OK, let’s try again: this is the Nikon D4!

Many readers labeled this Nikon D4 picture as fake. I am now 90% certain this is the Nikon D4 camera that will be announced this Friday.

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  • thomas

    why do the pictures always look fake? why does it always look like someone has tampered with it? Where is the clean shot?

    • Humenbean

      the only likely reason you are seeing this image ahead of announcement is because it is a small size being used for placement in advertisement or web use.

      You are going to be using tiny pngs or jpegs. It also helps the management manage the leaked photos. That way we all think it’s some crappy fake because the image quality is so bad.

      • kuha

        OK, let’s try again: this is the Nikon D4!
        “because i need more hits to my website”

        • Ken Elliott

          That’s a rather rude statement. And I bet most of us come here anyway, so he gets the hits regardless.

          And how do YOU finance the free web site YOU run for no pay?

          • Ron Paul

            If you host this site on Amazon.com, it should be able to handle thousands of hits per second for less than what’s he’s paying at National.net

          • Neversink

            There are ads all over the place on this website… so he gets some money… Good for him…. We all need to make a buck….

            Now to the picture… I don’t like these teaser pics and I don’t understand why in the world the D4 logo is censored… Makes no sense to me… If the photo isn’t compete why show it anyway… It is suspect just because of the censorship, let alone other reasons. If it were my site , I wouldn’t publish a censored photo. It feels cheap and weird game playing….

            We will soon know anyway what the new D4 looks like once the announcement is made…

            • GeoffK

              Then start a Nikon rumor type site and dont post any images until they are released. See how many hits you get a day. /shrugs

            • Ads? What ads? You must not know how properly configure a web browser. (see: fanboy and easylist)

              And lest Admin is concerned about this post, adblocking doesn’t affect click-through for Amazon/Google/Adorama/B&H links.

        • 120-300 os

          You better change to an otherside or temper your text and keep your thinking as thinking don´t try to get close to our nice NR Rumors side

    • Ooops

      Interesting thank you, Has anyone else seen this one before??

      • MJr

        Yes it’s actually from the NikonRumors Photoshop competition …

  • Jabs

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    • alvix

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    • NyconNeoColonialist

      Ny-con or Knee-cone?


      • Gordon

        I thought it was Nick-on 😀

        • Alex

          Is that opposed to Nick-off? Actually the Japanese pronunciation would be Nee-kon. Brits and members of its commonwealth nations pronounce it Nick-on. The Yanks follow the rule as if it were an English word. Since it’s a made up word anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

          • Richard

            NI_kon does not care how you say it as long as you buy it. 🙂

          • Rob

            Actually it’s KNEE CONE. The “n” at the end isn’t held for as long as in the English word “cone” though. You were close.

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            • Gordon

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          • Heribert

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        • CezarN

          And the Canon’s nickname is Nick-off.

    • Robin

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      • NyconNeo

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        • A line in the sand

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    • MR

      You’re very good to teach the foreign language. I’m sure you are as good in photography!

      • Nailed it! HAHAHA! They always refuse to show a single photo!

    • thomas

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    • Rob

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        • IT with a hyphen then the S = it’s
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        • Rob

          You are a stupid troll = fact.

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          • I second this! Jabs always drops long posts of incorrect info and then viciously defends it with personal attacks. I’m not sure why you haven’t banned them…

      • Joe Jarro

        Luv it (sic)

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        • peterw

          great idea!

          Is Peter Finish? or Hungarian?
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          (I fear Dutch or German, which are quite simple languages – for me 😉 )

          • Douglas Adams

            That’s exactly what I was afraid of. If Hungarians and Fins start debating over grammar!

            I vote for my native language – Croatian. I guess at least 98% of Anglo-Saxons here could not show Croatia on the map even if their life was depending on it 😉

            But they would bless me with a lesson in English anytime!

            • @Douglas Adams,
              Croatia, just South of Slovenia, a location that many Americans have now been to, thanks to the Second Balkan war. Formerly known as Yugoslavia. It has stoney beaches, and Dubrovnik being the most interesting city for photography, IMHO.
              Dobar dan!

            • GeoffK

              “I guess at least 98% of Anglo-Saxons here could not show Croatia on the map even if their life was depending on it”

              If it were an important country we would know where it is located. Since it isn’t we don’t care. ;-P

          • Close but no cigar 🙂

            • 120-300 os

              they want a lens no cigar.

    • Biff

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    • mala

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    • FM2Fan

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    • Cesar

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        • PixPix

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    • peterw

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      • jan

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    • jan

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    • OsoSolitario

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      • 120-300 os

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    • Jabs

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      GOOD for you – enjoy your day as I ignore you for the sake of peace and tolerance here.

    • Willy

      Interesting 🙂
      Why dont you make a list of the shortcuts frequently used here?
      Like IMHO etc

  • alvix

    NR is 90% certain it is the real D4…I’m 10% certain this is fake… 🙂

  • Peter Guerrini

    It’s interesting that the rings in the lens of the D4 are quite similar to the circles in the announcement posted here on Jan 3.

  • David

    if this is not a fake picture how can it be that the lightning is exactly the same as from the nikon d3 picture when it was presented. I can not imagine that nikon took the picture with the same reflection on the grip as they did in the d3 for example

  • Can’tConvinceMe

    The perspective on some planes is different than others. Looks weird. Gotta be a fake…

    • Martin Rock

      3 more days and you change your mind.

    • adamski

      You people are funny. Don’t you know how such photos are made? Usually photos of products or cars are made of up to a 100 shots taken with different lighting, just the product and camera are in the same plane. Then there’s insane lots of photoshop added.

      This photo is real. And it is very nice because finally the styling of Nikon cameras begins to show some “design” and not just “function”. It’s a sexy camera that you wanna use and touch.

  • Jeff

    The Nikon F, F2… up to the F6, all looked markedly different from one another. With the advent of the D series, it appears Nikon is stuck in an aesthetic rut.

    • alvix

      it’s called Giugiaro ..

      • Joe Jarro

        Hey, you called my name?

        No, this time they did not drop by for advice. That’s why the design is…..what it is. Please file your complaints with your local NPS shop.

  • Wallaby Jack

    and folks, please please please, it’s Lens and not Lense!!!

  • Things are warming up and getting exciting 😀
    Can’t wait for Friday!!

  • I think it looks exquisite. It’s going for an all-out curvy look, similar to the recent canon cameras. It’ll be a great camera, I’m still enjoying daily my D700, 4 year after it’s launch.

    • LesM

      Hey inginerul …

      Your first ” is correct (“It’s going for …”) is correct because it means “It is”.

      Your second “it’s” is not correct (“after it’s launch”) because it is a possessive pronoun (like his, hers, yours, ours, theirs) and is NOT short for “it is”. It should be “its”.

      • What’the’rak?uHko”’

        W’ho ‘da f”’ck care’s?!

        • mala

          those with IQs higher than room temperature perhaps…

          • inginerul

            Those with IQ higher than room temperature waste their time correcting other people’s spelling on internet rumor sites ? What a waste of resources.

            • ResourceOwner

              Maybe we HAVE resources?

            • peterw

              cume on,
              waistin’ time it’s all we do over here’s…

      • inginerul

        Seriously dude, do you really want to go there on a rumor website ? You probably realize that english is not my first language, not even my second or third chronologically speaking.

        Worry less about these sort of things and just go out there and live it. Cheers.

        • Richard

          All I want to say is thank you and the others for whom English is not their first language for participating in the discussion, I thank you for taking the trouble to post in English for the benefit of those of us who do not speak your native tongue. Your meaning is clear enough for anyone to grasp and that is all that matters.

          P.S. are we next going to be discussing typing?


          • GeoffK

            I agree with Richard, thank you.

          • Ben

            Das wollte ich auch sagen! C’est vrai!

  • paulG

    wonder if it will have a sony sensor but be x3 the price of the sony alternative..

  • I would love comments on pricing. We’ll know by Friday I know but I hope its not a D3X price.

    • @Gorji, I can only imagine the new D4 to come it at a price between the D3S and the D3X, much closer to the D3S probably. I would guestimate an introductory price of $5899. What does everyone else think?

  • Wallaby Jack

    Hmmm… If this is the real deal then it really looks like Nikon is making a departure from the Giugiaro designs and going for the organic Colani look. Can’t say I don’t like the new look but Colani does Canons.

    • Worminator

      Seems to be a slight softening of the top plate contours of both the D4 and D800 relative to the previous designs, but it’s a minor stylistic change and I think for the better. I wouldn’t say it looks like a 5D yet!

  • Mark

    I’ve never known Admin to wager a bet, and Peter would not jeopardise his reputation recklessly. I’ll take the photo as the D4.

    But I am concerned about the ergonomics of the camera. How will it feel? The best ergonomic feel to a camera I’ve ever held is that of the F6. Granted it was not as tall as the D3 or D4, and a camera can’t meet everyone’s hands, but to me, the D4 trigger and front wheel just don’t look right. But, feeling will be believing. I’m an optimist.


  • DX2FX

    Someone mentioned the D4 will have a 24MP sensor.. (?)

  • Max Kalkman

    I love my Nikons and have been looking forward to the D4, but that image up there is one ugly camera.

    I agree it looks Canon-esque design wise. Hey if they decide to jump ships with their naming rubric they can call it a 1D4 (please note 0% seriousness here) as opposed to Canon’s 1DIV and totally screw with people like the D40 and 40D.

    In all actuality who cares how it looks. This photo looks faked, but any which way this will likely hold one beast of a sensor and if we are lucky have quality video as well (I used to have a 5DII I used alongside my Nikon bodies with my Nikkor lenses for video and it would be wonderful to NOT have to lug a rubberized brick aka Canon around), so I just cant wait for Friday.


  • sam

    I wouldnt care fake or real. all i care is will it be out or by this friday. why bother to spending time guess, it just couple days to wait. even it’s real does it make any differents? what i really want is the correct announcement date of the new products

  • A.T.M.

    It might be real but the curve to the left of the pentaprism was photoshoped in

  • jack

    Doesn’t the prism look too small, vis a vis the D3/D700? It’s almost a D300/D7000 sized prism hump. Maybe it’s 10% fake.

  • tigrebleu

    I don’t really care if it’s a fake D4 picture.

    Nikon has a new digital camera that’s going to be announced on January 6th, and it’s certainly no Coolpix. They’d release that one before the Xmas holidays, as compact and bridge digicams are often bought as a gift to someone else. Most DSLRs are not bought as gifts — they are bought by the people who are going to use them for themselves. For this reason, DSLRs are released whenever they are ready, be it after or before the summer vacations or the Xmas holidays. So the announcement of January, 6th is going to be for a DSLR.

    Right now the Nikon DSLRs that are in need of a replacement are the D3s, D700 and D300s (and to some extend, the D3X, although it certainly can be replaced later on this year, prehaps even by the D700’s successor).

    Nikon ususally replaces its top-of-the-line, flagship pro DSLR before replacing its semi-pro or amateur-high-end flagship DSLRs. For this reason, I believe we’ll see the D4 first.

    So the D4 is going to be announced on January 6th, and it will probably available be within a few weeks from announcement. So we’ll know soon enough if this pic is fake or not. I believe it’s real. The low res of the pic doesn’t mean it’s fake. It only means it’s low res. But in the end, I don’t care.

    The only thing I care about is if I’m going to be able to afford the D4 (or even the D800, for that matter).

    I expect a retail price around $US 7000 (close to the launch price of the D3), with a first price drop by summer. At 7K, I think I’ll pass and jump on the last remaining D3s bodies. I’ll buy it used if it’s out of production.

    Or I’ll skip straight to the D800. If it does have that dichroic mirror sensor (with three pixels by photosite!), I could live with 36 Mpix. I’ll have to overhaul my whole HDD fleet, though. 40 MB raw files, anyone? lol

    • Rob

      I don’t see why they’d drop the price so soon. They’ll be sold out through the end of 2012 at $6999.95.

    • @tibrebleu, “For this reason, DSLRs are released whenever they are ready, be it after or before the summer vacations or the Xmas holidays.”

      You almost got it right…Canon announced the 1Dx before it was ready; thankfully Nikon doesn’t play that way. But I would argue that both companies tie their pro DSLR launches to upcoming significant events. Most likely they are self imposed deadlines surrounding big photography shows and/or sporting events.

      This year we have several such events!!
      WPPI in Las Vegas – Feb 2012, DIMA – Jan 8-9, PMA@CES Jan 10-13, London Summer Olympics June/July 2012, Photokina 18-23 September 2012 – Cologne, Germany, Fotomessen Oslo 13-15 January 2012, ImagingUSA Phoenix, Arizona 15-17 January 2012, etc, etc, etc….

      ALL TOTALED: 64 Conventions and Photography Trade Shows in 61 cities and 19 countries. Most Conventions and Photography Trade Shows take place in Germany with 35, Austria with 7 and USA with 3 Conventions and Photography Trade Shows.


  • John

    What ever it is, I would think it would be a sharp image. This is not a sharp image.

    • John The Digby

      Maybe it was taken with a Canon 7D using its’ “state of the art” autofocus. LOL 🙂

  • Norman

    It’s only one reason why picture of D4 looks like a fake. It was take by Canon camera 🙂

  • Kingyo

    …still 10% fake 😀

  • Apollo

    Fake I say. And where’s that metering dial from the side of the viewfinder? I can’t see it. I think I’ll just buy used D3s when this comes out.

  • A-n-S

    I don’t know why people resist that idea so much and why there needs to be so much speculation. Google D3 and D3s pictures and compare them side by side and it becomes very obvious that the NR picture DOES show a distinctly different camera:
    – the red arrow is slim and different from all recent models
    – the main knob on the top right (looking at the camera) is smooth, no longer serrated
    – the button configuration above the shutter release is very different: the bracketing button is higher up and there is a 3rd button, which neither D3 or D3s have.
    – the pentaprism housing is slightly lower and rounder
    – it appears that the right side (where the FX logo is) is somewhat shorter, i.e. the camera may be less wide. Hopefully lighter, too…

    Stay tuned, 2 more days to go…. 🙂

  • han

    What? Seriously? This thing doesn’t seem to clear off Tilt-Shift lenses 100%…

  • Orilla

    Are there any informations about the release of the D800?
    Or has Nikon confirmed the 36 MP Sensor?

    Still waiting for the D800 OR the D400. :/

    Best regards from Austria =)

    • idem ! I’d like to know for this 2 body and if it’s as rumour said for the d800, i’ll buy d3s.

  • george

    I strongly believe that this D4 picture is real.
    The more rounded shape and more compact size is consistent with the general tendency we are seeing in cameras design from the main manufacturers.

  • We might be 90% sure this image is real.

    And even if it isn’t, we are 100% sure that the D4 will look at least 90% like this.

  • PM

    1. I knew it ‘s the real thing!

    2. Nothing special but better than d3.

    3. If i didn’t know it’s the nikon d4 , i would never notice its presence anywhere.

    4. Congratulations to NR. The best rumor site on earth!

    5. I will give you the latest leak concerning the d800

    D800: Here i am ! I AM the famous D800 !!!!

    Arnold: You are an UGLY mother……..camera !

  • T140AV-Rider

    Well, if that swivel out screen is real then I’d expect a lot of photo journo’s to say

    “Thanks but no thanks”

    That would be the first thing to break off in a press scrum.

    If it was removable then maybe.

  • Jason

    The top picture in this link . . .


    . . . looks OK, but I’m not enough of an expert on faked images. The “brochure” further down that same page looks wrong – the folding screen seems to be folding through the left side of the body. Now, I like folding screens and don’t have anything against the idea of a D4 with one, but I’m not completely convinced that that picture is real

    • Fake, the picture in this post is the real D4.

      • 120-300 os

        Real only the red is more red on the 6th

  • Hello,

    Did you see the Nikon D4 ads on the Techxsite website (see the link in a previous MSG) ?
    This one seems really official.
    Dual LCD screens and Gps built in ?


    • @Stephane, the swing door LCD didn’t look mechanically feasible in that image, but who knows. As for GPS built in, that seems like a natural thing, but then Nikon couldn’t sell you the GPS-1 optional accessory.

    • I believe this picture was one of the submission for the [NR] D4 contest from few months ago

  • OK, let’s try again: How much ?

    • broxibear

      £5299 is the Canon 1Dx pre-order price, the D4 will be around the same… how much are you willing to pay Del-Uks ?

  • niklas

    God, folks … my mother tongue isn’t English and I am convinced that there are many people whose is and nevertheless suffer a certain lack of grammar knowledge … and?

    I’m much more interested in Nikon’s long awaited announcement and I hope there will some sort of surprise for all of us! 🙂

    • PixPix

      The gringo commenting on so called grammar issues is just a troll unable to speak another language..we’d better ignore him.

      Can’t wait for the Jan 6th surprise too 🙂 🙂

  • truepic

    Didn’t mean to start an argument here. Just putting my view across. I’ve used both brands over the last 20 years and Canon DSLR’s have what assist me better in getting what I want. Thats what you do. Use the best tool for your job. If a Nikon does that for you great.
    One point I have to clarify is that back in Sep 2011 a survey was completed on a global scale to find out what was the most used brand at pro level and its estimated the just over 80% of pros globally use a Canon the highest % ever. This is due to the 5DMk2 and the 1DMk4. That may change when Nikon get better at Video in a DSLR a feature that many photographers including myself are using more and more. Hope you can move on from this childish game now.

    • Charly

      Where´s the data ?
      What´s the name of the survey ?
      It contemplates “pros” at what ?
      At sports I can say 80% is not accurate at all, sorry in that regard that survey is plain BS…I know ´cause I see it on every sport event I have to work.
      Maybe the survey was for pro videographers around the world. (?)

  • R!

    The real plus is the smaller size ,It’s always welcome ,and is a must I think,when you upgrading technological products.

    • niklas

      Is there no one left on earth with big hands? My D700 including MB-D10 just fits fine into my paws! P.e. body-size like D7000 would be much too small for me.

      Also I prefer a certain body-weight. I don’t want to have a body with 600 g …

      • Zeke

        I have big hands. There are no off-the-shelf gloves with long enough fingers for me.

        And yet I want the D4 to be smaller. Mainly for schlepping. As for weight, 0 grams would be ideal. I don’t find light cameras any harder to hold still, and often times they’re easier to steady when you’re starting to get tired.

  • Gordon

    Hmm I think the photo in the brochure seems more real then the other D4 body photo attached to this topic. Comparing the two, the non-brochure photo looks a bit like a CGI composite. In the brochure photo, the body is left curvy compared to the other, more like a natural evolution, especially with the button placements. Also the red swoosh looks much better in the brochure body 😀

  • Art K.

    Hmm, I was hoping that the D4 will be modular. Too bad, another brick.

  • studio460

    1. 90% real. Ergonomics appear too well thought out for a fake.
    2. Appears slightly smaller than a D3s (a plus), and another point for being real.
    3. It may not be a photograph–it could be a 3D rendering, but an authentic one (albeit, seen here only at low-resolution). Another point for real.
    4. I’m partial to the old red triangle myself, but I think Nikon bodies are beautiful regardless.
    5. Does anyone ever spell the word “lose” (e.g., “misplace”) correctly on the internet?
    6. I’m sticking to my original prediction: $6,499 USD.
    7. NR f-ing rules!

  • pepito

    🙂 this one looks legit!

    • pepito
      • benS

        a D4 with dual screen ? I dont think that will happen. would the Pro’s like it ? Will it be able to withstand the abuse that these type of cameras normally go through ?

        Btw i am not a pro …

        • pepito

          Yes I thought the same about the screen, I would really hate to have one on a pro kit, it would be something so easy to break and badly adapted to underwater housings

      • Alex

        image on techxcite is fake and can be found here (amongst other fakes):


        • Gordon

          Nooooo! All my dreams just got dashed 🙁

      • Ray Soares

        1- movie button above shutter button
        2- wi-fi green light in bottom right
        3-wi-fi on in bottom lcd
        4- the second lcd could be rotated then you can close it in any way
        5-layout, shape of bottom grip i perfect
        and many more…

        If is not true is a pity. I want one 🙂
        18 mp
        iso 51200 ( probably hi +2 up to 200.000 plus)
        12 fps with raw
        probably in-sensor AF

        It will kill the 1Dx …

  • MatsB

    Two movie record buttons and no exposure compensation button? Seems rather unlikely to me…

    • @MatsB, I caught that too!

  • Zen-Tao

    It’s a fake like the castle of Withesnow. I can’t understand why you keep trying. Just for heating up your site.

  • snowPic74

    HI Folx.

    Just recieved my copy of the magazine ‘colorfoto’ in Austria. On the first pages they write something bout the Nikon D800 and show some links, one is to this site 😉
    and one is this : http://nikond800sale.com/
    it’s an interesting site, maybe fiction, maybe not….

    and the blog site http://claudiusschulze.com/blog/2011/nikon-d800-preordered/

    hm, sounds all real.. in 3 days we will know 😉


    • nobody

      That blog post is almost a year old…

      • OsoSolitario

        …. and with a 70-200 VR (version I) fit on the camera… conclussion: is a D700 with a photoshoped D800 logo. That’s all!!
        I want to congratulate NikonRumors because is almost the only website in the world that posted (first) TRUE pics from Nikon cameras!

  • PM

    Ι am expecting a surprise lens to be announce with d4

    i am guessing AF-S 6- 16 VR II zoom fish eye !!!

    T0 become serious: here is the optimistic side of what has been written about d4
    1. 36 mp LB-cast or 3 layer foveon sensor
    2. 12-24 fps raw
    3. Multi shot moving prism, for studio work (up to 12 shots)
    4. UHD video 60 p , raw
    5. GPS , Wi fi , usb 3.0 , thunderbolt and every thing you can imaging !!
    6. 18 mp RBG metering sensor
    7. detachable lens mount with two filter slots
    8. 201 double cross sensors !
    9. built in fash command and……..

    much , much more…..

    The conservative side:

    1. 16.2 Mp
    2. 11fps
    3. 86 kp GB metering sensor
    4. usb 3.o
    5. 51 point AF ( cross type number unknown, but nine of them F 8 sensitive)
    6. Face detection hybrid viewfinder
    6. GPS, Wi -fi ???? (remains to be seen)
    7. 1080 p 30 fps raw video
    AND a few more……

    What do you think????

    • Pipix

      A VR on a fisheye?! hmm yep you’re joking.

      36MP on the D4: not at all because not in line with sports/press photo needs at the moment.

      For the other guesses…

      2. 12-24 fps raw

      > With a 36MP?!!! 🙂 imagine the buffer

      3. Multi shot moving prism, for studio work (up to 12 shots)

      > not in line with D4 targeted customers

      4. UHD video 60 p , raw


      5. GPS , Wi fi , usb 3.0 , thunderbolt and every thing you can imaging !!

      Coffee machine? What else?

      6. 18 mp RBG metering sensor

      no idea it that’s feasable on this D4

      7. detachable lens mount with two filter slots


      8. 201 double cross sensors !


      9. built in fash command and……..

      why not..

  • Il Mando

    I have a question for all the NR readers. I see that the general consensus is that D4 will cost about 6500-6800$. What justifies the price? I mean, apart watching Canon’s 1Dx price, what technical features are taking the price closer to the D3X?
    If the specs are right, we have a new sensor with marginal improvement in terms of MPixel. Modest frame rate improvement, so total data throughput is not something tremendous, given you had 4 years to build a new Expeed chip.
    New autofocus? Ok, but does it imply higher costs apart from R&D?
    Apparently no wi-fi, no GPS, same weather proof body.
    Then why everybody seem to think that it is reasonable for the D4 to cost about 6800 $??? I think technology costs are always lowering, so Nikon does not pay today the same price to build a D3 when it was introduced.
    Do you think we have only partial specs and something better is coming or what? It will be a great camera for sure, but it seems that Nikon is iterating the same project (some more mpixel, some more high ISO, better AF), instead of introducing something new from scratch (ok, I’ll admit this last part sounds a little bit like a rant from Thom Hogan :-)).

    • nobody

      Why did the D3x cost $8000? Because enough people were ready to pay that price.

      Nikon will take what they will get, and I assume they will not have any problem to sell the D4 for $6800 while Canon sells the 1Dx for the same price.

      • nobody else

        You have understood the system…

        • Nobody’s perfect

          On the top of that Canon and Nikon will not fight yo compete on the prices…there’s no competition between them on that aspect. So…indeed the D4 is expected at $6800..and sheeps will eat that grass.

          • nobody

            Isn’t it about time for the official nobody’s fan club 🙂 ?

            • Nobody’s rule

              Time indeed!

            • @nobody, wouldn’t that be nobodies?

  • Bill.

    My iPhone makes better photos.

    • Umad

      Too bad its owner can’t make better posts.

  • Mr. Nobody

    1 Nikon D700
    + Nikon D3
    + Sony A77
    = Nikon D4

    Nice try! So, you want me to believe in?

  • niklas

    Nobody must buy a D4 … it’s still a choice. There might be the necessity to choose but there also might be no choice … 😉 … it’s all about money.

    Time is on our side. Calm down, don’t be to eager to spend your money. In 2013 small problems of D4/D800 will be fixed and the price will be much less than in 2012.

  • ActionJunky

    I am amazed by the attempts to bash the editor and the rumored specs on the D4. It’s been 4 years since a major release. I do expect something better than just a few more megapixels. For those truly frustrated by the rumored specifications, I suggest you not view the rumors and just wait until the release. I think we all know that isn’t going to happen. Think about it.

    To the editor: Thank you for your hard work. This is good stuff. Keep it up.

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