New/updated Nikon D600 specifications

I have an update to the previously reported Nikon D600 specifications (new/updated specs are on top, marked in bold).

I also have two corrections to make - the D600 will have a built-in AF motor and it will not have built-in GPS.

There are also rumors that Nikon has invited some European resellers for a meeting in Casablanca on 28 May, 2012. I am not sure if this is related to the D600.

New/updated Nikon D600 specifications:

  • 24.7MP full frame sensor
  • Weight: 760g (850g with battery and memory cards), the D800 weights 900g
  • 3.2" LCD with 921K dot with ambient sensor control
  • HDMI output
  • Video compression: H264/MPEG-4
  • Full HD with 30p, 25p, 24p, HD with 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p
  • Viewfinder coverage: 100% for FX , 97% for Dx
  • The Nikon D600 will have built-in AF motor
  • The body most probably will be weather sealed
  • The D600 may not have built-in GPS as initially reported
  • ISO range: 100-6400 (with Lo-1 ISO 50 and Hi-2 ISO 25,600)
  • 39 AF points (with an option of 11 AF points), 9 cross-type AF points
  • AF face detection
  • Exposure compensation: ±5 EV (same as the D800)
  • The D600 will probably use the EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery

Previously reported Nikon D600 specs:

  • 5 fps (same as the D700, the D800 has 4fps)
  • 2 SD card slots with Eye-fi support
  • Build-in retouching images functionality
  • Built-in flash with sync speed of 1/250s
  • Two user settings: U1 and U2
  • Fn button
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • Possibly with build-in HDR
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer
  • The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100)
  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012)
  • One or more low-priced f/4 lenses will be announced with the D600. For example, Nikon recently filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame lens which seems to be designed for a cheaper FX DSLR body
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  • Eclectic

    I wonder why do the stupid wars between Nikon and Canon users still thrive in here, or elsewhere?

    Anybody can find good gear on both sides.
    The only real problem is the price tag both sides use for good stuff, although there are good things at a good price also.

    Being a Nikon user for over 20 years, I’ve started using Canon with the 5DC, at the time I first used my Nikon glass with it, but I’ve also bought some good Canon lenses afterwards.
    One thing I’ve notice is that Canon lenses’s flare is not as pretty as Nikon’s, maybe that sounds like nonsense for most, but I believe some will understand what i mean.

    I wish both brands would stop crippling their bodies with things like not being able to change focusing screens. Unfortunately, it seems like both are going the same direction.

    This D600 can be a major thing happening in the photography world, if it’s not crippled in illogical ways, photographically speaking.
    Let’s hope Nikon finds a way to take advantage of the big number of guys that still use (and love) those excellent manual focus lenses, and reintroduces Nikon focusing screens like we had before.
    That, and AI/AIS compatibility would be decisive for a lot of people.
    AF crippling would also not be a good thing, would be preferable that the AF full retro-compatibility would be obtained through the use of a battery grip, but i wonder if this is possible?

    The point is, back in the day where I’ve chosen Nikon over Canon, the deciding factor was lenses retro-compatibility and the huge amount of good old lenses, the same thing would be a major selling argument today, specially if we add video to the sum!
    Because of it’s bigger lens mount, if Nikon doesn’t do it, it will be Canon who does, taking advantage of the huge amount of old Nikon lenses trough the use of adapters.

  • Julian

    If this has the AF motor – this is more the camera I was looking for (than the D800 – which I have preordered here in Sweden – but yet to see any signs of…). I may well cancel my D800 preorder – and go for this instead – as I really don’t need all the 36MP (except perhaps very occasionally) – it would perhaps be ok – if Nikon had some kind of reduced (24MP) raw file – that the D800 could produce – but without that – this D600 – to be honest is more appealing to me – especially if it has the AF motor – YIPPEE!

  • Braddo

    There’s so much complaining here about Nikon NOT including an AF motor, but has anybody actually read what is stated above on Nikon Rumors?

    It says “The Nikon D600 will have built-in AF motor”

    Look again. I know that it’s only a ‘rumour’, but it should still shut a few people up 🙂

    • aetas

      With exception to the people who added posts later. It did say would not have until it was corrected. So the first post would have been justified.

    • Hush Hush

      Initially, it was said it probably wouldn’t have it, maybe people are only trying to show their views on the subject, leaving less room for another change of mind?

      Why would you want to shut people up when they are only trying to improve/guarantee the potential of the new camera?

      Besides, thats the only way we can get >800 comments on this and, unless we rely on trolling, fanboys wars, “stockmarket and balance sheet photographers” and other vested interests, to speak for us all, and we wouldn’t want that, we need those “complaints”, am I right?

    • Brian

      Was previously reported as not having a built in Auto focus motor….and while $1500 is not priced at the high end, it is certainly not entry level. Cheaper cameras in Nikons history (ie: D70, D80, D90, D7000) all came with AF motors, so I think that Nikon should be blasted if they are even thinking about introducing a camera in that price range without one.

      Hopefully this camera will have an AF motor as well as good manual controls and a decent magnesium alloy chassis with weather sealing. I would also love to see the use of compact flash vs SD as they have higher capacities which would be great with video.

      • Blacklighting

        Why do you say “it is certainly not entry level”… because it cost $1500.
        That does not make sense to me. If Nikon took the D3200 and made it FX I would consider it entry level even if it cost $2000.
        If someone made a Large format camera with auto mode only and full plastic for $15,000, it would still be entry level. People need to look at DX as DX and FX as a different system. If Nikon made a Pro CX camera and it cost $1000 would you say it’s not pro because it only cost as much as a D5100 or D7000?

        DX Starts with d3200 entry to D300s Pro
        FX Starts with D600 entry to D4 Pro
        That is the way I see it. I wish Nikon would make a full line of FX with a barebones D3200 like camera at the bottom for a rock bottom price with other models for different people.

        • Brian

          By entry level I was referring to the price of the camera only. If they (Nikon) took a D3200 and made it FX I agree with you in that it would be an entry level camera with a better chip. I hope Nikon doesn’t take this route as it would be a bit confusing in there lineup since you can get a decent body and manual controls for around $1100 in the D7000.

          I also feel that most people who are in the market for a D3200 wouldn’t know the difference between FX or DX nor would they pay a premium for it.

          Additionally people such as myself who are patiently waiting for a replacement for the D300s and would love to move into FX won’t do so at the expense of giving up great manual control and the superb build quality we’ve become accustom to.

          • Blacklighting


            I see your point. I guess I look at DX and FX as two different systems and most people look at them as being the same.
            I’m still using film, I tried a D80 years ago and did not like it. My 135mm became useless in my eye and G lens do not work on my film camera. I’ve been waiting to go digital for a while and the DX system will not work for me (even tried a D7000). The FX system works for me so I would love a cheaper FX camera but I know the price will not be close to the DX prices. I’m not a Pro just take pictures of family and stuff. I know I should just sell my old film stuff and go DX, but I would feel like I’m downgrading with the smaller viewfinder.
            People want to jump from DX to FX but they do not want to pay the price different. To me the D300 is the same class as the D3/D700. So you need to pay double or more to get the same thing. If the D400 cost the same as the D600 I would think the D400 would be a way better camera. I would also hope the D400 would be as Pro as the D4
            Another way to look at it is, the D400 should be the best camera Nikon could make in the dx system and the D600 should be the cheapest camera Nikon could make in the FX system. So you would be moving from best to cheapest.

        • Brian

          Yeah…I kinda wish that they were all FX. Things were much simpler when we were shooting film….entry level and pro cameras all shot the same size film. What distinguished a camera was its build quality and feature set

  • Michael

    Well yesterday i asked a staff member in London Camera Exchange in Charing Cross about D600. I was told it is coming for sure (so it is not a rumor) but it will be DX camera!!! It’s 24MP sensor is well known – we can find it in NEX7, Alfa77 and D3200.

    I went there because i wanted to play with Fuji X Pro 1. So i did. It’s AF system is hopeless. I’m not switching to mirrorless at this moment:/

    • Vandyu

      So, if your contact at London Camera Exchange is correct, that the D600 is DX, is that supposed to be the D300 upgrade? I bet he’s confused about the DX part. Why would Nikon waste model numbers D400/500 and why on earth would they issue a D400 and a D600 in the DX range, plus a likely replacement for the D7000. That doesn’t make any sense to me, whereas an entry level FX does make sense since there is a lot of pent up demand for FX at a reasonable cost.

    • Big J

      @Michael I really hope you’re wrong about it being a DX although it is quite a coincidence it being a 24mp camera like the D3200. But if it’s $1500+ it’s ridiculously overpriced and wouldn’t make sense it being a DX.

      @Brian SD has caught up with CF cards in terms of speed and capacity.

  • roror

    D7000 and D5100 price slashed by 100 and 50 respectively. Something is coming.

    • Nikon Shooter

      Good catch.

      • Nikon Shooter

        And the D700 is selling for $2200 again (amazon).

        If the D600 comes out looking even 90% as good as the rumored specs, the used D700 market will crash like it’s 1929.

        • smells of pine

          there was a used d700 market in 1929?

          • Nikon Shooter

            I don’t think so, but I’m no historian so I could be mistaking.

            • Blacklighting

              My great grandpa will not shut up about it…
              He still has it, bought it brand new in 1926 and tried to sell it after the D600 came out in 1929 but he could not. Those were dark times.

        • Big J

          Well “kinda” makes sense it going for that much since it IS a great camera and not many are produced nowadays. So I guess it’s that price in terms of supply as new of course. Got one on KEH for a friend at around $1900 and less than 10k shutters in EX+ condicion although it was better. But of course when the D600 hits it’ll drop if not slightly.

        • roror

          Yes. But the 24MP size, the rumor from last year about a D300s successor, and the apparent substitution of older non-beginner DX cameras makes me wonder whether it’ll be a DX sensor, i.e., D3200 in a pro, D7000 style body. Local camera store people are expecting a D300s successor.

          • Big J

            But STILL it’s going to be overpriced at $1499.99 or more. No one would pay that for a DX no matter how enticing it is. And the D3200 is $699.99 and has a lot of stuff as it is for a DX. Pretty sure when admin did the updates in BOLD they were meant as true unless he/she specified it. Probably the contact got confused with a different model that might be a succesor to the D300/s that will probably be releasing soon also. Maybe…. But of course I’m hoping admin isn’t wrong about the specs so far.

            • enesunkie

              Admin is a guy.

            • Rob

              If no one would ever pay $1500 for a DX body why is the D300s constantly out of stock at BH (priced at $1700)?

            • Big J

              Supply and demand. You can find brand new D800s being either sold or resold going for $4,000+ even though they are really about $3,000. Just depends how demanding or desperate you are about owning one to pay for such a price. Or you could just flip B&H’s price off and wait till a newer, better and less expensive body comes out.

          • biho

            I think there won’t be a D400, D7100 will be the top of the DX line with 24 MP (Sony’s Nex 7 sensor). The D600 would get the D3X sensor; similar to the D3/D700 situation

  • Ralph

    That is so so true. People act like nikin give them free cameras, when will the thick customers understand that they give Nikon cash in return for a camera. People act like they get free cameras of nikon. I totally agree about this site, NR is looking after the advertisers more then getting to the truth. I suppose someone will reply with canon troll, please try and get a life. I have more money then any of you wife swapping pervs.

  • Spam alert.

    Admin! This is name link spam. Delete it.

  • jorg

    Intresting, the D600-topic draws heaviest smelly trolling. Too good a rumor to be true?

  • kiwi comment

    If nikon would not provide internal af motor its negative for them and a plus for 3rd party lenses.

    • jorg

      The update is days old : camera will have af-motor

  • John

    “Viewfinder coverage: 100% for FX , 97% for Dx”????

    how does’t that physics work????

    • Dimitrii1130

      look at d800 and d4 – it is the same.
      nevertheless, i have no idea why..

      and time will tell if this rumor is correct.

    • Treehaus

      When you select the crop mode a box appears in the view finder, the image you take ends up ever so slightly larger than what’s inside the box. You can still see the full frame the whole time. I just tested it on my D800.

  • Michael Devonport

    So Nikon Rumors, where is this big announcement on D600? I though it will be release on
    May 28 in Casablanca.

    • luca

      ladies and gentlemen, silence please…

    • BartyL

      Thom Hogan thinks August.

    • Michael Devonport

      Looks like someone got their facts wrong. 🙁

    • Dimitrii1130

      “There are also rumors that Nikon has invited some European resellers for a meeting in Casablanca on 28 May, 2012. I am not sure if this is related to the D600.”

    • No, I said that there is a meeting on May 28 and I am not sure if it is related to the D600.

      • Michael Devonport

        Nikon Rumor, the problem was that you teasing your viewers, by placing specifications of D600 and the announcement that Nikon has invited some European resellers, for a meeting in Casablanca on 28 May, 2012. That would indicate that Nikon was going to announce D600 to your views and to the world.

        My advice to you, would be to have the specifications of D600 on separate pages from the announcement that Nikon was going to meet with European resellers. This will solve any confusion.

        • MikeV

          quit being a little biotch. The admin usually comes out with reliable info and if you miss interpreted something.. get over it or take a hike! quit crying

          • Michael Devonport

            Am I crying about the statement that I wrote? “No”. Am I bitching about my statement that I wrote? “No”.

            What I was doing is clarifying that Nikon Rumor, had wrote on his blog that he put a date and time of a meeting, with specifications D600. Most people will glans over the statements an only read the good parts. It’s human nature. What I did, was to point out his floss in his statement. In your eyes that makes me ” little bitch”, so be it.

            One final note you misspell “biotch”. Right now I being a little sarcastic. LOL!!!!!

            • Big J

              The irony….

            • Michael Devonport

              “The irony….” My left toe. LOL!!!

            • MikeV

              I read the post and at no point assumed they were announcing the camera this month. If people glance over to the “good parts”… then it is you that made the mistake.. not Nikon Rumors. Maybe you should read the whole thing before jumping to conclusions. People even posted the quote that you misinterpreted and you still are trying to blame NR for ” teasing the viewer “.. lol that is crying/bitching

              BTW i was typing fast and the “i” and “o” sit next to each other…. At least I don’t spell flaws, “floss” like you did.

            • ianw

              Did you say ‘Glans’?! 😀 LOL!
              As an alleged spelling expert, you’ll know that a ‘quick look’, as you described, is a ‘Glance’, where as ‘Glans’ is the erectile tissue at the end of somewhere rather private!
              A Freudian slip if ever I saw one!? lol

        • I think my post was very clear about the event in Casablanca.

          • MikeV

            crystal clear

  • Big J

    I wanna buy a few new memory cards and a spare battery before this camera launches. But have no idea which of the 2 in the end will be confirmed for certain. The dual-SD with Eye-Fi was in the “prediction” thread before and the EN-EL15 battery is what it’ll “probably” have, but don’t wanna buy something (or pre-order in this case) if it isn’t gonna be for it. And also the new external grip what it’ll be carrying also. Just hope it’ll be sooner than too late and everything is gone or on back-order.

    • jorg

      EN-EL15 is a safe bet. SD cards too.

      • Big J

        I really hope so. Because it’s pretty much a $200+ investment to save time and money before the prices shoot up on those items the moment it hits. So in a way I’m saving greatly from the American market and since I live abroad even more. I like doing recon first before spending so I don’t regret anything afterwards.

  • Hm, the stores are selling D700’s for dirt cheap in Sweden right now.. They cant just leave that segement now for several months /years.. The D600 is coming soon.. I can feel the bubbeling under the surface! Whoop, there it iiiis, Whoop there it iiiiiss!”

    • peter

      what is the price up there?

  • Dancook

    I don’t think a DX lens on a FX body is the real deal. And that makes the fun so expensive.

    I take most photos on DX with the 1.8/50 so a 1.8/85 would be the right replacement on FX: 500$

    Then I need for the 18-70 a replacement, e.g. the 4/24-120: 1300$

    And then I would need a new FX telezoom, e.g. the 70-300: 600$

    And a replacement for the 2.8/100? A 2.8/150? Ouch…

    But do I really need all these lenses? Or could I just live with a few lenses I take most photos with?

    I still feel that’s a lot of money for taking pictures of family and friends. And I am convinced a quality DX still will be a good choice. But I can’t stop thinking about this camera. And I would love to get the 35mm viewfinder back 🙂

    The other big question is what is the future of DX? Will there still be new midrange or professional DX bodies or are we already seeing the end?

    Sooner or later the AF motor will die and I will have to replace old lenses. So why not now?


    • Big J

      I think you should stick with what you’re most comfortable with. Stick with DX and wait for the next updated model that comes out if you’re only gonna use it for those occasions. I sold my DX bodies and glass recently to save up for an entry-level FX, one lens and accesories like a flash, new camera bag, memory cards and with money left over for other spendings. But I already feel like I wore out the DX camera and time to learn something different. I’m a hobbyist and I know from years of experience that this hobby won’t bore me that’s why I’m doing this. If I never actually did this at least 2-3 times a week then it would be a waste of time and money switching. Although you vould stay with the DX lenses you got on the FX body. It’s a “97% viewfinder” and I doubt 3% will be a real bother so if that’s what you really care about then think about what you want and need differently.

    • Michael

      Oh? Just shoot on DX mode.

      18-70/3.5-5.6 on FX would be 28-105/5.3-8.5
      55-200/4-5.6 on FX would be 85-305/6.0-8.5
      105/2.8 on FX would be 160/4.2

      Conclusion: Nikon could make these lenses. They would be at DX price, but would they do it?

      • Big J

        Oh I know the lenses length change when changed placed on a DX. But not sure if those lenses exist as you mentioned. Maybe they will as G lenses if DX takes off again when the successors are coming out as they are doing with the FX cameras patenting lenses before their release. Ya never know. It would be stupid to not work on both FX and DX equally when there is so many consumers on both sides or maybe more on one than the other. Hell, I already am saving up for a gift a new DX (a 1/3 of it) since I already have the D600 covered. And would be terrible a nice new DX without some new lenses to accompany it. A D5200 would be awesome if it were to be made since the swivel screen is a great feature.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Fuji just quit selling aps film. They were the last people to make it. When the price of a full format camera becomes 1500 it will never revert to being higher than that. Never.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    And when you can buy this new D600 you will then want the new D400 that you talk about wanting about as much as you want a new aps camera. NO, REALLY. It will at least have the significance of a coolpix at that point…

  • Markus

    The posted that in the hope when you visit that page you click on an advertisement.

  • Postman

    I wouldn’t read too much into that. The image is the D700 anyway, with the D600 mark photo-shopped on. Snapsort are aware of the hype surround this rumour and have created a page that people will land on searching for more news on the mythical D600. Just somewhere else they can hope to capture some ad-revenue.

    • Big J


  • Big J

    No hint of a pre-order yet *sigh*

  • Dammer

    Ok, we’re getting past due for a juicy new rumor about this camera. Personally, I’m shooting for “D600 to be announced right now and available for immediate shipment”, but that’s just me.

  • Alan

    D600 is coming people. Like it or not, Nikon needs to make its bottom line. Filling the gap between D800 and D7000 is here as D600.

    D600 will be a full frame (most affordable) camera in the market. This will stir up the dslr market and surely have people scrambling from all parts of the photography world to jump on this. However, hold your breath as it will not be available until this fall. Announcement coming shortly within 1-2months.

    How do i know all this…let’s say I have few connections.

    • jsee

      … you’ve got your hand on a few connections more like.

  • Dale

    Nikon d600 looks to be coming soon both currys and jessops have stopped selling the d700 online so stocks must be near enough gone and not looking like more orders of stock of that model is coming in


      I think there will still be D700s coming in. The ones that weren’t sold they’re gonna still load them on the boats if there’s any space left. No point in losing money by tossing them away. It’ll be at a “reduced” price depending on the seller. And plus some 3rd world countries that happen to get some would benefit from them (like here in Argentina) where they will sell it at full price times two since it’s from outside and still sell because people prefer having that nice pro-looking camera even though for some crazy reason they will be in terrible debt for it.

      • Big J

        ADMIN PLEASE DELETE ABOVE PLEASE and this one please.

  • chris

    Am a nikon apsc user, waiting to upgrade to entry level full frame.
    Nikon, if you are listening, please add in these additional features in d600:-
    1)touchscreen so we can select focus points in live view which are not available in viewfinder.
    2)Swivel LCD for shooting a diversity of angles (i.e. high and low angle shoots).
    3) A solution to viewing LCD during bright outdoor shoots.

    Canon is already doing it in their upcoming EOS Rebel T4i/650. However, this is an apsc. If Nikon can put these features in their full frame d600, that would be great!!! Please Nikon, hope you are listening.

    • Big J

      Not sure if the swivel screen will be added at this point. And also Canon didn’t do too well adding that feature to their T3i because people still preferred the T2i over it (from Canon owners I know of). Doubtful, although the new D5200 is more than likely to be the only one to have it like it’s predecessors. Also the touchscreen I don’t think it’s as handy as you thumb using the d-pad. Plus using the liveview will cut from the actual situation because you kinda have to take a step back, release the grip and you left hand solo holding the lens/grip area. In other words the touchscreen would be redundant. And the problem with brightness, use an LCD cover that’s suited for those situations. I’m sure they exist already and will cost you less than $10 bucks.

  • U

    I would easily trade special functions of the LCD against more cross-type AF points, making focusing faster and more accurate.
    I´m really looking excited about this camera!

  • U

    eeh….remove the “looking” in the post above 😉

    • Big J

      You camera perv xD

  • Michel

    As the D7000 is already capable of an ISO of 25K on a small sensor I would expect the D600 to be a bit better than that. Normally larger sensors would allow so. Of course, the new D800 goes up to 25K you might say but got a lot more pixels on the same size of sensor. The future will tell. Only speculation from my part and a bit of hope that the D600 will be better from an ISO stand point as this is a key selling point for me and I’m not ready to spend the money for the D4 quite yet and I don’t need 36 Mpix as well.

  • John

    Will the D600 have the same Detection Range as the D800? ( -2 to 19 EV (ISO 100, 68°F/20°C))

  • tom

    It seems odd that it’s nearly identical to the D800 in every way, that doesn’t seem fair to the people who just paid 3k. Something has to give because Nikon has to have some kind of a hierarchy , as does every camera company . Those specs are nearly on par with the 5D Mark 3 and that camera is 3.5k, I don’t see how all of those specs can make it into a camera at that price point at this time. it doesn’t make good business sense, how can you charge 1.5k less if the ONLY significant ergonomic related difference is the autofocus?

    • Big J

      That’s the point. The Mark III is severely overpriced. And chances are it won’t be $1499.99, but in the close range.

    • Blacklighting

      think about it why is the D3200 cheaper than the D5100?
      Why is the D5100 cheaper than the D7000?
      Why is the D7100 cheaper than the D300s?

      Body has a lot to do with the price.
      People are making the D600 out to be a higher class camera than want I think it will be. I think it’s not going to be a step up from the D7000.

      I think it’s going to be built like the D3200 but with a FX sensor and larger (ENTRY LEVEL!!!) see first post of D600

      I hope I’m wrong.

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