Nikon D800 shows us its dark left side

This Nikon D800 image was sent to me anonymously without any further explanations. Some of the camera design details are consistent with the previous D800 images but I have no idea if this is real or fake. For comparison, here is a side image of the Nikon D700:

What do you guys think - real or fake?

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  • FX DX

    Oh what an irony… All these leaked pictures of soon to be the highest resolution Nikon camera are either taken with a coolpix camera or a phone camera from 1999.

    • MJr

      low res and low quality are two different things, way to be purblind

  • Berlinhouse

    Fukkin Fake!
    Watch the cheap D800 Logo Position!!
    CSM switch must stay in D800!!!
    Hopefully with 6f/s in full FX Mode!

  • Kingyo

    first thing that stood out to me was the rubber piece that runs along the side to the front covering the sync doesn’t seem to match the one on the original D800 photos.

    second, is the area where the Nikon logo would be..I thought that area seemed to curve down a bit more rounded (almost Canon-like) in the original front photo of the D800.

    third, as everyone else noted, is the D800 logo, but not just the logo placement. It’s the design lines around it which seem to indicate that the logo is on a diagonal raised curve that fades off into the pop-up flash release button area. Somehow the lower part of that line looks a bit sloppy and appears to cross over the vertical line that separates the D800 logo section from the pop-up flash section.

    I don’t know how much different pre-production models look from final ready-to-ship items, but this looks very rough.

    • Is this Nikon building up the hype?

      Notice also 3 buttons on the top as unlike 4 on the d700

      • 3 buttons on the top dial? That would be the D700. I think you may have the photos confused.

  • Berlinhouse

    Yeah, also my first thought, what primetime lens???
    Hopefully a 50mm f1,2 VRII or 135mm f1,8 VRII or a new 180mm f2,8 VR Makro!!!;)

    • Discontinued

      50mm 1.2 VR ? ? ?

      Stop that shivering for god’s sake and calm down. You must stop doing drugs. Seriously, I mean it! And I don’t want VR in a 50mm or any other prime up to 135mm. I want them to be as sharp as possible. That means no VR. 1.2 VR, that’s a good one, dude.

      • john Picking

        Amen to that! Why completely bastardize a beautiful prime lens with flopping around elements because users can’t shoot photographs anymore.

        • Nikkorman

          This is the absolute single most accurate statement I have witnessed since the start of the digital photography age, good for you!!!

      • Robert M

        I would say that a wide aperture like that is all the VR that a fast lens like that would need.

    • R.

      It’s the 24-120 F4 VR.

    • VR in a 50mm? Really? I mean…really???

  • Dweeb

    Don’t see the GPS antennae bulge. No surprise when you can ding idiot fanboys for the 300 bucks GP-1. Glad to see that useless CSM switch is gone. Guess they had to pay Giugiaro a million bucks for that “refinement”. I see they still like PROFESSIONAL BLACK though.

    • GAH! Stupid mechanical flash button! It can make the flash pop up in a bag, even when it’s off. DO NOT WANT! Same as D700/D300.

      …I mean, if the specs and performance check out, I’ll still buy one. It’s still really bleedin annoying.

    • Sorry, I don’t know why my comment ended up here, instead of a new line.

    • Nikkorman

      If only they would get rid of that crappy looking red stripe on the camera body!!.
      Remember the Fuji S2, essentially a Nikon D200 body with a black stripe instead of red, much better looking!

      • Mike

        No, the red stripe is the soul of Nikon!! And they look great! Perhaps you should read up about the history of the red stripe.

        • photowebbz


        • Joel

          Agreed. This chap clearly knows nothing about Nikon’s heritage and the original F!

    • Brian

      You can get a knockoff for $90- that is the same exact GPS module. Looks like the switch is similar to D7000 which I hate. Impossible to hold a long lens, push that button in and turn the wheel.

  • claus

    It’s much more densly packed so the logo does not fit onto the front. Or the mount grew, eating up the space.

    There’s video with mic internal and socket.

    There really seems to be an aperture mechanical connection?! More clearly on

    Looks like a D700when washed too hot.

    But then… wait… oh no!
    Once you see it…

    you shit bricks!

  • Tony Bologna

    This looks real to me but i sure hope it’s a fake! I don’t see enough room belowe the prism/flash to mount a tilt shift(PC) lens and that would be a HUGE mistake!

    • ST.

      How much more space you see on the D700 image below???
      It is exactly the same, so if D700 fits PC lenses D800 will do that too.

      • PcLens

        On D700 PC lenses can not use the full range of adjustments

        • The 28/3.5 worked fine. Dunno about newer T/S lenses.

        • Benjo

          D700 (and D300/D300s) are not limited in any meaningful way. A few positions cannot be attained, but there are other ways of attaining any position. I’ll admit it is a bit tight compared to a D3, but I’ve never found a real limitation.

          28/3.5PC doesn’t have limitations on any digital body I’ve tried it on, but of course it’s pretty weak in terms of distortion and CA.

    • simon

      I also really hope they fix that issue in the d800. they have to otherwise I don’t know it just doesn’t make sense that the highest resolution camera doesn’t work with the only real lenses for landscape and architecture and stuff like that. that would be really bad and stupid, or they plan on making a d4x then it would not be so stupid but still very mean 🙂

  • 100 % – FAKE

    • fake

      D800 have MF, AF-S, AF-C switch

      • fotura

        exactly my first thought. no way of just 1 af possibility.

        • Kyle Hunter

          The switch looks the same as the D7000, it has a button inside the switch that you have to press and then use the dials to change AF-S and AF-C . . I only owned my D7000 for two weeks. I’ll just hope the D4 isn’t bastardized by a similar switch, or I may be shooting D3 for a long time.

          • jaja

            I really hopw it is, its almost as convinient as the manual switch and more importantly it makes the user modes possible. No pro that have been accustomed to them will ever buy a camera without them. They make it possible to cut down the four seconds of putting three switches right when a completely different photo opp shows up, down to a mere 0.5s. Its a very rare case, a camera can give that much a competative advantage to a photographer compared to shooters with equipment of similar age, but the U-modes really do it.

            • Kyle Hunter

              The user modes could be handy, but you can not change a lens in a 0.5 seconds. That is why you carry a second or even third body sometimes to get that shot when circumstances change. And I can’t even remember how many times in those two weeks of having the D7000 that dial on the top got bumped from M to A . .

      • Rob

        I hope it’s fake. with a camera of this caliber you can’t be changing things with a combo of a button and the shutter/aperture dials. I would really like to see a nice MF, AF-S, AF-C switch to keep thins fast and minimize the combo work to make changes. I have a D300 and a D7000 and those little things are a big deal for me and I really hate having to change up how I use my cameras every other shot. I know the D800 isn’t geared toward speed, but this is one thing that is just too practical for a pro body to make it of an armature status, like on the D7000.

      • Gareth


  • wrxer

    The 4th button is for the bracketing option (BKT). This will also introduce new capabilities in EV spacing similar to the Canon.

  • Pwsonline

    hmm, Dunnooo.
    I love my D700, the only thing about it i HATE, is the sloppy rubber “wing” that seems to be replaced with a proper door, that would be a big improvement.

    But i am used to the C-S-M focus switch, acutally grew to like it, and now see it has changed, I’d hate to have to go into a menu to switch from C to S mode…..

  • hubert

    I don’t take it. the upper part (viewfinder/left button/side rubber piece are exactly the same as d300s. but the af selector has only two positions (M/AF). I can’t believe Nikon has changed the 3 position selector (M/F/C) for an upper class body as the D800 is supposed to be.

  • martin

    just my 2 cents worth, but the textured area on the side seems very rough compared to any other nikon dslr

    • Samuel

      jep, that’s what i thought too – looks to me like an old Nikon F… also the “harder” and more square-cut Lines, – so i think, it’s fake.

  • Clintphoto

    The pentaprism/flash area looks alot smaller than on the d700. Could be a DX viewfinder?

  • Fake, not fake…don’t care. After all, many products begin their life as a artist’s concept in Photoshop. That doesn’t mean its fake, its a visualization of a concept. This could be what we’re seeing – the original artist concept drawings/renderings.

  • jk

    FAKE… the logo is in a spot that says “hey look I am a D800”

    Someone is watching this and either laughing or getting a chubber.

  • Guess this is it 😉
    Sounds like a great cam, if there wouldn’t be the 36 MP

  • therussian

    FAKE!!! Definetely FAKE!!! WHYYYY?

    Because the “D800” sign is not straight if you look at it from the front…. And Nikon is definitely won’t make a not horizontal sign on its cameras….

  • Berlinhouse

    Saw the smiley?;)
    Just another one for the “rumours”
    btw: 105VR + 100L IS work fine and are both sharp as jalapeno:)

    • jaja

      They are, but actually not as sharp as the tokina 100 or even tamron 90, both really cheap compared to the canikons and they do have other advatages. But just the same, id rather have a 105 non-vr with that extra edge the tokina manages to produce.

  • Well, I guess this comes pretty close to confirming I was completely wrong about the design issues with the other D800 photos.

    Since they have the D7000 style of AF / MF switch, I suppose that frees up the rear switch to be “Video / Still” instead of the old dynamic AF mode switch.

    The only thing left is the “REC” button on the top of the camera.

    For the last time, Nikon, if you are listening:

    These functions / buttons better be VERY programmable!


  • Brian Davis

    Obviously a fake D800

    • GregS

      Why? Spell it out for the rest of us.

  • GK


    • Super Debater


      • Bob from Ohio


        • random guy


          • Hamuga


            • The Manatee


  • teo

    For what is worth:
    If it’s a fake, it’s a good/better one than the previous.
    I only have 3 notes, NONE of which mean the image is a fake:

    1. The lower front body has more texture than I am used to seeing from Nikon.
    2. The model name is “bent” over the prism, as if it ran out of space to the right, but “D800” is not that long… That would never happen with Nikon. BUT maybe the model name printed is “D800-RC5” case in which it might have ran out of space. Peculiar.
    3. Focus switch missing the Continuous mode. No way that was dropped.

    What I cannot see is variation in focus, soft patches, etc.

    In the end I don’t care what it looks like – just when it comes out, does it have 60fps 1080 video and what kind of hole will it burn in my pocket.

    • Rob

      “In the end I don’t care what it looks like – just when it comes out, does it have 60fps 1080 video and what kind of hole will it burn in my pocket.”

      Big one for me as well! hope Nikon is looking to be a real competitor again. I feel like they are really letting us Nikonians down with their competition against Canon. I’n not about to change or anything (they glass is way too amazing) but give me a reason to smile. lately it has been 🙁 for me and Nikon.

    • Gareth

      had to search the page for continuous to see if someone had spotted that. no af c? why would they do that? why would you put it somewhere else? that would really piss me off.

      • This is actually the easiest one to answer. The “C / S / M” switch is now just “AF / MF” because they’re adopting the same design that the D7000 already has- a button within the switch, that gives both your main and sub command dial a function- one dial changes between AF-A, AF-S, and AF-C while the other dial is in charge of the dynamic focus point grouping. (The switch that disappeared from the rear of the camera, evident in the previous photos)

        The other issues, including the weird bumpyness to the image and the curvature of the emblem printing, are the ones I believe are greater proof that the image could be fake.

        Personally though, I’m betting they’re real at this point, much to my dismay and chagrin.


        • Gareth

          is it easy to use? that little switch is fiddly enough already.

          • Yes, it is actually MORE convenient to use, once you get the hang of it. It was one of the perks of the D7000, (I tested it a few times, twice on a professional job) …so while I’m not going to miss the dynamic AF switch or the “C/S/M” switch, I *AM* afraid that the added buttons for video will create too much risk for still shooters. We’ll have to wait and see!


  • Nikonos

    I think it is fake, at least some parts of it. I don’t trust the memory card door. On all other late DSLR’s the doors are made of rubber against rain or damage. This door looks like it is made out of metal or hard plastic. It is also square and does not look water repellant to me, especially on the left side if you look at the space needed for the hinge.

    Is this what your mean Admin?

    Next to that i notice 3 other things. The space for the viewfinder is to small for 100% view, would they do this again like on the D700? Second, the tip of the build in flash seems very small or low, is there enough space for the flash? Third, the flash foot seems to high compared to my D700 and is therefore not in line with other components.

    My wish for 2012 is a 16 or 18 mp FF noise killer in a D700 body, this would be the true successor of the D700. Don’t need the 36 MP’s and don’t need a big body.

    • Nikonos

      Looking at the earlier mentioned memory card door. On the first picture set the door looks like it is made of rubber like it used to be on other DSLR’s. On this last picture it is definitely made from other material. Also the space where to put your finger or fingernail is different in size on the picture from the back and from the left side.

      Something’s fishy in my opinion..

    • Daniel

      But isn’t the memory card door on the other side? This is the ports side.. Don’t follow you.

      • Nikonos

        You are correct Daniel, it’s the port side. To busy comparing the posted pics :-). But i am convinced the doors are different if i compare the pictures.

  • b

    i see two differences (maybe more) from the first set of images compared with this side view.
    1: On the side view there is a fat bump right under the lock button for the (?)Dial, this looks different in the first set of pix.
    2: The sloping body below the Dial has different shapes in the two photos. One looks rounder the other more detailed.
    And the flash on the side view looks more like the d700. Rather small diameter round leading right to the front where the front view looks much rounder.

    Anybody else see that?

  • Canon Fan

    Looks fake to me. Hope it fares better than the D7000. I bought one and took it back after 200 shots. Great camera but wouldn’t hold focus. Had 2 friends have the same problem…. BTW .. I use both Nikon and Canon….no duplication of lenses though.

    • I’ve had a positive experience with the D7000, but that’s just me and has no baring on anyone else…

      +1 on using both…I eventually will, too. I want a Canon body specifically so I can use their luscious 50mm 1.2L and 85mm 1.2L. I’d continue to use my D700 for the 35mm 1.4, 24-70mm 2.8 and 70-200mm 2.8 VRII. Maybe that is what I’ll do instead of dropping $4K on a D800…by a 5DII and a 50mm 1.2L…hmmm

      I like the way you think…

  • D700 owner

    To be honest – this rumor stuff is more & more boring.
    Since weeks not more as supotisitions.
    Just only rumors & may only fakes, not more.
    I like my D700, other loves thier dxxxx…
    Do we are Apple lemmings which are driven by a kind of mainsteam marketing?
    Just boring……

    Nikon forever 😉

  • António

    If this image is the real thing it is “bad news” for people that uses PC-E lenses as it will limit their movements even more than D 700 does. Just look at the prism/flash housing and the distance to the lens.

  • Jeff

    If the previous D800 image is real then I think this one is real as the features matches the previous pictures, e.g. 4 bottons on top dials….etc

  • Nick Shek

    Don’t the Nikon video bodies have 5 ports on the side? I can’t really tell from the image but it looks like there’s only 4.

  • jon

    Why is it that these ‘rumor’ pics always look like the Loch Ness monster. Can’t anyone focus when in the Nikon factory?
    AND, If this hi def 36mp camera won’t work with the PC-E lenses, why bother to ship it.

  • sjms

    image shot by the same individual that shoots UFO images. never in focus and never at angle that might matter

  • Orestor

    Fake? I’m switching to Canon!

    • Super Debater

      Real? I’m staying with Nikon!

  • sjms

    image shot by the same person who shoots UFO shots. never in focus and never at the right angle to actually give you something even if its not in focus

  • mrt

    Every other pro and at least enthusiast Nikon body has had a thoughtful little ridge for the left hand’s fingers to grip on the left side front of the body…this body does not…too squared off for mine…let alone the D800 descriptor and hinged door rather than a form fitting/weatherproof rubber flap, and that connector cover under the neck strap mount looks way odd…calling fake, or perhaps test/pre production mule…

  • It’s a camera with a small viewfinder, may be D400?

  • Christian Harbou

    If you google D700 you will find an old image of the D700 looking exactly like the image of the “D800” above.

    • MJr

      If you were googling the D700 that probably means that you didn’t realize that the second image above IS the D700.

  • Super Debater

    Pics or it didn’t happen! … oh wait…

  • bs.lim

    I guess this D800 will be the first Nikon DSLR to have build in body vr function!

    • Markus

      If it has…than we know for sure this image wasn’t taken with it.

      Oh, and if you make a fake image, make it in that way fake that it looks good, or bad, but not ‘this is fake “for fake discussion” image.’

  • Bogdan

    I own a D700… it certainly looks more polished and professional than this D800… again, this D800 looks like a cheap chinese plastic ripoff…

  • bs.lim

    I guess this D800 will be the first Nikon DSLR have build in body VR function!

    • I guess you haven’t read Nikon’s official position on in-lens VR:

      I seriously doubt Nikon will abruptly change their position on this, and neither should they. On top of that in-body VR would be wasted on anything below, say, 135mm. It would be especially useless in studios where one controls the lighting, or in shooting landscapes where one probably uses a tripod most of the time. If the D800 is targeting studio and landscape photographers, in-body VR is completely useless.

  • bs.lim

    There will be awesome if the D800 come with a build in body VR function!

  • Al Craig

    The reality is that no-one knows, and Nikon is sitting back refusing to tell us when they think the D800 we all hope to see will actually emerge, or what features it will have. Having tried to get info from them on a few occasions, to determine how long I need to wait for something to come out, especially software upgrades, or a new 16mm fisheye without extra filters etc, I have had to conclude that they do care about their customers from a commercial point of view. They’re good on follow up, once you buy, but are also happy for you to buy something that will go out of date in a few days, weeks or months.
    I love Nikon, but I’d also love to get some clearer info from them rather than feel they want me to buy something that will go out of date before I’ve even used it!
    My view of the pic – part true, part fake – and deliberately so!


    another fake image

  • Ken Hogan

    DEFINITELY….FAKE 100%…only fake has blurry image, which hides all the photoshop work. Even an iPhone camera can take a better image if someone happened to see that prototype and took a snapshot.

  • photowebbz

    i feel that the “D800” symbol matches the fron photo we saw. remember how narrow the camera seemed in comparison?

  • Rich

    These shots of the D800 remind me of shots of Bigfoot, lol. Always low quality and slightly out of focus. If its anonymous, why not give us a good shot? Cant wait for these to come out so we can see good product images and good sample images.

    Nothing against NR best rumor site out there.

  • Curious George


    I’ll ask again, why won’t you share with us what you THINK of the photos taken with this camera? You’ve posted EXIF data, crops, etc… and have been repeatedly asked to share your opinions on what you’ve seen. We’re not asking you to describe what the photos contain, just what your OPINION of them is. Are we going to be blown away? Are they promising? Are they sub-par?

    Everyone has been asking you this since the day you said you have sample photos, but you completely ignore such postings. Why is that?

    Not accusing you of anything.. just asking a straight forward question.

    • It is very hard for me to form an opinion based on the images I have.

  • I think it’s real and all the people complaining about the blurry image must not follow sites that talk about cellphones because you see the exact same blurry images.

    Also the people complaining about PC-E lenses. Have you ever considered maybe Nikon will update them? SO maybe you should hope these images are REAL.

    It also makes sense because this line up it seems Nikon is going from the bottom up instead of the top down so the CSM selector makes sense. Also wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see a record switch like on the D7000 on the D800/D4. Yes the other image show one on top but I feel like there will also be a switch.

  • Well, it looks like a dark and fuzzy image of the side of a camera. Great for rumors, but I can’t shoot it.

  • Cowseye

    Did anyone notice that the camera strap loop is a bit weird?

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