Who wants to see the Nikon D800 on nikon.de?

What about the Nikon D800? It is ready to be announced... Don't believe me? Just take a look at the second camera from the right on the above image that just got published on the official website of Nikon Germany. Here is the bigger version:

Looks familiar?

And how about that D800 logo that looked so "fake":

Is today a good time to discuss this Nikon D800 poll or should we wait till the official announcement? Because 6,771 readers were wrong and did not believe me and I promised to go over the results again once the camera is official  🙂

Now JoeMcNally should not longer worry about what would [NR] do after the D4 announcement - the D800 is coming (I made this comment on his blog, but I doubt he will ever approve it).

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  • Hurray!!!

  • If only it wasn’t 36mp… I could have two for the price of one D4…

    • I thought the same about the 36Mp but the more I edit head shots etc, I start warming to the idea of greater resolution. I guess we’ll have to wait for the reviews. Let’s hope the low light is as good or better than the D700..

      • I find it hard to believe that you can cram 36mp onto something the same size as the 12mp sensor that Nikon did so well with in the D700 and get the same High-ISO performance. If anything, I’d expect the same performance as the D3x. It’s a bit newer than the D700/D3 sensor and for comparison can be the halfway point (pixel-count wise) between the D700 and D800. Figure a bit of improvement fromt the D3x due to better technology, but cram in another 12mp and I seriously doubt you have something even as “good” as the D3x.

        I guess we’ll all see soon* enough.


        • JED

          If the D800 sensor is based on the Sony D7000 sensor then it will surpass the D700 high ISO (just) with considerably higher dynamic range and 3 times the pixel count. The D700 sensor is not very efficient by ‘modern’ standards.

        • robertkrasser

          I think (if the D800 rumor with 36mp and same iso as D3 is true) than the D800 will be announced in about 9 month. Why?
          D3 to D700 was about 9 Month
          So it is quite logic that the camera we saw in the leaked lineup a small D700 maybe a D400FX D500FX or a D600FX pricetag between D7000/D300 and D700 this means arround 2000€ with 16 mpx , D800 will be announced with D4x /36 mpx.

        • The Manatee

          Id expect ISO performance to be BETTER than the D700 at every stop.

          • T.I.M

            @The Manatee
            yes, because of the 3 RGB sensors.

  • PhotoGradStudent

    If it had the ISO range of the D4, I’d go for it, otherwise I’m on the D4 bandwagon!

  • JJ

    I just hope this will make used D700’s more reasonably priced.

  • Douglas Adams

    If it was no more than 20 MP, I’d break the bank and go for it!

    • whispermakers

      Me too! I prefer higher ISO and FPS instead.

  • The D800 will come one day, for sure !…

  • D800
  • AJ

    Pretty excited about the Wt-5 wireless control of the D4 available using iPad or iPhone. Do you think D800 will have the same possibilities? How about the D4’s clean HDMI video feed for high quality off-camera recording – will we be so lucky to get that from the D800 as well?
    Interesting times!

  • omfg finally a sign of life 🙂

    • it´s 100% the d800! see the same light positions as the d4, the same lens and same construction, where the Nikon logo is! 🙂

  • joshimi

    the same image is on uk and french web site… it seems a well organised leek

    • Then let’s mix it with some spuds. Soup anyone?

    • Joe Jarro

      Peter hacked the Nikon websites! Nikonrumors = famous 😉

  • When it couldn’t get any better, you publish this article! Sweet 😀

  • joshimi

    this said, it might well be a D400 FX as it appear between the D300s and D700

    • robertkrasser

      well … I think also it is a D400 FX or a D600 FX otherwise it would have been placed left of the D700 – the 3rd camera is the D700, insnt it?

      • andy

        From the right, 3rd camera is D300s, first is D700, second is D800.

  • Jabs


    Just when I thought that you were going to sleep, someone invades your Inbox with D800 leaks from Nikon’s own Web site.

    Great work!

    Bring it on.

  • What a great day!

  • Do you think they would create such an image if the announcement weren’t quite imminent? Weeks? Days? Months?

    Good grief, I thought I would be able to give this a rest for a couple months! Oh well, bring it on Nikon!


    • BTW yes indeed, I am simply devouring crow right now, in case you’re wondering…

    • I still think the D800 will be announced at the beginning of February, it has been ready for few months now.

      • I suppose it’s possible for such an official leak to happen so far in advance, considering the significant delay we’ve probably been experiencing thanks to recent natural disasters. Usually though you don’t see a leak of this magnitude unless something is just a few days / weeks away…

        (Assuming it’s the real deal, which I now am.)


        • Martin Rock

          It is a blunder. Since October was the date for the D800, the announcement of the D4 was planned after the D800 So by posting this picture the D800 necessarily appears with the D4

      • I’m no html-geek but if you “View Source” on the UK site there are multiple references to “Jan-Feb Launches”. I’ve included a section of the html below:

        …File=/imported/images/02. Regional Marketing Centre/BV/04. Agency/JungVonMatt/148/Web/Jan-Feb launches/Q720/PPDD/Flash Assets/111125_SLR_Prof_Banner/698x209_DSLR–(Get Original).xml

        • JED

          Well spotted!

  • Gino
  • R R

    2 words:

    Thank you


    • Anonymous

      that’s three words…

  • David

    Looks like they have removed the image, the nikon us and uk sites have a gray placeholder image… Wonder if this will be announced at CES next week… I’d love a d4 but budget is tight. Looking to upgrade from my d90.. Anyone have some some thoughts on how this might impact on the d3s price?

    • Working for me 2 mins ago…

    • broxibear

      Hi David,
      I don’t see the D4 affecting the D3s price that much at all. There D3s was difficult to get anyway, there might be a very small price reduction (if you’re lucky you could negotiate a reduced price from a particular retailer), and then the D3s stock will run out. That’s what happened with the D3 when the D3s came out.
      At the moment here in the UK you can buy a D3s with AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G and still have £200 change compared to buying a D4…I can see a few D3s bodies being snapped up because of the price difference.

  • Frosty

    Your a champ Admin…. 🙂

  • to-mas

    NR admin – you must have a lot of fun sometimes :). Like when you see people voting wrong or making comment on another blog :).
    good work.looking forward for more info

  • M!

    good job!! we believe!
    that’s why we love Nikon Rumors, Leica Rumors, and Photo Rumors!

  • Finally, good lord. Alone from the number of pro cameras they list it must be the D800. There are three bodies without a vertical grip => D300s, D700 and… D800.

    I agree with previous comments. If it had not more than 20 MP and low-ISO-monsterish-specs I would go for it. Still waiting for the release, but at the moment the signs point towards a D700. I really want a low-light monster and the D4 is too much of a brick (in weight and price) for my taste.

  • OleM Helgesen

    It’s also on the Norwegian site… What a bummer!..

  • DX2FX

    The D800 certainly looks bigger than the D700 next to it !

    • D700 appears slightly taller, D800 slightlyl wider

      • robertkrasser

        the D400/D600 will have gps thats the reason it seems to be wider

  • These bad boys are pretty. I like the new layout and I like the way the new profile looks. Anyone else notice that every camera since the P7000 has looked a little more canon-y? The D4’s steep sloping top seems to demonstrate that.

    I have no complaints about specs etc. Nikon really looks like they’ve listened to what people want. I do wish the people shooting their ad material would take these cameras into situations that show off their real abilities. The stuff shot by is so over produced that it could have been shot on a D2h and nobody would be able to tell the difference re: color and iso noise. :/

  • mazun

    The D800 look bigger/taller than the D700 to me. It`s probably because of the 100% viewfinder.

    Seems like D800 will not be a direct successor, it will rather be a big sister of D700, just like they did it with D7000 to D90.

  • R!

    Bring it on Nikon we want the D800!!!!!


    if you look at the url of the flash banner: ……../Jan-Feb%20launches/…….

    • akay

      hell yea! …/imported/images/02. Regional Marketing Centre/BV/04. Agency/JungVonMatt/148/Web/Jan-Feb launches/Q720/PPDD/Flash Assets/…


      thus, D800 in February is pretty much CONFIRMED. thanks, BENCH!

      • Doh! I should have read all the way down before posting my similar comment 🙂

  • Dmitriy
  • Is there a price estimate on the D800?

  • JP Parmentier
    • Chris P

      They are already doing it, at least two European sites have “Service temporarily unavailable” when you click on the Professional line up.

  • A

    Looking at the XML picture reference reveals some information (seems to be on all EU sites, DE, Spain, Finland etc,, all the same) read this on the link address


    Assumption: D800 launches in feb?

    JungVonMatt/Spree is the Agency in Berlin that Nikon uses of its campaign “I am Nikon”

    • I am getting some info that the D800 will start shipping in April, this means announcement in February or March.

      • Cyntha

        I hope it will be in time for my Sri Lanka trip end of April. It is a very tight schedule.

  • Hope video function is great as D4~!!!


  • broxibear

    But that looks just like the fake one you posted Peter lol ?

    • hehe, rumors are not easy 🙂

      • broxibear

        Mr McNally “approved” your comment and it’s up on his blog lol.

        • it was funny, because there were many other approved comments after mine and I thought he will never aprove it

          • broxibear

            I think the fact that you had the D4 images posted days ago, then the magazine article a few hours before the launch really annoyed a few people. Mr McNally’s comments sounded like a Nikon sanctioned dig. He’s got the Nikon D4 to talk about, Nikon choose him to take images for the brochure, he’s been testing prototypes…yet he chooses to have a dig at nikonrumors in the first few sentences of the piece ? It comes across as more than childish to me.
            Oh well…lets see if we can annoy them some more over the D800 lol.

            • Because if nikonrumors was not around, Joe would be the first to break the news about the D4.

            • That’s ok, I still like Joe 🙂

    • I think nikon.de took that image from NikonRumors 🙂

  • Steffen Hokland

    Which cameras are we seeing here? There’s a D4, D3x (I assume), D800 (presumably – I won’t argue with Admin) and then D700 and D300s or what? I’d give my left arm – or rather my wifes – to se a D400 up there.

  • kris
  • Jason

    What’s interesting is that the D700 and the D800 are together in the same photo. I wonder if Nikon is planning to keep the D700 alive after the D800 as they have with the D90 and the D7000? It would seem to make sense – perhaps the D700 will become their ‘entry level’ FX camera?

    • Heribert

      That would make sense. Otherwise there would be a big price gap between the current D300s and the D800 assuming that D400 will be a DX camera and replace the D300s.

      Maybe they will upgrade it to become a D700s with video functions as they have done upgrading the D300 to the D300s. And hopefully a 100% viewfinder.

      Since I do not need excessive MPs such a D700s would exactly be what I am looking for. Wouldn’t need to take the step to a D800.

      • Perhaps what we’ll see is the D3s discontinued. Then essentially a d700s released using the d3s sensor and a new expeed3 chip during the third qtr this year. That way the d700 gets improved in ISO and perhaps some video functionality, but not so much so that it would threaten D4 sales. That’s what I’d like to see. Otherwise I’ll probably break down and snag a used D3s.

  • nebus

    Interesting find – would very likely be the D800. Shame it’s a little bigger than the D700 again. Still pics are one thing – specs are another. Hope it has some good motion specs. I particularly like the D4 having uncompressed out through the HDMI and that it can assemble stop frame shots into a movie.

  • Adnan

    Any price estimates? 4000-3500-3000?:P

    • Ireed Toomoceh


      The last NR rumor for the D800 was around $4,000 US

  • jorg

    lol, nikon.de changed the picture, but they cut out the D700 and left the D800 in there.

    • jorg

      now the “old” picture is there again. D700 again included…

  • Adnan

    Also waiting to see how it affects the price of D700!

  • Peter was right when he said “I present you the D800” !! Boos to the people who said it was a fake !!!

    And the red triangle has become a red smile on the new bodies !

    • Richard

      Not only does Peter’s D800 show the new red smile, it also has the video record button like the D4. Definitely genuine, no fake.

  • Olive

    Do we know when the D800 should be arrived ?
    I’m so waiting for it !!!

    I can’t wait !!

  • Brian

    Odd that they are in that order.
    If they are keeping the D700 I’m presuming the D800 will be more expensive, I doubt they’ll be a D700 price drop.

  • An incredible day for many of us. First the D4 and now the D800.

    • Baked bananas

      I agree.

      2012 seems like a beginning of something great not an ending.


      The d4 at this time is too rich for my blood and the d800 is gonna be $4000.

      I’ll stick with my d7000 till its replacement or the 5d mk III comes out.

      NIKON OR CANON?????




      (but i only buy f mount lenses)

      nice pics!

  • I saw the original, but they changed the picture , so we wait for the D800 😉

  • Jophn

    On the Nikon.de website under the pro picture, there is a camera in the consumer line-up with the red line instead of the traditional triangle. Is this another new camera we haven’t heard about Admin?

  • Bob from Ohio

    …and I’m done.

    (well… until Nikon comes out with a mirrorless FF + C sensor camera that’s half the size and weight… and cheaper… and… I guess faster… and… )

  • peito

    that’s the one !!!! 100% well done admin! 😀 can’t wait to see it out !

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