Some D4/D3s/D800 size comparisons

Those are some Nikon D4/Nikon D3s comparisons sent in by readers (thanks broxibear and durasnti):

and with the Nikon D800 (thanks anon):

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  • i hope they make the grip a bit smaller

  • Vistekrebel

    There isn’t a meter switch on the D4 pentaprism. There is a diopter adjustment so…. the meter switch must be on the left hand dial??

  • Monobraid

    Should I wait for the D400 or just get a D7000??
    Wish D400 would be out sooner :'(

    • 120-300 os

      Me too waiting for D400 and later used D3s for me

    • PHB

      D400 may well have an even higher resolution than the D7000 since it will be the precursor of the D4x.

      Nikon seem to have adopted a scheme whereby the D4 has die-expand of the D5200/D7000 sensor while the D800 has the same pixel site size and more of them.

      D400 at 24MP DX would have a pixel site size that yielded 53MP at FX size. Which would put it on a par with the cheaper ‘blads specwise and meet the highest resolution requirements for magazine photography.

      I am thinking I might go for a D800. It combines DX and FX capabilities.

      • dmgabe

        I don’t think you will see the D4 split into X and S lines as the D3 did. Instead, they will use the D4 D800 combo to serve those two specific use scenarios. The D800 will be a resolution powerhouse, and the D4 will have great resolution plus all of the low light performance you would expect from a D3S sucessor.

      • Wayne

        53mp for magazine? The magazine must be huge.

      • R!

        24 x 1,5 = 36Mpx!!!!!! the D800 , if It’s a 36 MP camera, will have the quality of pixels that the A77 have ,and the sensor will be a Sony one .The D400 will probably be a 24 MP camera ,I wish they will all be 16 mpx and have a D400x/24 MP , D800x/36MP and D4x/36MP ;but instead Nikon will once again make more entry level Camera and waste more money and time ,to go directly trashing the planet in 1/3 year when lifetime of the product will be over.

    • extjac

      i am wondering the same thing…D400 or D7000. In canada the D7000 sold out. Futureshop or Bestbuy have not units available.

  • alvix

    what kind of ethernet connector does it have ? mini ? micro ?

    • wublili


  • studio460

    Interesting . . . the French article puts the D4’s weight at 1.34 kg, and the Nikon USA site puts the D3s’ weight at 1.24 kg. So, if these specs are accurate, the D4 is slightly heavier (but slightly smaller?) than the current D3s.

    NR gets it first. NR gets it right . . . again. Kudos, Admin!

    • Not Surprised

      When you look at the new body-design, you can see why the prism looks smaller….. I guess Nikon is following a slightly different shape/taper to the top!

  • studio460

    I just love the C|NET headline: “Nikon D4 obviously imminent as leaks turn into flood.” C|NET credits NR in the second paragraph, saying, “Nikon Rumors pretty much nailed it . . . “

  • alvix

    how many hours ??

  • Yayo

    How quickly did Ken Rockwell change his story about D4?

    First, he called the leaks a joke.
    Now he removed those comments and updated his website with the leaked specs..

    What a troll…

    • alvix

      +1,23 x 10^24

  • Pablo

    I think that the D700 won’t be discontinue.
    They will keep it like they kept the D90 with the D7000
    The D800 will probably cost $ 3500 to $4000 and the D700 will stay at
    $2700. It’s just my guess.

    • Patrick

      I’m definitely hoping that your guess on price for the D800 is true. I have $5k for the body saved, so that would leave room to get a prime lens as well 😉

  • Symple

    I really think this is an exceptional site, and wanted to thank the Administrator again for maintaining a consistently high quality media product.

    I have to say that I much prefer the D800 concept and layout, and believe that that the monolithic block cameras like the D4 will be less and less attractive at their price point; modular is more practical, particularly if the product is also high build quality. With grip, assuming viewfinder is similar and sensor the same as D4, the D800 would be my choice of body even if price point were same for both. Call me crazy, but I am tired of the big block bodies.

    • Jason

      Very doubtful they will become less and less attractive. The D700 with a grip is still too small … shallow actually … to comfortably shoot with for several hours. Especially with a heavy lens. My hands are usually in quite a bit of pain afterwards and this is one of the main reasons I will be going for the D4 over the D800. All of the grip around my camera is coming off due to the amount of time it’s in my hands. I love my D700 … but I’ve wanted a D3 since I first held one. It’s a completely different camera in that regard.

      The price-point is high … but everyone and their mother thinks they’re a photographer now. Demand is higher than ever and they know they have to make something to cater to the true professionals that put their equipment to heavy use. I wish the higher prices would weed people from entering the industry … but it likely won’t … and the D5 will cost $8K.

  • F

    Is it just me, or does the D4 look badass!! I’ll be buying a D800 for sure, but seeing this makes me wish I had an extra $6,000 to burn 🙂

  • eduardo b.

    Any idea who is making the new sensor?

  • T.I.M

    Why is everyone saying that the D800 will retail for $4000 ?
    I think it will sell for $2995 in US

  • ACon

    Is video capability really that desirable? I’m not trolling here. I’ve been saving and waiting for the D4 and if the specs announced tomorrow are indeed robust, then I will definitely order one. But I really don’t (think) I have any use for the video capability. My F bodies, D80, D300 don’t have it and I have a dedicated HD video camcorder for when I do shoot video. I really just want to shoot stills. So, anyone who has a D300s/D3s….can you make me feel better about laying down a lot of coin for a function that I currently don’t see myself using. I would love a D4 w/o video capability for 2/3 the price of the putative D4 price. Will I find myself using the D4 for videos? Thanks. Again, not trolling, just a serious question.

    • Without question video in a DSLR is desirable. A video enabled DSLR can create cinema looking video (high quality 1080p, with minimal depth of field) for a fraction of what filmmakers have been paying. An entire episode of “House MD” was shot with Canon DSLRs. And they are being used by other TV shows “a lot” according to the CSI NY Directory of Photography.

      I know that every professional still photographer is trying to set themselves apart from the rest, and some are using video as a way to merge their stills with a touch of video for an eye-popping slide show that can be posted on-line, and sold to the client. This is being done with High School senior sessions, kids, families, etc.

      The past three weddings I’ve photographed have had “videographers” shooting all the video with Canon DSLR cameras.

      College kids are going to “film school” and learning on these cameras.

      Take a peak at the soon to be released video shot by Nikon in downtown Chicago with a motorcycle jumping a drawbridge, doing wheelies and buzzing the streets at over 120mph as the doctor (pro racer) heads to work. Then, imagine how the film could have been shot with large, heavy, conventional film/video cameras.

      No question, HDSLRs are here to stay.

      The bigger question is whether or not Nikon can get back in the game, and get some market share. Canon has a clear advantage so far. Fortunantly, it won’t cost studios and others a fortune to make the switch (back?) to Nikon. Nikon just has to give them a reason. Reliable auto-focus could do it.

  • I have been researching Cannon and Nikon dslr’s for a few months now. I have been thinking about buying my first dslr. I decided on Nikon after comparing photos taken by various people with both Cannon and Nikon. I like the warmth of the Nikons better. Problem is Nikon is getting so hard to find. A new d7000 is impossible to find. No one knows when they will get more stock either. I used to shoot a Nikon 35mm film camera and loved it, but I am loosing my patience waiting for Nikon to ship product to stores. Is it just me being over anxious, or are there other people like me. If this continues much longer Cannon will be selling another 7d.

    • I’ve never heard that Nikon was warmer than Canon but I’ve heard that Canon is warmer than Nikon by several people. My advice would be to find a feature that one has that the other doesn’t have that would benefit you the most. You can easily control your color temperature with either Nikon or Canon to your preference. One feature I like better about Nikon is that it is so easy to do a custom white balance, which for me being a color blind photographer is very important. With Canon, you have to take the photo and then go into the menu and select that photo to be used for the white balance so it takes an extra step and probably about 3 times the amount of time.

      Side note: I’m disappointed that the D800 hasn’t been announced yet.

  • Mark

    Way too many buttons on the back of the D4. Seems ergonomically challenged should speed be important.

    Any journalists reading this site have any comments on the D4’s design?


  • Petter

    Found this post over at Nikon Euro Lithuanian site:

    What’s with those glass things?

  • Patrick

    D4 announced, but no D800 🙁

  • Video capability isn’t a deal breaker for me, but I’m definitely curious about it.

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