Here is the full text article about the Nikon D4 announcement

After searching for several hours, I was able to locate the article that leaked the Nikon D4 details earlier today. Just go to this link and enjoy. Don't ask me why it's posted on Wells Fargo's website.

The same website also has information about the upcoming Fuji X-Pro1 mirrorless camera.

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  • broxibear

    Managed to get a hold of the HQ PDF of that magazine, here’s a higher quality copy of that article

    • Smudger

      Page 8?

      • broxibear

        oops, I didn’t realise it went onto page 8, here you go

        • broxibear

          Infact I don’t think it does ?

          • Smudger

            Nope; but the existence of p8 gives a bit more credibility to the preceeding pages!!

            • broxibear

              No problem Smudger

    • Bullsnot

      This however looks very real and states ISO 12800 (???!) boostable to 204000. I thought it had been confirmed higher?

  • Bullsnot

    That article seems phony… It reads like a cut’n paste from this site.

  • Cflautre

    Does anyone care about the 85mm? Hope that the performances will be as close as the performances between the 50mm 1.4/1.8.

  • Radu

    A french article below:

    • google translator

      and the google translation:
      “Toutle world was waiting for the Successor case of semi-pro 0700, but finally the D3s pro SLR that will be replaced of lemoisdefhrier. The flood of J’uniti! production thanandaise a.u November came upset the caJendrier Nikon and it is finally Jes plants Japanese Senda \, oil sontmontes housings pros, who will be materials has to ensure their delivery .. although they have ravaged and Others ~ there biem6t a year by the famous st! ism. Onimagineaussi quelesquantites foumirsont without a common measure of the future • aveccelles osooM which caters to well more widely. However, this is a 04 roJVelle real good and marks the return res Nikon au.x altai on reflex field, some abandoned in 2011 in favor of hybrid • of. Nomlxe characteristics of of 04 will be a benefit on future semi-pros and experts from Ia marque.commecefutlecasapres First 03. We were able to take hands of a priest of this model ra.Jveau OOitierpro be released in revrier. Reasonable definition 04 This is done remplacerle D3s 2009, itself an evolution the D3 was released in 2007. Version “Rich in pixels” 03x. appeared in 2009, is currently in catalog, pending uneventuci ” D4x “. Plut6t on Ia definition image. the 04 continuous effect of increased reliance on Ia sensitivity and rapidity of Ia – of shot as transfer file. His oouveau capLeur. {coujours FX format 24×36 mm) adopts a definition of 16 MP, far from our exceptional ttre days or mimics the amateur ~ es of! spend Jes P. 20 M But is already a figure more confortableque the MPDU 12 0 3. Etjuge sullisant image for reporters addressed with the device. Advantage of this eoonomie photosites, they rent an d off-Meil Jeurs rendemem: Ia ISOs’6 beach. End and from 100 to ISO 12800, and may a grim per 204,800 ISO mode EXTENDED! The beach is by limitfe default to ensure rraitemem fast enough in bursts, they being announced at 10 frames / s (at instead of 9 frames / s on the D3s). Raplde most of all?
      W. device will get a 11 frames / second at full definition. But without suivl of the talk: X> n and! ‘autofocus Ia and after the first vuet I mea 12 views / savec measures conrinumaisen fonnat dimage OX
      (8 MP). The systemed’obturation (Miroirindus) atteim desotmais a Jongevite of 400,000 trips. Whether or burst shooting, Nikon’s 04 year nonce As the unit faster ~ never rabriqu. Yet oo retroove rren the m: xtule autofocus MutbCAM The 3500 FX 03, with 51 AF points can work engroupesde 11 enmodedynamique for automatic tracking of about. Nikon Precision as sensi-ITIES collimators has been improved, favorisantnotamment employment of the optical. In addition. Ia selection and display of collimators AF have been simplified, I understand we have leconstater at Ia grip. On the other hand, the autofocus is not attending seu1ement EXPEED processor tlambant new, but a whole new sensor for measuring light ~ 91 000 points. Aceniveau.c COS: a true small cap imager.:! ble to accurately determine the type and the scene! location of the subject. The Nikon 04 is the first a device capable of effecmer Face recognition without use its main sensor, etdoncenvisee reflex. Nousavons able to test this automatism success. An effort has also been Ia is on the reactivity of AF detection Contrast in Ia REFERRED by fcran. The video ronction will be able to benefit. Nikon has clearly! package on e apt itude of its reflex in vidOO, to try to catch a ground Jarge captured by Canon. The 04 will give videographers professionals everything they need ant: defini6on Full HD, FOR RMAT. MOV H.624. many choices of rates. with a c l ~ Ia functions unpublished (line in, headphone jack, levels with vumerre exit HOM I “run of the mill” pe rmettant ) Use in retransmission Direct melted nair … ). If the unit is very close in look of the 03s, we see queJques changes to Ergonomics: the more boitierest siight of 45 g. Ia vertical grip is more confortableet more complete ~ te, J’ecran is a little larger, the ere keys light up with animals) are Screens comrOie, a directional pad Independent appears to easier navigation .. The excellent viewfinder remains the same. To fadlirer the nux production Jes IPTC data of images are published and Ia connections it rich it to a LAN interface, a new transmetteurWi-Fi (VIITE5) and a pert card XQD (See p. 8) in addition to CompactFlash Ia. Can be seen, far from messing a pro SLR, Nikon has He has sought repcndre ottcntes prev: ISES of professionnels.notamment in terms of reliability and the it ~productivity. Visit the month next to a complete test!”

    • Jean Paul

      Well it seems that they had the opportunity to handle a pre serie..and made no comment on the design which seems to confirm the pictures given by Admin!

      confirmed also a 16MP resolution so i guess end of discussion on 16/18/21..36MP.

  • Tom

    There is a pre-series model short preview in the French monthly “Reponses Photo” released today, with pics confirming the design of the latest NR posts. They are pretty extatic with the AF as well as the measuring system and the enhanced video functions. They also underline the slightly trimmed body (45g less than the D3s), the better grip, highlighted keys on the back and the slightly bigger screen.
    Announced at 5800 EUR in France

    • Stabil

      5800 euros :-/ :-/

    • Ooops

      Hi Tom, theres a lot of points on this further back in thread, though doesn’t the article say the screen remains the same?

    • With all those buttons, rottary dials, directional pads, levers, doors, knobs, etc….it is no wonder Nikon made the buttons backlit!

  • Stabil

    My local retailer took of his shop windows the D3S and D700 this morning… and refused to tell me why 🙂

  • Nikon D4 article.
  • Folamour

    A nikon event is also scheduled in France tomorrow..funny that this one not leaked already.

  • Ooops

    Things have moved on quiet a bit since this thread began, its well worth reading back a bit

  • Iso 12800 or 102400. Neither seems the real thing. Because for sure D4 wants to compete and beat the 1Dx.

    And I don’t understand NOW, why the lever for focus points is not anymore on the body ? New design or still fake pictures…

    So I REALLY look forward for the real official launch !!!

  • Kaj

    The french article looks real and states ISO 100-12800 as NR has stated before instead of 100-102400. Now we’re back to 12800? I knew 102400 was to good to be true 🙁

    Im still getting one though!

  • Kirk Donewell

    What KR “i need to feed my kids while i stay in the living room” website is phishing site that beg for monthly donation??no way?!

  • Pixelhunter

    The EAGLE is about to land.

  • alvix

    mmh..but is it a real magazine ?

  • simpleguy

    i still dont see anywhere an “uncompressed hdmi output” like rumored

    • peter

      second-last column: “sortie HDMI brute de decoffrage”, I presume means raw HDMI output.

  • Karl

    Is this the new Canon D4x? 😉

  • Ooops

    Hi Broxi, seems I couldn’t make any more replies on our page 2 thread. Good work with the side by side, you’re a lot faster than I am. As for the joysticks, could the lower be configured to mirror the main for use in portrait orientation and the upper have something to do with the seemingly deleted focus mode control?

    • broxibear

      Hi Ooops,
      If you reply to the first reply button in the conversation your reply will go underneath, it can get confusing though ?
      I think they would perform the same function, as you say in horizontal and vertical orientation, but I was curious what they were
      We’ll find out in a few days I guess ?

      • Broxi San, this is the smooth aperture control for video.


        • broxibear

          Hi Bernardo Vaghi,
          I’m not convinced Nikon will make much of an impact in terms of video, they joined the club far too late. Canon have got such a strong foothold amongst film makers and film colleges I don’t see them losing it, added to that a Mark III is due anytime and it will provide a natural upgrade without all the problems of switching brands.
          After the dust settles I think we’ll still be in the same place as far as Nikon and Canon are concerned, Nikon slightly better for stills and Canon slightly better for video…you pay your money and make your choice ?

  • jorg

    that camera looks great! i like the way nikon softened the lines. it still has some giugiaro-coolness in it…

    btw: amazon germany does not offer D3s or D3x anymore since at least yesterday.

  • Ooops

    Perhaps Admin are mere mortals and need to sleep at some point.. Asides, this point has been replied to earlier in the thread and yet continues to be brought up time and time again, this evolving thread does make interesting reading if you have the time

    • yes, I was sleeping – at that point I am deleting all those comments

  • ofek

    just 10 fps? the canon 1d-x has 12.

    • PixPix

      and 16MP not 18MP … ok stop that stupid comparison, there’s no difference.

    • RM

      You shooting stills or video?

  • The story seems to be gone now. It was there two minutes ago!

  • NReaders

    Hi [NR] admin,

    Why does the [back] in the top of the linked article point back to ???

    • js

      because that’s the site where you came from:

  • Marco Antonio

    +1. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen this pointed out after this subdomain’s been with NR for nearly 24 hours.

    • Jeremy

      -1. I can’t believe people don’t check out prior comments before posting.

      • Ooops

        I guess Marco was plus oneing to the comment before my previous one.
        As I’m +1 for Jeremy as the only thing that has detracted from this great thread whilst the D4 came to light is the repeated rantingings of people that have not taken the time to read either Admins replies or anyone elses posts.

  • Mac Rockwell

    Hahaha….. Ken Rockwell has removed link where he was claiming NR website posted D4 news which is fake L0L….. Peter you Won !!!!! NR is the best site for rumors (facts)… Kudos to you and your team. BTW WELLS FORGO article has been removed.

  • Confirmed this information, I could not identify where the greatest merit of this new Nikon, even if considered as high value.

  • Admin, the article has been pulled from the Fargo site.

    • I cannot publish the entire article, several websites did, search for it. Google cache will have it in few hours.

  • JaneDoe


  • S

    hope it is for real this time 🙂

  • a different phil

    There’s some speculation out there that the reason the article was placed on Wells Fargo is that somebody hacked the Wells Fargo server, put the article there as bait, and is using it to get people to connect and get their home computers infected. I’d suggest caution.

  • John Fletcher

    Wells Fargo has removed both the Nikon article and the Fuji article. It is interesting that they were both dated January 10th. I wonder if the articles were wrong or if they were released on the wrong date. The specs on the Wells Fargo article were different than the French magazine.

    Who knows. If the rumors are correct, the D4 should be announced in a little over two hours. Then we will know the real specs.

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