Poll: are you going to buy the new Nikon mirrorless camera?

A quick poll: are you going to buy the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera?

To refresh your memory, here are the Nikon V1 and J1 rumored specs:

  • The Nikon-F adaptor for their mirrorless camera will support autofocus with AF-S and AF-I lenses (AF-I is the older integrated autofocus technology before AF-S, read more here).
  • The available mirrorless camera video modes will be: 1928×1080 at 60fps and 30fps plus 1280×760 at 60fps. The continuous shooting rate will be 10fps.
  • The camera will have both phase and contrast AF detection
  • 10.1MP
  • ISO range: 100-3200 (with H1-6400)
  • CCD sensor (not sure about that) – the whole mirrorless line will be called CX, similar to DX and FX
  • Both cameras will have 2.7x crop factor
  • 3 in. LCD screen
  • The J1 model will have a built-in flash
  • The V1 will not have a built-in flash but it will have a multi-accessory port which will support external flash and a GPS device
  • There will be no traditional flash hot shoe on both models
  • There will be a F-mount adapter
  • Both cameras will probably be made of plastic
  • Full HD movie with many additional features
  • EXPEED 3 processor with 600 megapixels per second processing power
  • The four mirrorless lenses are (most with choice of colors, except the 10-100mm):
    • 10mm f/2.8 pancake lens
    • 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens (very short and portable)
    • 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 VR
    • 30-110mm VR
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  • This is good thinking by Nikon, they will have Coolpix, CX, DX and FX. I am sure we will eventually get DX and FX in the mirrorless arrangement also. CX fills a hole in their current range and this will make their range complete. This camera will be great where silent operation is critical, it will be a take everywhere camera which my D700 is not. An adapter for existing lenses will be great.

    • “…This camera will be great where silent operation is critical, it will be a take everywhere camera which my D700 is not…”

      Only until you remember that the D700 can do things this mirrorless crappix can’t. And for a pocket camera to take to family, social events (bars, dinners, etc), a compact like the S95 or even the new P7100 will serve better.

      • Of course the D700 can do most things better than a smaller mirrorless, it goes without saying. The Mirrorless is not a replacement for a DSLR. But the Mirrorless will also do a few things better than the D700, silent operation for instance. Just wait and see.

        • PHB

          It is almost certain to be better for video.

          A D3s is too heavy, so is a D300s even.

          • With that sensor size, might as well get a dedicated video camera, like one of those Panasonic or JVC triple sensor camcorders. This Nikon crappix mirrorless will have high DOF, bad low light sensitivity, none of the advantages (apart from the higher video fps) of video in larger sensor DSLRs.

            As for silent operation, so you want to take some upskirt photos?

            • scurvy hesh

              Weddings bro.

            • LGO

              For weddings and masses where silence is golden, get an X100. This is as near silent a camera as one can get.

            • Bigus Dickus


              D3s in silent mode is enough, M9 is better, X100 is near perfect (better without flash). D3100 is completely silent and will always produce video and pics better.

              if you are craiglist 500$ wedding shooter, scratch that above and go shoot with P&S.

            • @ Lgo. I was just giving an example of when you would need silence. You (or I) don’t even know what this camera is capable yet. This might be better or worse who knows???

              And BD ditto to you bro. Thanks for your list of cameras you like. I’m very aware of what they are capable of. I’m Not sure what you are getting at about the wedding shooter thing but that’s not me.

          • LOL! I was just giving an example of when you would need to be quiet. Ok then here is another… Street Photography. Im not trying to compare a non existent camera to already existing models. You guys don’t even know what this camera will be capable of.

  • Dweeb

    Only if they jack the price another several hundred dollars to make me feel good. In other words not a hope in smHell.

  • As may has said before, the image quality better be out of this world, or at least as good as m43.. But the big problem is the 10 megapixel.. No stock agencys I know of accept less then 12mp files these days…
    Hope Nikon reads this, because if the rumors are correct they have spent ALOT of money developing something that will be WAY to expencive for the IQ it gives.. Well well, we will see when its announced, BUT I´ll probably go for the NEX 5N instead.

    • John

      This camera is not meant to take images that will be submitted to stock agencies. People keep wanting this to be some sort of replacement for a top end DSLR, but it’s not and never will be. Such statements are plain silly.

      • Markus

        These camera’s are not targeted for that market, they are also not marketed like that. But you will see that soon enough.

      • pdc

        But the Nikon EX system should be just as good if not better than the top end DSLRs (Nikon D3, Canon 1D etc.) . Common, Nikon, give us the EX – you have now done it at 1/2 scale (CX), so give us the full scale model …. please!

    • I think sticking to 10 MP is smart. The size of sensor is to too small to go much higher and not introduce all the artifacts that we see with the MP race in P&S cameras. This is not a stock shot camera, this is a street camera more likely.

    • Sylvesterii

      “It isn’t good for [micro] stock”

      This might win for most hilariously ridiculous criticism of the Nikon Mirrorless rumored specs.

      If I could possibly think up one situation in which a smaller sensor mirrorless camera would NEVER have an advantage over a DSLR, that would take the cake. Seriously, you shoot stock. you can control 99.999% of what is going on why the F would you need a mirrorless camera?

    • hexx

      if you don’t need to exchange lenses I can recommend Fujifilm FinePix X100, have had mine for about 3 weeks and it’s joy to use and IQ is excellent. High ISO performance is great and that fixed lens is huge surprise.

  • MB

    Price should be around 500$ to 600$, anything more will not be realistic.
    Rumored lenses are useless, serious users need at least twice as fast on this sensor size.
    Otherwise this will be new Pronea type failure and Nikon will loose couple of millions trying to figuring out why.

    • Worminator

      Serious users aren’t going to be interested in this format, so why produce lenses that have no mainstream appeal?

      Seems to be Nikons thinking here. Given lx5, x10 and similar I wonder if this isn’t a mistake, but perhaps that’s not where Nikons is aiming, but instead to undercut gf3 etc in Price and size, betting average Joe will not care too much about the image quality or lens aperture…

  • Ben

    Will I buy some mirrorless? Yes.

    Will it be Nikon? Maybe, but I’d be surprised.

    1) This is their first effort. I’d expect them to take a few years to sort out the glitches. Many other companies have been making these for a while now, and already have quite a few lenses available.

    2) Nikon’s been screwing up a lot lately–not just in being behind the times in features (e.g. no built-in GPS nor wireless, no data-storage USB support, clunky microphone cables, etc) but UI problems (e.g. and most irritating to me is the “what mode are you in?” question with my d5100: in auto-image-review mode some buttons behave as they do in image-review mode and other buttons behaveas they would in capture-mode (except with no visual feedback), and Nikon refuses even to admit that this is problematic UI design).

    So, no, I think Nikon is not really at the top of their game right now.

  • broxibear

    Notice for F55 customers
    “It has come to our attention that electronic components related to exposure control in some F55 cameras may, on rare occasions, fail. Should you experience this problem with your F55 camera, Nikon will replace the associated components free of charge even if the camera’s warranty has already expired. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have suffered because of this problem.”

  • anonymule

    meh….looking at the poll results, I hope nikon can take the hint.

    I’d rather have this:

    • scurvy hesh

      Yeah that’s not Dumb at all.

    • Anon

      Unfortunately consumer market indicates otherwise.. mirrorless with small sensor are hot selling. How could they ignore such market?

  • Niko

    • Both cameras will have 2.7x crop factor – No DX-Sensor 🙁

  • jim

    Small sensor. Not happening. When it can compete with my x100 I look forward to coming back to Nikon.

    • hexx


    • MJr

      Bigger sensor than the X10 tho =)

  • Capture nxFAIL

    F mount on a cropped sensor? I can now take a photo of the brain of the dude behind this latest device with my 24 to 70…. at the tele end. LOLOLOLOL

  • sup

    small sensors sux.

  • Sam

    I would buy it if Nikon took a cue from Sony’s successful NEX line, taking them a step further for a full 35mm format sensor. If you gave me the option of a Nikon-branded Sony NEX-7 style camera with a full frame sensor, I’d be at the very front of the line for it. If you guys don’t remember, Nikon has been in the mirrorless market before, selling rangefinder cameras with interchangeable lenses. They’ve done it once, and they can do it again.

    • InfraRed

      Nikon using the Kodak FF sensor used in the M9 would make this mirrorless very attractive.
      The CX crop factor is making current FX capable lenses stupid: Why would I put my big and heavy 14-24 glass in front of thsi camera and get a 40mm equivalent?
      Some DX lenses may be more appropriate but still… doesn’t make sense to me.

  • silencek

    after i have sony nex-5, i think that i won’t buy it because the smaller sensor….

  • ktmglen

    If it’s near the size of a compact camera, has decent build quality for the cost, and the EVF works well, I’ll get one. I really want a compact camera with high image quality and a built-in electronic viewfinder. I hate the LCD screens on compact cameras since almost all my compact camera use is outdoors in very bright sunlight while saving every gram I can to carry more water—like on a bicycle in the middle of the desert. Image quality and the EVF should beat my existing compact. Size and weight should beat my existing DX and FX cameras. If executed well, this camera may fit my needs perfectly.

  • Hmm, Canon Rumors just posted detailed specs on their 1ds Mark IV and 5D MK2. I wonder if we’re gonna get any DSLR news too.

  • Correction, I meant to say 5D MKIII

  • gallon

    So many readers here are so disappointed with a camera which has yet to be released.

    Have we forgotten that Nikon stated they wanted to deliver more dynamic range rather than more pixels?

    • bart b


      • Simon

        The demand for less expensive cameras is greater in Pacific Asia than that in North America. This may be a business decision.
        The statistics indicates that most of the readers of NikonRumors are not interested in mirrorless cameras.

  • Bob the Builder

    There is 2 new features in the new Nikon mirrorless camera that I have not seen discussed.
    1 is camera can generate bokeh, so you can have shallow depth of field.
    2 is direct connect to mobile for upload to social networks.

    • MJr

      1. Only at F/1.0. Or the poor man’s bokeh: very long focal length.
      2. Eye-Fi card … ?

  • Abi

    LOL, 15,000 people don’t want to buy these mirrorless cameras? Man, Nikon must take this poll seriously. I mean, if V1 priced at $600, Nikon just lost $9M even before they launched…

    • no-nikon-no

      i voted 200 times for YES so far.

      • Abi

        Wow… get a life…

        • no-nikon-no

          You actually believe a poll without substantiation? (And how on earth would you substantiate it?) Guess you did believe it!!

    • MJr

      And with people you mean… NikonRumors readers.

      • Abi

        Who else would buy those cameras then, CanonRumors readers?

        • Ke

          NR readers are not the average camera buyer, if you’re on this site, then you’re in a tiny minority.

  • Sumner

    small sensor, 2.7x crop = fail.

    Essentially defeats the point of the adapter as well. So my 50 will become a 135? No thanks.

  • Where’s my D4 🙁

  • Geoff

    The poll lets me vote every time I visit this page. I have voted NO 3 times now. ;-P

    • bart b

      Every time somebody clicks NO on this poll Nikon will spend 1 more day refining the Mirrorless until it’s a great product everybody wants.

      When the mirrorless is finaly done they will start working on the: D4 / D800 / D400

      • homer

        There is certainly more interesting progress in software nowadays. With some editing I just got my D80 to produce the same result as my Sigma DP2. No need for the SD1 and certainly no need for some 2.7x mirrorless. Cheers

  • JoFlo

    Alternative poll: Would you you buy the new 16mm DX f1.8? Yes! And the new Af-S 85mm f1.8? YES! And the new…..ahhh quit day dreaming.

  • Canon just released Powershot S100 with f/2 lenses 240 fps Video for Slow Motion.


    Wake up Nikon, if you want to stay on video market.

    • Photonut

      24 mm … yeah baby! That’s what’s missing on the S95.

      But on the long end 120 mm at f5.9 … what the heck!

      ISO up to 6400! Can’t wait for the shoot-out between the S100 and the Nikon mirrorless

    • Flash

      I actually hate making video a lot of work for so little reward, cant hang it on the wall, and when I watch others I I fall asleep. A lot of neat software and camera work but just not for me. I like photos.

      • Flash

        Seems the above missed my first paragraph . About whether Nikon is in the video market at all. I think of Pany then Sony for the consumer and prosumer market. A SLR can make some interesting shoots, but it is hardly a market

      • carlgo

        People fall asleep during your videos? May I suggest naked celebrities or jets and explosions? Interesting videos are hard to produce.

        • pdc

          Damn right.
          But, GH2, NEX-5N and now this little Nikon CX, and we are going to see an explosion in independent video.

  • broxibear
  • NG42

    No. And I think the people who will have more money than sense.

  • hell, no!

  • Paul

    Wow, it seems folks do not have a whole lot of interest in this camera, I guess due to the smallish sensor particularly when we all hoped for a DX size like the NEX. The no votes double the sum of the yes, and not sure yet votes. This camera could be doomed well before its release.

  • NullZero

    I have a Canon S95 (the best now for my pocket) and an old Nikon DSLR. What I need: a DECENT (price, pixelcount, weight…) Nikon-mount FULLFRAME DSLR. If Sony, Cosina, Kodak, Somthing makes it, I BUY IT !!!!

  • Miro

    I will not buy any Nikon cameras!
    I’m done! too heavy, many missing features!

    I want light weight SLR, 16mpx, good video, smart photo corrections in the camera, GPS,
    all build in. Something like alpha cameras.

  • MabuyaQ

    I really don’t understand why Nikon is getting into the mirrorless market at this moment in time, they should have waited and kept developing this camera. It is simply too soon as they clearly are not ready to produce a mirrorless for the current Nikon users, or a camera that can replace some of their current lineup.

    It is going to be too expensive to be a replacement for compact users and ‘traditional DSLR users at the lower end, and not good enough to replace ‘traditional’ DSLR users at the higher end. Most of us are waiting for a D4, D800 or D400 or just bought a D7000, D5100 or D3100 and have already (we should have 😉 done so at least) invested in lenses because of our previous camera’s.

    Would a new Nikon buyer go for this camera, why should they if they can satisfy their needs with a compact or ‘traditional’ DSLR at a lower price or with more quality?

  • ken haner

    I needed a backup camera. Small mirrorless, easy to carry around. I read all the articles on the new V3, I was one of the first to get one. I could have jumped ship and purchased a Sony, or Fuji, etc. But I liked the idea that I could use my existing lenses. So far in a week I have taken over 2,000 photos. Very fast camera, I used my existing 300mm lens, my 200-400 mm lens and the 10-100 that I purchased with the camera. The results have been excellent.
    I photographed my grand kids playing baseball. I was able to keep them in focus as they ran to first base. Ten photos all in focus. I could have taken 20 photos in one second, that would be overkill. Using my 200-400 in photographed a Rose breasted grosbeak (Google it). Results perfect.
    With this combo I was shooting at about 1100 mm.
    I am not going to sell my D800, but this little V3 is a perfect backup camera for everyday photos.

  • Leonore Franckenstein

    The new Nikon is a “Throwback”. That is a term used when an animal that has developed to a certain point and then an animal of the same special is born with the features of an animal from the past, like some people.

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