Nikon D4 leaked in French magazine

The French magazine Responses Photo published an article about the upcoming Nikon D4 camera. See the entire page 1 and page 2. Of course the D4 looks exactly like the image I posted a week ago. The ISO range is again listed as 100-12,800.

The weight of the D4 is listed as 1,34kg, where the D3s weights 1,24kg. I guess the previous leak about "substantially lighter body" was wrong.

The price is listed as EUR 5,800.

Here is the back and side view of the Nikon D4:

Partial translation:

"The D4's new 91000 exposure sensor is detailed enough to allow face recognition without the need for live view. This feature was tested with success by the editors of that magazine.

In the article it is specified the D4 body is 45g lighter than the D3s. (The difference is probably due to the weight with or without battery).

Slightly larger screen."

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  • I’ve been with Nikon since the late 50’s, Working pro Since the middle 60’s. This camera seems like a disappointment to me. I’ll stick with The D3. If Im gonna spend that much, I’ll go Back to Med Format. Nikon is pricing themselves out of the market for what they offered the last 2 years. IMHO.

    • Nikon WTF

      As a D3s owner I have to agree…after all the time they have had since the original D3 to come up with a totally revamped flagship camera, the additions to the D4 are nothing worth of the 6 K figure. My D3s is capable of doing everything this D4 will be able to, and I don’t particularly care about 1080p video as I never even use it on my D3s.

      Ironically one of the lenses many have been complaining about not having, the 135mm 2..0 AFS is still ignored by Nikon. In fact Canons 135mm f2 is one of the best portrait lenses out there. As if the world needed yet another 1.8 lens…Nikon your going down…

      • As someone who DOESN’T own a D3s, I must say that yeah I’m saving up for a used D3s instead of a D4, but other than that, I still *AM* excited for Nikon’s progress. Really at this point, what did you expect from the D4? A little MORE slight improvements? How much further can they go in one generation?

        Clearly, this update is all about HD video and low-light performance, which is fine but yeah some professionals just shoot stills and the D3s is more than enough camera for them. If anything, I’d say that’s AMAZING that Nikon was able to make such a good camera that it still competes well with today’s D4 and 1DX! Either way, it’s not a source of disappointment for me, aside from the fact that I’m not independently wealthy lol.

        I hope that 2012 also brings more specialty / lesser-known lenses, too. I want a new 105 f/2 and 135 f/2, heck Nikon hasn’t even competed with Sigma’s 150 f/2.8 OS Macro yet. That, and an updated 24 f/2 AFS-G, or 20 f/2.8 aFS-G, or whatever. Just bring on the pro and semi-pro lenses this year, Nikon! Thank you!


        • Not Surprised

          I am also an FX owner, and skipped the D3S, in order to wait for a D4 (generation skipping). But I am seriously disappointed by the pricing.

          Nikon cannot price this way global — we’ve heard the idiots talk about the dollar, its not just the dollar or euro or anything else — Japan has its specific strong currency policy and it is killing all of Japan’s major exporters (why do you think Korea is taking over/replacing them so quickly). The Japanese government needs to allow its money to devalue so it can be an exporter nation again (they have artificially been avoiding doing this — despite Japan’s recent crises, for reasons of old-school politics — not serious economics. Japan is losing ground in the global economy).

          If Nikon cannot produce a global product at reasonable global pricing, then it needs to put a factory in East Europe, the United States, or South America.

          Stop kidding yourselves, Japan. A D4 made in Thailand, China, Rural United States, Canada, Mexico, East Europe, etc, would be excellent quality, improve the capability of your company to cost-manage the global economy, and allow you to sell far more units with lower shipping fees in the long run.

          I’m tired of “Made in Japan” — I cannot tell the difference between that an “Made in Thailand” or “Made in China”. And the price of the Japanese Yen is just ridiculous. Currency goes two ways — you either are global or youre a nationalist. Go global, Nikon. FX is not “Japan Only” unless you want it to die with the Japanese decline in exports.

      • Gothrua

        Nikon already makes a 135mm f/2 AF-D lens (but not AF-S), and it has DefocusControl…

        • Nikon WTF

          Its an old POS…

          • Not Surprised

            The color shift is horrendous on that lens.

      • It’s not common for every new body from Nikon (or Canon) to entice buyers of the current generation to upgrade. The people I know buy every other body, and that is common for their entire lineup. I have a D90, the D7000 is not enough of an upgrade to make me spend $1300 to buy it. My friend has a D300, the D300S was a minor update and not worth the cost to upgrade. If you have a D3S, I don’t blame you for not wanting the D4, $6K is a lot of money for an incremental increase in performance. The D4 is not revolutionary, just the next step in Nikon’s product map. You may however be tempted by a D4 (or a D4S) when it eventually comes out. In the meantime, enjoy the D3S, it’s an awesome camera.

        • I meant tempted by a D5 or D4S…

      • You never use 1080p on your D3s because it doesn’t have it! 720p only:-)
        Regards. Patrick

      • pepito

        I don’t get it, what else greater could you expect from the D3s that could radically change your photography?! If I had a D3s I would not be wondering in this blog complaining about the D4 but instead out there taking pictures…

    • John C Picking jr

      I love your portraits. Haunting and beautiful. Thank you.

      (You sure don’t need a new camera)

    • Ralph

      I bought medium format (Pentax 645D) when the D800 announcement didnt eventuate. The D3x is very overpriced. I love the Pentax but I do landscape, for that and studio MF is great, but everything else is a pain. MF is heavy, large and inflexible for mobile shoots. My Pentax is always on a tripod. I use a D7000 for anything other than landscape. I will probably get the D800 when it comes out.

      I’m not sure you can really compare the D4 to MF, they are different tools entirely. I think the D4 is aimed at low light and sports. I expect it will do everything else but will lack MP for landscape. For most applications I think 16MP is probably enough and I am interested in seeing image quality before questioning the value.

      I think too many people on this forum jump to conclusions, in this case: value, until its out and we see images from it I will reserve my opinion.

      • ChillBro

        Seems weird that 16mp is enough for landscape when the 12mp D3 and D700 (not to mention 5Dc) have produced some of the most amazing landscapes, winning nat geo and smithsonian contests.

    • Peter

      I am very disappointed with the file size and cost for this new body. I was waiting to see what came about before making this decision but now I’m switching over to Canon. Nikon has lost the “professional” edge as far as I’m concerned.

      • Danyyyel

        There is not one image of the Canon 1dx or Nikon d4 and you are switching. So you compare camera only with there spec sheet. I sure that both of them will be exceptional camera but if someone has any investment in one or the other system I won’t understand them swapping everything just because of a spec sheet.

        • Ron Scubadiver

          Exactly. Let us not forget the D4 stats aren’t even 100% confirmed yet either.

          Face it, Peter is a poser. He is a hobbyist at best, and probably a bad one at that. No sane person would complain and switch brands like this on the basis of the D4 specs, especially in comparison to the 1DX, especially when never seeing actual images.

          At the very least, we can infer Peter has a pretty sad set of limp lenses. Doubtless of the kit variety. Weaksauce.

          I guess it’s not hard to switch when the only thing you have invested in is your mouth.

        • Jan

          u bin troll’d

      • Tore Helming

        So the 1DX which is much more expensive is thrilling compared to the D4 and selling all your Nikon lenses and buying new Canon lenses will make a significant difference for your photography?

  • Bob Wilber

    I am free to go with either system, as I own nothing by Canon or Nikon at the moment.

    I will buy the Nikon for several reasons, but the primary one is that I am CONFIDENT that it will provide a better overall image quality.

    It will also be better in low light.

    It also has a better lighting system.

    It also has better auto-focus.

    It also has better lenses.

    It will have a much lighter body.

    It’s appears to be significantly less expensive.

    And for me, the difference in 18.1 vs 16.2 mp and 12 fps vs. 10 fps. is not even remotely close to being enough reason for me to consider Canon as a option.

    • Jesse

      I shoot Canon and view this page just like how people from Nikon will be viewing CR when a new camera is released. I don’t have a bias for Canon and chose them only because they offered more for video than Nikon (at the time). I would switch over if one was obviously better than the other, but that simply isn’t the case anymore. I don’t see how comments like yours (and many others) make sense with claiming better, better, and “Canon killer”. I feel that the D4 will have as good if not better ISO performance than the 1dx, but also feel that Canon could have matched the performance with a drop in MP like Nikon did. It was simply a choice that Canon made. As for better lenses, come on. They BOTH have lenses than outperform the other. Even Ken Rockwell says that the 70-200 is the worlds sharpest zoom lens. Plus there’s a patent for new mark II lenses.
      50 f/1.4
      85 f/1.8
      85 f/1.2
      100 f/2
      135 f/2
      200 f/2

      My canon My father Shoots Nikon and is planning on getting the d800. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😀

      • Danyyyel

        At the level these cameras are it is the photographer the limiting factor. I don’t think we will see more than half a stop between them. And so what, if both can shoot clean ISO 12800 or even 25600. What will the next battle ground between the fanboys from both side be, the cleanest ISO 100 000. Go and get an infrared camera then.

        These complainers should take more time criticizing there are photography because definitely it is not the tool at fault if there photography is shit.

      • JS

        Then why do Canon users have adapters to put Nikon lenses on their cameras?

        • Ninpou

          I wouldn’t use the fact that an adapter exists as any meaningful proof.

          As a Nikon user, I can say that folks have also looked for the reverse, but it’s technically impossible to build. i.e. a Canon Lens adapter for Nikon bodies.

    • Mim

      canons are always lighter than nikons as they don’t have screws for manual lenses. they screwed over their users in the mid 80s with the EFS mount which made all old lenses dead weight. nikon F mount has been with us over 50yrs.

      otherwise, apart from video yes nikon always dominates canon. in fact canon have issues we (all brands other than canon) can’t even imagine – eg they can’t rear sync with wireless flash! their AF system is B&W until recently, now it’s 2 color! their flashes cannot be optical slaves!

  • gabibv

    6000$ is not the same as 5800 euro is a little big differance

  • gabibv

    6000 $ is not the same with 5800 euro is a big differance

    • Yeah I’m thinking that Wells Fargo leak was mis-informed. I’m betting the D4 is a bit more than $6K USD MSRP…


      • Douglas Adams

        No, it’s about right…you see, in Europe the taxes are much higher than in US. US doesn’t have the VAT that is between 21% and 25% in Europe, but it has sales tax between 5 and 8%. Hence the price difference. Netto price is about the same.

        6000USD – 6%=5660USD
        5800EUR-23%=4715 EUR

        note: excange rate of 1,2 was used because it is rate of PPP (Power Purchasing Parity). Real excange rate is not relevant…

        • gabibv

          I disagree with you because in Romania i have the same price for a d3s like at B&H in US

          B&H – $5,199 US
          Digiland – $5,246 RO

          Retail prices

          • Douglas Adams

            What’s your point?!

            Retail prices are the ones that seller creates on his own, by lowering its cost margin. You do realize that both B&H an Digiland have their own margins?! So lets suppose that B&H lowered their margin for retail at 10%, and Digiland made their retail price by lowering 20, or 30% on their margin…This is for D3s. D4 is new – there is no retail on camera that is just announced…

  • Eric

    “le boitier est plus léger de 45g” on page 2
    -> This means the D4 is 45 grams lighter than the D3s.

    So which one is right?

  • People don’t seem to realized there are three different preproduction models of D4:

    24MP, ISO 100-12800
    16.2MP, ISO 50-204000
    *the one is going to be announced

    Please don’t take me seriously. Just joking around.

    • George

      Joking my ass! I want the 50-204k ISO one 🙂

  • My only concern with the D4 specs that are available so far is the lack of 25fps for video. This is the rate the rest of the world outside of Japan and the US uses.

    • Teun

      The article sais it offers everything a pro videographer would need, including a large number of choices for framerate. While it is not specified which ones exactly, I assume 25fps is on of them.

      There is room for some error in my translation though; neither French, nor English is my native language.

      ‘Le D4 offrira aux vidéastes pros tout ce dont ils ont besoin: définition Full HD, format .MOV H.624, nombreux choix de cadences, avec la clé des fonctions inédites (entrée ligne, prise casque, niveaus avec vumètre, sortie HDMI “brute de décoffrage” permettant l’utilisation en retransmission directe, fondu au noir,…)

  • Arnstein

    Just bought a used D3 for 1800 Euro here in Germany. It’s my first FX Nikon and I am very happy. Looking forward to the D4 in five years. I like the buttons on the rear side. But nothing worth 4000 Euro 🙂

  • lets wait for the camera first then compare….I use nikon D3 and doubt if it will be better…..

  • kobajaszi

    iam working with D700
    D800 will not be better in low light
    the only succesor at this time is D4..

    but.. for what PRICE!
    its unfair!
    they forces us to think about and buy much expensive body

    (i asume that production of D700, D3, D3s has come to an end and i cant buy i new)

  • Dweeb

    The D4 is total fiction. Consumers only want movie cameras made in Thailand.

  • tom

    nonsense price who is going to buy it? hehehe….

  • Neutronman

    Wait, did we just lose 3 stops of ISO again? This has become quite the low light rollercoaster.
    Okay, for a mere 1 stop of ISO over my D700 (plus several thousand dollars more) I am now much less interested in the D4.

    I still need a second body. Hello used D3s!

    • Isaac

      Yes, ignore performance and just look at what ISO it can do.
      You’re an idiot.

      • Neutronman

        So ISO does not figure into performance? Thank for clarifying this Isaac. And yes, I probably am an idiot for even responding to a troll.

  • tigrebleu

    In the article, it is stated that the body is 45 grams lighter than the D3s. So, yes, it is still a bit lighter than its predecessor by a hair or two.

  • Always makes me angry, when 6.000$ for a camera turn out to be 5.800 Euros. That’s just ridiculous.

    • boernie

      This is because you live in a greenwashing country that has a communistic government with very high taxes.

    • George

      Calm down Sparky. Prices are ALWAYS higher in Europe. I’m thinking it’ll be less in the US but we’ll see by how much 🙂

  • notforreal

    Why do you find it hard to beleive $6k isn’t fair? It seem fair to me. The Yen to dollar isn’t great; manufacturing cost have gone up in a country where people are recovering from an earthquake and tsunami; the cost of packaging, shipping, marketing and new features. Most photographers I know have raised their day rate, fees and charges since 2007. Makes sense to me that Nikon price increase follows the same rules of inflation and economics.

  • ff
  • Bernard

    Don’t forget that your camera is as good as before even though the D4 is coming out ! 🙂

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