Nikon D800 shipping to NPS members in the US

NPS members in the US who pre-ordered the D800, received an email notification today that their cameras are being shipped. The process will be the same as with the D4 - all NPS reservations will be filled first and then the remaining cameras will be shipped to "regular" pre-orders. As far as I know Amazon doesn't ship NPS priority purchases, so everything they will get on Friday will be sent to existing pre-orders.

I was told that if you haven't ordered a D800 by now, you will have to wait until August for delivery.

Just a reminder that Nikon will suspend all shipments from March 24- April 1st for their yearly inventory count (March 31 is the end of the fiscal year for Nikon).

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  • I preordered ages ago, I can’t wait!

    • Can’t say that I blame the pro crowd–after all, it is their livelihood. And I thoroughly anticipated the shortage; I’m not the least bit surprised. But if I’m told I have to wait until August, they can keep their stinking camera and I’ll keep my stinking $3000.

  • JB

    Hmmm….so it seems with this policy, Nikon is telling us non-professionals two things

    1) You don’t really matter..we will send your one camera after all NPS members get the 4 they request

    2) If you are a non-NPS member…DO NOT support your local store. Go buy from Amazon!

    Pretty sad….

    • That’s pretty much correct – when you order from another store you compete with the NPS members in your area (if any), as far as I know Amazon doesn’t delivery NPS priority purchases (I could be wrong on this one). Not many non-NPS members got their D4 with the first batch.

      • Garett

        With how much Nikon prizes NPS members, I’m assuming that Nikon will just not ship a first batch to Amazon until all NPS orders are filled.

        Maybe that’s the cause of the delayed shipment from Amazon.

        • yrsued

          Amazon is getting the D800 at the same time everyone else is.

          Nikon will have them at the dealers by Friday.

          I think Nikon will have more D800’s then D4’s for the first batch.


          • mouonline

            of course!
            nikon produces d4 only ,5000 camera a month, but 30,000 for D800

            • Bryan

              That’s what I remember reading too. So you’re telling me Nikon has more than 1.5 Million pre-orders for the D800??

      • Interestingly enough; Nikon just posted their new Nikon Authorized Dealer list (the old one was up til a couple days ago)

        …and is now listed as a NPD (Nikon Professional Dealer) – it wasn’t on the last list.

        NPDs typically honor the NPS Priority Purchase plan, otherwise they can risk losing priority shipments, and losing their NPD status. That being said, you have to had made arrangements with in advance for NPS priority treatment.

        Other authorized dealers who are not NPDs are the Nikon Imaging Dealers (NIDs) and I don’t believe they have the same requirements to honor the NPS PP program, so if you pre-order from one of them, you may not have to wait behind the NPS members.

        So its more likely that the delay on Amazon has to do with NPS orders…

    • yrsued


      Pro’s NEED the gear to earn their living.

      Only Pros can join NPS, unlike CPS, that ANYBODY can join, as long as you have the gear required and the $500 a year.

      I got my letter today, After 26 years of NPS Membership and 27 years of Professional Experience, I think I deserve to have some sort of preferential treatment to get the gear I need to earn my living and to pay for Nursing School for my daughter.

      • R!

        Totally agree,and I’m not a NPS member.This kind of Camera is not maid for beginers!!!!

      • NG

        Why the sense of entitlement? You should wait just like everyone else. Don’t you have a D3s that is satisfactory? And another full-frame body? There are plenty of others who are not first on the queue so why should you be unless you are under contract by Nikon to endorse their products.

        Humility, humility. You are lucky, stop complaining.

        • yrsued

          No Entitlement, I do this for a living. I’m a working Pro, Member of NPS for over 26 years, it is a benefit of the membership.

          What is wrong with that??

          I am taking advantage of my membership and my loyalty to the brand since before I began my education and career. You tell me!! What is wrong with that??

          If you were an NPS member, would you decline your benefits so that someone else who is not a member could get their gear first and you could not get the gear you needed??

          Yes, I do have four D3’s, I sold my D3s a few weeks ago. But those are NOT 36 mp, and that is a great size for the Catalogs I shoot for, like Bushnell, S&W and others.

          But then again, one of my D2X files went 16×24…… FEET on a mural for a trade show!!

          • tcknight

            Doesn’t bother me.

            When I spend thousands and thousands with Nikon over 26 years, I’ll expect preferential treatment too.

          • Wes

            Nothing wrong with that. People who abuse NPS give it a bad rap.

          • You guys should get off of yrsued’s back on this.

            I’m not an NPS member though after reading the qualifications I probably qualify.

            I’m glad Nikon has a method for getting their brand-ninja professionals out in the field gear, as a professional courtesy and as a competitive edge. If nothing, I’d like to have seen the members of NPS get pre-production models in-hand far before now to help identify use cases of the gear.

            I love how rabid everyone is getting about this camera to the point of attacking other photographers…

            What gives anyone the right to question whether or not someone is worthy to receive the camera before you?

            With regard to the D800, we will all get our preorders, if not next week — then next month. It will be okay, folks – calm down.

            If photo walks behaved with the lack of sensibility of these comment threads, none of us would enjoy photography.

            • Gerry

              very well put Bill. Liked your blog as well

          • jon lon

            yeah but some of us arent even 26 yrs old!

          • ken

            tis all well and god being a pro for umpteen years that tells me you have good gear already and are doing quite don’t need a new camera right off the bat so you should be able to wait until after the initial rush, by not doing so your taking part in the preorder debacle happening now and annoying us that are not NPS and just want a good camera we have saved a while for…

          • tisel

            well, maybe nps members are medium sized companies, and buying the newest camera gear really takes away from the bottom line, if i was a mall studio owner with say, 10 employees would i really be eating the cost, just to have newer equipment?

          • Sergio

            There is a difference between need and want, for sure. But what is confusing is any pro was earning their living just last week without the new camera and suddenly *needs* in now.

        • UPS Ground

          Dude, I think it’s totally unfair that you get your camera before me just because you paid for “express” shipping. What a sense of entitlement! You, parading around, showing everyone your FedEx box like some badge of honor…

          • “Dude, I think it’s totally unfair that you get your camera before me just because you paid for “express” shipping. What a sense of entitlement! You, parading around, showing everyone your FedEx box like some badge of honor…”

            LOL, best comment in the thread!

          • ROFL +1

        • Yeah, totally agree with yrsued on this…

          I too have been an NPS member for 20+ years and been loyal to the brand at the tune of an F, two F2s, two F4s’s, a handful of back-up bodies (FM2s, etc) – then in digital with the DCS420, a D1, a D100, A D3, a D700 and a D7000; and more glass over the years than I care to mention…

          I’ve made a career-long professional investment in their brand, and they reward pros who are loyal to the brand with certain courtesies – this type of professional courtesy is a great benefit to those of us who need access to the tools we use to make a living.

          I just got my letter from NPS today too; looking forward to getting the D800 for a large-print project I’ve been sitting on for a while!

          • NG

            I hear ya. That is loyalty & it is very nice that it is rewarded. I would want that too!

            I think the issue resides elsewhere. I know there was an awful flood & the disaster in Japan was devastating in it’s toll to people & infrastructure. But, in this age of global supply chains you would think 1) Nikon should do better assessments of demand for their products 2) Have back up plans/facilities, independent fabrication partners (like in semiconductors, computers) in the event of disaster because disasters/mishaps happen 3) Have capability to quickly ramp up production to meet increases in demand.

            I have been waiting for a full frame now since July 2011. The D700 was frequently unavailable (new) & everyone in the pro community knew that a replacement to the D3 line was coming.

            Why does Nikon proceed like this? Apple has had shortages too with very complex electronic devices & the demand imbalances were quickly addressed.

            A $400 million factory isn’t very much these days Nikon especially with your balance sheet & borrowing power at
            ridiculously low interest rates. Nikon could float a 20 year bond paying nothing in interest, build several factories & keep their customer base happy.

            Thanks for bearing with me. But, I believe these are good points. I am not a manufacturing expert however.

            If you are NPS or are in the first/2nd batch. Enjoy!! I hope to enjoy sooner rather than around Thanksgiving!


            • Nikon isn’t Apple. They don’t have the luxuary of $95 billion sitting around. Nikon is a relatively small company that has done an extrodinary job recovering from two disasters. Suppliers were also affected.

            • PicturePerfect

              Nikon is not only a relatively small company, they are a conservative one. They are coping with the tsunami disaster as best they can, and I would guess that they are not about to engage in the “Boeing fiasco” by farming out their production beyond what they can tightly control. That emphasis on quality is what makes Nikon one of the best camera makers.

              As to the demand, I think they tried to balance getting some cameras out there rather than waiting to accumulate what might have been too many. I also sense that there has been a great deal of double and triple ordering by people in anticipation of the low supply, which compounds the problem. As the camera ships I think we will see a number of cancellations by people who have gotten one from the first of the sources they ordered from.

        • Royster

          The ones that are causing the problems are those that have multiple pre orders at various outlets.
          I don’t mind NPS getting theirs first.It wont affect me to wait a bit longer

      • TnT

        not a pro but I agree with Nikon’s approach. It’s one great way to market their products! For those who are not NPS member, there’s absolutely NOTHING stopping you from becoming one. YOU just choose not to pursue that career!

        • trialcritic

          Sorry, but you cannot become a NPS member easily.

          How To become a member:
          -Write a letter of introduction to Nikon Professional Services (see address below) on your letterhead (or your company’s stationery).
          -Tell us about your photography and request an invitation to join.
          -You will need to meet the qualifying requirements below after you receive your application.

          To qualify:
          -NPS Sponsor (existing member to verify that you are a full-time photographer)
          -Current Tear Sheets (published within the last 12 months)
          -Ownership of a minimum of 2 Nikon Professional Bodies and 3 Nikkor or DX Nikkor lenses.

          No amateur can become a member, period.

          • St.

            So, Mr. “I’m the best”,
            if you’re a hobbyist for 27 years and spent the same (even more money) than a pro member (simply because pro’s usually buy what is needed for their work and hobbyists buy more than that).
            What’s the difference about the brand loyalty and money spent (ever years)???
            What makes you in that case better than me?
            You make better pictures? Or because you are commercial and I’m all about the art and beauty of the photography, I need to always be behind??
            NO! IT IS NOT FARE!
            The same way other people can wait (because their job is “not important”) you have to wait too (because being a pro, you already have the needed gear to work).
            The new cameras are just upgrades!
            So, please waiving your membership in others faces!

            • Isnogud

              Amen to that.
              And +10!

            • R!

              Yourguys should respect a litle more real Pro that are the ambasadors of the Nikon brand,because they are the one who are deserving it,imagine if all web and amazon rich geek were able to get all the gear and the ones that really needs It dont get It on time to advertise the new quality of product that you read on the net later on to help you to get better photography skills….
     pro need and deserve some sleep ,they dont have the time to check amazon or B&H evryday to get fuuurst on preorder and troll the internet.
              PS:I’m half pro so I’ve got time for both.trololol!!!!!!!!!

            • Anonymous

              I am not a pro and have used Nikon gear for a long time as an amateur. However, I believe that NPS membership should have some rewards, and getting the equipment first is one of them. I am just anxious to get my hands on D800 that I ordered through Adorama within hours when they opened taking orders.

              My support goes to Nikon and their NPS policy.

            • trialcritic

              I think that I did not say enough about myself. I am NOT a professional with about 7 years experience. What I wrote is from the NPS website. I do not wish to imply anything about myself. Sorry about that.

            • heartleica

              I really think every company should adopt a first come first serve policy. NPS members should prob get first chance to preorder, but i have been waiting for this camera to take on vacation on monday, and because some NPS members decided, hey, i want one, it bumped me down, and now no D4 for me. I prepaid in full the day it was announced, $6380 that I haven’t earned a cent of interest on, and I get bumped down because somebody decided they wanted one last week.

              I’m not a professional. But my family pictures are priceless, just because I don’t sell my pictures doesnt mean I should get bumped down. My camera is a lot more valuable to me to capture memories than a professionals camera is to make money.

              My english bad, but Im sure i made my point clear.

      • I

        Yrsued, Does our camera(s) stoped working immidiatly after new cameras announced ?
        If you are pro, don’t you have several cameas ? You sound pathetic… What did you do for years till now if now you need D800 so bad that have no money to buy food and etc.

        • St.


          Exactly!!!!! see my comment above!

        • thebiter

          I’m not Yrsued, but both my main and backup bodies have been on the fritz since the end of last year.

          The cost of buying used/renting bodies until my D800E comes in is very expensive.

          So yes, delays in D800/D800E shipment forces me into dealing with more lost shots, camera malfunctions, frustration, and stress during photoshoots.

          C’mon, Nikon needs to get these cameras out! I can’t wait! =D

        • Are you kidding?

          I, your comment is unbelievable. NPS members, who earn their living with their equipment, should be able to buy (with their own money, at full price, just like everybody else) the newest equipment as soon as it’s on the streets. Regardless of what other cameras they might own, the new technology will (not might, WILL) improve their product, and therefore they will be more successful.

          Calling him “pathetic” for receiving preference in exchange for brand loyalty is, well…misguided.

          I’ll bet you’d be upset if NPS members got 50% off a D4, right? Earning the right to receive a new tool before the general public is not out of line.

          What if a surgeon had to wait to buy the latest surgical tool until all the “surgery enthusiasts” bought theirs?

      • Pyrate

        You don’t “need” a D800 to do your work. I am sure you already have other cameras in your stable. That’s just a lame excuse. Get in line like everyone else.

        • heartleica

          As a non-NPS member, I NEED the camera to take decent pictures. NPS members can prob take way better pictures with their iphone. Give to people that NEED it first. lol

      • Dan

        Who says! I earned the money to buy a D800 as well, even if it’s not performing photography. If it wasn’t for what I do (networking and wireless), you wouldn’t have the internet to pre-order in the first place. Therefore I should have priority since I deserve it more than you do even though I’m not a pro.

      • JB


        I’ve been buying Nikon products for more than 20 years as well. I may not be a professional, but I have spent WAY more than I could afford on Nikon equipment over the years. I have spent an insane amount in the last year. While I am not a professional, a large portion of my job involves photography and providing images for the agency where I work. I have TOTALLY supported my local camera shop.

        I’m fine with NPS members having priority, but I guess I’m not fine with fulfilling ALL NPS orders before anyone else. If a pro who has never supported the local camera shop orders 4 bodies (at any time…no timing preference), they are getting them all before I can have one. How about a policy that makes sure all NPS members get one, and then let us “little people” have a shot at one.

        Yea sure I guess I’m whining. I know life will be just fine without a new toy (I preordered a D4) and that the camera I have is better than I am….but it doesn’t change the fact that I want one and I really don’t have any clue if I should expect it in April or August….

      • I agree that Nikon should address the pro community first. However, as much empathy as I have for wanting/needing the new gear for your business I suspect that’s not the motivating factor for Nikon.

        I believe the motivating factor is as simple as Pros (as a group) spend far more money with Nikon than enthusiasts. In any business smart companies cater to their biggest customers. Just my two cents.

      • Jabs


        Exactly too – I was a Manufacturer’s rep and thus I saw and knew before hand what they were introducing to the Commercial Market plus certain salesmen could expedite equipment to larger customers before smaller ones got it.

        That’s how it works in America and I don’t know but suspect it is the same worldwide mostly.

        Customer priority is a fact of life for sure!

      • Agreed! Shortly applying for NPS and have no problem with 100% working professionals receiving the D800 before I do.. If my lively hood depended on it, I’d also want first dibs.

        We’ll all get ours in due time. I’m pretty high in the list so I don’t worry too much 🙂

      • Agree. I’m not NPS either.

      • Ralph

        I have no problem with Pros getting theirs first as long as they ordered in the first week. Any longer than that and they don’t NEED it.

        I’m not a pro but I have shot Nikon for 30yrs and I think I have as much glass as most pros, I think I deserve some respect as well and I don’t expect a pro who orders on a whim at the last moment should be given preference.

    • yrsued

      BTW, what Nikon is saying is that Pros are important to them too and Pros Need their gear. Canon has no such preference to their Pro members, and they pay up to $500 a year for the privilege to get NOTHING much!! Nikon is telling us that we are valuable to them.

      I don’t want to sound like an ass, but it sucks to the Canon users when Pros can’t get the gear they need without any preference after they shell out up to $500 a year.

      I use the living hell out of my gear, I just finished the Catalog for S&W, and I had to borrow a D3X for it because the D800 wasn’t out yet. How pissed off would any of you would be if you needed a D800 to pay for the Mortgage, Tuition and Food and someone down the street that is a serious hobbyist got theirs before you did. I would. I have to rent when someone else gets the gear I need and they are not earning their living with the gear I need. No offense intended to the serious shooters here, but if someone gets their camera before a Pro, they are interfering with our only source of income.

      • Daniel

        Rubbish. Why should it matter if one is a Pro or a Non-Pro? I don’t care how you put food on your table. The camera is released and anyone that pays money to buy it, should get it, first come first served. Just because you make money via photography using Nikon, shouldn’t give you the right to get it first. The system is flawed.

        • NG

          Thank you. Enough said.

          • Alex

            Right on, Yrsued- I too make my living with my camera gear. Let me rephrase that:

            I, too, had the balls to quit my “day job” 10 years ago and follow my passion. I earn all of my money as a freelance photographer, picking up work wherever I can. I am an NPS member, and just spent $10,000 on Nikon gear. Which I will use to pay my mortgage and support my family.

            HEY ALL YOU HOBBYISTS: Suck it. Wait 6 months to get your D4 so you can take pictures of your cat. Or whatever you want. I’m getting mine tomorrow, so I can use it to pay the bills. Yes, your photos might be better than mine. But GUESS WHAT: I’m here, with my clients, delivering quality images. You’re at your day job, on your computer, bitching about how pros suck.

        • yrsued

          Now, who is feeling entitled??

          This is NPS not Obamacare!!

          • Scott M

            Totally on your side. NPS is just good, smart business practice with the people who use Nikon gear for a living. I have no problem at all waiting for you guys to get yours first. The rest of you whiners probably ordered the same D800 in 18 different places, will get three delivered, cancel 15 at the last minute, send two back in a week and sell the one you keep on EBay after you play with it for a week. PS, S&W rocks.

            • Scott M

              PS, do you tell people you shoot for Smith&Wesson?

          • Agree with yrsued too.

            And I like the fact that he does work for S&W, but I’m more of a Bushmaster man myself. 😉

        • GrumpyDiver

          Nikon is just doing what any normal business would do, offering preferential treatment to their most important customers.

          Like all the other amateurs here, I would love to see it delivered tomorrow, but frankly, I can certainly live without it for a few days or even a few months. The pros on the other hand need the “competitive advantages”. Customers expect you to use the best, which is often the newest, technology. Personally, I’m glad I’m not a pro; too much of a rat race out there where even the soccer moms who have taken a couple of courses “go pro” and start a home-based business.

        • Rich

          I agree Daniel, yrsued says he has a bunch of pro bodies but needs his d800 before anyone else? What a pompous ass! Canon doesn’t do this crap because the value all of there costumers. I love Nikon and have been loyal for over ten years but this type of attitude they have drives me nuts. Let me kiss your ass so I can get into your exclusive club. I didn’t have the money to preorder but was hoping to get a d800 within the next few months but looks like I’ll have to wait for all the NPS snobs to get there orders first.

        • Swissclaudia


        • Daveaux41

          I completely agree with you YRSUED, I can tell that person has never run his own business. Nor should he with that type of attitude. I am serious hobbyist but also know the importance of great customers to keep you going when running a business.

      • ng

        The sense of elitism & “above the rest” smacks of selfishness & piggishness.
        You are so fortunate to make a living in this business. What are you complaining about dude?

        • yrsued

          How would you feel if the roles were reversed??

          Nuff said!!

          • NG

            You must not be happy dude. You are still getting your camera first right? And NPS is still around right? So what’s the beef?

            If roles reversed, the D3s would suit me just fine. If I needed MP punch, I wouldn’t bother with the D3X & rent a Phase One. Right? If the work is so important? All pros rent what they need in a pinch. Cost of doing business.

            If the roles were reversed, if you pay then you play. For everyone, just get your orders in fast & wait in line. But NPS
            loyal members should be given a discount & fast-track repair.
            First come, first served. It’s fair & no one can argue with that.

            If you are NPS/Pro, then it’s simple. Get your order in early. And wait in line like everyone else.

            See my points about Nikon dropping the ball more than anyone above.

            Nuff said.

          • yrsued, don’t sweat it, some people here are just bitter because you will get the D800 before they will. These people are geeks who need the latest and greatest to feel better about themselves, they want to be the first to get an unboxing video on youtube and the first sample shots on flickr. They need attention, plain and simple.

            I pre-ordered my D800 the second my local store would let me. I’m second on the list and hope to get my D800 this week. Being in Canada, not sure if there will be any extra delay or not. At the end of the day, I don’t care if you get yours before me, I just don’t want to wait until August to get mine.

            Like you, I’m a loyal Nikon user and have purchased several bodies and many lenses. I’m a hobby photographer, not a pro, and not an NPS member. If you are, and that is one of the perks of the program, then by all means use it. I would too, and so would all the whiners here.

            At the end of the day, if someone disagrees with the NPS policy of ‘pros come first’, they should take it up with Nikon and not direct their misguided rage at the photographers who are just taking advantage of a smart program.

            Enjoy the D800, I know I will 🙂

        • Zoron

          if you have it, you are entitled to flaunt it !!!!….u apparently can’t accept it ….jealously perhaps….you are evil!!

      • AXV

        Also just because I’m not NPS doesn’t mean I’m not a pro or that I don’t make more money than most NPS members off photography or that I don’t deserve my gear in time.

        • Then just join NPS; its free for professionals…

          • AXV

            Joining is not a solution to the real problem, they should prioritize members but this is not the way.

            So I had one booked with amazon and then they say “oh you know what? we are going to give it to an NPS member, he is worth more than you”.

            “And amazon, I told you I was going to give you 1,000 but you know what? let’s cut that in half, tell your preorderd they are screwed…”

            I was just talking in general, I am not really a pro haha. My D800 will be just a fancy toy, much like my cars (now that’s an expensive hobby) but that’s no reason to be treated like crap.

            Nikon should do a pre-sale for NPS members only, after they ordered, then anounce to the public with the ones they have left, so if you secure one, it’s not going to be taken away by some minimum wage photographer.

      • Garett

        If paying for rent, food, and tuition is reliant on the fact that you get this camera, you should probably be spamming the F5 key the second of the release 😉

        I’m not saying I do or don’t back Nikon’s decision to ship to the pros first (I actually do agree that they should) but there should be some kind of cutoff. If an NPS member decides 30 minutes from now that he wants one, I don’t think he should get one before Joe Schmoe that was serious enough to stay up all night F5’ing to be one of the first to pre-order.

      • BB

        I drive to work everyday… Without a car I can’t make it to work….

        Ferrari should sell “the first car” of their next new model to me… else i will be on the streets…

        • Charles

          This comparision doesn’t make any sense…
          Your work doesn’t directly affected by the car u riding. You can go to company even by bus and do a great job there.

          A more appropriate example would be :
          You are a race car driver but you can’t get a Ferrari because all other crazies are buying them before you do.
          Now you have to drive 10 years old camry to compete with others in a race.
          Do you think it’s fair now??

      • Jabs


        That is why you are a working Pro with assignments and your gear gets used and not pampered or traded like stocks on E-bay or such places.

        Nikon values your dedication hence the NPS Program. Others who want this advantage, then join NPS.

        Same as Microsoft having TechNet, Microsoft Developers and other such Programs to get things to their valuable Pro users before others and keep them up to date.

        Apple too has this in place, so time to wake people up to the reality of their own position without them running away from Nikon (LOL).

        Win8 – 64bit and others have been available to Microsoft Partners and Pros for a while and thus same thing. Anything new goes to some users first and that is the way it is.

      • another Steve

        I can smell the salt of a little tear dripping down my face…
        And I remember guys like you and their place on the school-yard back in the old times. You deserve it, man. You really deserve it – and anything else.
        You made my day.

      • Brock Kentwell

        Don’t listen to the haters, man. They want Nikon to be like Apple with a big damn line around the block for everyone, and thank the lord it isn’t like that (yet). It may be antiquated for a company to still throw some extra respect towards working professionals but it’s what sets Nikon apart.

        • Darkness

          +1. All those bitter losers forgot to ask yourselves why admin claims thanksgiving? Nikon never said that.

    • thebiter

      I wouldn’t be surprised if NPS orders of multiple D800’s won’t be completely fulfilled like the D4 orders.

      IE. If a NPS orders two D4’s, they are only getting one now and one later. Hopefully with D800’s they will be the same.

      FWIW, I cancelled my Amazon order and went with a small local store. who I don’t think has completely oversold their first shipment of D800E’s.

    • El Cabong

      Imagine the opposite situation, where working professionals had to wait in line behind a mass of random consumers who like putting holes in their wallets (like myself). Instead of rewarding the loyalty of the target audience of these products, for whom switching brands is not a lightly-made decision, it would aim to please a fickle consumer demographic that threatens to switch brands on a feature-by-feature basis (e.g. dpreview forums).

      Also, given the anticipated wait time for these cameras, not getting them in the hands of professionals asap before this summer’s Olympics would be a huge mistake.

    • Sofus Comer

      I actually dont believe that NPS members get all theres if they have ordered 3 or 4.
      They do however try and spread them out as much as possible.
      What kind of PR would nikon get by handing over 12 D4s to one company. My dear friends, the craving has only started and as we can see now, people are getting uptight maybe not getting theirs on time. Rent a good warmovie or go to the beach, if your lucky to live in a warmer climate. Bring your fantastic D700(0) or what ever camera and enjoy.

    • Eric

      Considering how important pros are to Nikon, it’s the right thing to do. Get the cameras into the hands of the opinion makers, and not only that, but it’s a professional courtesy.

      Nikon is kicking Canon’s butt in the pro support arena right now. I was a member of both NPS and CPS. And dropped CPS because it’s pretty much worth less in comparison to NPS. Nikon knows that people pay attention to what pros use. Not only that, they favor the high-end cameras for this kind of support. Though NPS did expedite my shipment of my D7000 when it first came out. (I was waiting for a replacement for the D3s or D700 at the time.

      All in all, Nikon supports pros. This is one way they can do it. There aren’t THAT many pros, obviously, because they had some left over in the first batch for the non-pros.

      So don’t feel bad. Nikon cares about you. But they must support pros first. That’s the nature of the business. Support us, or we go away.

  • I pre-ordered mine from Amazon within an hour of it opening and now Amazon is estimating shipping between April 16th and May 1st. Talk about a let down.

    • BenCK

      I ordered the D800 from Amazon 20 minutes before Nikon Rumors had even posted the links (so basically within seconds of the Amazon making the links available) and my estimated delivery date is April 13th to April 30th. Someone I know who ordered the morning after the announcement (basically 6+ hours after I ordered) says his estimated delivery is March 23rd to March 27th. I’d love to know how that makes sense.

      I just hope Amazon is wrong and I still get it shipped by the 23rd.

      • yes, their system is a mess – I would not believe any of their delivery dates at that point

        • PicturePerfect

          Totally agree about Amazon. These are the folks who started out with January of 2013 for Pete’s sake! I was promised by some person obvioulsy in India that I would get mine latest 3/23. Two days later they don’t know. Then it’s April 16-May 1.

          It almost seems like Amazon has no real handle on this and is just feeding people to keep the order. I had to confirm the new dates or would be cancelled, thank you very much. I have bought a lot of stuff from Amazon and am not a happy camper. For such a big retailer they should be doing a better job- and an honest one.

  • Jeff

    When I called B&H yesterday to check the status of my order for a D800 which was only placed about two weeks ago, they said the big question was, “if it will arrive before Passover or after”. The gentleman I spoke to me that sound like it would be a month or two at the most. August seems a tad ridiculous.

  • Bob

    I think Amazon is being pessimistic on purpose. I suspect some who ordered from Amazon in the US will get theirs this Saturday if not next week.

  • Alan

    August … I guess that’s a rumor too?

  • shay

    Still waiting for a full frame D400! Who’s with me !?

    • I don’t think it will happen, I think we will see a 24mp DX D400 in the summer.

      • NKOTBSB

        what’s with this high mp game…..Nikon playing Sony?

        • The sensor already exists on the Sony side, just seems to make sense for Nikon to use it in a body. Like it or not, MP still sells. I’m sure it will be a good camera regardless, Nikon hasn’t made a dud.

      • Nikon Enthousiate

        I was under the same belief for the following reasons:
        – 2012 Olympics opens July 27th. Nikon will showcase the D4 and many photo enthusiasts (like myself) will want to have “similar” equipment. It would make sense to have a new DX camera to entice those potential buyers.
        – Since the Thailand factory was supposed to resume its operation in January (and be back in full production in March), not sure if resuming production of D7000 would make sense (why make a boat load of units that is almost due for refresh).
        Now, I am not so sure anymore because
        – My Montreal local store received about seventy (70) D7000 units (they were BO for about 4-6 months).
        – They also received D3100 and D5100 as well (however the sale person did not show me how many of each).
        – Why would Nikon release another body now that could have some D800 pre-orders cancelled/replaced?
        But I am only speculating…
        Perhaps our admin knows better???

        • btdown

          a 24mp dx would piss me off if it drops before the d700 true replacement, although it probably will. I should just bite the bullet and order another d700.

    • TnT

      please please NO FF D400. I need a DX that can match up well against the 7D! i.e. ~18-20mp, dx, 7 fps, 20-25 RAW buffer, D4’s AF module!

  • Stevo

    I pre-ordered my camera seconds after it was available on Amazon. Yesterday I got an email that my order would be shipped on March 23. This morning they say not before April 16. Big let down.

    I learned today that AMAZON owns Seriously Amazon owns – is there no independent site anymore? Who owns this site?

    • I own this site. Amazon bought dpreveiw years ago.

      • Brock Kentwell

        …and NR ownz dpreview. For real.

        • I like the DPR forums. Still, I check this site FIRST. I have the [NR] RSS feed virtually beaming to my eyeballs anyway.

      • Darkness

        Canon owns this one.never has a site that steals a trademarked brand name spends so much time dissing it. Kudos to Nikon for not taking it down, but watch yourselves, they still could. May I suggest ‘N-rumors’ ?

    • I learn something new on [NR] every day…I had no idea Amazon owns dpreview. Deleting from my bookmarks! Admin, keep up the great work.

      • Patch28

        I can’t say that I agree with that course of action. Amazon’s owning dpreview is certainly something to keep in mind, but it does not totally invalidate dpreview as a source for objective data on various sensors. Take it as one voice of many and employ some critical thinking.

      • Actually since Amazon bought dpreview, they became much more “progressive”, they now even report rumors!

  • Jetfire

    August? 30,000 D800 a month times 7 months = 210,000 D800s pre-ordered. Wow I think it’s time for a second shift.

  • SwissClaudia

    Hello to everyone, since almost two and a half year I’m waiting for the D800, and I’m not a very patient person… I reserverd it the very first day early in the morning at a good known foto retailer in Switzerland. This afternoon I phoned when I finaly can go and fetch my disired camera. They said that they only got four D800 and they already gave away at people they ordered it before me. The first one of them put his order on dezember 2011. But they see, that I was the first on the official release day. They have no idea when they will get the next few D800, and they have no idea how many of them they will get. But they say, that they expext them in the next few days and probably I should get one of them… Can’ wait to touch one and make the first fotos. Good luck to everyone, that you get whatever you want.

  • KG

    Admin: any ideas when UK stores will be getting the D4?

    • broxibear

      Hi KG,
      Try Castle Cameras I think you might get lucky apparently they’ve got some left over after meeting pre-orders, worth a quick call.

      • KG

        Hi Broxibear, Thank you for the info unfortunatly ive ordered my D4 from Jessops UK but they are not giving me an acurate date, sales team says next week cmr team says this friday, some reason i dont believe either of them even though im “15 on the list”

    • they already did as far as I know, it’s all over with the first shipment

      • KG

        Thanks admin, the guy at Jessops UK said that they had a shipment of D800 today but no D4. Il chase them up tommorow.

        • R!

          To many preorders Nikon is spliting stock equally,D4 is in Paris France,D800 is comming tomorow,but not a lot of ’em!!!!!!!

        • KG

          Admin: Just found out that Jessops UK have not recieved the D4 as yet, today 2moro they say.

  • Gregory

    Well, if an order today isn’t going to ship until August … that sort of explains the price cuts over the last week. I ordered mine back on Feb 23 so I guess I’ll be watching for mine around … July. *sigh*

  • Simon Bunegar

    Interestingly enough NPS in the UK is only applying to D800E orders…at least that’s what Nikon told me on Monday.

    • Robin

      That’s how it should be in the rest of the world too, given as how Nikon markets the “E” version as a professional version of 800.

      No preferential treatment should be given to the non “E” version of 800

    • Daf

      Really! That’s darn harsh considering it applies to D700

  • Carl

    What a bunch of crybabies! If camera companies negotiate with professional groups to fulfill professional orders first, that’s a business decision they’re entitled to make for people who spend the most money buying their company’s products. And no, I’m not a member of that group. Most everyone who is waiting for a D4 or D 800 already has another decent camera. Go out and use it and stop the instant gratification complaining. Nikon has had to deal with tsunamis, nuclear fallout, flooding etc over the past year. Waiting another month or two for a camera doesn’t compare in the scheme of things.

  • KSW

    Well I’m a “working pro” who’s just not renewed with NPS after a couple of big moves so I’m waiting like the others for my B&H order. I do get regular emails from B&H that they’ve not received their allocation numbers from Nikon yet.

    This is the first time I’m sorry I let NPS lapse.

  • broxibear
  • Royster

    Wind your neck in.
    Don’t you remember that they had an earthquake and floods to worry about.
    It shows a lack of education when someone can’t express themselves without swearing

    • Rich

      If that’s the case why is Canons 5d mark iii already on the shelves at my local dealer? It was announced after the d8oo and Canon was also involved in the disaster. They may not be as high in demand as the d800 but I’m impressed at how fast they have gotten them out.

      • GrumpyDiver

        Perhaps launch execution (and a bit of luck) was on Canon’s side. From my reading of the information, the Fukushima earthquake knocked out Canon’s high end lens plant. In Nikon’s case, the bulk of the damage was to their high end camera manufacturing facility; where the D4 and D800 are assembled. If the initial (2011) launch date data was correct, they would have been well into setting up the assembly lines for new product production. Just rebuilding the assembly lines and all of the associated specialized equipment PLUS getting
        the component inventories in for the assembly process is a lot of work and has a fairly considerable lead time. I strongly suspect that these considerations had a lot to do with the current launch schedule.

        Then with the flooding in Thailand, Nikon got hit in the consumer lens and subcomponent plant, while Canon got hit at their ink jet printer facility.

        What I don’t know is who the various sub-component manufacturers were affected. Some things are easy to move around; moulds for the main body casting and injection moulding of the plastic parts, assembly of circuit boards, etc. Others are likely not; some components that go into proprietary parts like the sensor and image processor are likely tied to a specific production process at a single facility.

        • Zachery

          It’s very likely that this 36MP sensor is produced by Sony whose facilities were in Thailand and completely shut down for several months due to the floods.

          • GrumpyDiver

            Actually the Sony sensor plant is located in Japan, in Nagasaki. So the main impact would have been the rolling electricity blackouts that were in place after the earthquake are likely the only major impact they would have to deal with.

            • where_is_my_D800…

              Nagasaki is on the island on Kyushu. the only connection they have with the island of Honshu (where the earth quake happened on the east side of it) is probably a bridge. I seriously doubt if the power grids are connected… and if it is, the rolling blackout is likely limited to Honshu.

            • Rob

              It wouldn’t matter even if they were capable of being connected. Their electricity is 60Hz, whereas the affected areas of the blackouts operate at 50Hz. They are incompatible, which is one of the reasons the blackouts were even worse – the 60Hz power stations could not share their excess production (or increase production and share that) with 50Hz regions.

            • GrumpyDiver


              Yes and no. The power situation in Japan is a bit more complicated than that. Don’t forget that the electrical grid is integrated and all of the islands are on the same grid. We have friends in Japan on Honshu and Hokaido. During the first few weeks after the tsunami both island had some rotating blackouts, but that ended much more quickly on Hokaido. Industry was more affected that residental users.

              Because of the risk concerns a number of other nuclear plants were taken off-line. With some 30% of Japan’s electrical supply coming from nuclear prior to the earthquake, it’s down to having only two of the 54 reactors in the country online today. I understand that even these two are going down for a safety review / upgrading by the summer. You simply cannot take that much capacity off-line without impacting how things are run, so yes, the manufacturing facilities all over the country have been hit by a significantly reduced electricity supply.

            • My understanding of the Japanese electrical grid is it is divided into a 50 hz and 60 hz zones. Most of the lost capacity is in one zone and the ability to convert transfer power across zones is very limited.

            • Alan

              Restarting a fab is not a cheap or simple process. Just questioning the stability of the power supply would be enough to idle a facility.

            • GrumpyDiver

              The issue in restarting a fab is the risk of power going down and losing all those wafers that are in process. Very expensive risk so the fab operator would want to minimize that risk. I think you can get around 20 full frame sensors on a 200mm wafer, which means Sony is running some 1500 wafers a month (assuming no scrap) to produce 30000 sensors a month. I don’t know how long it takes to process a full wafer, but it is not a super fast process.

      • R!

        This is because they wanted to sale more 5DmrkII!!!!!!!
        Canon’s factory didnt suffer like Nikons,I got to say good job to the yellow brand!!!!!

      • luke

        yup I understand having to wait because of a tsunami and all the high demand… It is a amusing though that the 5d mark3 was announced 1 month after and is sitting on shelves

        • ロイス

          Bottom line the D800 is in demand way more the the Mark III.
          Ask any local camera shop.

  • Greg

    I don’t understand the complaining about the slow roll-out. This camera probably has a two year production life, and they’ve probably gotten half their lifetime orders already. There’s no sense tooling up a factory to meet this level of demand for a month and then idle it forever after. I want my new camera now, now, now, but that’s my failing, not Nikon’s.

    Sure, they could have delayed release until May so they could stock up for a massive shipment, but they’d lose money doing that and I still wouldn’t have my camera this weekend.

    Makes total sense to me that they give priority to their most loyal customers for the first units they manage to ship.

    • JB


      But based on your comment about the life cycle of the camera, you get the most economically by purchasing your camera at the very beginning of a cycle. Waiting 4-6 months of a 3 year cycle is a pretty big deal.

      • Greg

        Why? It’s not like the cameras stop working when production stops and you’re therefore getting less value. If you get every new camera 4 months after it announces, you still get the same step up in performance each time. Would things be different if Nikon produced the camera for 2 years but only made it available for sale during the later 20 months so they could stockpile for initial demand?

        There may be a small number of people who lose a competitive bid in that 4 months to a photographer with the latest gear, but I have to believe that’s rare and NPS would address most, if not all, of those.

        Looking at it from a cost perspective, the slow roll out is a just how it has to be. Looking at it from a utility perspective, you need to measure that 4 months against the length of your career not the camera production cycle.

  • Another D4 buyer

    My local shop got their D800 allocation – all going to NPS just like the D4. It doesn’t effect the price of beer, so no big deal. Complain about gas prices instead.

  • Gee, I don’ know Frank; They only experienced one the worst natural disasters to hit the country… ever.

    The 2011 earthquake and tsunami killed over 3,000 people, injured 27,000 and laid waste to a good deal of their infrastructure. It’s amazing that they have bounced back as quickly as they have…

    Who’s the C* now?

    • Garett

      Are you forgetting this camera was supposed to announce in August 2011? The 6-month push-back was due to the Tsunami. What were you saying, again?

      • again, I repeat – It’s amazing that they have bounced back as quickly as they have…

  • 2badNosad

    pro or not, that doesn’t give you elevated entitlement in my opinion. How would it be if that were priciple if buying a house, a car, a tv, or anything else… Just because you have a little membership card that labels you a pro doesn’t mean that you are or your 3K is worth any more than anyone else’s. There are alot of Faux-Pro’s out there that shouldn’t even be allowed to have a camera…..

    • Victor

      Obviously, you don’t own a house. Ever heard of a Credit rating. Poor rating no house, excellent rating you get a better interest rate and can qualify for more money.
      I guess I should sue Apple since I had to work I could not stand in line to purchase the new iPad. If I don’t want to wait in line shouldn’t I get one.
      It’s a shame that greed and jealously are so prevalent in our society. I agree with Nikon’s policy. It’s not like they hid it and sprung it on everyone at the last minute. You have two choices play by the rules or go buy another camera. I support the Pro’s that have dedicated their career to supporting Nikon. Without them there would be little need for Nikon to be the leader in photography equipment. I am excited to see some real world photo’s by the Pro’s to see how great this camera is.

      • Josh

        You are clueless. It’s not the Pros that Nikon needs, it’s the wealthy amateurs. The wealthy amateurs are the ones that buy way more cameras than pros and contribute to Nikon’s bottomline, so that Nikon can invest in R&D and make better cameras. Your logic is totally wrong!

        • Victor

          I didn’t see Nikon send the pre production models to amateurs to use and post pictures of how great the cameras are, they sent them to pros. If it is the wealthy that drive the bottonline then maybe they should give preference to Bill Gates and Donald Trump, etc… They can afford to buy several hundred and not ever blink an eye. Sorry you don’t get my logic and it maybe totally wrong but it is also wrong to be a cry baby because someone has followed the rules and get something they need to make a living.

          • 2badNosad

            We aren’t talking pre-production units… That’s the issue!! We are talking hard earned money from me to you to your Aunt Lilly in Idaho.. it shouldn’t matter once the product is available to the PUBLIC and no one should get special treatment at that point.

            • Victor

              I guess I don’t get your sense of entitlement. If you can explain to me why you need the camera more than the Pro that makes a living I may come over to your side.
              I work hard for my money as well and I would love to have my D800 on the trip I am taking next week with my family on my daughters spring break but the world’s not going to end if I don’t have it and a NPS person has one. In 10 years my daughter will not be able to tell if I took the pictures with a D3S or a D800.

            • 2badNosad

              I don’t have an NPS membership.But my point is that who defines what a “Pro” is- Nikon? or a membership card??
              I disagree with that aspect.
              I am anticipating this camera just as anyone else to use it for my LEGITIMATE photography business…
              You are reading to much into what I said and making assumptions that are baseless.
              Maybe I will just apply for an NPS membership then I too can look down on all the undeserving peasant’s…..

            • Victor

              I am truly sorry if I am coming across as obnoxios and rude and if I offended you.
              My opinion is like everyone elses, we all have one and it doesn’t mean that it anything more than a opinion.
              What makes a professional photographer is highly debated question. It may not seem fair to people but Nikon created a process to try to identify what they consider to be professionals. Is is flawed perhaps but at least they have tried.
              I shoot Canon, Sony and Nikon digital and 35 MM and I also shoot a variety of Medium Format and Large Format cameras. I use the equipment that best fits the needs that I have for a given situation. I think that is the point that is the point that you are trying to make in your third paragraph, that the D800 doesn’t fit your needs. I understand and agree with your point and I am pretty sure that Nikon will release a model to fill that gap. If you need something in the meantime and you are not heavily invested in Nikon lenses the Canon 5D Mark III is a good option. The Nikon D700 is a great choice if you have a number of Nikon lenses and can find one.

              Again I apologize for any offense as none was intended.

            • 2badNosad

              Okay, I say we end this mess here- it is not getting us our camera’s any faster. Let me straighten out if I caused confusion- I really don’t have a problem with NPS members getting the camera first, though in my opinion maybe it should be a pre-release before public availability- and not bumping off regular professionals that need/want the equipment just as much.

              Mainly my problem all along is that some people here are saying that Pro’s deserve the gear delivered first above all others because they consider themselves a “Pro”- and the qualifying factor of being a “Pro” was the NPS membership…..

              So, my point was that just because you are an NPS member, doesn’t make you a Pro- in my opinion.

              I certainly have too much invested to switch formats and love my Nikon gear too much. However, I do think Nikon got a bit over zealous with the D800 and my refernce to the 5d Mark III was that it seemed to be more balanced- again, my own opinion…

              I’m hoping that maybe they will release a toned down D800s or something, but considering the pricing I doubt it. Maybe some of the rumors that the D400 may go to a FF sensor will be true…

              If I offended you, or anyone else, I really do apologize!!
              I really can’t wait to see more images taken with the D800, as they should be spectacular.

            • Andrew

              If no one should get special treatment, then are you also saying that it is wrong to allow people to pre-order the product? Why don’t they just start shipping the product and let everyone buy the camera on a first come, first serve basis after the product ships? You see at some point the logic breaks down if you start arguing against policies a company sets for their products. You will not allow anyone to tell you how to spend your money, would you? Then how come you think it is right for you to tell a company what type of policy to set in marketing their products?

              It is not wrong for you to have an opinion, but I think in this case your opinion is wrong!

            • Andrew

              2badNosad, I did not read your last comment. You sound like a nice guy. Cheers!

      • 2badNosad

        And yes i do own a house- a very nice one that i earned with hard earned money. And i have excellent credit rating BTW. All of which allows me to buy a $3k camera and would expect to receive it no earlier or later than anyone else.

        Regardless, Nikon really is dropping the ball here and I think that the Canon 5d Mark III hits alot of the qualities that use FF D700 upgraders were expecting anyway to see…

        Also, an NPS membership card from 20+ years ago doesn’t necessarily qualify you as a “Professional” in my opinion… I’ve seen alot of garbage out there from supposed “Pro’s”..

        • Victor

          Conratulations on being a homeowner and the excellent credit rating. I am sure you worked hard to get both and deserve the rewards.
          I don’t agree with you on the Canon 5D Mark III. Cannon updated the poor autofocsing issues of the MarkII which is way over due and updated the sensor. Not sure if it worth the $1000 more than the MarkII and the D700 users that have more than a lense or two I could not justify the cost to switch.
          I have seen far more amatuers that think that their pictures will be better with better equipment than poor photo’s from Professionals.

          • 2badNosad

            let’s end it here because obviously the only opinion that counts is yours and you are obnoxious and rude about everything…

            I think Nikon jumped the gun and over compensated a bit too much for waiting 3.5 years to update the D700 and released a 36 mp monster.
            Hence, my reference to Canon….

            Are you aware that the D4 has a 16mp sensor? And the D800 a 36mp… My OPINION is that i would have liked to seen an updated FF camera that was optimal for users and had more flexibilty. I’m not spending $6k for a D4 and would have liked to have less than 36Mp’s versus more options and flexibility available instead of a very specialized camera that is the D800…

            Have a great time and hope you get great use out of your NPS membership. Maybe Nikon can send you a clue along with your new camera…

        • Andrew

          2badNosad, one final point, you should not speak badly about NPS members. I am confident that most of them are honest, hard working professionals and they deserve having their membership. If you are a professional, then apply to become a NPS member, Nikon does not charge anything for membership. If they approve your application, then you deserve to have the membership; we will all respect you for that. Then next time, you also can take advantage of your membership.

    • Jabs

      Tell that to a Real Estate Agent or a House Builder.

      Always someone ahead of you.

      Did you come before your mother and your father?

    • Andrew


      You can always find things to complain about, but that does not make you right. These people (i.e. professionals) have taken the time to get a membership and Nikon has also taken the time and resource to review their membership application. What you are saying is that they should not have special privileges for their membership. You are wrong.

      One of the largest retailers in the United States will not allow you to purchase any of their goods if you do not have a membership. Not only is Nikon’s policy legal, it makes sense.

  • Scott M

    I can only hope that Adorama reads this and loses your preorder. You don’t deserve a Nikon today or tomorow.

  • Robin

    Reminds me of the good old feudal system going back to good old Sir Richard the Lion Heart.

    Discrimination is fun if you are the elite.

    I wonder if crown princess victoria ordered a D800, she’s hot

  • Joaquim Prado

    well hope ritz send me on time!

    • lol@ritz.


  • Zoidberg

    I dont want to live on this planet anymore. You people must be idiots. For fuck sake, its just a camera! This is not photography enymore, just hysteria.

    • BartyL

      I’d hold off on leaving for another planet for a bit – none of the others look too habitable so far.

      Otherwise, +1.

    • John Richardson

      Maybe you can get one of those Green Lantern Rings? But before you go, can I have your stuff??

  • Gregory

    Well, there’s an upside to this. If your camera doesn’t ship until August, you can cancel your D800 pre-order for the next big thing, when the full frame / 16fps / ISO 512,000 D400 – made out of unicorn horn – is announced at the end of July…..

    • Really

      Right. But the downside to that upside is that if you want that camera the same *month* it’s released, you would have had to have pre-ordered it in January and you STILL wouldn’t get it on time because the first batch goes to NPS even if they order it the day before the release.

      Don’t get me wrong though, I think that’s really fair and demonstrates GREAT forsight. . .

      I guess what really irks me is the fact that Nikon, Amazon etc are all supposed to be professional yet they seem to have their heads lodged WAY up their asses with respect to logistics and simple disclosure to partners (including customers). Why wait so long for an announcement? Why announce that there will be an announcement? Why in the announcement did they say that the cameras will be released on a specific day knowing full well that they would never be able to supply in quantity? If you think they didn’t know they couldn’t deliver, think about how confident you are in Nikon’s decision making process.

      Here is an idea, why not announce that the product will be available to NPS on one date and to the general public on another date, this way there would be no hard feelings. Acknowledgement and respect goes a long way and I strongly believe if corporations understood this we would have less resentment all around.

      That being said I hope I get my pre-ordered D800 soon, but those hopes aren’t very high.

      • Andrew

        Are you saying that if NPS did not exist, then everyone who pre-ordered would have gotten their camera with the first few shipments? I think not. Whether there are NPS or not, it is likely that these cameras will be back-ordered for the next six months or more. You say that Nikon knew “full well that they would never be able to supply in quantity”. Nikon does not need to tell you that, you should have known that. Practically every new product that Nikon releases that is in high demand will be back-ordered for months. And besides, is it Nikon that you ordered your product from or some retailer? If you have any beef, then take it with the retailer from whom you ordered the product. Nikon will never give you the type of information you are asking for regardless of how much you curse!

  • No body

    Frank, because of your insulting insensitive remarks I hope you do not receive your new gear until 2014. Or better yet, I hope you switch systems. Putting up with all the cry babies here is hard enough but you sir insulted me besides Japan.

  • I preordered from Amazon right after it was released and shall remain on the list for now. I called my local camera store this morning and am now #7 on their list of D800 pre-orders. I’ll take whichever one comes first and cancel the other.

    I have no intent of selling my existing D700s until after I receive my D800s and test them to make sure I actually want to keep them. If you need a D3X for a special job, then either rent or buy one. Blaming Nikon for you not having the appropriate equipment makes you sound silly.

  • Ryan

    I literally just talked to a customer service rep at B&H photo, he said they are receiving their stock tomorrow and they have no idea how many they are getting. He did say that I was roughly in the top 200 orders and that he hoped I would get my camera in the first shipment. There must be some fast fingers out there, I ordered mine and had confirmation 15 minutes after the pre order sales went up at B&H. I also talked to a local brick and mortar shop in town, they have 54 pre orders as of last week, apparently if you pre ordered with them now they would expect you to have the camera in 3-4 months! There is so much demand for this camera it is really unbelievable, expect to deal with shortages for the next 6 months while they get production and shipping sorted out.

    • Another Ken

      Does anybone know the approximate time B&H opened up for pre-orders? I ordered a D800E on Mon 2/6/2012 9:14 PM but have no idea when they actually started. And, of course, they won’t say where you are on the list.

  • Not an NPS, but I see no problem with this policy. This is normal business practice. If you fly a lot, then you join air club, and you get free upgrades to first class ahead of those who are not preffred members. If you stay in hotels a lot you get upgrdades to better rooms and points to get free stay. If you rent cars a lot, you get free upgrades etc. Nothing worng with Nikon to provide this extra service to their prefereed members.

    • egon

      Then why not go by how much one spends on Nikon products?

      • Andrew

        I think you are missing the point. The point is that companies set policies based upon the criteria that is important to them. In the case of the airline, it is frequent flyer; and in the case of Nikon it is being a professional who has purchased a number of Nikon professional equipment. In your home, you may also establish policies. For example, you may block calls from telemarketers. The point is in life, people and companies set policies that are beneficial to them. As a professional photographer, you may also set policies as to what your minimum rate is for certain jobs or what type of clients you would work for. We have to think beyond our current desires.

  • AlwaysKnow
  • Chris C.

    Is it NPS or NBS? I’d say it’s Nikon’s Bull Sh*T program. Nikon is where it is today because of consumers, not because of professionals. Consumer sells are way above pro sells. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that the pros should get their cameras first but not at the expense of the hobbyist/consumer. It would work a lot better if Nikon would take payment direct from the pros and ship straight to them rather than taking a big chunk out of the first “consumer” shipment. My $3000 is just as good as the pro’s $3000 and it shouldn’t matter whether I make a living at photography or if all I do is take holiday snaps and shoot the kids, money is money!

  • BB

    I drive to work everyday… Without a car I can’t make it to work….

    Ferrari should sell “the first car” of their next new model to me… else i will be on the streets…

    • Great analogy

      Great analogy

    • Andrew

      I guarantee you that they will if you offer them a few million dollars.

  • FF

    blah blah blah

    I bet it is us non-pros that spend more money on Nikon “pro” gear than the NPS folks. Pros always seem to talk about how they don’t need the latest gear and don’t understand why us “amatuers” are such gear heads.

    • Andrew

      I am sure that most of the $3,000 to $6,000 cameras are bought by professionals and those that demand professional features. The professionals (i.e. NPS) need the cameras now! The amateurs can wait, and they should! But regardless, the high-end specs in these cameras are what the professionals are demanding and it is the professional press that review these cameras (not the amateurs!).

  • Dennis Oakley

    Why do NPS members get priority over other customers? It seems to be poor marketing to tell a large segment of your customer base, “You are second class citizens.” In my view it should be first come, first serve. Amateurs buy a lot of equipment — some may be as much or more than some NPS members. These folks shouldn’t be told you’re not as important to us as other customers. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

    • Jabs


      Welcome to the real world of wholesale, retail and special customers.

      Go to an NBA, NFL or NHL game and see if you get in before the players, the coaches or even the staff that cleans up or sets up the various Stadiums for the game. Heck, the Media is perhaps there camped out in RV’s days ahead trying to set up their equipment. Same in Concerts and much of life.

      Priorities – as most Companies buy 50 or more of one Nikon camera body, so guess what?
      Same for the Olympics and yes, all or most Companies do this.

      MONEY talks and all else walks = life, so get used to it and then wait for your turn.

      Did you get a Nikon camera before the testers and the Reviewers all over the world?

      Heck, the US military got the D4 and D800 long before many others, so what now?

    • Chandra

      I am not a NPS member. But, having said that, I don’t have a big issue about NPS members getting their gear early. In my mind, it is not too different than frequent flier programs at airlines. If you fly a lot, you deserve to get upgraded and other perks (like lounge access). That doesn’t mean the airline doesn’t value other paying passengers. They just want to take care of the more loyal ones. As long as the NPS members are buying often and enough, they should get priority. Again, I’ll go back to my frequent flier analogy. One gets to keep that privilege as long as they keep flying and they get knocked down once they stop flying. So, if you buy enough gear, maintain your status. If not, get in line like the rest of us.

      • Anonymous

        Excellent Analogy!!! +10000000

      • Vincent

        so which frequent flier programs are you in ?

  • Jabs


    A correction for this:

    NPS members in the US who pre-ordered the D800, received and email notification today that their camera is being shipped. The process will be the same as with the D4 – all NPS reservations will be filled first and then the remaining cameras will be shipped to “regular” pre-orders. As far as I know Amazon doesn’t ship NPS priority purchases, so everything they will get on Friday will be send to existing pre-orders.

    I was told that if you haven’t ordered a D800 by now, you will have to wait until August for delivery.

    Should be this instead:
    NPS members in the US who pre-ordered the D800, received AN email notification today that their cameraS ARE being shipped. The process will be the same as with the D4 – all NPS reservations will be filled first and then the remaining cameras will be shipped NEXT to “regular” pre-orders. As far as I know Amazon doesn’t ship NPS priority purchases, so everything they will get on Friday will be senT (or shipped) to their existing pre-orders.

    I was told that if you haven’t ordered a D800 by now, you will have to wait until August for delivery.

    Not really a big deal.

    • fixed, thanks

      • Jabs

        That was fast – lol.

        I am going to try and say this without seeming like a blabbering fool or a little child – the speed with which you give us feedback and the humbleness that you display here makes you endeared to many in a world of Internet Web sites where their cockiness covers their faults and no one can tell them anything even when you are right.

        It is like a breath of fresh air here – keep up th good work, as it is the small differences that really count.

        You might be Nikon’s best Ambassador – lol (shhhhhh) before they club you over the head – just teasing.

        • Garett


          Keep it up, Admin! You’re awesome!

        • Thanks Jabs, just please watch your language when you reply to other NR readers 🙂 I had to delete some of your comments again.

          • Jabs


            Sorry, but I had not noticed as very busy today – lol.

            OK, I will try and do better in the future.

            • Rob


              A correction for this:
              OK, I will try and do better in the future.

              Should be this instead:
              OK; I will try to do better in the future.

              Not really a big deal.

            • Jabs


              If one says that they will try and be better, then they are promising to be good (not doing that as not some little brat or child).

              When one says that one is trying to do better, then they expect either their actions or reactions/replies to others to be tempered, less hostile or even more courteous plus even leave them alone.

              English is my first language and College educated plus an all around nice guy and ‘muttonhead’ too – lol.

              I often choose my words carefully too.

            • thanks!

    • ACon

      Not sure how true that is regarding NPS getting first shipment. I picked up my D4 this week at my local camera store, which is also a fairly decently large online retailer. I am NOT NPS. I pre-ordered my D4 the day it was anounced, hours after B&H filled their online pre-orders. I just called the store in the morning (EST time) and pre-ordered with a live person.

      I was told that their second shipment due in is for NPS pre-orders.

  • rw

    I don’t mind waiting a little for the dust to settle before my D800 arrives. Hopefully, all the reviews will be positive and the Pros will give this camera a workout before mine arrives. I was all for the NPS guy getting his camera until he throws out the politics angle. Now, I hope he gets his right after the elections. 🙂

  • Mark

    I’m not a pro. I do believe that those earning a living faith photography should be the first recipients. For the rest of us, waiting a bit longer for our toys shouldn’t be a problem.

    Of course those still in there prams may shout and complain …. Time to grow up.

  • GrumpyDiver

    It’s nice to see all of these experts in manufacturing, product launches and supply chain issues.

    1. If Nikon had these in stock months ago, they would have already shipped. You don’t build up expensive inventory and have it sitting on the shelf for months on end and not bringing in money. No business runs that way. You do try to build up a “reasonable” launch volume. But frankly, the “right” amount of launch inventory is always a best guess.

    2. Product launches often account for a very significant portion of your annual sales. I can’t speak for how things work in the camera business, but in other industries I’ve worked in, product lauches could be around half of your annual sales of the specific item.

    3. Starting up a new product is not a trivial task. The whole supply chain has to come together at the factory so that the goods can be produced. Some of the products are likely”off the shelf” commodody parts (mostly screws, fasterners, connectors, switches) while others are custom parts (body casting, circuit boards). Some of the parts could be constrained by the supply chain; I remember reading that Sony can only produce about 30,000 of the 36MP sensors a month. It makes you kind of wonder if this is the main manufacturing constraint on Nikon; a single source of supply, with no alternative source.

    The folks at Nikon are no doubt happy about the large number of pre-orders and would love to fill them before people change their minds and either defer or switch to the competition. For the rest of the world, we just get to wait for our turn.

    • Alan

      Just to further your point, I don’t understand this argument that by catering to NPS members, they’re alienating a much larger customer base– it’s not like Nikon has the cameras in a warehouse and they’re just refusing to ship them so they can play kingmaker…

      Bogus numbers here, but just to illustrate the point let’s say there are 5,000 NPS members, 50,000 non-priority preorders, and 6,000 cameras. No matter what they do, there are going to be 49,000 unhappy customers out there waiting for their cameras. If they release it to the masses randomly, then about 4,000 of those unhappy customers will also be 80% of their *best* customers, while some fraction of the “happy” masses will be on here tomorrow saying they’re switching to Canon because they think it sounds more like a weapon.

      It’s amazing how easily people twist up their logic to justify a position they find personally advantageous, and how bizarrely confident they are in believing their 10 minutes of reflection on the subject exposes a company with 100 years of history in this business as naive.

      Please, people, go to and spend this energy complaining about frequent flier programs. Do some good in the world.

  • Dan

    I too am an NPS member. I have been using digital cameras professionally full time for 20 years, they were pretty lousy back then for sure. I have also been at 12MP with no option for video since 2005, been fine. But with three bodies all with the rubber falling off, all over 150k in cycles, this upgrade is just in time. I had ordered two D4’s but last week gave one up. Read, I did not flip it on eBay for a profit, I told NPS I no longer needed two so give it to the next person in line. In both cases of the D4 and D80o, I put my orders in with my supplier of 20+ years a week before the official announcements.

    I understand the frustration of amateur, happy snap, got to have my new toy people, but I do not understand the venom towards hard working pros who both order early and have an NPS membership. These are tools folks and like it or not, Nikon’s heritage of innovation and build quality comes from their partnership with pros, not amateurs. Yes, amateurs make up the bulk of the sales, but the testing, the innovation and the entire design of the pro caliber bodies come about because pros ask for it if not demand it.

    My D800 shipped today, I am going to test it out for a day then get right to work with it along with the D4. I am not sure what my third body will be, I might just keep one of my D700’s or get a second D800 but either way, I can wait on it. But getting my D4 and D800 before some of you, it’s strictly business man and if you can not deal with that, then you honestly need to find a hobby that creates less grief in your life because this NPS thing is not going to change.

    Like the fact you can change the flash exposure compensation on the body instead of taking your eye off the viewfinder all the time? Love the fact you can now do focus pulls with AF lenses on an iPad instead of needing a focus puller on manual AIS and Zeiss glass? Will you like the next flash that Nikon comes out with that uses a new tube that can self color correct according to white balance?

    If you like these things, then good, because pros like me invented them in our partnership with NPS. You may have to wait a bit to enjoy these features, but at least to get to enjoy them because we are pros who are dedicated to making the best images in the world and constantly bringing innovation to the entirety of photography, like it or not.

    • Victor


    • Amateur, happy snap

      yrsued (Above), argues this point well. He’s uncompromising, but straight forward.
      You, Sir, come off as pompous and patronizing…. oh… and wrong once you get past your first paragraph.

    • Jabs


      Exactly, but people seldom can deal with the reality of life and when you tell them this, they call you pompous or worse.

      You worked hard and now your reward is scoffed at by others after you played by the rules – well tough!

      Every, if not all Industries do that – welcome them to life.

      Most only like it when they are on top, but when below, they now want to be equal and then when equal, they want to be exclusive without merit and then exclude others – complainers for sure!

    • Scott M

      Excellent points made Dan. Innovation comes from working pros complaining to Nikon. They listen to you guys…thanks.

    • Chris C.

      Some very good points in your argument except the last one……….pros do not make the best photos in the world just because you are pros! You are a professional because you get paid for what you do, that doesn’t always make you the best at it. It does make you consistently good at what you do because you have to be good to make a living, and it get’s you the front seats to the action, whether it be sports, lifestyle or landscape which most amateurs rarely get the chance of.
      I run a big camera club in my local city and I find that most of the amateurs produce the best photos from our meetups, not the pros. I’m sure this has something to do with having a passion to shoot and not a need to shoot, but who knows. I also spend a lot of my time at these meetups showing the professions how to use their cameras and again I’m sure this is because I have the time to learn new things and take the time to learn them because I’m passionate about my hobby. I’m not sure where I’m heading with this now, but don’t think just because you have the title of “pro” that you automatically have the ability to create better images than the person stood next to you because they are an “amateur”.

      • Dan

        Chris, you are right to a point. If you take all the amateurs and then all the pros in the world and then show the very best work and see who shot it, it will mostly be pros who come out on top. It takes raw talent to bring it to the next level, many pros simply have more time to work on this since they get to live photography, 24/7/365. Yes, there are many amateurs who make better pictures than several pros, but the overall result is that pros still come out on top.

        Another thing, not all pros do it for a job or a living, some of us do it because it is in our blood, who we are and do it for a passion, don’t really have a choice…and get paid full time to do it. I can assure you that Jim Richardson has just as much fun shooting as Joe Software Developer….

        • Chris C

          @ Dan,
          Thank you for your comments, you make a lot of sense and put it better than I did.

      • CB

        The state of photography.

        As a former professional photographer most of my work was with a 4 x 5 Cambo and 500cm Hassleblad, 35mm was reserved for holidays and snapshots (Nikon F, F2AS) as the quality was just not good enough for most commercial use. In those days business and people in general had no reservations about paying for quality work.

        Today however things have changed with the advent of the internet, many things are available “free” this has caused many problems with the music and photographic industries.

        Combine that with the advances in technology in both industries which almost takes the mechanics of the camera out of the “picture” and makes it much easier to produce good technical quality images even from someone picking up a camera the first day.

        This has allowed the amateurs/hobbyists to cut into the former realm of Photography businesses, working for very little money or for “Free”. I believe the people earning their living from photography need every edge they can get, so if it’s getting the latest equipment first then I fully support this.

        My Daughter earns her full time living with Photography and it is a tough business.

    • JB


      I do appreciate you comments, and I do certainly recognize the contributions made by professional photographers. I would agree the skills of most exceed the non-professionals out there. I also agree that Nikon is right in making sure NPS members have the new stuff in their hands first. I understand I don’t have to have a new camera today. I’ve made it for a while waiting and I’ll be fine as frustrating as it is.

      My problem is not with pros, it is more with Nikon and those are twofold.

      First, their total secrecy about everything. I know that there are several NPS members that have ordered 4 D4s at the camera store where I have been a loyal customer that will receive all four of their cameras before I can be considered. I also understand if a NPS member walked in today an needed to add some additional cameras, they would receive priority over me. When bodies are trickling in at one or two at a time, it leaves me to have no idea when I might get one. Could be today(yea right)….could be months. If I had some feeling, I could resolve myself to that fact and move on…instead I’m left hanging. Honestly, if I knew right now that I wasn’t getting one for months, then I would probably just turn the money over and get a 300 f/2.8 and be happy.

      Second, I don’t like a policy that isn’t uniform. To me this policy says “Local stores…you can only supply NPS members”. Big online retailers…you can supply anybody. If the policy is to supply NPS first, then DO NOT send cameras to Amazon until all NPS members are fulfilled and all sellers can fulfill orders of non-NPS members. To me, this hurts the local store. I can’t imagine in the future that I would pre-order anything from a local store. I tried to do the right thing supporting my local store and it will end up penalizing me.

      Just like you, we’ve all been waiting for an upgrade for a long time. My D300 is on it’s second shutter and my D7000 is starting to have issues with the memory cards. I realize that I should have just bought a D3s a year ago, but their scarcity and the “looming” upgrade kept me from doing so.

      I hope you enjoy your new cameras…I both happy for you and jealous!!! 🙂 Please keep us updated of your impressions and maybe one day Nikon will find a way to catch up so that we can all enjoy the latest technology.

  • R!

    I dont have the D800, but I have the “brochure” and they say on it that,the antialyazing filter as been inprooved in the way that the definition is better ,probably like the D7000 that already have a more sensitive sensor than the previous models…
    So guys dont try to get the D800E exept If you dont want to shoot to much video and know what you’re doin!!!!!!!!!.

  • Jabs

    Here are some new D800 samples at various ISO’s and with different subject matter plus RAW’s.

    Maybe this will make the wait manageable – LOL

  • Ho hum, but within a few months there will be enough of these to go around. I really want to see the images from these, real world stuff, not samples or stuff from elite pro’s.

  • MMI

    Or, you might have received one of these notes from the NPS blue today:

    Dear NPS Member,

    We received your priority request for the D800 and are getting ready to ship cameras. In the case of B&H orders – these cameras will be drop shipped directly to you instead of the store. In order to do that – You must contact B&H and pay for the camera before they will release it for shipment from our warehouse.

    No camera can be shipped without their authorization – if you have not paid for it – contact B&H and do so quickly. If you have paid in advance for it – they still have not cleared it so you should contact them ASAP.



    Had all kinds of trouble coordinating the B&H purchase and NPS priority shipment, pre-paid mine with B&H long ago and inquired of B&H yesterday on its whereabouts, and this was what I received. I was then told to check with B&H and they confirmed they’d forwarded my order to Nikon long ago. Mack to NPS where I was told, “I won’t know until I get their cleared list later this afternoon.” Well, it’s almost 4:30 p.m. EDT…

  • FM2Fan

    Just in case anyone is interested in images taken with a D800.
    I had one hour this afternoon – images are shown here:

    This is not a serious test nor a planned session. I had one hour and took some pics.
    As simple as that …

    • David

      Thanks for sharing these!

  • Wes

    OMG someone pays for better, priority treatment?!

    OMG Amazon prime people get 2day for free?!

    OMG First class airline passengers get bigger, better seats and better food and better service?!

    What is this world turning into?!?!??!?! /sarcasm

  • doug

    Ill be tomorrow 9:30 am sharp in front of Jessops to get my spanking new D800, will probably be on the first 100’s serial, because they had to ship this ones first so then they can release almost simultaneously Worldwide ;p

  • UncleDusty

    I pre-ordered my D800 at “the local shop” on 8/23/2011 and paid in full on 2/7/2012. When I asked the salesman when he thought I’d get mine, he said, “you’re in good shape.” Their Nikon rep told them to expect 10-20 D800s (they received 2 D4s). There were only a couple NPS customers on their waiting list that he could recognize. He also mentioned that they do not know exactly how any NPS members’ will come with the order, as that info is included with the packing slip and will arrive at the same time as the cameras. He thinks that they will arrive either tomorrow or Friday at the latest, and is currently pressing refresh on their Nikon shipping webpage for tracking info. Once he gets word, he’ll call me and I’ll post an update.

    You may have done all you could to get yours on time, but it wasn’t enough. I don’t feel sorry for anyone waiting for an online vendor to ship theirs; not because they didn’t shop locally, but because they didn’t do their homework. Stop whining unless you put forth the extra effort.

  • FM2Fan

    I you can’t wait: I’ve seen pre-ordered ones in several shops in Switzerland. some D800 are even in the show-room i.e. not reserved. Anyone for a trip to Switzerland?

    • HS

      Where in Switzerland? I will in Geneva in like 3 weeks

      • FM2Fan

        to my knowledge in Zurich, Bale, Bern – not sure about Geneva, but would be surprised if not. (I’m not a cam-sales … but: we’ve been lucky over here with the early delivery. As far as I can judge: the D800 will become a top seller.)

  • trialcritic

    I think that we are making too much of this both ways. Give it another couple of months and it is a level playing field for D800, whether you are an NPS member or not.

    We amateurs should not complain too much about this, yes NPS members do give a valuable input to Nikon. They have ideas which have helped in building products.

    However, by the same token, the NPS member should not be pompous about themselves. Whether they like it or not, firms like Nikon survive due to non-NPS members as they make the largest portion of their revenue. They should appreciate us for sponsoring the innovation in the products they use. So, it works both ways.

    • Dan

      I bet this all works out fine, Nikon wants to sell the cameras to you, that’s obvious. I don’t mean to come off pompous but really, it is not any worse than some of the posts on here from the other perspective. I spend my life making photographs, not waiting for gear. I have needed video since 18 months ago, this is just in a nick of time, so as much is it sucks for someone else I am getting my gear before them, my rear is on the line and I did not want to buy a 5D-II just to get video in my arsenal. While I am waiting on my D800 this week and not out shooting, I will be making fine art prints in my real darkroom to fill orders…what are you going to do?

      • trialcritic

        Dan, I understand your point.

        For me, photography is a hobby and a passion. It is not my job, there is a clear difference.

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