Correction: Nikon D4 ISO range will be 100-12800

I have to make a correction to the Nikon D4 specs: the ISO sensitivity range of the D4 will be 100-12,800 and not 100-102,400 as initially reported. Sorry about that, it got lost in the translation! The ISO range will still be expandable to 50 and 204,800.

For comparison, the Nikon D3s has ISO range of 200 - 12,800, expandable to ISO 102,400.

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  • I have a strong feeling that 1Dx will be a big winner this time.

    • JED

      If the D4 even ‘only’ matches the ISO performance of the D3S then Canon will still have some ground to make up.. What we have seen of the 1DX so far suggests Canon might still be playing catchup.

      • ryan


        • JED

          Like that Canon has stated their ‘2 stops’ improvement over the 1D4 is only for JPGs (i.e. via noise reduction).
          That the high ISO samples from the pre production cameras are riddled with banding artefacts.
          That Canon has not yet demonstrated an ability to match the quantum efficiency of the D3S.

  • addie

    🙁 quite sad if its native ISO is similar to d3s. 1dx will still laugh at 12800.

    • cosmic

      lol, canon is a joke with their ISO ranges. Go look at the D3s dpreview, go to ISO tests, and look at 1d4’s ISO 102k. Canon should be embarrassed they even added the option to go to iso 102k:

      • Ryan

        Have you looked at how well this 16.1 Megapixel APS-H sized sensor holds up to the full frame 12mp D3 in that example? Even at 25600 it looks better than the d3. Who cares if Canon states that it can be “expandable” to that high. Everyone knows it’s going to look bad and the D3 would look even worse.

        • Dan

          “Have you looked at how well this 16.1 Megapixel APS-H sized sensor holds up to the full frame 12mp D3 in that example? ”

          You must be joking. I did click the link and check RAW noise. Even D3 is better than 1D4 at ISO25600.

          On jpeg, noise reduction of 1D4 seem to be heavily applied.

        • cosmic

          No, the 1d4 looks a little above average in the noise department, nothing special.

          The D4 only having 12,800 native ISO doesn’t mean much. If the D4’s ISO 12k is similar to the D3s’s ISO 6400, that would be amazing.

          As for Canon’s new 1Dx, I doubt its noise performance is better than the D3s. The best it’ll be able to do is match the D3s.

  • SoftonDemand

    this camera better be damn affordable for the current specs provided

  • martyn

    cosmic.. are you serious ?

    yeah nikons ISo was better on the D3s compared to the 1DIV but arent we talking diffirent cameras now ?

    think canons got this one in the bag spec wise, lets wait on reviews..

    i know the AF on the 1Dx isnt f8 but wont effect me.. you guys reckon the D3 AF system is better, nah… tried a D3 in studio conditions and wasnt no where near as quick as my 7D.. dont know what was going on but seemed like their was about a 1 second delay with the D3 ??? 1st time i used a nikon but that would wind me big time..

    a friend shoots nikon and i have used her D700 and have to admit i do prefer it to my 5DII, the AF on hers seems fine ?? was tempted to switch but will wait to see test results and reviews.. at the end of the day guys.. horses for courses… both going to be great cameras.. 🙂

    • Dominik

      “think canons got this one in the bag spec wise, lets wait on reviews..”

      Specs are nothing more than marketing spin until proven otherwise. Manufacturers can slap any number they want on a dial but what matters is how it works in the real world.

      Canon hasn’t been able to match Nikon on high ISO performance for almost 5 years now and I doubt it’s going to change with the 1DX. The D3s is the clear benchmark and if the D4 can match it with more pixels and 1080p video, then they’ll have a winning product.

    • AS

      You must be joking. I personaly tested Canon 5D mark 2 with canon L 24-70mm f/2,8 and Nikon D700 with 24-70mm f/2,8, and Nikon AF is far superior in all respects, even at center point speed.

  • martyn

    do i have to slag off canon to get my post posted or what ?

  • Don

    A guy responded to my dismay on FM. If that was Nikons ISO range then 204000 would be what…HI4??…I don’t think so.

  • karen

    just looking forward to reviews and some hi-res sample images from both cameras..

  • Slow Down

    I think it would be a good idea to take a deep breath and postpone our grievances until they are focused on reality rather than speculation. It is ludicrous if one can say Camera X is better than Camera Y because of released numbers unpaired with actual photos. Inhale…………..Exhale…………… Nikon and Canon release great cameras, I’m sure of it.

    • enesunkie


      • rhlpetrus


  • Slow Down

    Correction- Through my haste I wrote, “Nikon and Canon release great cameras” when I meant to write, “Nikon and Canon will release great cameras.” Sorry about that fellow Nikonians

  • Xavier

    hummm… I’ve been thinking a little, for me it would be amaizing to expand the usable iso range (I know it’s weird, but sometimes i need to switch to 1.4 primes instead of using 2.8 zooms…)

    But maybe, instead of increasing the iso range, they will increase the dynamic range on high iso images (it would be amaizing for concert, dance and other styles of photography…)

  • ben

    12,800 seems a little dissapointing unless the comma is in the wrong place 128,000

    • bp

      Why exactly is that disappointing? Ever thought the IQ @ 12,800 on the D4 might be as clean as ISO 3200 or even 1600 on the D3s.
      Pretty sure the majority of the people commenting about how a D4 with standard ISO range only up to 12,800 is going to ruin there lives just take pictures of walls and furniture to pixel peep on their computers. I shoot sports in low light situations & I’ve been holding out with my D200 for the 4th gen DSLRs, amazingly I’m doing just fine.
      I think some people should put there DSLR & zoom lenses away, get an old Nikon F and 50mm lens with “high iso” film to help put things in perspective before you start whining about rumored, on paper specs.

  • David


    Seriously. It’s puerile.

    It’s a tool.

  • I am having a feeling that Nikon D4 is going to have A99’s 24 megapixel CMOS sensor. Considering Sony’s 24 megapixel APS-C sensor is not doing better than its 12 megapixel sensor on the tonal range, I am guessing Nikon D4 will unlikely improve its tonal range from Nikon D3s, if not worse.

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