Another full frame DSLR on the horizon: Nikon D600

On several occasions in the past, Nikon representatives mentioned that the D800 is not the replacement of the D700 but “a whole new category of camera”. There are rumors of a new, cheaper full frame DSLR camera from Nikon that will be called D600. Here are the preliminary specs:

  • Unknown MP count at that point
  • The new camera will be marketed as an entry level full frame camera
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • Dual SD card slots
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • There will be no build-in HDR feature
  • Possible integrated GPS
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer

As usual, information about products that will be released several months in the future are not very reliable, so I would rate this rumors at 40% probability for now. If this turns out to be true, it will change the whole dynamic in the Nikon product line - maybe we will end up with three DX models D3x00, D5x00 and a high end D7x00 (all with 4 digits names) and the rest will be full frame cameras - D600, D800, D4 (with 1 and 3 digits names). I still believe that Nikon will release two more DSLR cameras in 2012.

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  • suge rballe

    Will be announced this summer… Will be in stock summer 2013.

  • marco

    A poor man who now wants to move to FX, what to do? Until yesterday I wanted a d700, today?! … boh!!!

  • Barneydog7

    Nikon D800 has just gone on ebay for £2909…………………..

  • Nikon Director


    Entry level – D3xxx

    Medium level – D5xxx

    High level – D7xxx


    Entry level – D400

    Medium level – D800

    High level – D4

    All in this topic.

    • Erik

      While the D800 is less expensive, the D4 is not directly a better camera.

    • Anonymous

      D400 will be DX, the FX D600 news is supporting this stronger now.

      • Q

        I hope they continue with at least one high end FX.

  • AM

    24MP and at least 8 fps please.

    • zlik

      8FPS ? in a “cheaper” FX ? Wishful thinking.

      • mikils

        rats no! he specified he would not budge for less than FPS, so he is asking for more than 8 fps. Ah well, hope is cheap these days….

      • why not

        8fps is what you get with a D700 which you can find for just over 2K. what are you stuck in the 90’s?

    • +1

      • D7000 body with 24mpix FX sensor. Throw in 30 frame buffer in raw for that 8 fps.

        • Richard

          That’s certainly nor a bad starting point, but I would how the body would be a more up-to-date ergonomic shape in terms of handling and the positioning of various controls, including several programmable buttons and angling the shutter release like the D4 (for a number of reasons). The U1/U2 style presets Of the D7k should be carried over as well.

          Although the article suggested that there would be no dedicated HDR function, I don’t see why not. All it takes is some firmware.

  • rhlpetrus

    I still think there is a large market for a pro-level DX body, which is not a D7000 line. And my guess is a new sensor with V1 AF tech, for both video and LV. And not so high MP, 16-20MP at most. Fast beast.

  • entry level photo

    we want 8 MP on it, and small price as low as Nikon d5000. And a dedicated button for HDR. And scene selector of course, copy the menus from Nikon d7000.

    • your dad

      No. No we don’t.

    • no

      8MP is perfect for 4K video. if Nikon can make such a camera it would sell a LOT for videographers.

      • Alex

        But a DSLR is 3:2 aspect ratio, cinema/video mode will need to crop the top and bottom depending on cinematic aspect ratio. More than likely, most people want 2.39:1 when shooting 4K.
        This would need to be 4096 × 1714 pixels (7,020,544 total). A 3:2 sensor would need to have 2,730 rows of pixels for still mode (4,096 x 2,730). This would make it an 11 megapixel sensor, with 7 megapixels used in 4K cinema mode).

  • PattoDesu

    I’ve been waiting for the d400 to come out since the rumors started. Among other things, I was hoping the high ISO would be a lot better than my current camera (d3000). With this news, however, I’m seriously considering the d600 instead. I figure that would guarantee a major boost in ISO performance. My question is: I’m not going to be able to get a new body AND all new lenses, right away. If I use my dx lenses, in the mean time, in crop mode, will the ISO suffer much, if at all?
    Before you tell me to get a d5100 or d7000 and play with the other children, I bought the d3000 so I could see what I really need in a camera before spending a lot of money. Now I know and am ready to move up to a camera I can be happy with for more than a couple years. I got some good shots, last February, of the Northern Lights, from Chena, AK, but I missed some of the more spectacular displays due to my camera’s limitations (sometimes those lights can really move). Last fall, I was at Niagara Falls and really noticed the lack of a high ISO camera taking pictures of the lit falls at night. Also, it’s difficult to convince a deer to hold perfectly still for 5+ seconds so you can take its picture at twilight…

    • mikils

      Using crop lenses on a full frame sensor will allow you to use the central section of said sensor, thus the best part of it. you will avoid light loss on corners (vignetting) and enjoy the higher quality pixel of a FX sensor, at the price of losing about 50% of the megapixel (not a big problem since we are talkingabout 24MPs or more) and the 1.5 conversion factor, a plus for tele lens, a pain in the neck for wide angle lens. This is about it; the reason why this is not recommended is that you are wasting a lot of expensive sensor to use with second rate lenses, so it’s ok only if it is not a permanent situation…

      • PattoDesu

        All of that makes sense but, forgive my ignorance, how does that relate to ISO performance? Would I be better off with a high-end DX (d400) or a low end FX (d600)? Eventually, I would replace the lenses but I want to use the new camera today AND tomorrow.
        In a related note, I figured on getting a fast normal prime with the camera and replacing my wide zoom as soon as I can afford it. Tele zooms will have to wait.

        • mikils

          there is no way to know what will happen in the future, but at the moment the situation is, the larger the pixels (and consequently, the smaller their number in a given surface) the better the ISO performance. A dx sensor will almost always have much smaller pixels, so the quality (and not only ISO, but also Dinamic range) will not be equal to an FX sensor. Actually, if not for price, size, and maybe FPS, only fools would prefer DX to fx.

          • PattoDesu

            Would I see the ISO and DR benefits with my dx lenses?

            Thanks a lot for your time and patience. I was concerned I would be ignored or made fun of. For some reason, quite a few photography bloggers are a bit rude.

            • mikils

              There are some pretty good fx lenses. Many websites will clarify this point for you better than me. you will not need the highest quality glasses to see ISo and DR effect, Just avoid bottle bottoms made in Ruritania!

            • mikils

              I obviously meant DX lenses. to quote one of the websites I was mentioning in the previous answer,


              the 17-55F2.8 DX is just as good as the pro FX zooms of its day.
              The 35F1.8 DX is better than the (more expensive, but much older) 35F2 FX lens, though it also has some different characteristics.

            • Your lenses have zero impact on ISO performance. Noise is all about the sensor, electronics, and software in the camera. What you get with pro/FX lenses in most cases is constant and/or faster apertures. EX.. F2.8, 1.8, 1.4 Better glass and coatings which increases clarity and decreases lens flare.

              Bottom line if you’re going to buy an FX body in the future, I would focus all of my lens budget on fast FX lenses. You’ll never regret it. 😉

          • And to more directly answer what I think your ISO question is (or maybe I misunderstood), it is not affected by whether the FX sensor is running in FX mode or DX mode.

            • PattoDesu

              Thanks guys!

              If the d600 has a well built body, I’ll get that. If not, maybe the d700’s price will come down some more. I see no point to spending almost as much for a dx just to get a better body but leaving ISO and DR behind.

            • Stefan

              It’s mostly down to the size of the photosites (given same technology/etc). The D800 for example has photosites that are about the same size as the D7000.

              So what this means is that shooting a D800 with DX glass will result in similar results to that of a D7000.

              If you want that 1-2 additional stops of clean ISO range then you will need to use FX lenses.

              Thankfully the 50mm f/1.8g lens is dirt cheap. Get that one for low light and use the DX zoom for during the day till you can afford to upgrade.

            • Zlik

              A lot of misinformation here. ISO performance is MUCH more related to sensor size than pixel size. You always have to compare the final output at the same size. It you crop a FX sensor to DX, you will get DX performance. Smaller pixels just let you zoom in the picture further until you hit 100%, and if you zoom in further in a picture, you will see more noise. It does not, however, mean that the picture, as a whole, has more noise. If you compare the D3s in DX mode to the D7000, you will be comparing 5MP photo (D3s in DX) vs a 16MP photo. The only difference between the two is how the noise/detail ratio is shown. If you have big pixels, you have less noise and less details. If you have more pixels, you have more details but more noise. But what happens if you take the 16MP photo, and convert it (=downsample) to 5MP ? You will lose some details and some noise, and your result will be VERY similar to the other sensor that had 5MP to begin with. I did a lot of comparisons and tests between the D3s and the D7000. Bottom line: the quality of the photo (ISO+details), as a whole, is directly related to sensor size used. Use the D3s in DX and you get DX performance.

              ISO performance depend on technology and sensor size, not so on pixel size.

              In case you missed it, according to DXOmark, the D800, the D4 and the D3s have very similar high Noise performance (2800 vs 2900 vs 3200). When you have smaller pixels on the same area, don’t forget that you have more of them.

              Oh, and btw, dynamic range gets better with smaller pixels (D7000, D5100, D800) for a given sensor size.

            • Michael

              More misinformation… The ISO performance is determined by the entrance pupil size, available light and sensor efficiency.

          • ZOZ

            Isn’t pixel size of D7000 the same as D800?

        • dave

          It depends on the features you need. Sensor performance is just one aspect of a camera. I doubt a low end FX body would have as high a framerate as a high-end DX body. As far as high ISO performance is concerned, it is quite likely that the low end FX body will allow you to shoot at higher ISOs with acceptable results assuming similar pixel counts (if the FX camera has a lower pixel density than the DX camera). But the question is how much of an improvement do you need? The sensor in that D3000 is 8 years old. It was in the D200, D80, D60 and D40x before being dropped into the D3000. I’ve done astral photography with the D80 and you get noise, hot pixels and amp glow in short order, but you can work around it. The D90, just one generation newer, is phenomenal by comparison. The newest Dx sensors are even better. There are those that will tell you that FX is the only real upgrade. That is a lie. Any current DX sensor (even the D90) will give you 1.5 to 2.5 orders of magnitude better ISO and DR performance than that D3000. And it is true that the newest FX sensors should be even better than that, but at a price.

          • PattoDesu

            That settles it…
            I’m giving up photography and start collecting postcards!

            • Sports

              It is absolutely true that FX always beats DX, especially for price 🙂 and maybe size of the camera.
              You will NOT see the ISO advantage at all, if you use DX lenses. The extra sensor area that provides better low light image quality is not used by the lens, and provides NO extra quality in this case.
              Don’t give up photography, just read Zlik’s post a couple of times, then go out and use whatever camera you have.
              It is true that you don’t need high quality lenses or expensive lenses. A cheap f/1.8 lens will give exactly the same low-light sensitivity as an expensive one.
              Last, it’s not correct that a DX lens will use “the best” part of the FX sensor. It is the lens that has its best part at the center, and the lens that gets bad at the corners. The sensor can be considered “perfect” = the same all over.

  • pragjna

    Nikon messed up their numbering, and now the try to fix it how?! sounds ridiculous for me…and as a commentator already said..that’s a step backward,,?! that’s confusing even more! why would the newer model be named D600 which will be/is the successor of a D700 (which is/was the older model…)

    the evil startet with D3000!

    • MRGABE


      • Me

        Easy big fella!

      • pragjna

        %-) can’t take that serious!

    • ZOZ

      Because in the future it will be 810, 820,… for higher end and 600, 610, 620 for lower end consumer FX bodies. Pro line is another story yet to be known.

      • pragjna

        yes true, I just stated the confusing modell numbering.

        hmm 8xx , I’m curious about that.

  • vincechu

    Shut up and take my money! 😉

    But seriously if this was true it would sell very well IMO. At least it might help Nikon get users into their system and generate money from lenses too (though people may go 3rd party) and be a kick in the face to Canon, and may help them with whatever full frame Sony is coming up with.

    This would definitely have my money, D800 is great but the high mp isn’t for me, 5D III too expensive

    I’d guess this wouldn’t be as extensively weather sealed as other cameras, I personally hope it will be relatively light and compact too, an optional grip would help larger hands.

  • Zlik

    Actually, it looks like they are doing the same thing with the D700 -> D600 as they did with the D300s -> D7000. Better (newer) sensor and video, but in a cheaper body. Image quality VS body features… Doesn’t make everyone happy.

  • josef fallnhauser

    yes please, a baby d800 with a resolution between 18 and max. 24 mp would be perfekt. so that the amount of data is still to handle for fashion shooters. in the moment for this category, canon is the winner with 21 / 22 mp and the choice of many fashion-pros (who would like nikon).

    • Rob Piangozza

      yes please, a baby d800 with a resolution between 18 and max. 24 mp would be perfekt. so that the amount of data is still to handle for fashion shooters. in the moment for this category, canon is the winner with 21 / 22 mp and the choice of many fashion-pros (who would like nikon).
      You took the words right out my mouth! I couldn’t agree with you more Josef! 🙂

  • VJ

    On one hand; it is nice to see the FX range extending… but what for us guys who don’t really need FX? For my amateur usage, I don’t really care if it is FX or DX, but I do like a nice pro feeling weather sealed body… and have some very good DX lenses…
    I know there is the crop mode, but it somehow just feels like a waste to either have the extra pixels that you can’t use with the lens you have… And changing the lenses increases the price a lot, which is not always justifiable for an amateur…

    • popakin

      DX is the devil!

      • Richard

        Gosh! But how do you really feel? 😉

  • kezar

    From a pure business sense, the scenario that makes the most sense is the D3 or D3s sensor in a D7000 body. That’s how you justify the D600 model number, except that you have the EXPEED 3 processor for the latest in video processing technology.

    Nikon will not market a 16 megapixel camera for 1/3 the price of the D4, plastic body or no.

    Price it at $1900 and I guarantee that model would fly off the shelves.

    • JB

      “Price it at $1900 and I guarantee that model would fly off the shelves.”

      ……as opposed to what??? I guess that would be better than the D4 and D800 which apparently will never hit shelves!!!

    • R.

      The Expeed 3 processor is not only about video processing. For too long people have been stuck with the Thom Hoganesque model of analysis attributing image quality, or lack thereof, to the sensor. What the new generation Nikon cameras have demonstrated is that image quality is also largely dependent on data processing and the willingness of a camera manufacturer to invest in data processing engineering. This started with J1/V1 and it continued with the most recent DSLRs (D4, D800, and the newly announced D3200).

      The advances in data processing as manifested in the recent introduction of the Expeed 3 processor have also made the “high ISO noise, DX/FX” debate (or obsession) somewhat meaningless. Densely packed DX sensors are now delivering very impressive high ISO performance. This has eliminated one of the arguments that favored FX over DX and this is probably one of the reasons why we are seeing FX sensors trickle down the socio-economic structure of DSLR pricing and consumption. What remains as an advantage for FX cameras is wide angle performance.

      • R!

        Well said !

      • Sports

        You’re right about data processing, but forget that this has benefited FX just as much, so FX still has a huge advantage in low light performance, despite of the impressive performance of a 2012 DX.

  • Peaveys

    This rumor makes no sense with all those D400 books… it’s FX 24mp, 16mp crop, and yes, it’s called D400, not D600.

    • cpm5280

      You’re assuming that this is what was supposed to be the D400. A d400 is still quite possibly waiting in the wings.

      Also, book publishers submit names in advance of publication based upon expected titles, names and product releases, not because they know something you don’t about Nikon’s plans.

  • Vin

    Entry level amateur:

    CX 1 J
    CX 1 V
    D3x00 DX
    D5x00 DX

    CX ?
    D7xoo – DX
    D6x0 – FX

    D4x0 – DX
    D7x0 – FX
    D8x0 – FX

    Dx – FX
    DxX – FX high resolution + vid.

    I am adding in the CX, for some small pro level robust mirrorless cameras. I would also like to see something very retro rangfinder

  • I wonder if this thing is going to be worth buying by someone who already has a D700?

    • D700guy

      No, it wouldnt be.
      And it wouldnt be worth buying if someone already has a D800 either.

  • jorg

    WTH is nikon planning?
    “new external grip” is the weirdest thing. why is the D600 no D800-body with different tech? nikon is full of riddles.

  • T.I.M

    24MP (all the D3x left-over sensors !)

    • MRGABE

      this comment makes a whole lot of f*cking sense. i’d buy this camera if it’s equipped with this sensor and matches EVEN the D7000’s video capabilities with 720/60 added on

      • Hhom Togan

        Most likely they will want to differentiate it from the D800 and most likely they will end up using a modified version of the D4 sensor (which is moderate in megapixel count and it is much better than either the D3x and D800 sensor at high ISO’s).

        Also it is proven that it behaves at high ISO’s than the D800’s (both video and stills).

        • Richard

          My guess would be that they use D4 sensors that are almost, but not quite good enough to pass the D4 acceptance testing (e.g. S/N ratio). That way they make money off of what would otherwise be scrap, but is still a pretty good sensor by any other standard.

  • Btdown

    That’s my question too…I do not want the d800, but if there is no true d700 replacement, or the d600 features/iq/Ido do not exceed d700, then I’m not sure what I will do.

    • MikeV

      when they announced the d800.. i was dissappointed about the MP because I was hoping for a cheaper alternative to a D4 in terms of file size and ISO capabilities. Since I didn’t care about video quality and I shoot mostly stills, I was about to get a used d3s for $4000. Sucks that i dont get a MP increase but at least I get the iso capabilities I needed for dark churches and receptions at weddings. So worst case, pick up a used D3s…

  • Michael

    To me, its either a FX D7000 or DX D800. No matter what, they’ll have 24MP with around 7FPS.

  • Never mind making more new cameras. Just build & ship the ones you just came out with! Waiting on my D4!

  • jorg

    Unknown MP count at that point – since D3200 is 24 MP it should be 18 minimum?

    The new camera will be marketed as an entry level full frame camera -so it so NOT the new D700. but it also is NOT the new D300. nikon is short of two of its biggest sellers while it markets a entry-dx on steroids (3200) and the most insane high-res body (D800)…WTH?

    Auto DX crop mode – since it is cheap no 5:4, 1,2 etc – ok

    Dual SD card slots – state of the art, obviously no XQD

    In-camera RAW editor – who uses that? who ever uses the print-option outside of japan?

    Built in time-lapse functionality – state of the art

    There will be no build-in HDR feature – why not? isn´t that a software-issue? and why would this be mentoined? anybody got an idea, why onboard-HDR should be expensive?
    even the D3200 has expeed3…

    Possible integrated GPS – nice, finally

    New external battery grip – weirdest thing, this leads to a new body-design. why no D800 with different tech inside? or does it mean, there will be a new grip with wifi, gps inside, thats physically like mb-d12?

    To be released this summer – so they are made right now in thailand – again: cheap camera

  • Hhom Togan

    If I had to bet I would give the commenter’s above me kidney that the sensor will be a version of the 16 megapixel sensor in the D4 (most likely with less FPS) I highly doubt they will use a version of the D3x sensor (too close to differentiate it from the D800).

    Now this makes me happy and proud of Nikon again 🙂 I don’t care for the D800 and its crazy megapixel count 🙂 if they are willing to use a version of the D4 version I’m up for two cameras (and I’m not joking here).

  • Bob

    I am not sure if this is the right place to suggest it but one of the best things Nikon could do is build an Arc-Swiss tripod plate direct into their camera bodies.

  • R!

    Just send us some D800E !!!! stop anouncing things that we don’t get ,damn it!!!!

    • PicturePerfect

      MYSTERY SOLVED: After getting nowhere with Amazon and B&H, despite having pre-ordered the day after the D800 was announced, a local store said they could get me one in two-three weeks. I scoffed but ONE WEEK later it shipped and now is in my possession. I asked how could they do what the big boys don’t? His response, per their Nikon rep:

      Nikon is favoring bricks and mortar stores that provide service over the mail order houses. And within that category they favor their better customers who sell a lot of Nikon over other brands. That explains the odd situation about where you can find the cameras and why the big mail order houses don’t have a clue. It is also consistent with their policy of not supplying parts to unauthorized repair facilities. I also asked why the local pro camera store was still telling me it would take a month and he said that they are a Canon shop that “dables” in Nikon while his store is a Nikon shop that also sells Canon.

      I hope this helps some of you still waiting for Godot. Seek out the nearest Nikon dealer who favors Nikon and you may get a D800 a lot sooner. Meantime Mr. KneeKon D and I are getting to know each other.


      • ShaoLynx

        I agree with this approach.
        That’s exactly what I did. I got my D800 in a little under 4 weeks (last friday).
        No point in ordering online the first minute they’re open for preorder.
        And I had the time to wait for the DXO-scores (you that thingie that the Canon people like so much) before making my choice…

  • Lanskymob

    if this is true…this will be my D90 replacement that I’ve been saving for. And what most thought would be the D800. Although…I still take awesome pictures every day with my D90….and anyone who thinks they can’t is just a fool.

  • PAG

    D600 as the D700 replacement makes sense, and waiting until the initial wave of demand for the D4 and D800 subside is smart business, if frustrating to a LOT of people posting here. Update the D400 for a semi-pro DX and I know 4 insta-sales just among my circle of friends (two upgrading D200s, one a D90, and me a D7000). Four DX and 3 DX and their line is complete and solid, hitting every major market out there.

    A comment above about creating a semi-pro CX camera is interesting, but I assume that the people in the market for this camera might be less than thrilled with the current lens choices. The F-mount adapter is great for some things, but it doesn’t keep the camera compact. Nikon might have to build out the Nikon 1 line a bit before releasing this as a body.

  • So i’ll get to leave my D700 for a… D600??? I really don’t get nikon’s roadmap… The D800 is for sure a great camera, but not the D700 replacement, so what is the answer of nikon for all D700 owners that don’t want 36 mpixels, and just want high iso improvement, video, and functionnalities that really count…?

    • D800_is_finally_here

      The D800 designers were telling you to shoot 18MP or 9MP JPEG on the D800 instead!
      (from the official D800 designer interview)

    • Hhom Togan

      ” so what is the answer of nikon for all D700 owners that don’t want 36 mpixels, and just want high iso improvement, video, and functionnalities that really count…?”

      The D600… DUH… sometimes you people go beyond the line of utter dumbness…

  • Aalbert78

    i read some comments

    One or two says d600 should be 24mpx and 8fps…..well…it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

    It would be much better than DxX and d800….d600 would be much more balanced and almost perfet

    I assure u….. d600 will be less than both: 16mpx and 4fps

    • Bruce

      16mp would be a minimum, as would 4 fps.

      I mean, there’s very little chance of it being anything other than the sensor from the D4. They probably wouldnt develop another FX sensor. If that’s the case, the EXPEED 3 processor could easily handle a high fps, but it won’t. I suspect they will go for 6 fps and 8 with a grip (or similar), so they can get another $450 out of a sale. It will have virtually all the same features as the D800, but with smaller sensor, better ISO and will be priced at approx $3,000 to ensure that it completely trumps the Canon 5D mk 3.

  • T.I.M

    45 D800/D800e for sale right now on Ebay ($4000-$7000)

    where do they come from ?

    NPS members, retail store/online employes ?
    make your choice !

    • Hhom Togan

      Some of those people may be what you listed, however the reality is that they in fact may be scammers wanting to make a quick buck.

  • jorg

    dont forget normal joes, who also joined the pre-order lottery and got lucky

  • Anonymous

    ‘In-camera RAW editor’… Wow! Can you please add built-in 3G too 😉

    Anyway, this D600 will probably use the 16mp sensor from D4. It’s more sensible. Otherwise where is the 24mp FX sensor? Even if exists, it will be perceived a bold step up from D700 in terms of pixel count (plus other extras), which can easily cannibalize D800 sales when available. Yet, D4 – D600 relation and target audience is more differentiated. Though pros may use as a backup camera.

    • Craig

      While what you present makes sense in one way, that it would be “easy” to use the sensor from the D4, it would not create a DX format pixel density that would likely be acceptable by today’s standards.

      The DX format file would be about 10 Mp or so, well lower than what folks would think is acceptable.

      • Anonymous

        DX crop of 16mp FX is about 7mp which is not so bad, while the main point of D600 won’t be high-mp DX crop. For that purpose, D800 is the way to go.

        D800 – 36mp FX & DX

        D600 – 16mp entry level FX, variant of D4 sensor

        D400 – 16mp pro DX, improved sensor of D7K

  • Klick

    The model name D600 makes perfect sense:

    1 digit: the best professional camera from Nikon

    3 digits (even numbers):

    the pro/semipro DX/FX line
    D400 (DX as D300), D600 (FX), D800 (FX)
    Later D4x0, D6x0, D8x0 possible, because only D500 and D900 are left free (D100, D200, D300, D700 already used).

    4 digits (odd numbers): the consumer DX line.
    D3x00, D5x00, D7x00
    There is space left for an cheaper one (D1x00) and better model (D9x00)

    • s.dunn

      I think you are close, but I really think the people who are hoping for a D300s successor to be a DX are going to be disappointed.

      I see it breaking down as follows:

      D3X00 DX
      D5X00 DX better FPS
      D7X00 DX better FPS and ISO

      D4X0 (entry level FX) 24mp 4fps 6grip
      D6X0 (mid level FX) 30mp 6fps 8grip
      D8X0 (high end FX) 36mp 4fps

      D4 (speed)
      D4X (resolution)

      Although in fairness until this recent rumor on D600 I had thought it would look more like this:

      D3X00 DX
      D5X00 DX better FPS
      D7X00 DX better FPS and ISO

      D4X0 (entry level FX) 24mp 4fps 6grip
      D8X0 (high end FX) 36mp 4fps

      D4 (speed)
      D8 (resolution)

      So I’m probably right out to lunch. Having a speed semi pro and a high res semi pro and the same thing mirrored in the PRO line made a lot of sense to me?


  • Barnswallow T Duck

    All of this speculation cracks me up. There will always be the “latest and greatest” in the works. If there is a camera that meets your needs, buy it and use it until there is a product so advanced from what you have that buying again makes sense.

    Enjoy what you have until there is something actually there that is worth the replacement. OK, I know. It’s kind of like dating. You never stop looking :>)

  • D40 User

    thanks for the link Admin, I just pre-ordered the D600.

  • Zim

    I want a D300s replacement.

  • T.I.M

    If you ordered your D800E from B&H during the first 90mn, go check your order status.

  • Chris T

    Got to be the 24mp Sony A99 sensor? Anyone already mention that?

  • Megafolie

    Let me guess:

    16 MP count (same sensor as D4)
    3-4 FPS
    95% Viewfinder coverage
    Somewhat smaller than D800
    No AF motor (just like D3200)
    New AF, D3200-style but for FX
    Auto DX crop mode
    Dual SD card slots

    If this was the case, count me IN. Smaller body, a good sensor and full-frame. Exactly what I would like. And want. I don’t need all the bells and whistles. Just a D3200-style but in FX flavor. Thanks.

  • an onymous

    Make it mirrorless that would be awesome!

  • nunya

    I hope it’s 4mp and 120 fps!!!

  • catinhat

    16MP D4 sensor won’t happen in D600. It will have only a 7MP DX crop — not worth while at all. On the other hand, 24MP will have a 10-11MP DX crop — much better. Can’t be much more MP than that because it will start looking a lot like D800. So, 24MP it will be, or thereabouts.

    • Anonymous

      How easy folks may get accustomed / spoiled. Just until yesterday people used to find 20+ mp FX too much and whined that 12mp was more than enough. Now they want an FX with 12+ mp DX crop, and all for under $2000.

      Well if you want a usable DX crop, then either buy a D800 or any DX body. Ok?

      • Anonymous

        In business sense 16mp is the right spot for the successor of D700. The updates D600 may offer can be listed as:

        * 12 to 16mp, slight resolution increase
        * better low-light ability
        * video
        * dual card slots

  • Ian

    D4 sensor in a FM2 body for $2000 PLEASE!

    • Ian

      I’d be happy with the D800 sensor as well

  • Ken Rockwell

    I’m in talks with Nikon about D600. It is real!

    • Samas

      I would have believed you… only your name stops me! 🙂

  • Pedro Soria

    My guess is a 26Mpx:

    -In such way, the automatic DX crop will be around 11-12 Mpx (similar pixel density to a D90)
    -D5200, D7100 and D400 could also be 26Mpx DX sensor (like D5000, D90 and D300S did), just 2Mpx above the 24Mpx D3200.
    -As soon as D800 is giving a 16Mpx crop mode I do not see the needing of having around 16Mpx DX cameras for pros.

    That will give us the same previous scenario where D5000, D90, D300s and D700 were having the same pixel counting.

    Everything would be like this:

    D3200: 24Mpx DX –> Starters

    D5200: 26Mpx DX –> Intermediate

    D7100: 26Mpx DX –> Prosumers who likes zooming

    D600 (or maybe D8000???): 26Mpx FX / 12Mpx DX–> Prosumers who likes Landscape

    D400: 26Mpx DX –> Professionals with DX and high resolution needings

    D800: 36 Mpx FX –> Landscape and studio pros

    D4: 16 Mpx FX –> ISO Champion. Sports.

  • D4 in stock uk

    Dale photographic in the uk has D4 in stock. I got mine yesterday, it is a Nikon professional dealer. The service I received from the store was brilliant. Its a good proper dealer. They only have two left, check the website at

    • D700guy

      For a $1000 mark up.

      L 5290 = $7000

  • Vin

    wish list line up for Nikon

    1J CX EVIL
    1v cx FVIL
    D3x00 DX DSLR
    D5x00 DX DSLR


    1X CX EVIL
    D7xoo – DX DSLR
    D6x0 – FX DSLR


    1X CX EVIL
    D4x0 – DX DSLR
    D7x0 – FX DSLR
    D8x0 – FX DSLR

    Dx – FX DSLR
    DxX – FX DSLR

  • I want a d4 sensor with d4 iso performance and d4 metering. Maybe 6-7fps and that’s it. I don’t want video or any other features. Make the price around 2k-2500k

    • Brian

      I Want this to… with compact flash cards..not SD

    • an onymous


      I think that’s very sensible, while it would be nice with 6-7 fps I am afraid Nikon wouldn’t give higher fps rates to one without shelling out some money for an expensive V-grip, but then it would have to do 8 fps as D700.

      My guess on the release date is well beyond the London Olympics and other summer sports games, Nikon would probably like to sell first a few D4.

  • 600?
    Is this like a prequel to the D700? 😉

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