Giving away $3000 worth of B&H giftcards in the next 3 days (purchase necessary)

For the next three days, you can take advantage of this exclusive offer from B&H and get up to a $50 gift card with your next purchase or win a $500 gift card (purchase necessary). Here is the break down:

  • For a purchase between $2000-$4000, you will get one $25 gift card from B&H
  • For a purchase of $4000 and more, you will get two $25 gift cards ($50) from B&H
  • For a purchase of $500 and more you will enter the drawing for a $500 gift card from B&H

The only requirement for this giveaway is to make your purchase from any of the B&H links in this post in the next 72 hours.

There are a total of one hundred $25 gift cards and one $500 gift card to give away. The $25 gift cards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis in the next 72 hours based on the amount of your order (one $25 GC for purchases between $2000-$4000, two $25 GC for purchases above $4000). I will update this post once all gift cards are gone. The $500 gift card will be given to a random order of $500 or more placed in the next 72 hours. The gift cards will be sent to the same address as your order. Purchases not made from any of the B&H links on this post will not take part of this giveaway. For some extra savings, you can also take advantage of the current Nikon rebate program (see also all available rebates here):

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  • So you get $50 when you buy something for $4000??
    That’s just 1.25%… I have seen better deals than that.

    • trust me, I tried to get a better deal

      • The invisible man

        What about buy one Test Chart, get one Free ! (for the next 3 days, worldwide offer).
        That sound a better deal to me !

    • gt

      today I learned that bandh is stingy.

      • @gt – I’m not sure why you think B&H “is stingy,” but your opinion matters to us. Feel free to email me at henryp[at]

        @ R R The rule we’re obliged to obey is from Nikon USA. They decreed that no authorized US retailer is permitted to send certain Nikon products to any address out of the USA. This is their rule, not ours, and we’re not any happier about it than you are.

        @The invisible man The issue with refunds is that once we process your return and send our refund info to our bank federal UCC rules permit each bank in the chain from ours to yours some time before it has to kick the message on to the next. There is, unfortunately, nothing you or B&H can do about this.

        @mega houses The may not be the deal you want, but it’s a better deal than no deal at all. If it’s not to your liking, feel free not to avail yourself of the opportunity. BTW, the B&H talking head that slinks around is me. I’m not a talking head and I don’t slink but your saying so reveals your true colors and helps me understand why you’re not satisfied with this opportunity.

        Henry Posner
        B&H Photo-Video

        • broxibear

          Hi Henry Posner,
          Since you’re here, and since I’ve never seen anyone else from an authorised retailer posting can I ask you a question…
          How long before a new product is announced by a manufacturer do you hear about it?, for example when Nikon announced the recent 40mm f/2.8G AF-S DX Micro did you know about it the day before the rest of us or a week ?

        • The invisible man

          @Henry Posner
          So explain me:
          I paid the D7000 with paypal .

          Why would it take so long to refund the money on my Paypal account ?

          I have thousands customers on my Ebay store, if it hapen that I have to refund a customer, it take only few minutes to get his money back on his Paypal account !

          Am I special ?
          By the way, you seems to be a nice guy, can you get the D5100 to my door for Friday ? (RMA 352491901)

        • AnoNemo

          Hi Henry,

          Thanks for stopping by. Question for you; If ever, when will you have in stock any of these products:
          a) D700
          b) D3s
          c) D3x?

          I guess Nikon did figure out a way of making profit without actually supplying cameras. That’s my 2 cents.

    • Rob

      Well, you get a gift card for up to 1.25% the value. The gift card has no value until you make ANOTHER purchase.

  • me


    • Peter you should value Ad on your site a bit more. For losy deal they get lot of ad space. It is nice you are trying but this is nothing for your readers and nothing probably for you as well…

  • Slon

    Buy my $2 500 000 mansion and i will give you a hat for free 🙂

    • Iris Chrome

      is there a drawing I can enter to win a lawn mower? because if there isn’t, NO DEAL

  • Moth Flopwell

    So let me get this str8….IF i spend $20,000 dollars i get a free mug!!! yes I am in.

    ABC Stores in Hawaii are the same way. IT is a tourist thing. I stay there about 6 months at a time..and sometimes venture into those over priced stores for Japanese Tourist with their Nikon/Canon Camera around their necks….and the ABC Stores…had this card..and if you purchased over a $1,000..which is a can coke, and candy their prices…YOU get a free Mug!!!

    B&H and ABC Stores must be owned by the same guy!!! lol

  • R R

    I wish I could but B&H doesnt ship to Mexico anymore.. (great support by Nikon HQ for Nikon Users in the rest of the world)

  • R R

    that is B&H doesnt send Nikon Gear.. to Mexico (and some other countries) anymore.. they do send other stuff

  • The invisible man

    B&H :

    I returned my D7000 last week, they got it Friday 9 (USPS priority mail insured).
    Tracking USPS: 0310 2460 0000 3167 4553

    I checked the status this morning “item not received” so I called customer service : “it will take 1-2 weeks to get your money refunded”

    “but, if you buy something now I can make it faster”

    So I bought the D5100, and 30mn later my return status said “item returned”

    Give me a break…..

  • JD

    “For a purchase of $500 and more you will enter the drawing for a $500 gift card from B&H”

    This sounds an awful lot like a lottery. Did B&H run this past their lawyers?

  • mega houses

    i spend $2000 an get $25 in store credit?! another commercial wrapped in a disingenuous ‘deal’ from B&H.

    this reminds me of the B&H talking head that slinks around his main job is to just quell criticism (a.k.a. ‘be informative’) and put spin on negative experiences (a.k.a. ‘advocate’).

    • It’s better than nothing, right? If someone doesn’t care about a $25 GC, I would be happy to spend it, just email me the code.

      • Vandyu

        Well, Admin, no good deed goes unpunished. I’d say if you’re in the market for an item sold at B&H and have been planning to order, this offer might just spur you to save a few dollars in a bad economy. And, if you’re lucky, you might just win the $500 gift card. Somebody will.

  • Joe

    I’m a little disappointed in Nikon Rumors for even posting this “offer”. Next time, just sell them some damn ad space.

  • Claustral

    Not wanting to seem ungrateful or anything, but that’s about as appealing as free broccoli with each Big Mac…

  • Zen

    Why do I feel fooled?

  • theantianti

    Seriously, a pack of ungrateful bastards. Is $40 off worse than zero off? Stay true to your American roots, my friends! This deal was made possible by No one has a better b&h discount this moment… really? Show us the link… Thanks [admin], please do not justify yourself to these clowns.

    • Iris Chrome

      The problem here is not about who’s being ungrateful and who isn’t. The problem is that if B&H is going to try to sway me to shop with them as opposed to shopping where I usually do then a meek $25 gift card for a purchase of $2000 isn’t gonna do bupkis. It’s like going to a restaurant, ordering $100 worth of food then you go to pay and then the waiter says “oh btw sir, we went ahead and gave you a special discount of $1.25… as a gift card.” O_o Seriously B&H? Seriously?

      I think someone said it before but this is what I call a shamwow within a shamwow maneuver (yes I know what a shamwow is, you either get this or you don’t).

      And btw, I always thought the true American roots had been about independence and freedom. When did that change to scrapping pennies?

    • Dave B.

      The problem is that this is NOT news. This is a near trivial offer masquerading as news. No-one has any problem with NR running ads, but we object to the conflation of ads with news.

  • Tahoe

    I understand that it’s tacky to look a gift horse in the mouth. There is the obvious cliché of “well some deal is better than no deal at all”. I appreciate the effort that probably went into this by NR. At the same time though, you HAD to be expecting this. This is a world where every retailer has a weekend sale for 10%. 10% is scoffed at by todays standards. I will not leave my house for anything less than 30%. I won’t buy pants most times unless they are usually around 60-70% off.

    The problem is that anything less than 10% that is paraded around as some kind of amazing accomplishment is taken as disingenuous and, honestly, insulting to the intelligence of the customer. We’re used to getting 10% off because it’s “Happy Tuesday” or something equally fake.

  • El_Pickerel

    Well of course this would happen when I bought a new lens from B&H yesterday. D:

  • Mat

    Thanks NR for the offer, but most people cant even afford to spend $500 -$$$$$ on something they don’t really need anyway… Its just a small gimmick to entice consumers to spend money they prolly dont need to be spending anyway. I bet things are slow for B&H right now.

    I would have totally bit if they offered a $25 GC for anything spent over $200…but $500 and up?? piss offfff B&H

    • Iris Chrome

      Mat, to get the $25 you need to spend $2000 minimum. For $500 you only get a chance to win a $500 gift certificate.

  • Noel

    Really, why complain about free money. If you were planning on buying something anyway then this is great. $25-$50 is fantastic and more than enough incentive to buy at B&H vs other retailers. If the offer/incentive bothers you, don’t use it or shop somewhere else.

    I don’t live anywhere near NYC so I can’t say anything for the store there but B&H has been fantastic to deal with online, especially when I had to exchange my 24 1.4.

    Thanks for posting admin!

  • Andy

    Awww, I *just* placed a big order over the weekend. Any way I can get grandfathered in? 🙂

  • @El_Pickerel My email is henryp[at] Send me your order number and maybe I can do something for you.

    @Tahoe It’s nice to be able to say you won’t buy pants unless they’re half off particularly when the retail markup on soft goods like that is often double the wholesale price. In our industry, margins are razor thin and even my employee discount here is in the low single digits. This may not be a front-page-news opportunity, but as someone hre said, “it’s tacky to look a gift horse in the mouth.”

    @Mat – Things are rarely slow around here and with the October 2011 PhotoPlus Expo right around the proverbial corner we expect things to get even busier. This is an opportunity, not a gimmick and if you know anything about us at all you know we’re not the type to entice.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

    • Iris Chrome

      Henry, even though I don’t like the offer B&H is making, I find your posts themselves sound, reasonable and hard to disagree with… for the most part anyway. Since you’re someone who represents a business, I think there is a certain business etiquette that you need to follow. Calling potential customers “tacky” is certainly not one of those things no matter how badly these potential customers scoff and puff at your promotion.

      As long a I’m saying this, I might as well say that the analogy of B&H giving gifts away does not apply here as that implies that B&H is not asking for anything in return where in reality B&H needs the customer to part with their hard earned money first in order to give away their giftcards. Certainly not a gift.

  • @El_Pickerel My email is henryp[at] Send me your order number and maybe I can do something for you.

    @Tahoe It’s nice to be able to say you won’t buy pants unless they’re half off particularly when the retail markup on soft goods like that is often double the wholesale price. In our industry, margins are razor thin and even my employee discount here is in the low single digits. This may not be a front-page-news opportunity, but as someone hre said, “it’s tacky to look a gift horse in the mouth.”

    @Mat – Things are rarely slow around here and with the October 2011 PhotoPlus Expo right around the proverbial corner we expect things to get even busier. This is an opportunity, not a gimmick and if you know anything about us at all you know we’re not the type to entice.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

  • @broxibear wrote How long before a new product is announced by a manufacturer do you hear about it?

    It depends on the brand and the product. Some tend to give retailers a reasonable amount of lead time and others wait until the last possible second, long after credible rumors have made the rounds. However, even those times we’re told well in advance, the news is accompanied by a non-disclosure agreement with a date before which we may say nothing. Violating that is as bad as (or worse than) breaking an MAP agreement and the consequences can be dire.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

    • broxibear


  • Keith

    I think the third option is considered illegal gambling in our state. Any time you require someone to buy something to enter a random raffle you need a permit. And they are only given to non profits.

    • Keith

      Oh…there is an exception if you answer this question correctly:

      How do I enter the drawing for the $500 gift card without making a purchase?

  • Give the guy a break

    What the hell is wrong with some of you? As if any one of us is entitled to any sort of deal anyway. They are giving this as a promotion. Its to attract business. It is not, NOT because anyone is entitled to it.

    If I offered to give you a dollar, some of you’d be hacked at me for it not being a buck fifty.

    Get over yourselves… sheesh.

  • @The invisible man I think what you got is the same stock reply regarding how long refunds for returns take we’re obliged to offer to those who paid by credit card. In those instances, federal UCC regs really to create a situation where a refund can take too many days.

    Am I special ? Every customer is special. I don’t see a D5100 purchase from you in our sales database so I cannot expedite it. This should be taken to email though, for your privacy. Use henryp[at]

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

    • The invisible man

      @Henry Posner
      Tank you for taking time answering our questions.

      When I callled your customer service they offered me an “exchange” and what’s left will be refunded (D7000-D5100), so you should see the D5100 in order (I hope).

      Take a look at a 10+years B&H customer (904 721 0285)
      Again, If you could get the D5100 delivered Friday it will be nice.

  • Bah, I spent $2400 last month at B&H and $70 last week! Oh well no free gift card for me /sadpanda. Free gift card or not I’ll still shop at B&H or that other store in NYC with an A (which ever has the lower price) ~.^ Would of been nice to have a small prize on a no purchase necessary give away or a smaller $50~$100 purchase buy in for a chance to win whatever.

  • coco

    spend 4000 on overpriced shit for a 25 dollars gift card that you have to use it on them for other over priced crap – wtf

  • Blue984

    I’d definitely take advantage of this… if there was a D800 for me to buy!

  • Nikondh1

    Holy mackeral, do you get a kiss first?

  • paf

    lol. While I had my share of ups and downs with B&H and don’t plan on buying anything soon (from anyone), I really think that:

    NR can post whatever the heck they want, so really, for me, personally, even though I might want to gripe, I will STFU if i don’t like it.

    On the flip side – what’s wrong with an offer? Even if it is 1%? It’s like a coupon- there are items that you find at identical prices elsewhere. If you choose to click on any of the Google ads listed on this page, the chances of getting 1% is not likely. So why complain?

    Not defending B&H nor NR but really — what’s there to complain about?

    Must be the general mood set by recent Nikon announcements……

    • I think I will just start deleting all complaints on this blog, I am really getting tired of this whole thing. For everyone that think that $25 or $50 is nothing for you, send me paypal donation through this link and I will believe, otherwise you are trolling.

      • The invisible man

        Please understand that 99% of us are waiting for the D800/D900 for a while and it make us blind about other cool things around like special discounts !
        We ALL appreciate what you do for us, anf we enjoy NR everyday for free !

        I know B&H is the cheaper photo retail on the planet (reason why I spent so much money the last 10 years !) so they can’t do so much discount when they make so little profit on camera and video sales.

      • Rob

        It certainly is better than giving nothing off of a purchase. I usually shop at BH when I’m not buying locally because they have great customer service and close to if not the best prices on most items.

        The issue people are having here isn’t that $50 is nothing, it’s that $4000 is a TON. This giveaway won’t serve to spur sales. People who will get the gift cards were already planning on spending thousands of dollars at BH, and just get a nice little bonus with their purchase. This won’t cause anyone to go out and buy a D3x who wasn’t going to already. While it might influence a handful of people to buy from BH as opposed to an equally priced competitor, it won’t be that many people. Looking at direct sale influence from a marketing standpoint, a better deal for BH and for most readers would be a small reward for any purchase from this site. As it stands, BH gets a lot of publicity to tens of thousands of readers, and only a few of us even have a chance at benefiting. So yes, up to a 1.25% reward for less than 1% of your readers will logically cause some criticism.

        • Rob

          Correction: I guess anyone has a chance at the single $500 gift card.

      • paf

        personally, I am surprised that posts were allowed… this kind of thing would have been best with a “locked” thread…

  • Claustral

    Great to see @Henry’s posts here. Thanks for taking the time to give the B&H point of view.

    I think the issue here is that B&H has mixed up long-term marketing with short term income generation. Most of the give-aways on Nikon Rumours are of the first type. An example might be Think Tank giving away a single high quality bag. It generates tons of interest, good exposure for the brand and everyone’s happy.

    By widening the offer to many prizes, but lowering their value, you’ve lost the dazzle that came from a single good and worthy prize. It looks like “nickel & dimeing”. It also looks like you want to generate income right now off the back of these less attractive prizes, and that just isn’t in the spirit of gifts and prizes.

    I think B&H would be better following the lead of other businesses here and offering the opportunity to very few people (perhaps only one person) the chance to win something of unquestionable value. This would make you look good, the winner would be delighted, and the rest would remember the B&H brand for the right reasons.

    How about 20% off the first D800 you sell? Just a suggestion 🙂

    • Iris Chrome

      marketing 101


  • What a joke.. worst post you have made on NR, I would delete it, as your losing viewers.
    Don’t treat people as idiots – they aren’t!!

    • Nikondh1

      Why are you shooting the messanger. It’s his job to report it, it’s your job to decide if you want to use or not use the informtion he painstakeingly provides to us on a free basis. Although I think this is a shortsighted cash grab by the people at B&H, who honestly have never failed to provide the item as stated or honor a warrenty, Nikon Rumors does a freaking bang up job and with a high reasonable degree of accuracy. Don’t like it, change the channel.

  • I’ve got the $3,000 waiting in my checking account. Now if Nikon had only released the D800. hmmmmmm

  • Dave B.

    My problem with this is simple: This is basically advertising in a section where I would expect news. I have no problem with NR running ads in the slightest, but I do have a problem with running ads masquerading as news.

    Henry, if you wished to make an offer to the NR community, why not purchase ad space instead? The ~1% offer of store credit is so low as to be trivial, and the fact that Admin went along with this is rather insulting to NR’s readership.

    • broxibear

      Hi Dave B.,
      I understand what you’re saying, but I think most people here understand how much is advertising and how much is news.
      It is what it is.

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        How about posting porn on the rumors/news section? most people here understand how much is porn and how much is news 🙂

        • broxibear

          Sounds like a plan NiknWontRepairMyGray…I know people on various adult sites but I this is a family blog lol.

    • Rob

      He “went along with it” because he gets a referral. He’s gotta pay for our bandwidth somehow…

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    This is not “better than nothing”. Sometime, nothing is better than something, if that something is trivial to most thing. B&H just made a fool out of themselves and NR’s readers, as evidenced by the replies.

    I’d be more happy if B&H donate that $3000 to some org rather than trying to entice more customers with it.

    ….anticipating the “but we do help out our community” reply…..

  • Roddy

    Thank you B&H and NikonRumors. Your loyal customer…

  • scurvy hesh

    What a bunch of babies. B&H didnt have to give you squat. They owe you nothing just like Nikon Doesn’t owe you a full frame camera built your personal specs. How about a you be gracious instead of little whining Veruca Salt’s. oh you bought something two weeks ago? Too bad. You missed the promo. I feel your pain Henry. I Know how thin the margins are for new cameras.

  • Anand

    I think you will satisfy everyone if instead of “72 hours”, perhaps make it

    1. Over a course of one year. 🙂
    2. Will expire after 1 month of Nikon announcing new pro DSLRs. 🙂 I am sure a lot of people would want to spend the $$s then. (Ohhhhh…but then you don’t need marketing at that time…:P )

  • Iris Chrome

    First of all let me say that I do appreciate Peter’s efforts to bring us all some special deals from B&H. I understand why he needs to do this and I think that he can run his blog whatever way he feels. Furthermore I don’t think of this as a pure advertisement as this is a promotion that was made possible through NR and you’d have to click on the links above to take advantage of them.

    Having said all of that, here is my big beef with this; I saw the headline on my facebook page. It said something like “$3000 worth of giftcards from B&H” and I said to my self “wow, here is something you don’t always see.” I click on the link and it turns out that it’s actually smaller $25-$50 giftcards that are being given away. So I think “ok, that’s still not that bad. A $50 or $25 is better than nothing.” Then I read the rest of the line that says I have to spend a minimum of $2000 to get anything so I think to myself “ok, that was one short lived happy moment.”

    Let’s say you were going for some fast food and were getting something from the $1.00 menu. McDonald’s and Burger King both have a $1 menu but then McDonald’s put out this promotion were they would knock of a whole penny off their $1 items if you buy from them now. How would you feel then? Would you feel that a penny is a penny and you’re still saving? Or would you feel insulted? I think most of the readers here feel the insulted.

    In addition, Mr. Harry Posner was very defensive in his reply to mega houses and he further made comments the people here were tacky. B&H should be trying to win customers not shoo away customers. This combined with the promotion were my biggest turn offs.

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