Nikon press event in Hong Kong on January 6th, 2012

I just received a tip with this invitation for the Nikon press event in Hong Kong on January 6th, 2012  (Google translation):

Nikon's new product launches

Interview invitation

Your organization are invited to attend the Nikon 2012 1 月 6 日 (Friday) of the product launch, will be announced in Hong Kong launched a new digital camera products.

New product launches are as follows:

2012 年 1 月 6 日 (星期五)

Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong 555
Langham House Star Room Fly Me to Polaris Pavilion 42

11:30 am (media reception)
12:00 noon (New Products Introduction)
12:45 pm (interview and photo)
1:00 pm (lunch reception)

* New product launches will arrange for models to meet the media shooting.

Original text:



尼康誠邀 貴機構派員出席於2012年1月6日 (星期五) 舉行之產品發布會,屆時將宣佈在港推出全新數碼相機產品。


日 期
2012年1月6日 (星期五)

地 點
朗豪酒店42樓Star Room星願亭

時 間
上午11:30 (傳媒接待)

中午12:00 (新產品發布介紹)

下午12:45 (採訪及拍照)

下午 1:00 (午膳招待)


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  • I want my D4 !


    • Anonymous

      D800 !!!

  • I can’t wait !!!!! D4 or D800 ?

  • Steve

    D800, I hope!

  • Magnus

    12:00 – 12:45 New Products Introduction
    Does “45 minutes” indicate how many products that will be introduced?

    • WoutK89

      Nope, as I remember when they announced the D300 and D3, you could sit and watch charts for an hour on Nikon Expo… The press like seeing nothing of meaning so they can communicate marketing to the consumer 😉
      In all seriousness, time doesn’t mean a thing.

  • John Richardson

    Good food in Hong Kong!! Ya going??

  • nuno santacana

    Long time ago the rumors were months ahead of confirmed-by-Nikon events. Nowadays only a couple of weeks.

    Should this give us hope for a D700 replacement or prosumer FX body in 2012?

    • LGO

      I still expect Nikon to release a FF model that will use the Sony 24mp FF sensor that will be closer to a true D700-replacement. But I will no longer be waiting for this.

  • Mike_Suzy

    Hope its either the D4 or D800 as i will be getting either one as its time my dear ol;d D200 the to retire and hoping the tests will soon follow so that will help me make up my mind which one i will get as most of my photography is landscape and portrait studio work.

    • I agree. I’m still shooting semi-professionally with a d200 (hey, if it ain’t broke…), but it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Personally, I’m leaning towards the d4 for the high ISO capability… I don’t know about you, but I get uncomfortable pushing my d200 past 800 ISO (heck, there’s noticeable noise even at 400 ISO). Of course, the d800 is going to be closer to my budget, and 4 FPS isn’t so much different than what I’m used to…

      And well… it might be broke. The rubber housing is falling off my camera and very rarely it fails to record an image after a shot. Great camera, but I fear I’ve come dangerously close to running it to death. Excited for any new FF announcement!

      • Matt

        Agreed. I’ve loved my D200 and have put a lot of miles on it since 2006, but I would love to be able to use shots taken at >800 ISO. It’s been a great tool, and gratifying to know that I’ve expanded my abilities and pushed it to its limits.

        I certainly don’t need a D4 (not that I could afford it), but a D800 sure looks sweet. I’d probably be plenty happy with a D400, too.

      • toad

        When you talk about the housing, do you mean the grip? That’s a fairly common problem on the D200. A replacement is listed by Nikon at some sensible price, but when I called they sent me one for free, along with the adhesive needed.

        I’m a butterfingers, so I had a technician replace the grip while doing some other things, but my impression is it’s really pretty easy if you’re careful.

        • Thanks, Toad. I’ve been meaning to send the camera off for a repair, but maybe that will work too!

        • Actually it’s a fairly common problem for any Nikon DSLR – rubber grips coming off. Happened to F100, D700, D3 etc….

          I have had my D700 rubber parts (grip, thumb rest, bottom plate rubber) come off and replaced at least 3 times. A full set of replacement costs about USD $60 🙁

  • Kind of last minute for out of the country invitation, isn’t it? 🙂
    Plane tickets and hotels would be expensive. 🙂

    • He’s gotta point, we are part of the organization, so where do we meet to split cost?

  • Zoot

    “Your organisation…”

    Does that mean we can all come?

  • Say the D800 does come out where will be the best place to get it? I mean won’t stocks just run out immediately.

    • Pete


      • FM2Fan

        sure? Switzerland – I’d guess.

      • nobody

        No! No! No! Definitely not Germany! Please find your new camera anywhere else! Not in Germany!

        Excuse me please, I’m just afraid the D800 may be hard to find for quite some time 🙂

        • clemens

          It shall be Germany. Any other place is just for nobody. nobody will be able to make better pix just because it has 36 mp.

    • KnightPhoto

      Aaron, the bst place to obtain newly released cameras is always your local bricks and mortar camera store. The reason this works is that Nikon does a great job of equalizing supplies to their broad retail network. And that way you avoid the prohibitive lineups at the big-name outlets.

    • India;)

  • Jit

    D800 plzkthx …. or hoping the D700 suddenly get flooded onto the second hand market… well one can hope .. ?

  • AnoNemo

    Either they are not consistent with the plural or the translation is inaccurate or we’ll have more than one dslr camera announcements on Jan 6.

    • Jen

      In Chinese you cannot tell the difference between singular and plural. So the word “product” can mean just one or many.

      • AnoNemo

        Ok, I should have taught about that.

      • Jen, thanks, that’s very informative insight much appreciated!

      • T.I.M

        My wife is Asian and thrust me, she know what’s a singular dollar bill or several ones !

        • Jeremy

          TIM knows TMI!

  • broxibear

    “I just received this invitation for the Nikon press event in Hong Kong”
    Did you recieve an invite to attend the event Peter, or did a reader send you the invite to say they had been invited ?

    • sorry for the confusion – I received a tip, not the email directly, corrected the post.

      • broxibear

        For a minute I thought they’d given in and invited you to an event lol ?
        Kai will probably have been invited, if he hasn’t he”ll make a video outside the hotel asking everyone who comes out what the D4 was like ?

        • Considering previous DigitalRev coverage of Nikon rumors, I doubt they are invited.

          • anon99

            IMO, given DigitalRev’s business nature, I think Kai will be considered half-press half-retailer. Unless he has a serious problem with Nikon, I don’t think he will be denied.

            Now let’s see if I can get touch base with him by then.

        • R R

          Kai will probably get an invite, but we´ll se him eating snacks, making dumb jokes (sexually implicit ones maybe) and probably not getting a hold of the camera at all

          • anon99

            He knows the protocol so he knows what he must do.

            He’ll have to line up to try out the gear and take pics/video footage. Other press corps will be doing the same.

            And yes this launch will probably feature a proper buffet so Kai will have a proper meal before doing his media stint (and more jokes etc.)

  • Joe Jarro

    I am particularly intrigued by: “New product launches will arrange for models to meet the media shooting.” 🙂

    • FM2Fan

      Working assumption: taking fotos of people is improved – face and scene detection as in the Nikon 1 series – probably a bit more advanced.

      Think of it: you preset the camera to a facial expression and the cam recognises those for selection of images to keep – …

      • R R

        those ¨improvements¨simply sound awful to me.. where is the magic of photography now? now the camera has software for the ¨decisive moment¨? software determines a good smile? for gods sake! a smile is a human thing, so a human thing to judge.

    • Daniel

      In Chinese, it means they have arranged models for media to shoot. Probably try out the new camera.

  • What’s that Peter? You say you need to take someone with you to cover this event? I’d be more then happy to accompany you ; )

  • T.I.M

    I also received the invitation but I can’t make it in time.
    I’ll have to wait for the UPS guy all day, yes, Friday I’ll receive my Nikon 1 ! (pink).
    Well, sometimes in your life you have to make choices !

    • Well, now that you say so … 🙂

  • I think it will be D4 and lenses only. I’m not sure if Nikon would announce both the D4 and D800 at one event. Maybe the D800 in another announcement in the first quarter?

  • Jason

    I hope digitalrev will cover this event

    • Paul

      haha remember the Canon event that was a total letdown.

  • Batuhan Uslu

    a new Coolpix model is coming!! Great news!

    • peter

      I agree. Wonderful!

  • vinman

    Are you able to attend? Live coverage (even via tweets or frequent site updates) would be worth staying up for!!

    • no, when I say I received it I meant somebody emailed it to me

  • mouonline

    i hope d800 will be one of them….

  • DvD5


    Any update on D4 specs? Several DPreview folks are saying 18Mp rather than 16.2.

  • broke my piggy bank, started to count, have a long way to go

  • Very exciting, 2012 looks like being a great year for the camera junky! I don’t care if it’s D4 or D800 or just a lovely 85mm prime. It will be something for the discerning among us!

  • i wish i was in Hong Kong !!!!!!
    Nikon is the best!

    • anon99

      No it’s not.

      Hong Kong is one of the places where PR events like these pose a challenge to non-media public Joes.

      You can’t deal with the reception directly and must have a proxy to get stuff for you. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

  • Bring on the D4 and D400 simultaneous announcement!

    I forget, when the D3 and D300 were announced, were there rumors and leaks for BOTH, or just one? Just wondering.

    My bet is:

    D4 + D400 announcement Thursday. D800 announcement within a couple months, in time for another convention or something. Lastly, a third FX model will come out within a year or so. Hopefully it will have the D4 sensor and will NOT be too crippled as an “advanced amateur” body, but for now I’m not hopeful that it won’t be much more than an FX D7000.

    • hi

      there were leaks only for the D300

  • I just want a d3s, please let it be both d800 and d4. In about ½ year d3s will be a great camera for the budget minded.

  • R!

    D4 now, D 800 for summer, and D400 for christmas I guess !?

    • R!

      …maybe a D7000 replacement for spring!!

      • WoutK89

        spring 2013?

  • Looks like Kai’s going to have a video up of the new Nikon stuff before anyone else!

    • anon99

      Yes it is, since Kai Wong is based in HK.
      I’d better contact his party to see if they can “smuggle” me a press kit and goodie pack…

  • peter

    I am glad the D400 (D30s) replacement will be announced as well. It is time to upgrade my D90. I still can’t figure out what that second dial on the top of the new D400 is for, though.

    • No, I do not expect the D300s replacement to be announced this week. The earliest date I’ve heard is March 2012 and that’s probably optimistic.

      • The D300/D300s is so overdue an upgrade, I’m getting bored of waiting! D800 specs from this site are great for studio/landscape, but it’s slow, I hoped for less MP less noise, more speed, D4 will be way to expensive for me too. Will have to wait it out for a fast D400, but hurry up already!

  • Hans

    It will be a new Coolpix.

  • It seems very unlikely a D400 body will be announced in the first half of this year. The D4 seems almost a sure thing now. D800 next in line, plenty of rumours on the internet about that body. Not much info on a D400, and no leaks means unlikely it’s ready to roll.

    The D400 will likely be a 24MP DX camera, which would fill the void between the D7000 and the D800 both in price, MP, and features. So just like we had a D90, D300S, D700, and D3 previously, once all the new models are released we will have a D7000, D400, D800, and D4 as the models on the high end of Nikon’s lineup. Something for everyone.

    • Anonymous

      24mp DX…

      Earlier onset diffraction + sensor outresolving lenses, horrible noise / noise reduction

      No, thanks Nikon, better stick the 16mp D7000 sensor on a proper D300-type body with all its functionality.

  • I’m ready to delete perfect resize app…for my new D800

    • WoutK89

      Have you been living under a rock?

  • Robert Johnson

    Seems like the tagline “The image you are waiting for” indicates a major sensor change…

  • nir.exe

    A fortune teller convention will be held up in January 6th, 2012 if it will not rain,
    or a nuclear disaster or flood will occur.. I wonder

  • Jeremy C.

    Hmm.. deposit on car or new D4. Both are due for an upgrade. The D70 is starting to flake out on me.

  • Hong Kong is awesome!!!

    • No it’s NOT.

      Dealing with C. and W.L. is a PIA there.

  • Lorne Leufven

    If the D800 picture and this one are real then there is some magic in the mirror boxes that Nikon has not eluded to, oh say translucent mirror or some other technology like a ultra HD retina type display in the eyepiece?
    The pentaprizim looks too small for a FX format 100% view on both cameras, so my speculation could make them more logical.

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s bigger than D700, but more embedded into the body that gives the smaller impression. The round Canonesque shape serves for that purpose too.

  • skipiggy

    If this is a D4 announcement, how quickly before it’s available for pre-sale on Adorama and B&H? How quickly before the brochures (in PDF) will be available on a nikon website?

    • WoutK89

      Same day (january 6th)

  • neversink

    What will the price on the D$… Oops I mean the D4 … or the D$ should be its name

  • D4 should b atleast $6000 and D800 should be around $3500

  • Admin, are you sure there has been no mention of a 80-400 VR replacement? I am almost ready to surrender to a non Nikon alternative after waiting for 2 years, so it’d be just like them to outwait me 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Who really cares with the 80-400 monster while there is a wonderful 70-300mm. More compact, better optics… And the high pixel count of D800 will make for the shorter max. focal. I mean you can simply crop.

      • WoutK89

        You can crop, we will use higher end lenses that use the full potential of a lens. More pixels doesnt give the same quality picture as bigger “magnification” on the sensor.

        • WoutK89

          full potential of a sensor*

      • Um, I have the 70-300, and it isn’t meeting my needs on a D7000, even a 36MP D800 isn’t going to give me more pixels on subject. Aside from the fact that I’d never, ever buy a full frame. Not everyone’s needs are the same.

  • anon99

    Thanks Peter, this is one helluva great tip.
    Will see if I can drop by and grab a press kit or whatever.

    Speaking of Langham Place… Nikon HK does have a major service station up in Langham Place (ie. the office tower) so mobility-wise it’s way too easy for them — Langham Place Hotel is just next to it and accessible via a direct overpass. Maybe it’s because this is a simultaneous world release and that Nikon HK wants to make logistics easier.

    In the past Nikon big press events were held at InterContinental, amongst a few other venues.

  • Nathaniel

    Nikon D4 released on my birthday! I wonder if Nikon will give me one 🙂

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