4 upcoming Nikon products

An update to my post about the upcoming Nikon products:

  • Nikon SB-910: samples of the new flash are already distributed in several different countries, announcement is imminent.
  • DX lens: - two options here, either a new 18-300mm lens (see patent) or a 16-85mm lens (it may even be a fixed f/4 aperture).
  • FX lens: "will be an update to one of the current AF-D prime lenses and probably will not be wide angle". The latest info points to a new AF-S 85mm f/1.8 lens.
  • Nikon D800: several people confirmed that the D800 camera on the leaked images is the real deal.

Next week is pretty much the last chance for Nikon to announce something new for 2011. There were already several Nikon events scheduled for next weekend.

Nikon may or may not announce all four products at the same time, but I feel pretty confident that this is what's coming next from Nikon.

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  • d.h


  • jorg

    good news! esp.the 85/1.8

    • Discontinued

      Are you kidding? Best news is the 18-300 5.6! OK, I am kidding. Can’t wait for D800.

      • Now we just cross our fingers there are no national disasters, pirate ship interceptions, radioactive whale collisions, alien abductions, glacier titanificaitions, etc.

        Nikon is probably hoping they’ve merely been unlucky recently, rather than cursed.

        Oh, yeah — and the leaked images are still real.

  • Aww yea! Gosh I would gladly go for either a fixed DX zoom or the 85mm prime. Really hope this is true. Second?

    • WoutK89

      If a zoom is fixed, it can’t zoom 😀

      • no-nikon-no

        maybe previously broken?

        • GNjoora

          Lol! what in the hell did I type. I mean either a fixed prime, or a zoom :p

      • Image

        A “fixed” zoom refers to a constant aperture…. so, yeah…..a fixed zoom can zoom.

        • WoutK89

          nope, fixed zoom cant zoom, fixed aperture zoom can zoom, noun and adjective, read the rules 😛

          PS, Nikon should announce sense of humor?

          • Image

            Fixed zoom is simply short for “fixed aperture zoom lens”.

            • mikils

              Should we go for ”constant” aperture?

  • I wonder the price for this 85/1.8G. About US$600 maybe?

    • the visible man

      if its that much, spend another 300 and get the 85 1.4 af-d. screw this, they need to replace the 135 f2.

      • chuck

        actually that 85mm 1.4D sells for 1300 non gray market, 1100 gray market.

        • Eric

          Buy it used. I just received mine for 670€ (900$). Good as new!

      • FM2Fan

        the 135 2.0 is brilliant – it just has a slow AF … the optics is superb.

      • studio460


        Yes, a new AF-S Nikkor 135mm f/2.0 Nanocoat FTW!

        • +1 to AFS and Nano, but add VR too!

      • Light Adrenaline

        I agree. Was actually going through the lenses that I think a lot of people have been waiting on and the 135 is on my short list. The lens is optically excellent, but agreed, it needs a modern AF update. An AF-S VR 135mm f/2 G N would be an excellent fit, especially if it’s under $1400. The Canon version is one of their best optics as well, but has had USM for quite a while, though no IS. Nikon didn’t add VR to the 24-70, but did add it to the 16-35, then didn’t add it to the 85 1.4. Since the wider primes already had an update, and the super teles had the VR updates not long ago, in the prime market, the 135 seems to be the best target. Unless they do something stupid like launch a 50 1.2, which would garner some attention, but doesn’t make much sense to me really. Do to the 85mm update and the excellence of the 105 VR macro, I’m not predicting a 105 DC revamp. And the 135 is still not going to be able to touch the 200 f2, so it’s a safe bet.

        Just because it makes sense, doesn’t mean Nikon will do it.

        If we are looking at the zooms, the 80-400 needs it probably the most. I like the idea of a 300 f/4 update too, but wont hold my breath.

        We’ll see. A 70-200 f4 option to match Canon would help a lot of shooters I’m sure, but there are too many aging optics that could be revamped in place of a new offering in an existing focal range IMHO.

        Let’s see what they come up with…

  • T.I.M

    ******* BREAKING NEWS *********

    We will get 2 new Nikon DSLR D800 (or D700s) & D900 ! (yes, 2)

    In fact, the specifications we had about the D800 is for the D900 (but no flash)
    From Chasseur d’Images : “le sigle D900 aurait semblé aussi logique.”
    36MP sensor, full HD at 60fps and 720p at 120fps, 1CF+1SD cards slots.
    The D900 will retail for $3995 in USA

    The other camera (D800-D700s) have a 18MP, flash, full HD at 30fps, 2 SD cards slots.
    Retail price at $2995 in USA (probably $2495 in few months)

    Finally some good news !

    D4 will come in February

    • Mimmo

      It does not make me laugh

    • WoutK89

      That means the picture is of the D800/D700s and does not have the specs admin gave with the picture 😉 The picture clearly had a flash built-in

    • Sorry, but youre never going to see *JUST* SD slots on an FX body. I doubt you’d even see a CF+SD a-la-D300s.

      • Never is a very long time. I’d be fine with SD.

        • Discontinued

          SD is just fine. I’d even prefer two of them instead of the split. I don’t want different types of batteries either.

          • -1 to SD, +1 on battery comment.
            I hope the D4 will have dual CF with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS. With todays miniturization of components, there is no reason we don’t have Wi-Fi and GPS in the Nikon PRO lineup. Heck, they could make those items optional plug-in modules, similar to Sekonic and the PocketWizard triggers. Speaking of which, Nikon should partner with PocketWizard to make their flashes and cameras take little radio modules for both USA and Europe. From my understanding, the radio frequency issues is what has kept Nikon from going radio based iTTL. With optional swappable modules, no need to worry about your tying the camera to a specific market. If Nikon was the first to partner with PocketWizard, I am sure you would see many Canon users re-evaluating their loyalties.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              I too would go with two SDs. Have you ever dropped a CF into a puddle of mud? Just asking, because the size and cold conditions have been mentioned on that subject. CF is apparently regarded as the tougher choice. I’d much rather drop and wipe SDs clean than having mud stuck inside a CF’s contacts.
              Further more it is pretty nice to stick cards just straight into a MacBook for backup on location. CF is a dinosaur IMO.

            • @VH, I can honestly say I have never dropped a CF card in a puddle of mud, and I cringe at the thought of what you describe. Having used CF for what seems like a decade, I agree that it has a dinosaur like appearance when compared to other media. However, last year when I visited Fotokina in Koeln, there was a great big buz being made over the next top dog in the flash media department. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the product name, but what I do remember is that it had nearly the identical form factor of CF. It was only keyed (tab/slotted) differently to prevent CF devices from being inserted. I guess it was being desinged to overcome the bandwidth limitation that CF imposes, a respectable 167MB/Second. This is something that many manufacturers are looking into, because of the large amount of streaming video that needs to be captured as we enter Extreme HD video resolutions. BTW, the dinasaur is still 20% faster than the fatest SD (133MB/Sec) implementation out there; well the specification at least is. No arguments about the convienence with your MAC book.

    • Why not D710 and D900? Where did you get this info, Invisible?

      • WoutK89

        “From Chasseur d’Images”

        it is a magazine in France (don’t expect it to be true, or admin would have posted this)

        • I was just thinking this. Seems like they’re always shooting off their presses and not actually hitting the mark.

          Has anyone recently done a roundup of their predictions/claims compared to reality?

    • Shogun

      Rest assured, this will NOT be happening.

    • Oh, friend, you just gave me a hope!
      You know how I hate that 36Mp-only news!

    • studio460

      I would totally buy into that rumor, if only I had seen it here as well. It makes perfect sense: announce a near-D3s class, high-ISO performer as a D700 replacement, and cut the D3x’ price in half, offering up a high-MP count FX body for those that need it. They stay competitive with Canon with an affordable, 18MP body, while discontinuing a low-volume, high-priced boutique product, the D3x, and replacing it with a much more affordable alternative, while also maintaining the pixel-count war with Canon.

    • Simply not possible. Assuming that a D700s / D900 has the same 16-18 megapixel sensor as the upcoming D4, Nikon would be totally ruining it’s sales cycle and profit margins if they released the affordable version first. It is just a simple fact of business that you release the flagship with the new sensor first, maximize profits on that body, and then do the affordable version a year later.

      Historically speaking, this has been both Nikon and Canon’s habit- D3 -> D700, and 1Ds 3 -> 5D 2…


      • @Matthew, I agree with you about Nikon needing to announce the flagship product first, in order to prevent cutting into sales. However, the two catastrophes that Nikon has just gone through may be preventing the release of their D4 on the schedule they desire. In the camera market, it is better to get your product out the door and into the hands of consumers, lest you miss the boat altogether; hence the D800 may make it to market first. Additionally, there may be a feature set on the D4 that pros must have and be willing to wait for. I am personally in the market for a new pro camera body, and although the D800 sounds enticing, I will wait for the D4 to announce as I prefer the feel of the D3 in my hands vs. the D700. For those pros whose D700’s are on their last leg, a D800 might fill the gap perfectly while waiting on the D4. Just think of all your wedding photogs, they can wait for the D4 to announce in February, as the season is pretty much over; well maybe not, announcement + lag time = April or May timeframe for delivery. That would be cutting it close. I guess only time will tell.

        • Indeed, outside events could be throwing off the regular release cycle. However ordinarily, I just don’t see Nikon making that decision, to come out with the more affordable camera before the more expensive flagship.

          Either way, we “must” see the D4 before the summer olympics, which implies an early-2012 announcement and availability. Which therefore implies that if a D800 is to come first, we’ll need to see it asap unless they plan on releasing both at once.

          I guess that could also happen, a 36 MP high-res camera at the same time as a low-res high-speed camera.

  • Mimmo

    Yhaoooooooo!!! if we believe in Santa Claus, he makes us a gift!

  • d7000d50

    hopefully they will get around to making a wide angle DX or FX (relatively affordable) lens someday

    • the visible man

      a used 17-35 you fool. i got one excellent shape for 550. my sis got one for 750. theyre out there.

  • Up $#!t’s creek!

    Any idea of announcement dates? I would think Nikon would try to announce d800 as soon as possible as the 5dii keeps dropping in price (2299) and the d700 is held at 2700.

  • Andrey

    I don’t think d800 will be announced.

  • hah

    Ok……………… I use canon and I enviiiiiiiiiiiiy u all!!

  • Still don’t believe what we’ve seen about the D800 to be true, will stand corrected if it shows it face, but I think the D700 will be different from anything that anyone has said.

    Oh, and T.I.M, you expect to see the D700s to be out with dual SD card slots. Oh I won’t be buying that. Give me CF slots with a decent write speed.

    • What are the advantages you see to CF over SD?

      • cf will always be better as there is more space.
        can be bigger, faster, more reliable or all of it together.
        It also dont have this dumb mechanical read only switch which is first thing to get broken or silly contacts.
        it needs also much less performance to push the data down

        • Geoff

          I imagine the pins on your CF will get broken before the lock on my SD. I have never broken the lock on a SD card.

          • there are no pins on CF cards. There are holes.

            • Geoff

              my apologies .. dyslexia .. the pins in the camera can bend which is a very bad thing.

            • @Geoff,
              The CF card is keyed, it only goes in one way. The “keys”, actually little tabs, help line up the CF card to the pins. I have yet to see pins get bent in a CF slot on a camera; not that I am saying it couldn’t happen. I will say this about SD though; I have personally lost photos as a result of putting the SD card in the pocket of a statically charged pullover. The exposed gold fingers on the SD card absorbed the static discharge when I went to later pull the card out of the pocket. The card was hosed and my pictures gone. I feel safer with CF cards, the shell is thicker and less likely to be the victim of ESD energies.

            • mikils

              while I also prefer CF cards, I must admit i bent a pin in my D200 very early. For sme reason the camera kept transferring the files int the cards anyway…

            • @mikils, sorry to hear about your D200. At least it seems like you didn’t bend an important PIN. As CF is the superior technology in terms of bandwidth, I am certain you probably just bent an excess grounding pin. I am curious though, how did you manage to bend a pin? I can only imagine you forcibly pushed the CF in the slot with it slightly mis-aligned.

        • I also have never broken the lock on an SD card. They are not as robust as CF cards, though the pins on the CF cards are a problem.

          I also don’t buy the speed, new SD card like these:
          are available and all the speed you need.

          Bigger? How big do you need?

          More reliable? Where do you get that info?

        • I have, more than once and it’s no fun. Actually, the little piece of plastic that pretends to be switch falls off. It can be put back but is a PITA because it’s so tiny.

          • i dont mean the switch on SD card, but on SD card slot. There is bent metal which should work as switch which is bent when the pin on SD card is in RO position

      • Which one would you rather changing on a mountain top in the snow and sub zero temps? The answer for me is CF. Or i n any other challenging environment.

        • Metten

          If i were to shoot in conditions likenthat my answer would be neither. With cards in both formats going up to 128GB i can hardly imagine the need for it as well.

          Of course: cf might be easier to handle with gloves on, i just don’t think it’s wise to change cards at all in conditions which require wearing gloves.

          I’d take dual SD slots over single CF anytime.

          • @Metten, although 128GB cards sounds like the easy way to go, without redundant slots you risk quite a bit by having a whole expedition worth of photos on one tiny card. Yes, CF is much easier to change, with or without gloves. Having owned the D3 with dual CF slots, I would prefer to see that format in the D800. However, I would take the D800 with one CF and one SD versus my current D700 with just a single CF. For the D400, I could easily see dual SD as a viable option. I imagine I am like many other owners of CF devices, a large investment in the memory cards that I don’t want to see become obsolete overnight. Just saying…

  • Cman

    The 85/1.8 us a brilliant lens not only for quality but for price! I hope they keep it closer to the $400 range

    I’m still in wishful thinking mode and want a d800 in my hands by the beginning of the year!

    • Cman

      Whoops, 500 not 400, although 400 would be nice lol

  • Alright! Bring it on, Nikon!

  • to me right now is the SB-910 and lucky me I got the SB-700 a couple of months ago and if this one has built-in radio trigger I will buy 3 or 4 right away because the optical sync is good but at times is hard to use it on weddings and if they make something that has 100 meter range I is going to be hard for Nikon to keep them in stock.

    For the D800 for sure I will get one as soon as the pre-order opens but if something we have learned from the D7000 release is that you might get it 2 months after it start shipping.

    • I don’t think it will have radio triggering due to different regulations in different countries. I would love to see it, but it is not something I expect to be implemented.

      • But they could design a modular internal radio so US products get one frecuency and europe and asia get their respective frecuency as well.

        They can charge a premium for it and I am sure my fellow wedding photographers will be thrilled to buy a dozen right away.

        • the visible man

          ever hear of pocket wizards? youre not much of a wedding photog to be using optical crap. get out.

          • have you ever heard of Radiopoppers PX? Thats what I use in long distance / complicated scenarios, but i guess you never heard of it either.

            I am not sure you use/understand the Nikon CLS because if you do you would know that is a very reliable and powerful trigger that offers stuff that Pocket Wizards cant! and since is built-in no extra charge. Do you even OWN pro gear?

            • Daniel

              Well, PocketWizard also has a product that does that: http://www.pocketwizard.com/products/transmitter_receiver/flextt5-nikon/

            • Rasta

              >Do you even OWN pro gear?

              Pro gear does not mean pro foto’s….. I am quite sure most of the people here that are fantasizing about the new d800 should first start by learning how to take greate foto’s instead of wasting large sums of money on expensive gear that they don’t know how to use. No idea how nikon or canon did it but when you get to a stage when people are willing to buy gear blind (especially when talking about first revisions) then you really have made it as a commercial company.

              I am quite new to fotography but seeing all these people not being nice to each other in the canikon world really amazes me. Wonder where it comes from…. worse then soccer hooligans hehe.

              Not trying to start a flame war…. just could not keep my opinion to myself anymore. It’s just an opinion from an inexperienced starting photographer so just ignore me.

            • foobar

              oh boy you’re leaning yourself way too far out of the window! if I see you’re portfolio I can’t find a single proper use of flash… wtf!?

      • David

        Ever hear of wifi or bluetooth? They seem to operate world wide…..

  • Tony5787

    If the 85 1.8 is as close to the 1.4 as the new 50 1.8G is to it’s 1.4 counterpart and doesn’t exceed $700, there’s no way in hell I’d get the 1.4 over it unless the 1.8 is complete garbage or something. Considering how sharp the current 85 1.8 is, I don’t see it being much different (especially not now after Nikon has been releasing such stellar glass).

  • I almost bought a 5d Mk II .. gonna wait a little more.

    • and just think you might be saving yourself from average AF, a lack of a decent lighting system and over rated video ability.

  • hombreee

    eeehhh… 6 months ago i have purchased 85mm f1.8D 🙁 Very good lens, but new 1.8 should by better.

    • Cristian

      I bougth the same lens 3 years a go, but I don’t think I will sell it for the new model….

      • New 85/1.8 must have one great update — a really rounded aperture!
        That’s why I had changed 85/1.8D for a 85/1.4D

  • sjms

    you throw out enough permutations of these rumors and if anything comes out short of a brick you’re gonna be in targeting range of being sorta kinda right.

  • If the 85/1.8 is renewed it is an instant buy for me!

  • For Xmas 2 wishlists (one already in the cart):

    – Sony Nex 5N with 18-55 + 16mm 2.8 + Nikon Adapter
    – Nikon D800 body (maybe) + CF Extreme Pro 32 gb x 2

    Let´s make positive vibrations to the second option?


  • Cristian

    As mentioned on many post this (maybe) upcoming D800 will have a 36Mpx sensor.
    But… who really needs so many pixels? Personally I don’t… neither for the DX crop of 18Mpx I could get from the full frame picture.
    I have a D700 and 12Mpx FF are more than enough for prints up to 100×70, with low noise even at high ISOs (eg 6400). I’d prefere a 18-20Mpx (so with bigger pixels) (so with a DX crop of 9-10Mpx) and a signal/noise ratio like D3s.
    What do you think? Am I right or wrong??

    • So you can stay with yours D700 or buy a D3s, don’t come just to troll Nikon new body.
      I want 36 MP for resolution, crops, new technology !

      • +1, “36MP for resolution, crops”
        I crop all the time, and the extra resolution would definitely be worth it if the lenses can resolve it. Little birds require cropping, no matter how close you are, or how long your lens is. Birding is another reason I am considering the Nikon 1 series with a 2.7X crop factor on my 400mm f/2.8! I hope to test that setup very soon! But, if I can get 36MP on FX with the same quality as the D7000, then I can have butterly bokeh too, as I crop in tight!

      • Cristian

        I’m sorry, but I don’t intend to troll a new Nikon body… I’m simply asking myself if a 36Mpx FF sensor will outperform the actual D700 / D3s sensor signal/noise ratio. If it will it’s ok for me! I will get big images I can crop as I need. But… if it won’t?
        It’s better to have a bigger croppable image with a worst signal/noise ratio or a smaller and cleaner image? Personally I like the second choice. And you?

    • hombreee

      you are right

    • Anonymus Maximus

      Higher pixel density allows to do away with AA filter. That alone makes it worthwhile buying, no matter how big or small you print.

      • LGO

        It remains to be seen whether 36mp will be enough to do away with the AA filter. It seems that the threshold is at 50mp and above. But if Nikon can indeed do away with the AA filter at 36mp, there will be a limitation as to what lenses can be used with the 36mp sensor without the AA filter.

        What would be more plausible would be a crop body without AA filter if Nikon adopts the Sony 24mp APS-C sensor. This sensor will be high enough to do away with the AA filter. While only certain lenses can be used with this, those who will buy such a body will likely already have the Nikon lenses that can be used with this body.

        • Anonymus Maximus

          These days the argument, that “lenses are not good enough” is repeated many times. (Also for medium format.)
          I am not entirely convinced.
          It is true that in the past of Digital Imaging lenses have out-resolved sensors. However why do people draw the conclusion that that is an eternal law ?
          I hate to see my worst and best lens give the same result?
          I would be happy with a sensor that greatly out-resolves all my lenses. So by choice of lens I decide how much of resolution (or other properties of the lens in question) is important for the job at hand.
          Nobody ever complained that the highest resolution films could out-resolve most lenses?

          • LGO

            I think you are referring to the sensor higher resolution requiring better lens and better technique to make the most of the higher resolution. This is not what is being referred to here but something totally different – Nikon possibly releasing a 36mp FX wthout any AA filter.

            If the body uses a high-enough resolution sensor, the lens itself becomes a low-pass filter so the AA filter is not needed. This also means using lens that can resolve at a very high level. The resulting image will be very sharp – better than any so far seen that has been taken with any previous Nikon dSLR.

    • BornOptimist

      How about 36MP split into 18M high sensitivity and 18M low sensitivity pixels, resulting in 18MP image with wide dynamic range. A 36MP image is also an option, like the 12MP image on the Fuji S5 made from 6M hi sens and 6M lo sens pixels

      • GeofFx

        Some people are saying that this technology isn’t as relevant today, but I’ve been hoping for the same thing you suggest for the last 5 years. It seems unlikely to happen, but I guess it’s possible.

      • Cristian

        I can only say WOW! What you are saying seems to me a way to get an high dinamic range directly: low lights captured by high sensibility “pixels” and high lights by low sensibility.
        Too high level of light for the bigger pixels will “fit” perfectly on the smaller. It would be great!

  • Ab

    85mm f1.8G is most likely possible as a follow up to the 50mm f1.8G.

    Yes to SB910! Jumping Yes to SB900 sale!

  • John

    He is wrong.

    Sensor AREA (not pixel count) and output finished size determines noise level.
    D3X and D3 for eg have the same noise in a given sized print.

  • Robin

    For Nikon’s sake I hope T.I.M is right and the admin is wrong.

    This is the spending season and I see all the Flyers/Sale Paper’s dominated by new model’s from competition. People just buy without giving anything a second thought.

    If Nikon misses the train now on announcement this month, then it will miss out on next big pre-christmas spending season as well.

    Furthermore, all those big screen tv’s and gps’s and tablets and diamonds and watches are very very tempting, i cant save that 4k reserved for the FX migration forever.

  • The invisible man

    Some smart ass are using my screen name to post comment.
    I will not make any comments until Peter find a solution to that problem.
    Thank you.

    • broxibear

      The solution is to go to http://en.gravatar.com/ and make your own avatar.
      Just upload an intersting image like this http://web.me.com/bkmarcus/TickingCrocodile/images/TheInvisibleMan/InvisibleMan01.jpg it’s not that difficult ?

      • The invisible man

        Thank you, great idea.
        It was a pain to setup but I think it worth it !

        • GeofFx


          I had so much faith in you until you chose a picture of a cat to be your avatar 😉

          • T.I.M

            At least the cat will not sue me for using his face….

            • PeterO

              I like the cat

    • WoutK89

      You could use an Avatar?

  • Sek

    What about the long rumored new decent priced telezoom (100-400? 100-500?) that should take the place of the 80-400? There are several patents regarding a lens of that type, and it’s a lot of time now that the Nikon Buying Guide says:

    AF VR 80-400 f/4.5-5.6D ED
    wait – update expected

    No new rumors?

    • photdog

      a revised version of the 80-400 would be my choice too!!! Waiting for this update for so long already. There have been rumors some time ago, that Nikon would make it a 100-500/5,6 which would be even better. I wouldn’t mind if it started with 200mm as long as it serves the optical quality.

      As for the SB,I own several SB 900 thus only “traditional” CLS plus radio-CLS would make me buy SB 910.

      A 16-85/f 4 would be the nice choice compared to a 18-300, however, I would’nt have use for neither of these lenses.

      Since the 36MP of the D800 seems to be an established fact, I could imagine that even the 24-70/f2.8 could need an update. But please with VR and not being a pumper!

    • Sue

      Second that! A 100-400 f/4-5.6 or similar lens is way overdue, I’ve been wishing and hoping for it for years now. Cmon Nikon!

  • Phill

    I just don’t get it. NO WIDE ANGLE DX PRIME? WHY?

    • mikils

      because if really D800 is coming wit croppable 36 MP DX is DEAD

  • Shane

    cant wait for d800 either been hard saving

  • broxibear

    Just out of interest how many of you are going to buy a D800 (assuming the image, rumoured spec and price are correct around $3000 -$3500 US) ?
    I realise it’s a difficult question to answer when nobody knows what it’s really like compared to previous models, but I know many will order one without that information.

    • At that point of time I can’t tell you. I would also be interested in buying a D4 if the specs are similar to 1Dx. I am mainly a people photogapher with an own studio but I also like shooting outdoors. That’s why I definitively will wait what comes in January 2012.


    • jodjac

      Count me in.

    • Robin

      I have $3000 allocated to migrate to a new FX (I already have a line of FX lenses that I bought with my D90). If the new FX is 36mp I will not buy it, instead I will go for the new DX with low iso / < 20mp sensor.

    • KnightPhoto

      @Broxi – I plan to get one lowlight FX and one high-res FX with the former being by FAR my top priority (currently using a D700 and 2 DX bodies but plan on switching that to two FX bodies and one DX). My assumption is that even the high-res FX model will match (or exceeed) D700 ISO performance. Otherwise I won’t bother with the high-res version and will stay with two high ISO FX bodies (probably one of them by just keeping my D700).

      With all these rumors swirling it remains to be seen what exact models I will have to choose from. I sure hope Nikon is able to clarify their top of the line FX lineup plans (like Canon has done with their recent 1Dx announcement).

    • I’m on the waiting list at my local camera store already. No money down but I’ll almost certainly buy it if it’s at the sub $4K price point. I have a D90, and love it but I have been moving to better glass over the last few years and now have a solid lineup of FX lenses including two of the ‘holy trinity’ lenses. The D700 was tempting a year ago, but the D800 rumors were flying around then so I have been waiting. The D90 is a great camera, and I’m still getting good shots with it, but I do want to upgrade. The big glass just doesn’t balance well on a D90 body, the tech is getting older and the ISO performance isn’t great. Also, I’m not really using my lenses to their ability to the jump to FX is certainly on the horizon. 36MP suits me fine, I shoot mostly nature and landscape. Even if the D800 ISO performance is not as good as the D700 (which it very well may be), it will still be miles better than my D90.

      So in summary, I’m in.

    • BornOptimist

      I’m so pleased with the D700 (and V1) that I’m not looking for any new DSLR.
      But I’m eager to know about any new technology in the upcomming DSLRs (except video tech – that doesn’t interrest me at all)
      The only thing I’m waiting for now is the F-mount adapter for 1, then I’m pretty much covered.

    • photdog

      I usually wait until the price has come down a bit. For instance the price of the D7000 went down by one third since the pre-order time by now (approx 6-8 months).

    • Roger

      Like many others in NR I think Nikon can handle the 36 MP in this new camera. However, I’d be curious how particular lenses will cope with this body. So it is not just the question if or if not buying this body (I certainly will) but what changes are necessary in my glass-park. To determine that, it will take some time since hardly any serious testers redo their lens tests upon the appearance of a new body. (even dpreview as well as many formerly rather pro-oriented magazines are more and more watering down to serve the toy department…)
      Long story short it could take up to a year after the first availability.

      • photo-Jack

        I second that.
        It’s not just about the body – it may be also about the lenses. Thus it is a matter of time.

    • Geoff

      providing image quality is as one would expect, i am in the 90% likely to buy one at the 3 to 3.5k price. it would likely be one i kept much longer than my D90

  • ukj

    wonder how much the DX 16-85mm f4 will cost

    • LGO

      I expect a 16-85mm f/4 VR would sell for around $800-$900.

      I am very happy with my 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 and use this regularly with my 17-55mm f/2.8 when I want something a bit lighter and with a longer reach. If the new 16-85mm f/4 VR improves a bit on the current 16-85mm, then I will likely go for this new model … but only if Nikon still does not release a new 16-55mm f/2.8 VR.

      • FX DX

        Wouldn’t 16-85 obsolete 16-35 f/4 that Nikon released last year? I don’t see it happening.

        • LGO

          The Nikkor 16-85mm f/4 is a DX zoom lens while the 16-35mm f/4 VR is an FX zoom lens.

          • FX DX

            Good Point!

  • Bord81

    I hope for an 135/2 AF-S VR…

    Already got a 85/1.8D and given its optical quality see very little space for improvement…
    Better accuracy? Yes. But my dream is a new 135…

  • Silas

    Severed heads D800 fanboys like you guys make me laugh!

  • Chris

    85mm F1.8G with aspherical element and nano crystal coat plz…been waiting for the b*tch forever.

    • FX DX

      N means luxury prices and Nikon already have 85 f/1.4 with N coating. You will most likely get a 85 f/1.4, but it will not have nano crystal coat. Aspherical elements… may be.

      • Josh

        You mean “will most likely get [b]85 f/1.8[/b]”. We already have the 85/1.4

        • FX DX

          Yeah. I meant 85mm f/1.8 AFG-S. Thanks for the correction.

      • Chris

        aspherical for the new 85mm F1.8G like the 50mm f1.8G I’d be happy. I can live without the Nano Crystal Coat. Do you find that 85mm on DX is too long for outdoor portraiture?

  • I still hope for a AF-S 135mm f/2 G. Come-on Nikon, it is a must have prime lens, and the AF-D DC is discontinued; do you realize that a lot of photographer need that lens? 😐

  • Dweeb

    The D800 is real (based on the missing features and my own inside info). The lenses suck. No 300 f4 VR? No 80-400?

    BTW a used D700 goes for the price of a shiny new 5DMKII here today.

    • FX DX

      Not because D700 is a better camera than 5DMKII, because supply of D700 is extremely limited. I feel that Nikon has been hit hard by the Japan tsunami and Thailand floods. Canon is a bigger company and was able to handle it’s supply better.

  • EvanK

    Please no 18-300mm, I’d much rather see some f/4 DX zooms.

  • Art Mullis

    Well, when it comes to new Nikon DSLR bodies, don’t get your expectations too high! Something tells me that Nikon is going to only announce a new SB910 flash and a lens.

  • Jessie

    You would think there would be another iamcoming.com countdown for the D800? Possibly ijustcametwice.com.

  • EnPassant

    It would be interesting if the 85/1.8 had VR. Think of the possibilites making photos at 1.8 with 1/8!

  • Funduro

    Start your preorders zoom z0OM ZOOM. We’ll soon not have those: “If Nikon don’t release a new FX body I’m leaving for Canon” traitorous posts.

  • Antoine Psaila

    No 80 400 replacement ?????? Switching to Canon. Can’t wait any anymore.

    • Alwyn

      Really? I switched from Canon to Nikon. If you can handle the niggles and their arrogant attitude, then by all means…leave! If you have some decent Nikon gear advertise it here so we can buy it off you at a basement bargain price. Just spoke with a girl yesterday who sold all her Canon gear and bought 2 Nikon D3 bodies and lenses. She’s not the first I’ve personally come across, so I know it’s not just big talk. Not dissing you here, but I’m tired of Nikonians threatening to leave for Canon because the D800 or D400 hasn’t been released yet. The D700 as I understand it is still able to produce stellar pics. So we shall wait patiently coz we understand Nikon has had a rough time through no fault of their own. I’m just not prepared to support the Canon arrogance ever again

      • Antoine Psaila

        I’m an aviation enthusiast. I waited too long for Nikon to announce an updated 80 400. Don’t know why Nikon released this lens a year after canon and it’s not AF-S. I’ve spent a lot of money on a Nikon 300mm f4 + T.C 1.4 to get that extra reach. The 300mm f4 alone is excellent but when combined with the 1.4tc I can only get 1 sharp image over 100 blurred images.

  • My money is on the 85 1.8 AFS-G… Honestly, having bought the 50 1.8 AFS-G recently, and still renting the 85 1.8 AF-D, I almost cannot stand Nikon’s screw-drive AF motor anymore. I’ve also tested the new 24, 35, and 85 1.4 primes and I gotta say, AFS-G just cranks low-light focus accuracy to the max.

  • Benjamin

    I keep seeing used D700’s come up on Craigslist and I’m tempted, but should I wait for the D800? How much longer Nikon? Just give us a date please!

  • Victor Hassleblood

    hi broxibear,
    thanks for sharing. Interesting to view the poll with more than 64% going for the conservative approach. Plus the don’t-knows there isn’t much faith in NR’s D800 specs showing up.
    Hope NR is right or to see two cameras instead. Two camera theory: Apart from MPs both rumors seem not different enough to me, to support the two camera theory. I would expect the camera with lower RES to have a 1080 60 fps option to make it tempting enough for many to get both. I was very tempted (or torn apart) if they did.

    • broxibear

      Hey Victor,
      Hopefully Nikon isn’t leaking misinformation themselves just to discredit websites like this.
      Nikon seem to say one thing and then do another. It was only a few months ago they said they weren’t interested in mirrorless cameras because no customers were asking for them, and then they said the megapixel race was over ?
      I’m pretty sure the D4 will be 18mp, the D800 I really don’t know.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Good points. We just don’t know anything till announced (or even better, available).
        Hope this time it won’t be anything like the hype before the D300s’ announcement.

  • Hm.

    Strange enough, I’d say that aside the D800 the real warhorse might be the 16-85 F/4 if real. Yes, Also the 85 F/1.8 is overdue and very welcome, yet it’s always a “niche” product, one among others; it fills a gap for portraiters, while a 16-85 fills a *huge* gap in terms of higher specs AND versatile zooms that none has yet on the market. The closest is the Sigma 17-70 which is a variable aperture zoom and neither that good as far as I know (and always on the plasticky side)

    • One more word
      the 16-85 is really a kind of lens making someone to decide to go
      1) for Nikon instead of anything else brand
      2) to get a D7000 now (very good for Nikon that can fund money to revive its plants) than saving money for a D800 tomorrow.
      Believe me, if they introduced a 16-85 F/4 VRII instead of the super-duper sluggish 18-300 Nikon truly did a great and unexpected move.

  • Don

    You guys are crazy if you think you can do any reasonable burst shooting at 14bits with 36mp raw files on an SD card. Haven’t done the math, but I would be surprised if you could do 3 fps.

  • D7000 Fan

    If there is a 16-85 DX I will buy it!!

  • Martin

    I’m waiting for the 85 1.8 AF-S 🙂 I need a 85 portrait lens, and because I have D5000, I don’t have any option with AF motor. Samyang is great optical, but MF on my viewfinder is terrible. SO LET this rumor come true 😉

  • Don

    So, if the new 85 is $1800 will you all still be happy and buying?

    • I don’t see how it could be $1800. Even the Zeiss 135 f/1.8 for Sony is just $1600.

      An AFS-G update to the 85 f/1.8 can’t possibly cost more than $600-$700, and that’s being generous.

      Now, if you meant to say $800, that I could imagine being a fear. Although I don’t think the lens could cost that much, if it did I would certainly just buy the Sigma 85 1.4 instead…


  • douglas wallace

    anybody got a clue when the d800 will be announced???

    • patrick chua

      isn’t the NR announcement a clue to you?

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