Nikon Norway invites you to learn about the Nikon D7100

Nikon Norway sent out an invitation for advanced Nikon school that also lists the Nikon D7100 camera:

"In this course we examine the camera functions and menu system and offers advice on how to utilize them best. Nikon School is a 4-hour course held in smaller groups of up to 10 people. Course leader will help you with settings and gives you advice on methods to suit your camera and your motives, whether you are amateur or professional photographer. Nikon School is for you with D5100, D7100, D5000, D3100 and D7000."

This is most probably a typo, but it's still interesting because the numbers 1 and 0 are not that close on the keyboard and the D3100 and D5100 models were already listed.

The Nikon D7000 was announced in September 2010 and it is not due for replacement till the summer of 2012.

Thanks to everyone who sent that in.

Update: the D7100 entry is now removed from the website.

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  • Jabs

    This ‘slip up’ reminds me of the 50mm F1.8 mystery or alleged premature outing of a new Nikon item.

    Time will tell us then.

    • LGO

      This would be more believable if that was a D9000 – a D7000 body with the Sony 24mp APS-C sensor. But then again, the D300s-replacement has not even been announced so the D9000 will not likely appear until next year.

      • Jabs


        That is IF Nikon uses that 24mp Sony sensor or one designed and built by them instead of lesser or equal megapixels.

        • LGO

          @ Jabs

          Nikon has a limited choice as to where to source the APS-C sensor to use with the D300s-successor. While Nikon can always source this from other than Sony, the availability, relatively low price and economies of scale achieved with the Sony 16mp and 24mp APS-C sensor, plus Nikon’s history of using Sony’s sensors in the past makes it very likely that Nikon will use these sensors in one or more of its upcoming camera offerings.

          Personally, I am not crazy about the Sony 24mp APS-C sensor. Unless I am shooting wide-open to mid-apertures only, or unless I am using a tilt-shift lens, this sensor can be quite limiting. Moreover, the best performance of this sensor in low-light will likely be almost one-stop lower than the 16mp Sony APS-C sensor.

          Be that as it may, I do not expect that Nikon will equip its most-expensive flagship DX camera with a 16mp sensor when even a middle-tier Sony Alpha or NEX will have 24mp. So a 24mp D300s-successor is almost a fait accompli. Still, I am not giving up and I hope that Nikon may yet still find a better sensor when it finally releases the D300s-successor.

          • Jabs


            Great points and well thought out too. Me, I personally believe that Nikon will release all 18megapixel bodies in both FX and DX as in D4 and D400 or such, but that may be my own personal wish. I see the new Sony 24meg DX sensor as crap but because Sony usually skimps on their camera’s electronics sub-system or they are clueless in that phase of design, then I really don’t know how and if Nikon will tackle that as they did an amazing job with the previous 24meg FX series in the D3X, but then Nikon made their own custom sub-system and we all know how expensive that was and still is – LOL.

            I see Nikon as going on their own like they did with the D3s and thus what the heck is a D7100 and what else is now coming up?

            • LGO

              @ Jabs

              I am expecting the following FXs from Nikon (though exactly when this will be announced is anybody’s guess)

              D3s-replacement: 18mp, 1-stop improved at high ISO versus the D3s. Non-Sony sensor

              D700-replacement: 24mp, 2/3 stop improved at high ISO versus the D700/D3. Sony sensor. I expect that Nikon will intentionally use a different sensor in the D700-replacement to differentiate it from the D3s-replacement. I would however be very happy if this will have the same sensor as the D3s-replacement.

              D3x-replacement: 36mp sensor, almost 1-stop improved from the current D3x (essentially a 16mp sensor used in the D7000 and D5100 scaled up to full-frame). Sony sensor.

              The big unknown for me is what the sensor will be on the D300s-replacement. I suspect that Nikon may use the Sony 24mp APS-C sensor but want Nikon to use something even better.

              There will be no D7100 yet. There may be a D9000.

            • Jabs


              Again well thought out answers but guesses by either of us alas are not facts – lol.

              Nikon to me is now basically multiplying their previous generation sensors by a 1.5 factor to perhaps maintain lens generation compatibility or something that they alone know or I don’t know, perhaps.

              Therefore 12 megs D3 or D3s update becomes roughly 12×1.5 or 12+6 = 18megs
              Same in the expected D3X update where 24×1.5 or 24+12 = 36megs

              I understand then your calculations or even projections but maybe only Nikon knows for sure.

              I also see Nikon going towards 2K video plus using their own sensors mainly and the D7100 as a REAL product either outed by a clever slip up or a massive mistake like when the 50mm F1.8G was outed. I don’t know what the D7100 is and if it is FF or DX, but I tend to believe that it is a DX body to now replace or supplant the existing D7000 and thus time will tell, as someone messed up badly perhaps or it was clever viral marketing to say – HEY, we are here too and functioning quite well. We also fail to realize that in some parts of the world no one pays any attention to either copyrights or NDA’s and thus credence to that report of several persons shooting with D7100’s.

              I am all about IQ and functionality and not about mere specs, as that is for vain braggarts and I am more realistic and Business focused rather than trying to be some guru or the center of attention here while being an idiot, as in clueless and noisy.

              I look in amazement at the wide variety of digital cameras being introduced right now and it almost leaves your head spinning trying to ingest all of this info. Therefore, I think that it was quite wise of Nikon to delay the introduction of their new bodies/lenses until the dust settles.

              That is how I now see it.

              Thanks again for the replies and have a good day or night.

            • LGO


  • CapFuture

    Note, that 0 and 1 are close to each other on the numpad… It is definetely a typo ^^

  • Ok it´s a typo. They wrote 2 times D7000 and they don´t reviewed the text.


  • dino B

    wow enough postings for something thats just a typo but more likely was done on purpose from the briliant nikon marketing team

  • match14

    What’s the betting Canon launch a 70D?

  • DrThrash

    Simple explanation: the author of the announcement remembered that two DSLR models came in x000/x100 pairs and another DSLR in one version only. But instead of D3000, D3100, D5000, D5100, D7000 he or she wrote D3100, D5000, D5100, D7000 and D7100. So “D7100” is probably meant to be “D3000” — which would fit quite well into the announcement text.

  • Pasi

    What about P7100 ?!

    • Henrik

      That’s exactly what I think they meant…

  • rhlpetrus

    Hmm, admin, let’s move on, this is just a typo, but a D7000s could be coming later this year with more buffer and updated video.

  • KT

    Ahh, finally. It’s about time that Nikon listened to the millions of fans who have been begging for an upgrade to that aging D7000. I don’t know about you, but to me, the D7000 is so 2010. How much longer do we have to put up with such a geriatric model. A day later, and I would have switched to Hasselblad.

    • enesunkie

      It would be better if they offered it in a nice shade of blue though. I like red on my cars, not my cameras.

  • enesunkie

    There are wireless remotes, body caps AND neck straps already on EBAY for the D7100. How’s that for undeniable evidence 🙂
    There is also a already! I’m convinced they all know something.
    Good thing T.I.M. got rid of that old D7000 while he still can.

  • Ralph

    Definately a new DSLR, it will be identical to my D7000 only red.

  • wow

    with the D7000 blowing the canon 60D out of the water and proving a very real shot across the bow to the 7D, I’m really interested to see what a D7100 magnesium body goodness would do.

  • mala

    re your phrase: “…and it is not due for replacement till the summer of 2012.”

    Why do you northern hemisphere inhabitants insist on using a seasonal chronology? Are you not aware that the earth has two hemispheres, with a hemispherical reversal of seasons? Use months (note the plural here) to denote time span, not seasons.

    • canapé

      maybe “summer 2012” was meant for next january, and it’s a cryptic way for the NR guy to tell us that it’s coming soon.

    • Tai

      We are aware of it but we just doesn’t give a fuck on it.

      • It began

        You don’t give a f**k about grammar too?

        • Metsatsu

          lol, nice one

        • oh tediousness

          odd, because your reply was also grammatically incorrect…

          • Clearly, they both work for Nikon, writing ad copy.

          • Mock Kenwell

            +1. Critics in glass houses… But I do agree with the sentiment. If you knew so clearly he was from the “northern hemisphere,” then you knew what he meant. The whiney-ness and uselessness of the complaint would be humorous if it weren’t so annoying. Next let’s start bitching about how all the posts are in English.

        • KT

          Shouldn’t that be “You doesn’t giveth a fuck” instead

    • Jake

      cmon man as if you typed that.. Im australian, who cares!

    • Because Japan is in the nothern hemisphere, and those are the seasons that matter for Nikon product announcements.

  • canapé

    p7100, or d710 😉

    • Exactly my thought.

  • EnPassant

    Put in the new Sony 16 MP sensor used in NEX 5N and add the new functions from D5100 and maybe something more and Voila! We have D7100! Maybe just in time for Christmas sales?

    • enesunkie

      Put the D7000 sensor into a D300s body, add U1,U2,U3 controls, boost it up to 8fps without grip at 14 bit with a big buffer and Expeed 3, tweak the firmware so that people could take video and long exposure stills with their lens cap on (he shrugs) and Nikon would have a killer D400.

  • Sam

    It better be just a typo. The D7000 is the last Nikon DSLR that needs an update. If this was the next body release, a lot of people will be seriously annoyed with Nikon.

  • mrtom

    Hopefully this is not a typo. Nikon needs to seriously upgrade the video capabilities of its DSLR to compete head on with the Canon video offerings.

  • Nikon

    Its pathetic that this obvious typo was even posted. This site loses credibility by the day. A 10 year old could have figured this before rushing to post.

  • Alex

    New link about same school….

    D7100 is no more and replaced by D3000 … just a typo guys !

  • David

    In any case, it makes no sense for a D7100 to be listed between D5100 and D5000

  • It’s a typo – they meant D5100!

  • FaTes

    It’s a Typo!

    D5100, D7100, D5000, D3100 og D7000 > Typo
    D7000, D5100, D5000, D3100 og D3000 > Ok

  • Alex

    The Nikon D7000 was announced in September 2010 and it is not due for replacement till the summer of 2012.

    …attention all! This too could be a typo – maybe it should be 2013? After all, 2 is next to 3 on the keypad 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Jabs

    The real question to me is – HOW do you make two distinct entries and then call ONE of them a typo.

    Yeah right, we eez all stoopid.

    So they meant to say D7000 twice?

    Idiots then or clever viral marketing?

    Your call.

  • like i said its just part of strategic marketing campaign – making intentional mistakes on Ads – in order for people to talk about them like we all do now… ;p

  • sithruz

    1 and 0 is close if you use the numpad

  • francis

    I refuse to believe this to be a typo.
    This must be the surprise Nikon had mentioned in the beginning of the year.
    Expect the announcement of D7100 along with the mirror-less camera on the
    up coming press release.

  • Mac Rockwell
  • D7000 Fan

    Typo, or Clever Marketing or Hackers.
    The d7000 couldn’t be possibly replaced for a while yet, it is hardly a year old.
    But still. . .
    I would like 9fps with the grip, a bigger buffer, exposure compensation on the grip, increased customisation, expeed 3 processor, a downward tilting lcd, another stop of noise control, and there is one killer camera.

  • Thorstein

    I live in Norway, and got an e-mail from Nikon today, stating the D7100 was an error: “there exists no such camera”, they explained…

  • Jabs

    I wonder what a Nikon D7100 is, as it seems like the D7000 is also in the lineup along with this camera too.

    Maybe the D7100 is a DX Pro body or even an updated D7000, but then why did they mention both instead of one replacing the other as in one entry?

    Oh – 50mm F18G and 40mm Micro-Nikkor all over again, perhaps.

    Slip one over on us and then retract the evidence too – LOL

    I’m game Nikon – show us your cards now, as the cat is out the bag and we are panting in response -lol

    We sure are suckers for the Marketing games of Nikon – thanks!

  • Arnstein

    They say now on the Norwegian page, that it was a typo and replaced it with D90. Wasn’t there a D3000 too, they have forgotten? Wake me up again, when there is a D400 with 24 MP, ISO 12800, WLAN, GPS and “beep” with manual focussing Nikkors. 😀

  • Jeremy

    I doubt there would be a D7100 – it’s still too new for a refresh. It will likely be superseded by another model as it is a consumer body. Professional grade bodies get the refresh not the consumer stuff.
    Also just magnified the image and the three product line up and it appears to me that the largest body (far right) under 200+ magnification looks like it’s designated D4 not D3′. I somewhat see a ridge of white diagonal pixels where the ‘3’ is usually…of course this seems ridiculous as I would expect a redesigned body.

  • Monsternabo

    D7100 is D7000 with swivel screen and some other improvements.

    • I was thinking along those same lines.

      D7100 takes a cue-clue from D5100. . . 🙂

      I would certainly like to see a D7100 or D7000s* which would be a modestly improved D7000 with the D5100 style swivel screen. I seem to recall Nikon updating the venerable D70 with the D70s (my first DSLR) so I can see how they might do something similar with the D7000.

      * S for swivel screen that is.

  • NineFace

    okay.. if they said that it typo then maybe it is true, otherwise no one will go to that liar school…

  • den

    hello guys – summer 2012 – it`s good news!!!

  • Mark

    Is this how you try and produce excitement here. Take a typo add your hype and viola! You are retarded! Seriously like a seven year old.

    • NineFace

      U MAD BRO?

  • Seano

    just got my latest CS5 Camera Raw update for 6.5 and guess what is the latest nikon camera D7100 its real people !!

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