience and delay

      Thank you, we appreciate your business.

      Shiah B
      B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio
      The Professional’s Source.
      E-Mail Customer Service Department

      • nuser

        well, I just got mine from b&h ordered Feb 7, so probably a couple more batches before they ship yours.

        • Jason

          what time on Feb 7 did you place your order?

          • LP

            Good call man, I got my D800 on march 23 from a local Best Buy too… It’s totally worth the extra 150 – 200 in taxes…

          • LP

            What they don’t have is a waiting list or a reserve method, so it’s about timing and beating others timing as well, what I understand is that BB gets just a few units each time so it’s pretty much a mixture of luck and timing, for me paying $150 in a VA BB was ok on march 23 (as I said before) and today it seems like the best deal I’ve ever done, since I placed my preorder pretty late too.

        • waxy

          I ordered my D800E from Adorama on Feb 7. Nothing yet. I have a line on some D800Es coming into BestBuy within a week or so. I may cancel and go with BestBuy

          • Andrew

            You mean go with BestBuy and then cancel?

      • Ralph

        I ordered from them and cancelled my order about 6 weeks ago coz they wouldn’t give me anything but that crappy substitute for customer service. I ordered again locally in Australia and it arrived two weeks ago.

        • Mock Kenwell

          I am tempted, but that would be hundreds of dollars in tax. And since I live in Chicago, land of the nation’s largest sales tax, it would hurt more than most places.

          Admin, any word on the alleged “30,000 a month” quota? I find it hard to believe they’re making that many and still haven’t even started denting backorders, no matter how high the demand.

          • Andrew

            Not unlikely if a lot of folks are switching brands. Also keep in mind that Nikon has not come out with a significant pro upgrade for years. But also the pricing for the D800 is quite attractive for the features. All taken together, the backorders could take 8 months before clearing out. But if you ordered in February, you most likely will not wait that long.

    • Sahaja

      The line is so long they cannot see you.

  • Underexposed? To me it seemed like most goofs were overexposure.

    • cyclegrunt

      Gee, that’s what I was thinking…

      • jason

        +100 overexposure was the issue in d700.

        if 1.03 fixes underexposure by amplifying exposure… the over-exposure problem can get worse!

    • DY

      I agree…I frequently find my D700 to err on side of hot.

    • experienced person

      It’s talking about EXTREME under-exposure. It happened to me. it takes the photos as normal, and suddenly, one is like 10 stops under-exposed. then it continues as normal.

      • kgp

        I also have had this issue on extremely rare occasions, it only seems to happen during high fps shooting (with grip and en-el4a). I also was hoping for something more with this firmware though…

    • iamlucky13

      Are you talking about the roughly 1/2 to 1 stop overexposure several Nikon models usually give when shooting scenes with a lot of contrast using matrix metering?

      That’s not so much a bug as Nikon choosing poor weighting of the metering sensor inputs. More like a bad design decision. I would bet that for the sake of consistency, they won’t change this. It would throw off a lot of current owners if they did.

      I rarely use matrix metering anymore, but when I do, I keep -2/3 exposure compensation dialed in.

      • Jabs

        The problem is NOT Nikon’s but the photographer being unaware at least.

        Been using Matrix metering since my Nikon FA and it works great BUT you need to know when to compensate or NOT, thus your fault.

        That’s why they have Active D-Lighting with NEW Auto mode on a D700 and other bodies to compensate for certain situations that YOU the photographer should be aware of.

        Use +/- Exp. Comp or fix in Post = too simple a thing to be bothered with, as NO meter is perfect, hence use your eyes and your brain from experience to know when to compensate from ANY meter reading.

        Point – lock exposure – reframe and then BINGO = accurate results and very simple!

        • MysterF


        • peterw

          @Jabs, can you explain why it is overexposing in spot metering mode?

          Overexposure of my D700 (indeed in contrasty situations) is much stronger than with D300 and D300s (and D200 and D70). Also, it is inpredictable if you don’t shoot on a regular basis.
          I prefer manual mode (corrected by regular test shots and histogram/clipped red channel check) with D700, and aperture priority on D300(s).
          Someone instructed me that you can choose a fixed bias of the meter in the menu. I set matrix mode to -1/3 EV (on the safe side to avoid under exposure in soft light) and -2/3 EV for spotmetering.

          I would buy a D800 next year if I’d be sure it would handle metering in contrast light better and concentrate on the subject in focus – not nescessarely being the active focus-field. This would all be possible technically… Like it would be possible to set focus priority to the closest subject instead of the contrasty leaves behind a flying eagle…

          (In the mean time, I enjoy the other features of this machine, which are tremendous 😉 ).

          • Jabs

            Sorry Peter but I cannot explain the spot metering issue, as nothing to go on. From my understanding, SPOT metering mode is supposed to meter maybe middle gray or you have to determine where a middle ground in exposure of a part of the scene is and THEN meter there and thus determine your overall exposure bias.

            If you are getting overexposure in Spot Metering mode, then it means that YOU are choosing the wrong area of the scene to meter. In the past people metered with a gray card within the scene and then determined from that.

            Since we are using digital and can instantly check our results then I don’t see what the problem is. Spot meter – take picture -look at results.
            Spot meter another area of scene and then look at results to see if the overall exposure is what we need. One can also take multiple spot meterings of a scene and then average a reading yourself if the camera does not do this for you. To me spot metering is a manual function, so you are to blame for its result, hence exposure compensation and/or exposure lock then recompose all learned from experience with certain scenes. Many cameras have different metering pattern choices as well as different degrees of spot metering, so try those and READ the Instruction manual thoroughly yourself plus experiment, experiment and experiment with various scenes to learn how to meter and when to compensate. I also find that your choice of points determines often the type of metering that you need and learning about this with my D700 – lol.

            Lastly, I think that not enough people know of or use filters, as often one is needed especially a polarizer (get a circular one) and at times a ND filter especially in bright daylight scenes. Some scenes are too contrasty or have too wide a ‘light recording’ range and thus you need to realize this and then compensate, fix in post or use D-Lighting either in camera after the shot, during the shot or in Nikon’s View NX software, as easy to fix most errors.

            Hope this helps as Spot Metering is a manual control of YOUR choice(s) and thus you need to learn how to properly use it yourself. I also use ISO changes in Aperture Preferred (A) as a form of getting different exposures and check my results immediately and then reshoot or fix in post from jpegs or RAW with FastStone Image Viewer 4.6 and then output as .png files only, as I think that .jpegs are really lame in quality compared to uncompressed .png. I also like .tiff files and .targa files but bigger files result.

            • peterw

              thanks jabs,
              This doesn’t explain why my results with a D300(s) are good (both spot and matrix metering), and those with D700 aren’t.

              I’m not a studio photographer, hence ‘the moment’ is essential to me, I try to be prepared, but the camera is very difficult in this aspect. I’d like to spent more time with the subject, and less with the metering ;). Off course, correction in RAW-convertor helps to to a large extend, you could do it on purpose ETTR. But skintones don’t get better when correcting one full EV or even more.

              Don’t worry about my photography thought. I get the results I want eventually, and my ‘audience’ is patient.

          • Jabs


            I don’t have either a D300, a D200 or any Nikon DX camera as I am a strictly FX shooter from the film days. I understand from reading that the 51 points are spread out more in the DX bodies (wider) as compared to the FX bodies, so perhaps that accounts for the differences to you in use between bodies! Nikon seems to use the same exposure module in both Pro DX and FX bodies then in D3/D3s/D700 and D300 hence I expect its coverage to be wider in DX bodies.

            Me, I use an FX D700 and a cheap L22 P&S and get similar results, as I use fill flash a lot even in bright daylight. The D700 on camera flash is a little weak to me and thus I need a SB800 or 910. When using flash, I also use exposure compensation as that is what it is there for.

    • Andrew

      Not if you are taking your shots in Alaska.

  • Arthur

    Yeah, video was too much to hope…

    • Banned

      Did you seriously believe this??

      • Arthur

        Yes, I seriously did believe that video is way too much to hope.

        • MJr

          lol +1

          • Marti

            Mine doesn’t have a video button. Will the next firmware fix that?

            • Walkthru

              ……and will it make the camera’s sensor grow another 24MP and change the name plate to…….let’s see………ummmm………errr………’s D800 sound??

        • Banned

          Sorry dude my old roommate was called Arthur and he was an idiot. Whenever I see one I can’t help but remember this.

  • This was the last thing standing between my D700 and greatness.

  • Well that’s disappointing! A was hoping for some improved noise performance and sorts…

    • Jason

      for improved anything on d700, get in line and wait for d800… or the d600 – which will be all D700 plus high MP minus AF points

      • Ken Rockwell

        … and minus build quality and minus AF motor and minus frame rate and minus focus accuracy and …

        • St.

          Oh my gosh… are you the real KR???
          Oh my gosh…… he exists, he exists…!!!

          • Bondi Beach

            He sure could be the real one – he is flaming Nikon.. but he didn’t post an Adorama link for a Mk III..

    • ashwins

      You can get an improved noise performance for the D700 only by sticking in the sensor from D3s… …and Jason, replacing D700 with D800 doesn’t improve the noise performance, it just increases the pixel count so much that with scaling down you can get rid off some of its noise.

      • GeoffK

        In effect is that not improved noise performance when shown in print ?

    • Sahaja

      What – did you expect some firmware to turn your D700 sensor into a D3s sensor?

  • disiderio

    Does ANYONE that uses Viewnx2 have an issue where you will be making small adjustments to a NEF, move to the next file and BAM – it’s corrupted until you restart the PC?

    • No, because no one actually uses Nikon’s shitty software. ; D

      • I do 🙂

      • LOL, agree. A UI shouldn’t be designed by imaging engineers.

      • St.

        well, speaking about color reproduction, I haven’t seen better one that what Nikon’s own software offer. Yes, I don’t like to work with NX, but the colors straight from the camera are so much more accurate, compared to Lightroom let’s say..

    • Jabs


      I use that software and simply putting more RAM or memory into your computer solves lots.

      Most laptops including Apple’s have that horrible built-in Intel graphics and thus that usually is to blame as it is DX-10 and not DX-11 – therefore certain features are really sloooooow. I use a desktop mainly and at times several dual core laptops and about to get 8gigs of memory for them all as Windows is often to blame. I find the software to be excellent and RAM (or lack of it) to be the main culprit as been using this type of software for years. I also use FastStone Image Viewer 4.6 and it does well even with Nikon’s NEF’s from my D700 and it is FREE.

      Adobe has gone to GPU (graphics card) acceleration to help this problem but it is best to get a laptop with discrete graphics, an AMD APU (the best built-in graphics) or one with a workstation graphics card (Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro) and be done with this misunderstood and maligned issue -OR- use a desktop with a modern discrete graphics card that has the needed acceleration – DX11, OpenCL and Open GL acceleration. You can also go to and download the latest drivers including graphics drivers for your Intel’s laptop’s chipset. The web site will even tell you what chipset you have and update it for you.

      I prefer a desktop for my work but you can’t take it with you – lol

      The Nikon software mainly seems to use RAM to manage work/changes and thus add RAM, use a real 64bit OS and be done with it.

      Solve problems instead of complaining = professional.

    • Jabs

      Here is an example of the type of laptop that I would recommend for photography now!

      • allen23

        what a gaming laptop is what you recomended?
        What’s wrong with desktops? I can get a i7 4-core , 16G DDR3 ram 2GB G-force Video and 2 TB hard drive desktop for $1100 AUD from the shops

        • Jabs


          Yes, indeed desktops are faster and often cheaper but I mentioned before about slow laptops with built-in graphics and thus NOW posted a link to a fast laptop with a ‘reasonable’ price, a new Intel 22nm processor (Ivy Bridge) plus the new Nvidia discrete graphics asan example because people were complaining about Nikon’s software and I was telling them that their computer’s graphic sub-system is SLOOOOOW is the real problem and thus buy either a laptop or desktop with a real graphics card, use a 64bit OS and get some memory, like 8 to 16 gigs – as I feel that Nikon’s software gives superior photo quality to all others BUT is more difficult to work with at times (does not give me any problems as already know how to use this type of software and have desktops and laptops with discrete graphics cards).

          You choice then – image quality versus convenience or a Program that you like or think is better.

  • Nau

    not even sure I wanna update …. 1.02 worked fine .. who knows what bugs might be in 1.03

    benefits are …. ~0

  • Jöhan

    One time mine the firmware is being update. Doctor man give blue color pill. Wife good reach top of mountain and slide on the goat!

    • Karma Police

      ..yeah I’d hate miss a shot of my wife sliding on a goat down the mountain just because my D700 decides to underexpose. What a bummer.

      • geez .. pathetic equipment you use .Not giving you the result when needed 😛

    • Ken Hockwell

      My wife slides down my goat every night.

      To support my family, and get an 8×10 glossy of my wife sliding down my goat, please make a donation of $5 or click on any link on this page.

      • Yeah right

        Every night?! You said wife, not girlfriend… Proof or gtfo 😉

        • Jabilson007


          • 123

            I slide a goat down mine all the time

      • wassupe the goat ? too much of Goat XXX 😛

  • Disappointed they didn’t add any functions??? Yes!!! Surprised??? No!!! I have two D700’s. One with 60,000 clocks and one with just over 200,000. I HAVE had random shots in a series (especially while shooting really fast continuous) that would be grossly underexposed. About 1 in 5000 random shots. Wonder if this fixes that.

    • fiatlux

      You will have to shoot another 300,000 picture to collect sufficient evidences to check that 😉

  • CB

    apparently a very important firmware update… Just took them years to release it…

    • benji2505

      nope, it is just the final wrap-up. No more development on this SW after that. Project closed.

  • Jorge

    Not touching my D700. It’s freakin’ perfect as it is after 80,000+ clicks.
    Just peeeerfect.

  • B!

    This is great, i’m going to cancel my D4 orders

    • MikeV


  • jorg

    sadly, that´s nothing!
    did nikon ever add substantial features via firmware to a released camera? i guess not.
    i wonder why though, fear of issuing updated manuals?

    • DY

      Fear of giving consumers more bang for the buck..
      Fear of making you overlook new products because the one you have is so good and getting better..
      The whole firmware upgrade ability is only to cover their own ass or when their lawyers tell them their hands are tied.
      When they sell you the product they tout the firmware upgradeability feature but when the time comes we really get nothing more than a fix to an internal screw up. The one that irritates me the most is the SB900 over-heating issue that should have been addressed by a firmware upgrade not introducing the SB910. That was bullsh*t.

    • tengris

      > did nikon ever add substantial features via firmware to a released camera?

      As far as I remember support for the Image Authentication Software with the D200.
      Anno Domini MMVI or so.

    • peterw

      Remember the D70 which got all the software improvements of the D70s.

      this was about seven years ago.

  • Anonymous on

    Great. Forget about updating frimware. What the heck are they thinking about serious D700 shooters? Do they expect for us to be waiting for it? Come on, Nikon, update what we need. It’s a waste of time….

  • I wouldn’t consider this a rare situation, but when I’m shooting at night, any point of light (lightpost, headlights, etc) seems to cause the camera to overcompensate and underexpose too heavily. Any camera will underexpose slightly to account for points of light, but my D700 does to a much greater degree than my older nikon DSLRs did. I still have to tell myself to overexpose to get a properly exposed night city shot.

    But, I wouldn’t consider this rare. Just annoying to me.

    • Ben

      spot meter

    • Rolf

      I’ve seen it too – something like every couple of hundred shots, and usually when there is something much brighter somewhere (sun or reflection or street light in the background).

      When I look at the image settings, it thinks it need to use f11, 2000 mm, 1/1000th sec (or faster); f11 & 2000mm are my astronomy scope custom lens setting. Usually what was needed was something more like f3.5, 100mm, 1/200th. VERY annoying when shooting action, where you can’t just re-take the shot.

      • peterw

        stellar action?

        I guess I don’t understand what you are saying

        • Rolf

          In other words, for no obvious reason, in the middle of shooting whatever, it suddenly doesn’t expose correctly for the lens and lighting I’ve actually got; it appears to be suddenly deciding to use the custom lens data, AND a very fast shutter-speed (and usually a too-low ISO, which I didn’t mention above), resulting in a VERY underexposed image – something like 8-10 stops underexposed. If an image that has the sun in the corner, that will be the only thing visible, and it will only be a dim and partial (meaning it’s even underexposing the SUN!)

    • Jabs

      Point at medium bright scene or sky – Push exposure LOCK – recompose and problem solved!

      Use D-Light.

      • peterw

        would you do that while following some kind of eagle flying circles around you? 😉

        (by the way, I need that thump to push the nearby ‘af-on’ – if the eagle is in the correct field of autofocus off course, otherwise it is free – until the eagle is showing up in the image again… Quite essential to use ‘af-on’ and not the shutterrelease button)

        If the camera had a better metering algorithm, it would be an even better camera than it is now. If substantial problems are solved in the factory, creativity and skill can be used for the next problem that arises. It will arise ;), as ambition will not stop.

        • Jabs


          Everything then depends on the focal length of the lens that you are using, as this determines how much SKY is in the image.

          Use a polarizer or graduated ND filter and Continuous focus AF, then a little exposure bias +/- as needed.

          I shot a lot of hot air balloons at several festivals and ran into the same problems with F3’s and an F4’s. Changed to a 50-300 F4.5 ED-IF (plus a 300 F4. ED-IF AF and 500 F8 mirror lens) and then zoomed to get the perspective I needed and eliminated the sky haze with a 95mm polarizer from (B+W – the company). Shot on Velvia 50D Pro too. Polarizers even out the scene to me plus cut reflection!

          Metering is YOUR problem to solve and NOT the camera’s! I understand the newer Pro bodies do better but the results that I see online suggest that you still need to learn more yourself and then choose what to do.

          • Rolf

            You speak as one who has not run into the problem. It’s not like shooting a bird against a bright sky, where you need an extra stop or two to keep it from being a black silhouette, it’s a sudden (sometimes within a string of shots on continuous) drop of something like TEN stops, for no obvious reason. I’ve been shooting “continuous / high” at a soft-ball game, and had four perfect pictures, then one that is entirely black except for a small few bits of un-identifiable-in-this-picture light, then back to a couple of perfect exposures. It is not a simple “re-meter and re-compose” sort of issue. It’s definitely a glitch of some sort.

            • Jabs


              Yeah, just got my D700 and have not ran into that yet, but from using Nikon Pro bodies in the past, I gave them my explanations and fixes then.

              Maybe this update fixes that issue.

            • Jorge

              Interesting… I shoot motorsports – high speed bursts till the buffer is full – with two D700’s and battery grips for the extra FPS. About 80,000 frames with each one, and I’ve NEVER, ever experienced this. Actually, this post at NR was the first time I’ve heard of this issue.

          • peterw

            It is very nice of you to try to help me out how to fix my images. However, it is not very clever, because you appear to have no clue about the circumstances. There is little chance that I would fail to make a correct picture of a balloon :). Although these balloons may rise quite fast, there is no comparison to nature photography. I have never blamed my equipement for a shot I missed.

            @Rolf. I had this problem quite often with a D70 and a D200, not with recent camera’s. Always thougt it would have been due to metering while the mirror was up.
            The problems I have are different, and don’t seem to be recognised by Nikon. Hopefully yours are solved with the new F-W.

            • Jabs


              I think that they have improved the RGB metering with the new D4 and D800, BUT I still see this as you being the problem. The D4 has face recognition that even if you leave the previous object focused on and then return to it, it will remember that and then focus on it – NOT sure if it works for birds and have never even seen a D4 much less used one – LOL.

              Follow focus or panning and then deciding what your exposure should be is a learned photographic skill and you seem to expect the camera to bail you out.

              I have shot birds with F3’s and the F3 had an 80% Center-weighted meter and thus I got many keepers. Therefore, you should change the angle of the Spot-Metering that you use in your camera and then also use a Polarizer or sometimes a ND filter in bright daylight with a lower F-stop to give YOU a faster shutter speed to stop action.

              Bird shooting to me is all about shutter speed, so maybe you use Shutter Preferred, a better tripod with a Fluid Head to aid in side to side panning and then learn to follow focus with a LONGER focal length lens, as that is what I was trying to explain to you. I often used a Gitzo monopod stuck under a long Nikon lens tripod mount. Basically, the SKY messes up the reading, HAZE in the atmosphere messes up the reading PLUS I would always use a Nikon A2 Warming filter to combat ‘high altitude blue’, a known phenomena and thus you expect the camera to fix your mistakes, so then do it in post instead.

              There are some B+W filter that are Polarizers and ND and Polarizers and Warming filter combinations in one filter and that I also used but not sure if they are still available. I have found that the more you fill the frame with the bird, the LESS exposure errors you generally get, hence my previous recommendations.

              I also use fill flash with birds too, so as to catch a little light in their eyes but the F3 would sync only at 1/80th second, so I would use an FA with the Md-15 or later on a F4s which both sync at 1/250th second. Get as powerful a flash as you can or even multiple flashes and then see the differences yourself as that is from my experiences in shooting lots of various subjects.

            • peterw

              it is nice you know my work so well to judge… 😉

  • Jerobi

    D700 update not on Nikon USA yet

    • Jerobi

      Correction: it’s up on Nikon USA now

  • Edubya

    How quickly we take for granted that the D700 was a groundbreaking camera in terms of IQ, noise performance, size, and cost. Like we didn’t already get our money’s worth the first time around?

    • Jorge

      Here. Here!

      • Arthur

        Hahaha, “here, here”! 😀

        • Jorge

          Arthur? “King” Arthur? Is that you? Haven’t chatted in like 500 years!
          I kill me…

    • james

      +1 There is nothing wrong with that camera. It should be in the smithsonian marking the first time nikon nailed it.

  • arm5and

    hmmm, it happened twice with my D700 on the first year, in a trip to Dubrovnik same day two images totally underexposed. Send it to nikon and they found nothing. Since then it never happened again but I hated the questions like “did you check the exposure correctly”. Good to know they realize it was a fault.

  • D700 uk, Help !!

    Hello everyone 🙂 I have been trying to get hold of a D700 in the uk for a few weeks but no stores have any, I orderd one today and have been told 7-10 days. Is Nikon selling out of D700 along with D800/D4. Any response will be helpful, thanks 🙂

  • Anonymous

    There is a hardware upgrade for D700 (even though Nikon says it ain’t) and it is called the D800 😀

    • Booyah

      A sensor upgrade, but a hardware downgrade.

      • Arthur

        Childish comment…

        • Booyah

          Hardly. The ergonomics were reduced in favor of video. Sucks that photographers get shafted for home movies.

          • Hans

            Yes. Today I played around with a D800 at a local retailer and I really missed the af area mode selector. Maybe it’s just me but I really liked it. Now there is this live view button and movie switch 🙁

          • Jorge

            Here! Here!
            Video does not belong in a dSLR. My opinion only. When my D300 was stolen out of my car I replaced it with the 300s. I was so disgusted it had video I returned it and began my journey with the D700. The 700 is still my primary camera and I absolutely love it.

          • Jabs

            Complaining about Video being included on DSLR’s is akin to complaining about wireless on a laptop or even touch screens on a smartphone.

            It is there and some use it while others use WIRED.

            The D800 actually has a few improved controls from the D7000 and their inclusion was suggested by real PROS and thus they are the ones whom Nikon follows since they buy their Pro gear.

            Change often comes and then many badmouth it, but perhaps time to update yourself and maybe accept new concepts and YES, I do own a D700 and also want a D800E for the very changes from the beloved D700. Have you seen the videos from the D800 or D800E? People are making money with them plus making films, hence a new world of opportunities passing you by.

            People complained when the F3 was introduced because it was electronically controlled and thus battery dependent. People also snickered and teased when the F3AF was introduced and laughed at me personally for owning BOTH bodies (3 in fact – F3HP, F3T-C and F3AF), but look today! Same with the FA and Matrix Metering – new and laughed at by the FM-2 fans because the FM-2 would work battery less – now who cares?

            We cannot get along without these features, so adapt or die or use your old camera until it dies – your choice!

      • +1

    • Keith T

      and I couldnt have been more disappointed…

  • Updated. Still unbearably slow to playback images after it has gone to sleep with anything bigger than an 8gb card.

    Of course Nikon wouldn’t do something to improve actual usability.

  • Mr. Placebo

    Weird. I just updated my D700 and to me, it feels like the images that come out at high ISO is a bit cleaner and sharper.. The luminance noise at ISO3200 looks finer. I must be just feeling some kind of a placebo effect from the firmware update. :/

    • jorge

      Test it further and if you don’t mind get back to us. That would be very interesting and something I’d like to see even though the D700 images at high ISo are awesome. I won’t upgrade for some time as I have weddings to shoot and I won’t jeopardize any problems creeping in in the middle of the shooting season.
      I’ll wait and see what others write about it.
      Thank you for your comments.

  • Mike

    Thank God they fixed these issues. I’ve been suffering from those two things for years and had no idea why! Way to go Nikon! Keep the updates coming for old cameras and don’t waste your time trying to fill backorders for new cameras. Eventually everyone will cancel the orders anyway. Hey I’ve got my D800, D800E and D4 ordered from 15 different vendors and I only need one!

  • D4ve

    I always felt my D700 was under exposing. Updated and now I know it was. Thank’s NR!

    • D4ve, pretty frequent underexposures Was the reason Why i got rid of my d700 w/1.02 fw in favour of a d800. The release note implies that underexposures should have been very occasional. How often did your camera underexpose? Did tue upgrade fix that definitly?
      Tia, dg
      Ps:sorry for the un controllabile wrong autocorrection…

  • Jens M

    The E-mail I got from Nikon, telling me about the new firmware (in Swedish) translates to:

    “…This update improves the cameras features in many ways.”

    Don’t know if this is just a regular copy paste that goes along with any firmware update for any of their cameras, but they are hinting at more then just one bug fix.

    I won’t upgrade until it’s been tested by users for a few weeks, it shows stable, and there has to be more then the mentioned bug fix. My D700 works perfectly fine, and I don’t want to mess that up before a big trip.

    • Jorge

      I am shooting a destination wedding in San Juan next month with my D700’s and I’m NOT updating my firmware until I know more about it. All I need is a problem to creep in… That would be disastrous.

  • Fred

    After reading some of these comments, I can only hope that Nikon never ever considers 99% comments/ suggestions here.

    The firmware is for a very rare problem, of course 99.9% of you my never had this problem, as you probably don’t even go out and take photos with a D700 or even know how to use a camera. Let alone own one.
    Yes, I have had this happen to me 2 or 3 times on me.

    • Andre

      You summed it up well Fred, after a quick read through the posts here it is obvious that most of em wouldn’t know what exposure actually means.
      If it is of any help the “problem” that they fixed was one where the first shot after changing lenses might have been dramatically underexposed.
      It didn’t happen every time but kudos where they are due to Nikon for at least updating the firmware.
      If it had been Canon they would still have been denying the problem ever existed 10 years from now.

    • Smudger

      Unfortunatley, Mr Nikon does read and note the comments of wittering idiots on this and other websites. That’s one of the reasons why control layouts are always changing and we ended up with ergomomic disasters on the D4 and D800.

      • Jabs


        Actually the Control Layout of the new D4 and D800 was requested by Nikon NPS members and thus they listen to THEM and not web site folks.

        It also is an improvement compared to the D3X, D3, D3s and D700 – so accept change or stick with the old gear.

        We all need to adapt or we will get left behind, as change is too easy for a Pro – remember these are Pro bodies aimed at working photographers/videographers!

  • Gem

    The Nikon USA download page is not correct, if you click on ViewNX2 for 64-bit update it is not the 2.3.2, it’s the old 2.3.1

  • Nathan

    “An issue that, in some very rare cases, caused images to be extremely under-exposed has been resolved.”

    Must be when we’re in a cave with no light.

  • I downloaded and installed the update. Steam blew out of my ears and the camera immediately shot 150 frames in continuous high mode, all perfectly framed, exposed and focused. What an afternoon…

    • Jabs

      LOL – a Turkish bath with your clothes on, eh?

  • Beetlebomb

    Over the weekend, my D700 passed 50,000 shutter cycles. Out of those 50,000 shutter cycles, I had at least six inexplicable occurrences of that extreme underexposure last year. They were shot in series. I was able to extract some images out of one of the files. It’s full of noise, of course. I have no idea how many stops under the nearly black RAW NEF file was. I would guess 5 stops under.

    Here’s an example after goosing the contrast to the max many times over.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Isn’t the underexposure fix for folks that were using the manual aperture ring vs. the sub-command dial?

    Option f9?

  • Re: D800 – Abe’s of Maine says D800 is expected to be delivered in September of 2012!

    • Jorge

      Who…Gives…A…Shit about the D800

      • Land


  • Jabs

    Apple releases digital raw compatibility update 3.13

    Newly supported cameras:

    Canon EOS-1D X
    Nikon D800E
    Nikon D3200
    Olympus OM-D E-M5
    Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF5
    Sony Alpha SLT-A57

  • Charles

    Why does Nikon absolutely REFUSE to provide 3-shot -2/0/+2 bracketing in the D700 when it’s available in almost ALL of their consumer cameras? Why do they think people who buy $3,000 cameras should have to waste 40% of their clicks and 40% of their CF cards?

  • Bad Cocksmell

    But quite OK they still even remember that some people bought this camera. So I am going to start waiting for a D300 update, that will give me those modern days high iso performance values. Woohoo!

  • Ooops

    Hi Admin, just wondering if there was any sutle reason why the marked up D700 image above was used here

    • I just used an old image I found in the blog’s library – did not even noticed it was marker. Will change it now.

  • Richard

    For this firmware upgrade Nikon Europe’s site tells me under “System Requirements” :

    *SD Card reader or computer with built-in SD memory card slot required.

    Anybody any idea what I need an SD card for with a D700?

    Or was this just sloppy editing and reliance on a spell-checker rather than actually using the eyes/brain?

    • peterw

      the trick is, after update you can use it with a QXD – or what is it called –
      so it is very logical that the update of this CF camera needs to be through SD…

      so obvious

      push hard
      keep pushing
      use a hammer if necessary

  • WoW. Realy big Updates 🙂

  • Ancient History

    Great to see Nikon supporting obsolete models.

    Hoping for a firmware upgrade to fix the E2N lock-up problem.

  • CE

    Please can Capture NX2 fully edit D800 raw files?

    • Andre


  • Rich

    A bug they need to fix in ViewNX, Mac version, is when you are viewing in full screen mode, and press esc, when you use the arrow keys to navigate you are no longer in the image thumbnail preview tab, but in the folders tree, so you change folders and lose your place of what image you were looking at. I don’t have this problem on the PC version…

  • Nikon USA
  • Beetlebomb

    I uploaded an “unmodified” copy of the exposure failure that I believe the firmware update (hopefully) addresses. (Actually, it has been converted from NEF to JPG, but I made no other modifications.) There actually is image data in the file. Note the weird shutter speed and aperture in the EXIF data.


  • CE

    Re: D800 NEF files. I have this issue with my D800. When i select the CF card as the primary slot selection and subsequently transfer the raw file to either Capture NX2 or View NX2, I am unable to perform most of the editing options such as adjusting exposure, white balance, noise reduction etc, can only perform some simple adjustments such as saturation under quick adjust. I initially assumed that capture nx2 had not been updated for the D800 but after downloading the latest version 2.3.2, the problem still exists. TO MY SURPRISE, when i select the SD card as the primary slot, i have no such problems when i transfer the raw file to either Capture NX2 or View NX2.. White balance, exposure, noice reduction, etc are all working as expected. I reformatted the CF card and even replaced with another CF card but the problem with the CF card still remains. It is a sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB card. Has any D800 user exprienced any such issue please?

  • Jabs

    Off Topic but interesting:

    Look out D800/800E, as there is a new ‘competitor’ in town – LOL!!!

    A 41megapixel smartphone – WOW!

    Time for all the complainers about heavy gear to get their phones to replace a DSLR or not – lol

  • Status

    So this firmware has been out for a week.
    Has anyone who upgraded come across any negative performance issues?

  • I installed this long back and I still think my D700 suffers from under exposure…what is the way out?

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