Nikon D4: $6,000, Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G: $500

The first article about the Nikon D4 appeared briefly online today. The article was dated January 10, 2012 - this may be the actual release date to the public. The January 6th press event could just be to introduce the camera to the press. I cannot publish the entire article, but here are some interesting new specs (the initial Nikon D4 specs were correct with the exception of the ISO range):

  • Nikon D4 will have substantially lighter body
  • Available in February
  • Suggested retail price: $6,000
  • The ISO range is listed again as 100 to 102,400, expandable to 50 to 204,800. Those were the original D4 specs I published back in December but then I had to correct them. I guess I was wrong in my correction.
  • 91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor
  • Face detection/recognition
  • 100% viewfinder coverage (obviously)
  • Illuminated function buttons
  • Dedicated video button
  • Includes H.264 B frame compression
  • Contrast detect AF in movie recording
  • Low-pass filter for video recording
  • Smooth aperture feature for video recording
  • Nikon D4 is not produced in Thailand
The price of the new Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens will be $500.

As expected, the Nikon D800 will not be announced now since it was not mentioned in the article.

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  • Can’t wait for the D4. Will have to set my DHCP server to give the camera the .212 address on my subnet.

  • “substantially lighter body and better ISO range” ?
    Yea, that’s worth the extra thousand (USA) dollars!

    You can’t see it, but I have a BIG smile on my face. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Oh, and Nikon, no bugs please . . . thank you!

    • Almond Butterscotch

      Oh yes… With that ISO range, I no longer have to consider switching to Canon for the 1Dx. (Really, the only losses I’d have coming from the D40 is the 50mm 1.4 and Sb600.)

      And 16MP is perfect. I’d prefer the 12-14 range, but 16 is fine too,

      • kyoshinikon

        Coming from a D40? Get a D7000! it is amazing and superior to both the 60D and 7D (yes I have used both extensively). In addition the 1Dx is just slightly better than the D3s and is overhyped like every other canon that has been released the last 3 years…

        • Lawl@ Canon Fapboys

          Spoken like a Canon Fap-fap-fapboy. 🙂 go back to your canon forum.

          • Xander


            Best comeback yet LOL

          • Aaron

            What, he said nothing good about the canon at all?
            How can you say he’s a fan boy? Did you even read the comment or just just straight into your keyboard warrior armour and CHARGE?!?!!!!

            Seriously though, neither constructive or accurate. Please return from whence you came…

            • Xander

              I actually saw the comment earlier.. It was some guy saying “moron Nikon fanboy” to kyoshinikon. I guess his comment got deleted.

        • Almond Butterscotch

          16mp is far too much in a cropped sensor. Besides, I prefer the ergonomics of the d300.

          • Monkey Nigh Mow

            The D7000 begs to differ.

          • Reilly Diefenbach

            Lower noise and better detail at ISO 100 than the D700. Hmmm. Must be them 16 megapixels.

    • Bernardl

      Well, the fact that US$ has been devaluated to lose 25% of its value might explain the extra 1.000 US$ in price?


      • Not Surprised

        $6,000……… uuuuuuugh.

        First of all — a camera is not “gold”. A brick of gold has a certain value. Nikon can produce cameras anywhere from $100 ~ $10,000.

        I have been saying for a while that the D3X was priced SOLELY to bump up the price of the D4. It was a red herring, and I still think this is true.

        Nikon should make 2 more FX cameras — priced $2,000 and $4,000.

        This $6,000 nonsense is crap. And it has very little to do with currency, because Nikon does not make its cameras out of gold — it makes it out of the same plastics found in the rest of the world. If their research in Japan is getting too expensive, for fuck sake, build a factory in the US or Canada or Europe or Russia and produce cameras the rest of the world can actually afford — OUTSIDE of Japan’s intentional currency policy, which Japanese leaders intentionally are keeping high and raising without clear strategy for their exports. (And no, they do not have to do that and more and more the Japanese realize they should not be.)

        I want a Thailand D5 — screw Japanese government’s artificial export pricing.

        • i find 6k ok. same as more photographers then they can afford to satisfy in first year of run

          you sir are socialist, communist even

          • Rob

            I could think of lots of things to say in response to Not Surprised, but attacking his anti-protectionist complaint against currency controls with an accusation of ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’ means, you, sir, need to read a dictionary.

            And maybe rethink your ideology.

        • J

          you gotta be kidding me…

          Leica cameras are insanely overpriced compared to Nikon cameras..

      • Money FapFapboy

        I can’t make a DSLR, yoo most likely can’t either, Nikon and eveyone else has, and they also pay himans $ to feed their families after forced? labor “working” so um, yourpoint is what? my point is how? Bernardl
        Posted January 4, 2012 at 6:24 pm | Permalink

        Well, the fact that US$ has been devaluated to lose 25% of its value might explain the extra 1.000 US$ in price?



  • BillM

    So it seems we are certain the D4 will be announced in a few days. I really like that the price will be at $6000, though I wish it would have stayed at $5200 (though with the dropping dollar and other global economic issues it’s not a huge surprise), but all things considered it is acceptable, certainly more reasonable than the jump Canon did with their 1D X at $6800 (I bet we see that price come down on the 1D X if Nikon truly does list at $6k). I would absolutely love to see the D4 beat out the 1D X in the high ISO war and I am curious to see what the new advancements will do in terms of AF accuracy and speed because the D3s already is top dog IMO. What I really like about this announcement… well I am not thrilled at all with the rumors of the D800 being an uber MP monster, that is not at all why I bought the D700, in fact, it was quite the opposite, I loved the low MP/high ISO factor of the D700. So if there will be no D700s, the benefit the D4 gives me is that prices will drop on used D3s’ and while I’d prefer the smaller body of the D700, I can live with a D3s for under $3000 🙂

    As for the 85mm, my big question is will it have nano coating?

  • BillM

    One other thing of interest, they mention facial recognition… The new Olympus E-P3 does a remarkable job of finding eyes and focussing on them. With DSLR’s I have always had to focus on the eye and recompose or adjust my focus point to one of the outer limits in order to do this, if the new D4 could focus on the nearest eye for you, man that would be sweet!

    • iamlucky13

      I guarantee you it won’t do so with the mirror down. Phase detect autofocus, while superior for speed because it gives the system a direction indication, doesn’t have any way to scan the image for features like that unless Nikon were to come out with a radically new focus system.

      It would be possible to achieve in Live View, however.

      • javaone

        Look at how many “pixels” are in the light meter it is enough to do face detect.

      • Joel

        Yahhuh. A 1MP light meter array is more than enough to pick a face from a scene.

  • This is really great 🙂 I just hope that they´ve fixed the FF shadow banding issue this time around.. cause Im tired of choosing my D5000 over my D3 everytime Im going to shoot in harsh/extreme lighting.

  • ben

    at least 85mm 1.8 is reasonably priced

    • At 500$/€ it is corectly priced and it will sell very well.

  • Those specks are fine but . . . where’s my red triangle?!?!?!? 😉

    • MysterF


  • Did anyone notice the price ? 6000 dollars ? Jeez, I mean, in my home country a D3s costs about 4500 euros (4500 dollars in US money, import taxes), if this will be 6000 it is going to disappoint a lot of folks. The specs sound fantastic and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy using this camera in about 4-5 years time, when I will probably afford it, just hope they used a different type of rubber to coat the hand grip.

    The 85 also sounds good, especially price wise, which actually is kind of a bummer, since I’m trying to sell my 85 1.8D used. No one will buy it now, especially at this price.

    • Markus

      The retail price in Japan for the D4 will be between 450.000 – 500.000 Yen, that is at least rumored on dpreview. If true that will be around 6250 CAD, still too expensive for me, but lower as suggested here.

    • Jeff

      4500EU is around 6k us.

      • dan

        Yes, it is. But when the camera is imported they just replace the $ with EU.

        • Yep. Same here in UK. it should cost £ 3.854.75 exactly now 😛 But I bet it will be something like £4,500 at least once its released :/

    • BillM

      But that is the cost today, when the D3s was first introduced Nikon put a price of $5199.95, the D4 is rumored to be priced at what will probably be $5999.95 which is $800 more than the D3s at first release. The price will come down over time, but not for at least a year probably.

  • Bertels

    2 new Pro DSLR Body announce on Friday,for sure.

  • alvix

    yes..given the specs I think I’m switching…….. this time…….. from D200 to D4 ahahah

  • D

    Good to see Nikon is releasing more primes at a good low price. Bring on a 28mm at under $500.

  • Serious Shooter

    This futile Nikon’s attempt at 1Dx will not last long. Bah 102k ISO, when 1Dx has higher resolution, higher fps, and more af points. Nikon is playing catching up indeed.

    If Nikon wants to deal with Canon, then release the 36mpx to compete with 5Dm2! Nikon is exactly 2 years behind.

    • What?

      I think you got it wrong. Canon is the one shifting towards higher sensitivity in an interview with different camera manufacturers and their direction. I’ll be honest, as much as the 5DM2 is popular for videographers and people who love making huge prints – it’s behind the times when compared to the D700. The D700 is the stronger camera when it comes to photography – amazing AF, ISO sensitivity, response and speed, which makes the 5MD2 look basic.

      In fact, one of the commenters in Zack Arias’ post said this: “Through all the workshops I’ve done I have watched countless Nikon shooters pick up their camera and shoot while Canon 5d shooters string curse words together and start asking for flash lights to help focus.”

      I honestly have no problem with Canon, it’s just the arrogant users who think Canon is their god and everything else is inferior. Lastly, if you are a serious shooter, I don’t think you should base assumptions on how awesome a camera is based on it’s megapixels – that’s what uninformed people fall for when they buy compacts.

      Sorry but it seems that Canon is the one doing the catch up. Look at the D3s – they finally found a solution to compete with it, and then the D4 can just march in.

      • Yeap

        +1000 to this man

      • Been there guy

        I agree with you on most of points.

        I question is: since when we all start pointing the camera towards the dark space? I mean, after all, we are still shooting the same sports when the film was the only choice, and with pretty much same lighting condition. Am I right?

        How about the color redition for landscape? If you are reasonable, you would agree the Canon 5D II has better color redition, do they not? ( i guess, that’s subjective too).

        • What?

          Hi there,

          Of course you’re right on the film point – just saying that the Canon 5DM2’s AF is a bit more rudimentary versus the more responsive AF of the D700.

          As for colour rendition, it’s very subjective. I’ve seen many people like Nikon colours, or Canon colours more. It depends really.

          But if you also want solid numbers to compare, I went to DxO and compared sensor ratings for both cameras. The dynamic range between the two: the D700 has 12.2 EVs, whereas the 5DM2 has 11.9. And when it comes to colour depth, again, a minor difference: 23.5 bits on the D700, and 23.7 bits on the 5DM2.

          The only major difference between these cameras (apart from the obvious features such as 51 AF points, video, etc etc) is the ISO range – which is essentially 2303 ISO for the D700 and 1815 ISO for the 5DM2. Showing that in terms of IsO performance, the D700 leads the case.

          But really, it’s really what you typically shoot / career goals. In my own opinion, I would use a D700 over a 5DM2 if it came to photography because I can rely on it – but that’s for my own purpose.

      • martyn

        I can as a canon user say i agree with the comments on the D700, ive used a friends D700 and got on with it from the word go, the autofocus and selection points ( 51 ) are a dream compared to my 5DII and i only had it my hands 5 mins..
        And i love the layout of the switches for everything you need to get to quickly..

        • johnnyboi


          I agree.. I had my 5Dii for a couple of years and I just think that the D700 can do more as a photography camera. Sure it doesn’t have video but it sure is a dream. so.. I sold my 5Dii and just got myself a D3s for wedding work. I ended up having less problems with af and I felt more confident boosting iso when I needed to. Im sure the d700 could have done the same thing, but I had enough for a D3s anyway.

      • MysterF


      • Karl Marx

        Happy New Year everyone!!

        I just think our cameras are just tools. Better to invest more money in lenses. I’m a long time Canon user. I think it’s great that Nikon is coming out with the new D4. It’s great for competition and for us photography people. Now Canon has to up the ante!! This is great for everyone!!

      • Joe

        Zack Arias switch to Canon… just sayin.

    • They mad

      Nice troll bro. Oh they mad.

  • frAnk

    functionally speaking, they are GOOD. But, it is useless for my type of photography. I will just save the money and go for the D800. The filter removed version will do fine for portraits I do.

  • frAnk

    I have doubts about the face recognition. How would they detect the oriental flat face with slit eyes?—– It’s a joke!

    • lol

      good one haha, nothing but bottle of sake would fix!

      Anyway, I think they should be able to implement that fairly well. I’m looking at the D5100 in facial recognition during live view as well as maybe the other stuff they put in the Nikon V1/J1 AF system?

  • vFunct

    I’m honestly most excited about the illuminated function buttons.. FINALLY!!

    Shooting fashion runways in a dark photo pit with 500 other photographers sucks when you have to make adjustments on the spot when there’s no light on the buttons.

  • vFunct

    I’m most disappointed in the contrast-detect AF for movie recording.

    Why couldn’t they implement the on-chip phase-detect AF from the 1 series cameras?

    • hmm

      Not sure yet but we’ll see how it shows. But for movie-recording, most people don’t really use AF anyway right? So I don’t think that should be a big problem to most videographers.

    • Been there guy

      There is a simple answer to that…….they make sure you will be buying the D5 when they released in year 2016.

  • Sina

    Personally, I have a hard time believing the ISO range as stated. There is no way Nikon would abandon H2 and H3 …

    The more realistic range is 100 to 25,600, expandable to 50 to 204,800.

  • Looks fantastic these 2 product launches – hope to get the 85 1.8 AFS this quarter and maybe if i’m lucky a D4/D800 later in the year.

    Although still keeping the previous gen of camera e.g., D300s/D7000 as these still deliver wonderful images and videos.

  • I’m excited to see the 85 f/1.8. If it’s as good as how the 50 f/1.8 performs, it’s going to be a blast 😀

    • frAnk

      If you have the 70-200mm VRII, you’ve got the 85mm focal lengh covered already.

      • Charly

        Yes.. better if you have a 70-300 you can get the focals of both lenes (?).. came on !
        70-200 VR2 doesn´t matter how good it is… can´t reach f1.8 no matter what 😉

      • MysterF

        But you don’t have the 1.8 and the smaller size can be important, sometimes you want to be discreet.

      • Actually, an 85 1.8 @ 10ft will have the exact same DOF as a 200mm 2.8 at 19 ft. Sure the perspective is a bit different but focus depth is the same.

  • MysterF

    “Nikon D4 will have substantially lighter body”……

    Does that mean carbon fibre body?
    If it’s like that there you have your extra 1K in the price.

    • Been there guy

      I think they use recycled plastic. It achieved two purposes:

      a. Shave off the weight. The users are happy.

      b. Protect the environment by recycling.

      Don’t believe me, go check their corporate mission statement!

  • broxibear

    “Nikon D4 is not produced in Thailand”
    That’s a bit cryptic Peter…is it also not produced in Japan ?

    • alvix

      maybe it’s not produced on earth…? 😉

    • frAnk

      Maybe it was put together in China.

    • see my latest post

  • Nitpicker

    Nah, probably gonna skip the D4 and stay with my D3s. It’s still an awesome camera, don’t really see why I should shell out $6000 (or whatever the € price will be). I think I’ll always skip every other camera. D5 for me. Gonna get the D800 though! 😀

  • skyearthling

    Wait and see: at this price point, the best IQ+video+very reliable single AF point is the 5dmk2.

    Just think about it.

    good night

    • Wiilyb

      You mean if you can overlook the banding and noise? If so, I guess you are right.

    • Pikemann Urge

      Wait and see: at this price point, the best IQ+video+very reliable single AF point is the 5dmk2.

      I don’t know about IQ and AF, but I do know about video, and the 5Dmk2 has the worst video of any DSLR. 1080p? It’s barely 720.

      Oh, but wait. I forgot about the ‘cinematic look’ which apparently only the 5D2 can provide. Now running for the hills. If I’m killed, honour me.

    • QQMoar

      I feel so sad every time I heard 5D2 user only have “very reliable single AF point.”
      Anyway, back to my 51 very reliable AF points.

  • Hayden

    It would be nice if it’s a touchscreen for ease of use..but will wait for further developments…

  • Nitpicker

    Don’t know about Touchscreen. It’s a bit gimmicky for a pro SLR, I think. You’d always have to place a finger above the screen to use it, not that practical since it’s a completly different way one has to handle the piece.

  • Dom

    I haven’t seen reviews mentioning total recall function like the d7000 u1 and u2. Will this d4 and d800 have this function available?

  • Whistle Blower
    • Robin

      “This story is no longer available.” :=(

  • Janne Hämäläinen

    Perfect for the coming Olympics 🙂

  • Brian Kushner

    There are two things I hate about the D7000. One of them is being used in the new D4.

    AF mode switch. Why why why?

    • Yea, I agree. Not my favorite interface button on my D7000. I guess I’ll have to practice with it so I can be more comfortable when I get my D4.

      • Brian

        It’s very hard to deal with when you have a BIG LENS on the body. You can’t hold camera with one hand, push in button and turn wheel. You need to lean the lens on something. My only two D7000 complaints were slow buffer and this switch. Why is the D4 borrowing from D7000? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

        • Am-Expat

          The reason for a logical switch instead of a mechanical detented switch is that there are more options available such as having AF mode remembered and recalled in a U1 or U2 etc which can’t be done with a mechanical switch.
          Another important advantage is being able to update features that might add a position, no problem with the D7000 and D4, impossible with the D3.
          After getting used to the button press and data wheel, it is really fast, where both wheels can be used at the same time to control more setting options with less movement of the hands. Now, after using it for a while, I prefer it over the 3 position switch.

        • not applicable

          not at all, just like an elder daughter to a newborn son. Derp

  • sounds great to bad i can’t afford it

  • 102,400 Base ISO!! But I’m also glad to hear 100 ISO is back in a Pro level Nikon.

  • Jesus

    This new 85mm lens, what offers that the old f1.8 versions dont? Sharper, faster?

    • Steven Georges

      AF-S for starters.

  • Please read the rest of the comments, the site is legit, and enough with this Ken BS, nobody really cares what he says anyway.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      LOL you tell ‘im bro. That was awesome.

  • MarkR

    One thing I wish Nikon would’ve included for the D4 and should still consider for the D800 or D400 is the Panoramic Sweep function that Sony has with the A77.

    Some people, especially the uptight purists might consider that gimmicky or amateur, but I think it could have real benefits for the pros. Especially if implemented well for a pro level camera.

  • Wow, so it finally comes true! It´sounds so great. Where can I line up 😉

  • Arn

    Face Detection fur such camera ?

  • julie

    it’s an amazing camera
    but it’s a 1dx nikon
    i mean i ‘m worried for the future

    what will we see in the future ?
    the same cameras with different brand

    sadly i guess there is no more competition
    what nikon will build in the future , there will be a canon copy
    what canon will build in the future , there will be a nikon copy

  • truepic

    The new expected Nikon D4 and the Canon 1DX both look really strong. I’m really looking forward to seeing real shots and video taken by real photographers and film makers from both units. I’m really really pleased to see the MP’s at this level. With the Euro’s and Olympics this year more Pro’s will get more images and footage than ever before. Rock on 2012…

  • ReMake ArtWorks

    There might be another leaked article about D4, check the DPreview forum:

  • Roberto

    What does mean “B frame compression”?

  • R!

    Smooth aperture for video!! sounds nice….

  • I typed a legit though out post about the camera. Why did you delete it and keep on sending me email. Please don’t spam me.

    • I don’t spam anybody, you have checked the box to receive notifications for new comments.

  • I didn’t click the box but have got 19 emails since 05/01/2012 17:28. Can you remove my address please?

    • I cannot – follow the unsubscribe link on the email.

  • The Nikon D4 is over a kilo and it looks like the base grip is part of the design 🙁 I was starting to think this was the camera I wanted… Everything sounded great. I hope Nikon makes a camera like this but a lot smaller or with a detachable base.

    Fingers crossed on a new AW100/AW100s. Higher res screen on the back and better IQ.

  • aNikkorGuyNow

    I just plooped $2k on a slightly new D700, and $500 USD for an excellent vintage Nikon 50mm f/1.2 Nikkor AI-S, after hocking my 5D MKII and Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 ZE, and now this! I guess either way, i still win 🙂 Had I waited though, I could of just spent that amount on more lenses, or heck someones used D3X,or D3s for whatever they offer different from the awesome D700, which is no slouch! Well Gojira arrives on my shores Friday, and you can bet I’ll post sample everywhere with my new found Nikkor! Now if only i could swap my 2010 Corolla for a 2012 Nissan GTR AMS SPEC’ed xD

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