Who wants to see the Nikon D800 on nikon.de?

What about the Nikon D800? It is ready to be announced... Don't believe me? Just take a look at the second camera from the right on the above image that just got published on the official website of Nikon Germany. Here is the bigger version:

Looks familiar?

And how about that D800 logo that looked so "fake":

Is today a good time to discuss this Nikon D800 poll or should we wait till the official announcement? Because 6,771 readers were wrong and did not believe me and I promised to go over the results again once the camera is official  🙂

Now JoeMcNally should not longer worry about what would [NR] do after the D4 announcement - the D800 is coming (I made this comment on his blog, but I doubt he will ever approve it).

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  • Admin, have you heard any rumours about an updated D700? D700s with video would be fantastic.

    • Camaman

      Keep dreaming… The world is moving forward to new things not updating old tech…

      • The D700 is plenty enough camera for most pros. Of which I one. What I don’t like doing is spending money unnecessarily. I’ll get a D800 if I’ve got no choice, but I don’t really need 32 megapixels. I’d just like video in a D700. Not too complicated for you surely?

        And the D4 is essentially an update on old tech in any case.

        • nick m


        • I recently got D700 upgrading from D90 and its still too much for me . I don’t want video and if rumors are correct 36MP will be useless for me .16mp would have been nice ,but it seems Nikon wants to take different approach with D800 ,which I feel won’t replace D700 in any case.

          or D700 with 14mp or 16mp chip ,Video under $3000 would be nice ,but I’m asking too much from nikon now .

    • rob

      lol is right. read something.

    • Andrew

      There is discussion that Nikon might come out with a smaller (body) D4, with 16.2 MP, thus the successor to the D700. Though this will make sense, it is pure speculation at this point.

  • snesie

    Admin, the reply on Joe McNally comment put a smile on my face.

  • MatsB

    Most websites (at least in Europe) has changed the picture to what seems like a quite old one… To me it looks like all 3 versions of D3 (D3, D3x and D3s), D700, and both D300s and D300 (?)

  • PixPix

    ahahahh Nikon Website is down for maintenance….we did catch them with this pic!! Congrats Peter:!!

    This was the D800 indeed!!

    • filoupus

      …and so is nikon.de
      i wonder how/if they are going to explain this now that the cat’s out

    • A

      Nice!! So, it is indirectly confirmed!

      Launch in Feb, Ships in April

      Now I can save a bit before and trying to get a really good price on the D700 on ebay as early seller. Info is king!

    • Marc W.

      Looks like it was changed back to the D700.

  • Marc

    Great news. Once the real announcement is made and I can check the final specs I it will be ordering time. The D800 still has my preference though..

  • Marc

    On the Belgian Nikon site the picture is still showing, but I noticed server unavailable messages when checking the German site. I think this was an orchestrated leak..

  • Psycho McCrazy

    Keep Rocking Peter!

  • Discontinued

    This lineup looks somewhat WEIRD. The D700 went down to the right and has shrunk whereas the D300 has grown and comes next to D3? I am not saying it means anything but this is rather confusing.

  • pipestime

    That photo is in nikon.es too

    • Martin Rock

      Not anymore.

  • John

    The Nikon.de website is down now!

  • Nick

    You got it right for once. High five. What about dredging up all the times you were wrong even when posting with utmost confidence.

    • Andrew

      Do you take pleasure in attacking people? Don’t be surprised when people don’t seem to like you.

  • Dave P

    I think the model with the smile rather than red triangle on the consumer photo is just the D5100 but it is hard to tell

    • ShaoLynx

      Not the D5100 at all. Look it up on the official site: completely different layout of the buttons.

  • Dave P

    What’s with all the negativity Nick and DL (or are you one and the same) credit where credit’s due Peter nailed both the D4 and seemingly the D800 while thousands of people confidently posted that the recent photos and specs were BS. Maybe you were one of them and now feel a little foolish? Good work NR.

  • Ron

    Look what I found:

    I went to the D4 page, and swaped out D4 for D800 in the url, and it works. It goes to the D4, but why have it work at all?

  • Cyntha

    If it is shipped in April, when will retailers like the shop on the corner will have it in store and will they get trained on how it works?

  • Richard Bellemare

    Nikon.de is back with with a different picture. That was a great catch. Now let wait for the launch.

  • Lukas
    • CB

      right, but look at the cameras show – the first is not D4, because the red mark below the trigger button is wrong (the older design). Also there are six cameras shown – D4, D3s, D3x, D700, probably D300s and ??? (maybe still the discontinued D300 or something else?)

    • CB

      Forgot to say that on the site pro DSL site only five cameras are listed (D4, D3s, D3x, D700 and D300s).
      Also, the ranking of the cameras on that site has been changed during the day…

  • Markus

    At least he can sound cocky…can you?

  • PixPIx

    Nikon is back with the old picture… I imagine the guys:

    Nikon Sales -> ok let’s put the header with the D4!
    Nikon webmaster ->- done


    Nikon Sales reading NR -> ohh shi….
    Nikon webmaster: wha?
    Nikon Sales: you never told me you already inserted the D800 on it!!!!
    Nikon webmaster: i am fired?
    Nikon webmaster: no at least you did not put the D400


  • PixPix

    Nikon is back with the old picture… I imagine the guys:

    Nikon Sales -> ok let’s put the header with the D4!
    Nikon webmaster ->- done
    Nikon Sales reading NR -> ohh shi….
    Nikon webmaster: wha?
    Nikon Sales : you never told me you already inserted the D800 on it!!!!
    Nikon webmaster: i am fired?
    Nikon webmaster: no at least you did not put the D400


    • PixPix

      sorry for double…

    • Martin Rock

      lol Some will be slapped on the wrist !

  • robertkrasser

    please where is the evidence that this is the D800, once againe it is placed between D700 and d300 – so it will be a lower priced camera than the D700. Is much more logic to me tman a D800.

  • Budiman lays

    I just hope that D800 will inherit D4 sensor hahahaha…. *Finger Cross*

    • Marc W.

      And not $4-5k!

  • Twoomy

    Admin–I BELIEVE YOU!!! But are you suggesting the D800 will be announced sooner than early February?

  • Found my way here from the comment on Joe’s blog… 🙂

  • MC

    Admin, the largest photo dealer from Romania, F64 shows again D3s as “end of production”… See: http://www.f64.ro/nikon-d3s-body-full-frame.html In the same time D3X is “unavailable”.

  • Mark

    Admin, you are considered the god of reasonable rumours – your performance with the D4 is mere proof. Of course there are people who are sceptical. However, they should give you the benefit of the doubt where doubt exists. And they can only have doubt if they have some facts, which none appear to have had.

    Again, congratulations on your acuracy of the D4. It is a good way to start of the New Year.


    • Pixelhunter


    • Cass Roads

      “the god of reasonable rumours” – now that is a great job description. I’d like to see it on a business card…

  • bp

    Noooo!!! nikon.de is posting that fake picture?? it’s a fake… the pixel doesn’t even match, the blur on the grip needs a little more photoshop work, I see repeating pattern there, it’s a composite of D5100 + D7000 + D3000 + 600D + iPhone + blahblah

    stupid fake detective


    • PixPix

      Your comment is stupid indeed.

      • bp

        you don’t say?

        • Martin Rock

          Good imitation !

  • ericnl

    Admin: with the above line up of FX cameras (I’m ignoring the D300s for the sake of my argument) the D700 would be considered a dinosaur, but still is in this line up.

    how big do you estimate the chance that there will be a D700s in the future, so at least the D700 has a video option and slightly improved iso/noise ratio?
    and if so, which time span are we talking about?

    I expect that D700s to be like a crippled D4:
    no vertical grip
    lower pfs rate
    no HDMI out for video, just the in camera compression
    no remote control via iPad
    etc, but same resolution, same iso as D4

    so basically a D700 body with a D4 sensor…

    • andy

      It’s very unlikely Nikon that will do another D3/D700 combo.

      • Andrew

        I am not sure I agree with you. Selling a $6,000 (D4) camera is not exactly the way to reach the mass market. If Nikon can sell the D800, a 36 MP full frame camera for less than $4,000, it should be cheaper for them to produce a 16 MP full frame camera for less than $3,000. The D700 is extremely popular. None of the cameras announced so far is an acceptable replacement for the D700. People buying the D700 want exceptionally clean/high ISO as opposed to high megapixel. So I would have to conclude that in this instance, I believe you are wrong – it is highly likely that Nikon will introduce a true D700 replacement.

  • Nikon Sniper

    It’s the D800, Look at the red stripe. It’s the same as the D4, But not like the other nikon web sight being listed.

  • John C Picking Jr

    Nice job all around, Admin!

    It looks to me like D4, D3x, D300s, D800, D700. My guess from that is that there will be a DX pro camera after D300s. I think it’s possible that eventually there will be a D700 stills only replacement that is not the D800. The D800 looks like a 5dIII killer with video like D4 but a different path than D700. D700s in the fall?

    This fits what Admin has been saying for months with some of my own guesses.

    • Any Anon

      They list 5 professional models, but 6 bodies are seen on the photo. Weird?

      Maybe D400 is the rightmost one…

    • seb

      I think they have changed the pictures back to the “official” version in all countries. Just checked all of the link that have been posted here. Hopefully nikon did this on purpose, some viral marketing to fuel rumours all around the world. That would mean they intend to release the D800 soon. Personally I find it quite silly to leave customers out there guessing as to what kind of product comes next and when.

      • ” I find it quite silly to leave customers out there guessing as to what kind of product comes next and when” +1

      • Andrew

        It is not silly at all, it is good marketing. The more they keep consumers guessing, the more people get anxious. Why are you at Nikon Rumors site, is it not because you are anxious to know what will come next? Maybe you came here unintentionally, but a lot of other people are coming here to get a sense of Nikon’s upcoming products. They (Nikon) are creating a buzz. Also, for a lot of people, they find the guessing game fun. It allows them to have conversations with other consumers and exchange ideas, the same way you are expressing your opinion at this site. So welcome!

        • seb

          I appreciate you point of view but I would be really annoyed if I buy the D700 for loads of bucks just to see the D800 in store a few month later.

  • xony

    IDGAF. The one you posted before still lookes fake and shopped, I can tell by the pixels…

  • Martin Rock

    Admin, Peter,

    I offer my sincerest congratulations.

    They published this picture because he was originally planned that the D800 was announced in October. Everything fits.

    Well done !

  • Wow, sounds like the D800 will be announced soon too…great work Admin. Can’t wait for February to arrive 😀

  • Sam

    Most importantly – the new red swoosh design on the grips is ugly!

    • Marc W.

      Oh yeah, Canon users will totally not switch because of that.

      • Andrew

        I guarantee you that Sam will be the first to switch. He keeps coming here everyday telling us how ugly the red swoosh is. I am now convinced that this is the feature he likes the best on the D4.

  • MJr

    The site was probably hacked ! 😉

    • MJr

      … and now it’s gone.

      Could be who knows how long until it’s back 🙁

  • M


    • Marc W.

      That’s what she said.

      • M

        mark w – otn rings a bell?

  • Paul

    I’m guessing the picture isn’t scaled properly?
    Wasn’t the D800 supposed to be smaller than the D700?
    It doesn’t appear that way in this lineup.

    • MJr

      Yeah, the scale is off on all of ’em :/

  • M

    haha…it’s gone
    hopefully not for long

  • Kojihugy

    It looks fatter than d700.

  • fausto rowlan

    Why so cranky about McNally’s comment? Apparently he has a better sense of humor than NR.

  • Thaddy Fiscus

    I wish that was a D400 between… Seems weird it’s not. Oh well hopefully Nikon catches us all off guard and announces it with the D800 soon!

    • Nicholas

      that one in the middle can be the d400, it’s the only one without the “FX” badge.

  • Landscape Photo

    Congrads admin !

    The D800 looks bigger (higher) than the D700. Maybe the dimentional scaling is not correct on the photo.

  • Yagion

    So, that confirms the D800 is not meant to replace D700. D700 is still listed in the line up.

  • Art K.

    Me not happy. I am not rich, but I would have SAVED a couple of month’s wages for a D800 with the sensor that the D4 has. I don’t care about 36 Mpx! I want a regular-sized and weighting camera with high ISO and dynamic range! What is Nikon thinking?

    • Jim

      As discussed here previously, it makes sense that Nikon wouldn’t release a “D700 successor” at the same time as the D4 – they’d lose a lot of D4 sales as I think they did with the D3/D700. I’m not an expert on it, but I think that’s the general consensus.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they released a D700s/x/whatever later this year, but if they have this camera now, the main reason they wouldn’t release it is just timing.

      • Art K.

        You don’t get my point. Timing or not, the D800 will, for some reason, have double the resolution of the D4, at the obvious expense of image depth and sensitivity. THAT doesn’t make sense for me. Who is the target clientele for the D800??? Studio or landscape photogs, who don’t care anyway about the camera size or cost? I know I am not. This is a weird and irrational balancing act on the part of Nikon. D4 – less pixels and faster frame rate. D800, more pixels (for whom exactly?) and slower processing/frame rate. Strange. And misguided.

        • +1. I don’t want or need 32 megapixels. I want an updated D700. If Nikon bring out just the cameras we’re currently aware of, there is still no D700 replacement in the lineup. And no competition for the Canon 5DIII. I really don’t understand who the D800 is for, but it certainly isn’t the same people who bought the D700. Wedding guys, events guys, people who want a lowish cost camera that shoots fast at hight ISO’s – there’s nothing for them here.

          • broxibear

            Hi Mark,
            The only small glimmer of hope I can give is this.
            There are rumoured to be two different D800 bodies coming out, nikonrumors are sure it will be 36mp and digitalrev are convinced it’ll be 18mp.
            Is it possible they’re both right, two bodies, one with 36mp and one with 18mp ?
            We’ll find out in the next few weeks.

            • Hope so. If not, it’ll be a d3s or d700 if I decide I want to forego video.

            • ericnl

              the D800 will might come out in february, but if they will come out with a 18mp D700s/D800 (I sure hope so), I guess it will be announced a couple of months later to allow sales of the D800 to pick up first.

              (although I think I’ve read a comment or two of a guy here on NR that swore that he had seen the D700S next to the D800 already, or at least the boxes of it?)

            • Unless nikon stops the production and completely changes the design, the D800 will be 36MP, sorry.

          • Do you honestly think Nikon would release a D800 with the D4 sensor??? How does that make any sense, it would cripple the sales of the D4. Canon hasn’t done that either, the flagship 1D X has only 18mp and the now ‘old’ 5D MKII has 24 and the replacement due this year will have even more (36+?).

            >Who is the target clientele for the D800???

            Probably the same as the 5D MKII or a D3X or even Pentax 645D. Those are cams with a lot of pixels, and a lot of them want even more.

            Personally, I don’t need 10fps in my body. I also don’t need to shoot at ISO 200,000. Most of the things I want to shoot are on a tripod and at ISO 100 or 200.

            >Wedding guys, events guys, people who want a lowish cost camera that shoots fast at hight ISO’s – there’s nothing for them here.

            What is wrong with the D700 or D3S? Seems to fit the bill for that. If you can’t afford a D4, don’t complain to Nikon to release the sensor in a cheaper body. That doesn’t make any business sense for Nikon.

        • Andrew

          Art K, I think Jim got your point, but you did not quite get his point. He understands the need for Nikon to come out with a D700 replacement. But his argument is that Nikon may delay the release of the D700 replacement in order to maximize the sales of the D4. Many D700 photographers will be willing to wait for a true D700 replacement, but many will also buy the D4 because they cannot wait. Also the D4 will appeal to those using the D3s who have already shown that they are willing to invest in a camera in the $5,000 range. If Nikon was to release a smaller version of the D4 today at a $3,000 price point, they will lose many of these sales, with the exception of sports photographers who will always pay extra for performance.

          The D4 is clearly Nikon’s new flagship. Every D700 photographer would like a D4 at the cost of the D700 and would be willing to get it in a D700 sized body. But Nikon is a business, and they know that selling the D4 at $5,999 will generate a lot of revenue for them. And then when the D700 replacement comes out some of the same photographers who bought the D4 will purchase it as a backup or for traveling with a lighter camera when the need arises. In business it is never misguided if a company makes a business decision that results in significantly greater revenue – especially when many of their customers are willing to purchase another item at a higher price, or are willing to wait for their desired model to be released.

          I believe Nikon will come out with a D700 replacement with a 16.2 MP full frame sensor, smaller body, and slower speed (maybe 6 frames per second), and a less rugged body by incorporating flash. They are very much aware of the competition and would not like to lose valuable customers like you. Not everyone will have the patience to wait, but most will, because they know that with the release of the D4, Nikon has reestablished herself as the strongest camera brand in the world.

          • Art K.

            Well, I have nothing against Nikon’s strategy of timing and releasing models. God bless them, they had a hard time lately. But I do not see a picture of a D700-s or -x anywhere. What I see is a D800 with 36 mpx, which I will not buy. I don’t need that kind of resolution, it has a lower ISO sensitivity, and my computer would have trouble dealing with such huge files anyway… Why would there be another D700* after they announce a D800? Has there EVER been a reverse number in consecutive models? Does not compute…

            • You don’t need that kind of resolution, but I certainly don’t mind it. My computer will handle those file sizes and plenty more. I *will* buy a D800 the day it’s available, and happy to wait for it. I have very little interest in the D4. It’s a stellar camera, but not for what I need.

              It certainly makes sense to me to target two different audiences with the D4 and D800, then Nikon won’t affect sales of either model as much. I suppose it is somewhat similar to D3S and D3X, different types of cameras for different applications. Choose the tool you need, there is plenty of selection.

              If Nikon had a D4 and a D800 with a D4 sensor there wouldn’t be much difference in the bodies and unless you need crazy fps, why would anyone buy a D4 then? Seems to make much more sense to have a high speed, low noise, 16MP D4 and a high res, lower speed D800.

            • kevline

              Yes two different audiences but it’s not similar than before, because you had d3s or d3x and d700 now if d800 is design for land/studio, you want fx and new-gen. so buy d4 if you’re a wildlife/sport photographer… or stay with your d700. I don’t say d700-d3s are bad, but if you want the new things like big rgb sensor/+ fast af & all the new things they did in 2/3 years you must buy a d4 :/
              Seems unfair for me if you aren’t a pro or someone have money but that’s marketing.

          • kevline:

            Unfair? Nikon is running a business not a charity. Sorry for being blunt, but by your rationale I should be pissed off at Ferrari for not building a $40,000 supercar. They can tone it down a bit, make it smaller with less features but give me the motor out of the F50.

  • Mike

    We would all make better pictures if we would spend more time shooting – instead of reading and speculating about the D800 all the time 😉

  • between Peter you rock man 😀 thanks for all the rumors and stuff 🙂

  • zixonxx

    LOL Dear

    I still wish it could be the D700 version of D4…. not a 36mp one

  • george

    The D4 is a truly amazing camera, but I don’t need 10fps, I don’t need wifi in my camera and I don’t need iso 100.000. I understand and respect the fact that there are many people that do need all that. But there are also a lot of people that need more resolution for landscape, studio work and large prints.
    Nikon is (finally) correcting a mistake they made before, which caused many people to jump to the other side in search for high res at a sub 8k price tag. Now their cameras will be more specialized to meet the requirements of each field. I can’t wait to buy the D800 as soon as it becomes available.

  • Zoron

    D800, D400 should be out months before olympic……

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