OK, let’s try again: this is the Nikon D4!

Many readers labeled this Nikon D4 picture as fake. I am now 90% certain this is the Nikon D4 camera that will be announced this Friday.

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  • I guess we find out for sure this week.

  • MB

    It looks real enough, only thing it looks more Japanese then before (maybe it wasn’t designed by Gugario).

  • Joe Jarro

    Well Peter, you certainly got us going with this thread. What a rant!
    By the way, Peter must be Petr or so. So my bet is Czech or Slovakian 😉

    Welcome D4!

  • I wonder if Paul Simon will change his old Nikon for this iso noise killer.

    Santa you’re a little late but bring this kodachrome to daddy ….

  • JM

    You know, speculation about what might be to me is such a waste of precious time when I could be making money.
    My D700, and my D300 with Nikons “holy trinity” of lenses works. I use the D700 in low light, weddings, travel, and landscapes. It just WORKS. I don’t see where an additional 4 MP is worth 6k. Now, for landscape work, you put a D800 with 36mp and no anti-aliasing filter for around 4k and I will (maybe) sell my D300 and jump on this one. Maaaybe.
    Heck, I can pay for the D4, nevermind a D800 with the money I’m making shooting a destination wedding this summer in Old San Juan! But, again I’m thrilled with the performance of my D700…

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