Nikon D4: $6,000, Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G: $500

The first article about the Nikon D4 appeared briefly online today. The article was dated January 10, 2012 - this may be the actual release date to the public. The January 6th press event could just be to introduce the camera to the press. I cannot publish the entire article, but here are some interesting new specs (the initial Nikon D4 specs were correct with the exception of the ISO range):

  • Nikon D4 will have substantially lighter body
  • Available in February
  • Suggested retail price: $6,000
  • The ISO range is listed again as 100 to 102,400, expandable to 50 to 204,800. Those were the original D4 specs I published back in December but then I had to correct them. I guess I was wrong in my correction.
  • 91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor
  • Face detection/recognition
  • 100% viewfinder coverage (obviously)
  • Illuminated function buttons
  • Dedicated video button
  • Includes H.264 B frame compression
  • Contrast detect AF in movie recording
  • Low-pass filter for video recording
  • Smooth aperture feature for video recording
  • Nikon D4 is not produced in Thailand
The price of the new Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens will be $500.

As expected, the Nikon D800 will not be announced now since it was not mentioned in the article.

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  • Spooky

    Awwwww….. I would really like to know the specs and the price of the D800. Another D800 date bites the dust 🙁

    • LGO

      If the D4 is priced at $6,000, it is likely that the D800 will be priced at $4,000.

      If the D4 ISO range is as specified above, then it is looking very good. Glad I skipped the D3s and waited for this.

      • Mlu

        Currently, suggested retail price for D3X, D3s, and D700 are 8000, 5200, and 2700 respectively. Why do you think D800 will be priced at 4000?

        • yet also scratch that 16Mpix and you are close to real D4. 10. Januar is also what i was told, not 6th.
          The photo had 16,3Mpix cropped, it is likely 18Mpix or maybe even more.

      • $6000 US at todays exchange is £3850, so lets say retail of £3999 is likely for the D4 in the UK. The D3s is currently £3400. If the estimate is right of $4000 US for the D800, this would be £2560 in todays money. This also seems about right – the D700 is currently available for £1730. As for a $500 85 1.8G, that transfers to £320 which sounds about right too, maybe on the low side – the 1.8D is currently £299. It’s all very affordable for me…(but that’s all relative of course).

        • Abo

          i am afraid that is not the case. Canon 1DX is quoted 6800 which translates to 4355 more or less…
          Unfortunately all the greedy shops around here are taking order at 5300 price tag… which is 1k over the price.

          I don’t expect the D4 to come lower than 5k unfortunately… 🙁

          • michael

            You are forgetting 20% vat.

            Its not the camera stores, its the government.

          • £5k for the D4? I don’t believe people will bite, VAT or no VAT. You can buy the D3X for £4900. That pricing structure makes no sense to me…

        • FM2Fan

          My thought is a similar one: the exchange rates will mix up the local pricing … hopefully the prices are lower. The D3X set the absurd upper limit. The D4 it worth more then the D3S – OK. But a D800 selling at 4000 USD? That is a lot, unless Nikon includes some additional values (software, vouchers for add-ons).

        • The manatee

          You seem to be forgetting a 20 per cent Value Added Tax

          • John Richardson

            VAT does not apply everywhere. If you are basing the price on $ then the price stated in $ is $. Converting $s to Euros or Pounds will require the VAT to be taken in to account as the usual additional cost of doing business in Europe.

            Customs fees in some countries will also come into play.

          • FM2Fan

            Good point – a MSRP should include VAT, otherwise it is absolutely misleading – isn’t it?

            • The Tax Collector

              Actually, no it is not misleading. The VAT in Europe, or the Sales Tax in many US states, is by the government and for the government. The merchant merely has the unenviable task of having to collect it for us at the point of sale (wicked clever, eh?).

              As a taxpayer it is your responsibility to do the math and add in the applicable VAT or ST (etc.) as part of your cost of consumption.

            • FM2Fan

              Sure? – this is the wrong view on a customer: if you want to sell, than you make the total cost as visible as possible to simplify decisioning. The “you add your VAT yourself dear customer” is definitely in practise, but I must say: why can’t they label it initially correct? That is, what I have to pay (unless I’m not subject to VAt and can reclaim …)

              To me this is a matter of perception.
              Price transparency is for me paramount –
              how much do I pay, for what I get.

        • Unfortunately the price in the UK will be much higher especially when first released.

          • broxibear

            Hi Michael Laing,
            You’re right, the US prices have no bearing on what the UK prices will be.
            Today the cheapest you can find the D3x is £4890 and £3400 for the D3s, with the Canon 1Dx pre-order being £5300 who knows what the D4 will cost ?
            There seems to be a lot of D3s and D3x stock available in the UK, I can’t imagine retailers are going to be willing to take massive losses on those in this economic climate ?
            Lets see what happens ?

            • ennan

              Trade price of a D3s is around £2700 so they have a lot of room to discount.

            • I must say I don’t get all these comparisons with Canon’s pricing….

            • broxibear

              Hi RussB,
              I mentioned the 1Dx price because usually Canon and Nikon flagship models are similar in price.

      • Mr Kotku

        Amen! You are spot on with D800 $4000.00 USD price. Thats what I predicted the 1st time I saw the D800 spec. The Nikon refurb prices going up confirm this.

    • I never said the D800 will be announced this week. The specs have been out for few months now, I do not know the price.

  • Men Cockwell

    At that price, I’m tempted to pick up the 85mm.

    • LGO

      Price sounds pretty reasonable. Other than AF-S, the only area for improvement can only be in the bokeh as the “D” version is very good.

      • sflxn

        Sharpness can be improved. The new G lenses seem to be focused on resolving power. I have the f1.4 D version, and I envy the G version. While the D is very nice for creamy bokeh, it’s not bitingly sharp. I’m willing to give up a little bokeh for more sharpness.

        • LGO

          I have the 85mm f/1.4G and it is giving my Zeiss 100mm f/2.0 a real competition. The image rendering is slightly different (both are good, just different) but the autofocus and the one-stop difference makes me reach for the 85mm 1.4G a bit more frequently than I would like to admit.

          I expect the 85mm f/1.8G to be very good if the 35mm f/1.8G and the 50mm f/1.8G is used as an indication as to what Nikon can do with its new primes.

      • Thomas

        The old 85/1.8 gave me the creeps with it’s focus play.
        If the new 35/1.8 and 50/1.8 are any indication I’d expect extreme sharpness and contrast with the new lens.

  • oleg

    oh! thanks for the news, we begin to save money:)

  • Danny Brizzi

    Weight reduction will be appreciated as will the high ISO and lets face it everything else.

    • Paul

      It’s nice of Nikon to lower the weight in the pro series.

      • Nikonuser

        Yes, but how?
        Space-age plastics instead of metal outer body construction???

        • NoFunBen

          carbon fiber?

          • Kyle Hunter

            That was indeed my first thought, remember seeing quite a while back some sort of rumor of a Carbon Fiber frame being in the works. Was kind of surprised that it hadn’t been brought in quite some time.

            • Teun

              Carbon Fibre isn’t as impact resistant as magnesium alloy. Ever seen a F1 car crash? Carbon fibre is wonderfull for stuff that needs to be light and rigid, but is unlikely to suffer damage from an impact. I would not want to drop a carbon fibre camera, it cracks to easily.

            • PHB

              Formula One crashes have a hell of a lot more kinetic energy than dropping an object from ten feet onto concrete. The F1 cars are moving at 120MPH on the slowest parts of the track.

              The F1 bodies are designed to break in very specific ways. The shell is designed to break and absorb as much energy as possible doing so.

              I work in GRP quite a bit, you can drop it onto the floor from quite a height without any problems. It is actually quite bendy – if that is what you want it to be. If you reduce weight, you also reduce the kinetic energy in a fall. The terminal velocity drops as well as there is less mass for the surface area.

              If Nikon has gone to GRP, I would expect that they are using a knitted carbon fiber frame that is designed to protect the sensitive components from stress.

              Bottom line is that if they have done the job right it is very likely that this will be the most rugged DSLR ever.

              The bounce factor is the reason Canon moved to plastic lenses long ago. If you drop a Canon lens it is less likely to be knocked out of alignment than a Nikon one.

              A carbon fiber lens body could be made shock-proof. At least in theory. I don’t really intend to test it personally.

      • More efficient & lighter battery? – Just guessing.

        Note to Nikon – Thanks, the lighter weight (assuming it is not at the expense of ruggedness) is appreciated.

    • Admin, do you have any info on the weight specs?

  • Weeeeeeee

    Nice price!

  • JC

    I wonder how face regonition will work in large groups of people…

    • Robert Daniels

      It picks closes face and furthest face in a plane. I then adjust to the aperture so that the whole group will be in focus from front to back….I believe.

  • Rich in TX

    I agree, that 85mm 1.8 sounds pretty great. I may have to jump on one.
    That D4 sounds like the last camera I will ever need but it’s a bit out of my range.
    I will have to wait for the D800 or possibly D300S replacement. I dont have to have FX, but high ISO and good video a must.
    How long are we supposedly waiting for the two latter cameras? Anyone know?

    • WoutK89

      D800 before olympics, possibly february announcement
      D300s replacement before end of the year if it exists
      D7000 replacement august/september

      • Thomas

        Hello Wout,

        you seem pretty sure about it. You have some insider sources?
        Or is this just your personal estimate?

  • mes

    What H264 b frames bit rate?
    Low-pass filter for video recording??
    Smooth aperture feature for video recording??

    and where is it UNCOMPRESSED HDMI OUT??

    • Levi H

      I’m curious to know what these things do for video recording. I understand the smooth aperture, and that’s worth being excited about. I don’t get “B frames” or the “Low-pass filter” though. Anyone?

      Also, I think both are great price points for the lens and the D4. Pretty exciting because this means it’s actually within my reach this next year if business stays good!

      • Nat

        “B frames” are bi-direction predictive frames (compared to classic I & P frames), roughly it’s additional frames that allow higher quality encoding with “not so much” higher bitrate. It’s included in AVC high quality profiles.

        For me “Low-pass filter” can be understood as “anti-aliasing filter”, but I’m not so sure about this one…

      • Jim

        B frames are Bi-directional frames for interframe coding. It increases the efficiency of the encoding of videos. P (Predictive) frames only look behind but B frames can look ahead and behind, storing only the differences between frames. It’s more efficient than MJPEG for video, but you have to decode the whole Group of Pictures back to individual frames to do frame-accurate editing.

        • Sergio

          Which is why you should trans code these kinds of video into a editing format (eg ProRes) and then do all your editing.

      • Fuzz

        I a compressed video some frames are called I frames, these are complete compressed images, they contain every pixel. In the MJPEG codec used in e.g. the D90 you only get I frames. To make filesizes smaller you get P frames, these frames refer back to the previous I frame and contain only information that has changed since that frame. A good example of this would be a news reader with a static background. Most of the frame doesn’t change so it doesn’t need to be included each time. A B frame is like a P frame except it includes information not just from the last I frame but also the next I frame.

    • nik

      “where is … UNCOMPRESSED HDMI OUT?”

      +1. Peter, any details on the HDMI feed out from the D4? In particular, any mention of overlay?

    • Mike

      If you read what is posted you will see that it is stated that “the initial D4 specs were correct…” The initial D4 specs, click on his link, state uncompressed HDMI out. They also state 16.2 MP to answer another question I’ve seen posted here.

  • texajoe

    The D4 is priced LOWER that I thought and the 85 HIGHER than I thought!!!

    • How is the 85mm higher than you thought? The price of the current version (at discount) is around 450$.

      • texajoe

        The 50 1.8 g came out at $220 and I was thinking this one would be about $350-400…

  • sjms

    getting a little closer to reality are we?

  • Kingyo

    D4 sounds amazing, and the price isn’t as scary as what people were posting on here..can’t wait till’ Friday.
    Do you think we’ll ever get to see that Nikon D4 speed bike Chicago commercial on TV? or here on NR?? Or will it just be shown at the official press events 🙁

  • b vom see

    As I have heart from a fotographer, the D800 will come up in May 2012.

    • FM2Fan

      Until then, Nikon will hopefully find some time to brush-up their lens line-up.

  • Damn it, I wanted to see the D800 :/ But at least D4 sounds promising for the right people at this point. Tomorrow night will be fun at least~

  • Jim W

    Love it! Thought the 85mm would be priced higher too.

  • goldaccess

    If the specs become true I like the approach of doing things users (including me) have long asked for: lighter body, illuminated buttons.

    And if they really can ship in February they kick the ass of other companies which like to announce vaporware 6 month ahead…

    • Banned

      Don’t be naive, Nikon is into vaporware just like any other modern company. They might announce the product days before the official availability, but that doesn’t mean the damn thing won’t be on back order for the next 8 months at least.

      • Thomas

        Vaporware is porducts that never reach the street. The D4 will certainly *NOT* be vaproware. You just have to stand in line to get your copy of this great next Nikon flagship.

      • wqwqw

        nikon thailand is flooded…. nikon japan nuked….
        given that nikon is such a small company i wonder if they will survive the next 5 years.

        there mirrorless cameras suck… lets hope this D4 will sell well.

  • So I guess we will have to wait till the 10th for the pre-order?

  • barmalej

    Sensor resolution?????!!!!!????

    • Nobody

      Enough. Probably more than enough.

      • barmalej

        sure, but how much 16 or 18?

        • Does it make that much of a difference?

        • Iread Toomuch

          Admin posted a link ‘above’ of the rumored D4 specks that he had posted on an earlier thread.

          The rumored resolution is about 16MP.

  • B2

    That’s actually great that you were wrong with your correction on ISO. I was really disappointed while I saw it. Now it again is getting interesting.

  • cpm5280

    Very curious about the smooth aperture feature (its specifics, that is), and whether it will also appear in the D800. That would contribute greatly to my happy-camperness.

  • Brent

    D4 Price sounds pretty good actually… but it may be at least 3 years before I even think about jumping to FX (From my current D3100 and D7000, with both DX and FX glass).

    I think I’ll be jumping on that 85 1.8 though, probably the date it goes up for pre-sale.

  • Joe Shooter

    Uh oh. I was afraid of this. New spec list does not include uncompressed out over HDMI, but mentions H264. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten excited over those early specs and that it was just someone else’s dream…. like mine.

    • Chag

      Low-pass filter! Be exited about that 😀

      IMO that’s much more important than the compression. Uncompressed won’t help a bit with moire and aliasing… And B-frame is great.

    • nik

      To me, the HDMI feed is an important detail; will it have an overlay?; will it ‘work’ with an Atomos Samurai running ProRes422 codec?

      • thegregferris

        Hey I think the Samurai is SDI only, you want the Ninja instead. You might also want to wait to see if the Ninja is upgraded in April (at NAB) with HDMI loopthrough…

    • WoutK89

      look at the provided link of unchanged rumored specs and you will see it is still there!

  • Aldo

    The price of the 85mm is very tempted… I think we have a winner here. The only thing wrong with the AF 85mm f/1.8D is the bokeh, at least from my point of view. I hope the new one has much better bokeh…

    • Thomas

      I’d expect the new 85/1.8G to
      – focus better
      – have less purple fringing
      – be sharper
      – have better contrast
      I’m concluding this from my own experience with the old 85/1.8D and the new 35/1.8G and 50/1.8G.

  • Yay… i hope prices for D3s go down…

  • I believe I’ll wait on the D4s. The D3 & 3s handle all of my requirements at this time. Hope to play with the D4 @ PMA next week and hope I can resist buying one at this time.

    • Axel

      I believe I’ll wait till the D5, they will be way better than the D4S, next-gen camera. with 4K movie and all !

      • Ksreas

        If you have the money to buy it give some to the friend that you talk like this…

  • nwnature

    Salivating over the 85 1.8g. Start counting coins in my piggy bank now. Nikon please make this one at least as good as your 50 1.8g….

  • D40-owner

    Well, at least this once the prices are very reasonable.
    500 bucks for a brand new AF-S 85mm 1.8G is close to the current D version.
    And 6k USD is the “standard” price for flagship DSLRs from both Nikon and Canon for some time now, so that falls within the expectation.

    91,000-pixel RGB meter??? Geezuss… The metering sensor can now take its own pictures for facebook! 😀 😀
    This will for sure be able to pick apart not only faces but also eyes.

  • byang

    the one i’m most interested in
    Illuminated function buttons->awesome like illuminated keyboards

    • Zeb

      Like a cheap mobile phone.

  • D40-owner

    Oh, and “Illuminated function buttons” ?

    It is also interesting that this post does not include the megapixel count.
    I guess we are finally there, the megapixel race is so over that it is not a relevant new feature anymore.

    • Ben

      ya, i know most of the button location but it is always a dark night when i need to find a button i dont need 99% of the time.

      top of the line cameras should have this.

  • yhannoby

    $6,000.00 OMG!!!! Im going to sell my kidneys and part of my organs just to purchase one! LoL

  • T.I.M

    So, how many MP for that D4 ? (some online sites says 24MP).
    If it have 24MP and better ISO I may take it instead of the invisible D800.

    • Many websites say many different things, I think by now you know where to get the correct info 🙂 16.2MP as I mentioned a month ago

      • Zeb

        Very disappointing, not even enough for an A3+ inkjet print without uprezzing. 🙁

        • T.I.M

          Well, you’re right not enough pixels for my Epson 1400 but for news people it’s fine, they print at only 150 dpi in magazines, not 300-400 as we do with HR inkjet printers.

          I guess we will have to wait for the D800 (It will come, before my birthday, trust me)

        • The higher MP camera will be the D800.
          If the D4 had that many MP’s there would be too much noise in the high ISO range and the fps would be too slow. For you, just wait for the D800. It should be on the coattails of the D4. (time wise)

  • NickySix

    The article makes NO mention of the MP? I find that hard to believe

    • He says that “the initial Nikon D4 specs were correct with the exception of the ISO range” so I would understand that to mean that we’re looking at 16 mp.

  • yhannoby

    Im going to sell my Kidneys and parts of my organ just to purchase one!!! O_O LoL

    • T.I.M

      Maybe you could get an extra battery selling your brain !
      (Just kidding, I love you)

  • Batuhan Uslu

    So does it mean that D4 will have only 1080p/30 frame recording ?

  • Bahrd

    What is the sensor resolution (according to that article)?

  • bruh…. illuminated. function. buttons. if i had 6 grand i would buy it YESTERDAY. those specs are stupid fresh

    • IDK bro, I think I’m gunna wait for the Ed Hardy edish.

  • T.I.M

    we must be millions trying to connect to NR, the site is very busy, almost impossible to get in.

    Peter, today you’re most famous than Queen Elisabeth (or Charles de Gaulle)

    • Charles de Gaulle died in 1970, so paix à ses cendres… You meant it is more famous than facebook or twitter… or

      • T.I.M

        He was the last good French president.
        The only France’s nuclear carrier have his name (and many other places in France).

  • Levi H

    Thanks to the readers who shed some light on the new video properties of the D4. I have one more question: The new 91,000-pixel RGB sensor, isn’t that a TON more than the latest nikon RGB sensor? As far as I can find is the D7000’s 2,015-pixel RGB sensor. The D3S only has the D3’s & D700’s 1,005-pixel RGB sensor.

    Will this dramatically increase AF accuracy and/or AF speed?

    • T.I.M

      @Levi H
      I don’t know but it will certainly increase the price….

    • lolly

      Maybe somebody put an extra zero by mistake 😛

      Autofocus is one of the areas in which Nikon is leading. So I wouldn’t be surprised by an increase AF accuracy and/or AF speed.

    • alex

      Well if you take Canon’s 1D-X jump to 100,000 pixel 252 zone from the 1D-Mark4 63 zones, then I would think Nikon would have a similar jump as well.

  • I was absolutely correct about the pricing of D4 😀 .. kudos to me 😀

  • Allen Wicks

    Regarding everyone asking about MP, note that this thread heads with “I cannot publish the entire article…”

    • I already posted the MP count before – 16.2, in this post I just added the new specs.

      • nik

        Thanks, Peter.

        “…in this post I just added the new specs.”

        So, the HDMI feed is uncompressed (as you mentioned in a prior NR post)?

        Any mention of overlay?

        • correct, uncompressed video out, no mention of overlay

  • idk why my last comment was deleted but i was COMPLETELY serious about what i said… w/e. won’t put 6 grand in my pocket any faster

  • Zim

    $4,000 out of my budget. Still holding for a D400. Looks nice but I can’t afford this one.

  • jorg

    that is so cool. i guess nikon orchestrates this whole drama- even this- so we will get the MP count only in the last minute.
    the af-s 85/1.8 is a no-brainer, will get it asap.
    waiting for the 800 has become sweet again 🙂

    • Mike

      Look at what was written. It is clearly stated that “initial D4 specs were correct”. There is a link to go read them. The initial specs in that link clearly state 16.2 MP.

  • Mike

    Not that find the D3 type body heavy (lighter and shorter than D700 with grip), but I’m curious what “substantially” lighter means. I guess we’ll see it quantified on release. Other than being lighter for the user, a side benefit would be that it is lighter on itself when hanging off a big lens which will happen a lot at the Olympics. I bought my D3s just under a year ago and it still feels like its new. Seeing as I don’t do video seriously, I can’t see myself selling it and paying a $2000 premium for the additional pixels. Never say never, but the D3s doesn’t hinder me or leave me wanting.

    If the 85 1.8G follows the 50 1.8 G, it will be a winner for sure.
    Exciting times!

    • broxibear

      Hi Mike,
      “Not that find the D3 type body heavy (lighter and shorter than D700 with grip), but I’m curious what “substantially” lighter means.”
      It might be a far lighter battery as well as body materials (carbon fibre was talked about a while back but I’ve not heard anything further about it)…it always surprises me how light the D3 feels when I take the battery out.

  • Rabi

    If this actually retails for $6,000 I will be pleasantly surprised. I was worried it would be $7k+.

    I’m interested in smooth aperture video. Canon has always been considered the leader in video, bu I think Nikon really has a chance. With the C300 and 4k concept from Canon, they are clearly going to start neutering the video on their high-end stills cameras so as not to cannibalize their video sales. If Nikon is smart it will step up it’s DSLR video to fill the gap.

    • LGO

      “If Nikon is smart it will step up it’s DSLR video to fill the gap.”

      A designed-for-video mirrorless full-frame camera with an 8mp sensor capable of 4K video and with one or two stops better performance than the D4 plus universal shutter is just what the doctor prescribed. It would also still be good as a still camera too. 🙂

      • david


  • Hi all,
    just to clarify for my simple mind, the new D4 appears to be replacing the D3s and the new D800 is replacing the D3x,correct?
    With the D700 being a smaller body with hand me down tech from its bigger siblings, the D800 name is confusing me a little. Is the D800 still a full size,FF body and are the two NEW bodies different physically as well as with different tech innards? Any assumptions yet as to what the D700 replacement is going to look like or be named? Will it continue to have a smaller FF body? THX

    • chris

      the d800 photo posted was of a body with an external grip attached so no, not a full sized body

  • In the past I have pre-ordered from B&H, but they say they no longer do that as of Jan. 1. I suppose Adorama may be the next option, but does anyone have other suggestions for a better place to pre-order?

    • Mark

      Better? Not sure. But you can support your local merchants and visit your local camera store – many will take a down payment. That’s what I did a month ago.

  • $6K? Not surprising but disappointing.

  • nik

    Any details, Peter, on the rumored new WT-5 wireless transmitter? Will Nikon announce this update together with the D4?

    • Yes, I believe they will announce the new WT-5 with the D4.

      • nik

        Thank you, Peter, for the confirmation; much appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    D4 is ok, but what happened to the D800? Are we going to wait forever?

  • BenoDop

    I’m liking the improved video functions, although I am slightly confused…

    Surely a smooth aperture function is goverened by the individual lens that is attached to the camera? How can the body itself affect the inner functions of the lens mechanism?

    • alex

      I’m guessing this means that they are going to implement how the aperture works in the Canon models during video. You can change the aperture on the fly and see the results in “real-time” instead of having to exit live view, change the aperture, and re-enter live view. Because currently as far as I know, Nikon’s live view doesn’t show changes to the aperture when changed in live view.

      • D3s

        D3s has LiveView with on the fly aperture control where you see the result in real-time after you release it to fully manual mode with the OK-button in LiveView.

        • Hom Thogan

          Cameras like the D90, D7000, D300s, etc. Don’t have that function, you can’t change the diaphragm if you don’t exit Live View.

    • Gpereir4

      The aperture mechanism is coupled to the body through a small lever just inside the lens mount on the left side.

    • Rogan

      Because the aperture is mechanically controlled from within the body. Theres no aperture motor in the lens itself, just a mechanical link.

      • Teun

        Except for the E-type lenses. I wonder when (if) Nikon will implement this in other lenses other than the tilt/shift-ones.

    • Real “Smooth aperture feature for video recording” is impossible with current lenses unless they are capable of stopping down in much shorter steps than 1/3 of f-stop.

      But maybe Nikon is planning to release a new line of lenses with such capability.

      • Ryan

        With the exception of the PC-E lenses all Nikon lenses are stopped down with an analog mechanical lever. It’s up to the camera body how much to move that lever, and it could do it with very fine granularity depending on the gearing and stepper motors in the body.

        • Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info! (I think my old AF and AF-D Nikon lenses are not capable of that anyway)

          That has a HUGE potential indeed. If Nikon takes advantage of it, then it could be amazing.

          Although, Nikon has been very conservative in regard to many features/functions (especially related to video in DSLRs)

          Let’s hope that this time they implement it not only on the D4, but also on D800, then pushing other manufacturers to deliver more features as well.

          It’s a fact that ALL manufacturers could give lot more to their customers if they wanted, but they keep features at some level, not to the maxim possible. That’s why many people spend lot of time hacking the cameras, to exploit the features the manufacturers have denied.

          Hopefully this time Nikon will “force” other companies to give more as well. That would be great.

      • Hom Thogan

        Why do you think Nikon is updating their lens line to AF-G? Canon cameras video mode can switch diaphragm thanks to their USM and micro motors built in the lenses instead of depending in a micro motor in the camera.

    • – Includes H.264 B frame compression
      – Low-pass filter for video recording
      – Smooth aperture feature for video recording

      Those three features would be REALLY interesting for people interested on video capabilities (besides the low light performance, etc).

      I hope Nikon also comes with video-specific features like Peaking (focusing aids on real time). That would be really useful, and push other manufacturers to implement them in upcoming cameras as well (completely possible using current technology)

      • LGO

        Might as well add the ETC of the Panasonic GH2.

      • Hhom Togan

        Peaking is great but Sony Nex thingie where it shows you which are is in focus by highlighting it in red color is pretty neat too, I wish Canon and Nikon had that techonology.

        • Peaking is great and extremely useful (essential, in fact). Some devices show a colored border over the in-focus subjects. That’s probably the most useful approach to “Peaking”.

          Of course they could also add “False Colors”, “Zebras”, display the distance to the focused subject (which is available to the camera, not the user unless you hack it), a feature to rack focus from one point to another (called “Preset” on some camcorders), etc…

          The possibilities are huge… but HOW MUCH are the manufacturers willing to give to customers (even in the most expensive cameras)? That’s another story…

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