Announcement: Nikon D3100 in red

This is the announcement for tonight: Nikon D3100 in red... Well, not really an announcement, there is no official press release for obvious reasons. The red D3100 may only be for the US market since I did not see any updated on the other international Nikon websites. As I mentioned on several occasions, we should all have lowered our expectations for this "new" product.

Update: see my next post for more details on this camera.

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    ´AMAZING´ 🙁 … I will leave my ´I will buy d700 successesor … ´ thoughts & go for the red immediately … as if it was the colour of the body that makes pictures??? just – WHY?

    hope to see some new fixed focal length lenses soon though …??? a little less fast though much much cheaper … – is there anybody out (from Nikon) there … to read that?

    • jack

      I haven’t been this excited since the last Justin Bieber concert.

      • the_boom

        Jack wins!

      • jay

        Yeah, who is running Nikon now? Because this sure seems like something Ashton Kutcher would come up with.

    • Discontinued

      “I will leave my ´I will buy d700 successesor … ´ thoughts”

      Wait. Nikon refreshes from bottom to top. There will be a D700 successor and guess what, it will be the D700c in a variety of colors, not just red but apple white and trendy camouflage designs as well.

    • What current black DSLR in the market doesn’t satisfy your requirements as a photographer? I don’t understand this need for the greatest and latest. Me I just want new lenses.

  • I personally think Nikon employees (and management) had a really hard time recovering the business after the tsunami, and in about june they took a really long vacation o one of those nice pacific islands, and left their kids in charge of the whole thing.

    • next we will have an action-pump water squirting 70-200 and a musical D7000, that plays a different happy-tune acording to the exposure level and shutter speed.

  • Claude

    I am really disappointed by this behaviour. We all know that Nikon will not gain that much in benefite margin by introducing new PRO DSLR on the market however they should also strongly consider that average customer ALSO buy a name while buying a Coolpix… it is the first step to the Nikon products. This is how we become “NIKON’ and not Canon for example.

    No “dreaming pro DSLR” = Nikon the Coolpix company 🙁

    If no DSLR is coming then …i will switch to SONY or CANON. fed up.

    • Steve

      What I have works so I don’t see any reason to be fed up. I don’t need to upgrade. Indeed, I’m grateful to Nikon that I have what I need.

      Having said that, the industry continues to move on so the next time I upgrade it seems more and more likely that I will sell my gear on Ebay and switch to Sony.

      Nikon seem to be falling behind, when just a few years ago they were out ahead. Shame, but I have zero brand loyalty, so it’s their loss.

      • Claude

        I fully agree… Sony’s the next for me too

      • Twoomy

        Still waiting for that high-res D700 replacement w/movie capability (as are many people), but geeze, that a77 + 16-50mm lens looks pretty tempting. Sony’s next FF cameras aren’t coming until early 2012, so I really have a hunch that neither will Nikon’s. *sigh*

    • Ke

      “If no DSLR is coming then …i will switch to SONY or CANON. fed up.”

      Canon’s FF DSLR is old too, Sony doesn’t even make one currently.

      • claude

        This is correct for Canon but their FF is still better than the Nikon and Sony will have one for sure..may be before Nikon.

    • What I find interesting in those comments like “I switch to Canon or to Sony” is that Canon hasn’t refresh their Pro line yet, and Sony doesn’t have any… Probably they are all in the same situation as Nikon: they had to delay products of higher quality those factories were damaged by the earthquake/tsunami… I’m still in love with my D700 which proved to produce higher quality pics than the D7000… I feel concerned about the vanishment of the FF 12 Mpix sensor… But there will be some 2nd hand D3s on the market… And that can be interesting, definitely.

      • +1 on the Sony switch. They actually still produce the A900 (FF, 24mp, and about $2700). They will have new FFs next year (up to 3) according to the rumors. Fewer lenses though (but some good ones)…

        • claude

          +1!!! some comments are out of the reality

  • cdrross

    Ah-so as they say.
    Translate…@ss holes.
    They forgot the white, powder blue, green, and orange ones.
    Oh yeah – we don’t need no stinkin’ upgrades!

  • At least they did not organize an press event for this 🙂

  • DFive

    Dumb Nikon…….. must of ran out of black plastic !!!!!

    I’ll stick with my D3S and M9-P :p

  • Digitalux

    It is a hint: Nikon teaming with Red 😀

    • Sam

      Please be calm and don’t panic Nikon is going to introduce the Nikon D700x or D 800 together with the mirrorless camera, because Nikon Knows they’re gonna lose the market on the Pro-side if they don’t.

      • claude

        this is a wish our your thought? …

  • impatient man

    My first thought:
    wondering whether the girls will pose more lasciviously in front of a red one…

  • Jürgen

    To be honest: why not make the D 3100 colorful? The camera is not targeted at 99% of the people visiting this website anyway. I am ok with whatever makes Nikon profitable.

    That assumes of course, Nikon keeps his focus also on the pro and semi-pro product line. I wish we would see an indication from them in this respect.

    Currently I am still using my D70s (if some of you still remember that one :-)) and I am having a good line-up of nice lenses. I want to upgrade and I want to do it asap, because every other day, I am running into a situation, where I would wish to have higher ISO or faster shutter speed, or …or….or

    I am still banking on Nikon to give us a high-end DX or low-end FX soon.

    Difficult to type with having all those fingers crossed

    • st r

      > I want to upgrade and I want to do it asap

      Why are you not buying a D7000 now? What are you waiting for?

      The next model is always better (or so it seems…), but you can’t buy it now. However you can buy the current model. Why is it not good enough, I don’t understand.

      • Jürgen

        You are right, and I am considering high and low. The D 7000 is spec.- wise very tempting. I think there is not a single review in the entire net I have not seen or read 🙂
        My mistake was, having gone to a shop once and taking the D 7000 and the D 700 in my hand!
        You know what I mean? The 7000 just does not feel as good. To me the body is a bit too small. Photography is my hobby and as much as I enjoy viewing at the results, I enjoy TAKING the photo.
        And knowing it is just one of my favourite past times, the money I spent plays a vital role also. I would feel like having wasted my money if I would buy a D700 now and the successor would come out a month later.

        • just get one, plenty of used D700’s on ebay for reasonable prices.

  • mechir

    Nikon should make a yellow D3100 instead.

  • st r

    DSLR in red? That’s great news!

    This will attract some share of the people who would otherwise be interested in mirrorless or coolpixes to buying an entry-level DSLR instead.

    This in turn means that low-end DSLR sales will be (somewhat) boosted, and we all know that it’s the low end that pays the bills for the pro lines. If it were only coolpixes, then SDLR technology would become a narrow niche, and professional DSLRs would become as expensive as high-end turntables.

    • claude

      If selling cameras was as easy as changing the colors…then Nikon please put on the market: a blue for the boys and a pink for the girls Loool 😛

  • Vuro Bega

    this is link for nikon-asia anouncement:

  • smudger

    Ooooooooh! Lovely. Well worth the wait.

    But we need red lenses to match. Black is so passé.

    Hope the D4 will be a nice shade of pink.

  • sasso


    Yellow would have made more sense, at least it wold have matched the neck strap..

  • Eaksoy

    holy… this is much much much lower than I expected really

    • ME

      same me

  • Ki

    I gotta say that Nikon disappointed my seriously. I have been waiting for D700x or D800 for a long time. I used to be a Pentax user but sold it, now waiting for Nikon’s announcement. Come on Nikon, please….we need Pro FX camera not colorful ones…
    If no new Pro FX camera released on Sep. 21st. I will definitely go to Canon!

  • Hey Admin, do you think nikon reads these comments for customer feedback and if so is aware our our frustration? I turst they must be sensitive to their customer base to be an effective company and to be able to respond to competition.

    • TheThing

      They will not listen to your feedback unless you actually buy this camera. Otherwise you’re not their customer but just some opinionated stranger:)

  • Tomasz

    finally! I’ve been waiting for this announcement since 1978 😉

  • Joe

    It’s been over a year since I purchased anything “new” with a Nikon label on it… Looks like the trend will continue …

  • Ralph

    My calendar is wrong, will reset it for April 1. My guess at rainbow colour lens caps wasn’t far wrong.

  • Ro

    Oh no. Pentax has finally done it. The rest have gone mad, too.

  • NG42

    This is incredible! Nikon has a winner on their hands!

  • Big G

    HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah… Oh, laughing too hard!!! It hurts! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah… 🙂 GASP! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Aaaahh! Wow, that’s a good one. Sniff. Hmmmmm. Snort. :/ Boohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoo. Sob! 🙁

  • Mr Dissapointo

    Ewf, seems I hadn’t lowered my epectations far enough, and they were pretty low.

  • Darkness

    My daughter loves it!

  • Bigus Dickus

    i have one wedding behind me with half sony gear.
    to switch is pain, but result was better then expected. love zeisses and a850 is awesome.

  • jesse

    Jesus Christ.

  • Sam

    Totally bullshitting ‘ that’s not call an announcement, thought nikon is yellow, why turn up to be red.? Hopeless now…….

  • haha

    No pink? I mean Magenta…

  • got my sunglasses now i can see

  • Karlosak

    This is the “big surprise” we were promised by the Nikon managers some time ago, LOL.

    Epic fail…

  • broxibear

    Oh dear, has Nikon just become the new Pentax lol ?

  • Levi H

    I always saw there coolpix in this color and thought it was ugly and cheap looking. Now they just brought ugly and cheap to the dslr.

  • Geoff

    Why not coat the body in that mood ring substance so it changes colors with your mood. ;-p

    • Andrew

      At least it would be black al l the time…

  • I live in France and I have received a press release saying it will be available here.
    You have some visual here :

  • Rob

    Looking behind the cameras, the advantage becomes clear. From what I gather based on the top image, the black D3100 can take a nice picture of a girl on the beach while you’re at the beach. The red D3100 can take a nice picture of a girl on the beach while you’re standing in front of a white backdrop. So economically the red one will save you travel expenses from having to shoot on location, as it magically and accurately places the background of your choice behind the subject, while you shoot from the comfort of your studio.

  • simpleguy

    clearly nikon , your just focusing on the wrong things

  • Marcus

    From Thom Hogan’s Nov 29, 2010 commentry – What your camera color says about you – ….”Red. You aspire to owning a Ferrari. Or maybe a Corvette. But you don’t yet have either. So you photograph with your red camera and when people ask, you just nonchalantly say “it matches my wheels.” You also carry this camera in a Ferrari-logoed camera bag, which you think helps with the ruse. At least until those around you watch you get into your silver Honda minivan in the parking lot. Also, you are almost certainly male.”…

  • Brian

    Red huh. This would make sense if it was prominently sold as a “Product RED” deal where a portion goes to charity… would be good PR. And probably would boost sales for Nikons entry level DSLR. But it’s just red. Missed opportunity for Nikon.

  • Brian

    That said, I kinda like the color (on that model, at least… wouldn’t want it on the D3X :D)

  • Ryan

    Finally selling my 700 on eBay pays off. Preordered 2.

    • paf

      …hahaha, love the comment! Win!

  • jeantro

    for me with nikon I finished
    myself some waited three years to have a true DSRL with format DX able to make play equal with the canon 7D
    nikon will be never good for the video one and especially that next the 7D will be FF and video in 1080P 60fps

  • MJr

    It’s not just red, it’s shiny too !!

  • Dormant

    No-one has stated the obvious …… It looks hideous!

    The glossy red body with the black lens just looks awful. At the very least they should have used the colours of anarchy – matt red and black.

  • fuji

    think it is a marketing strategy to attract potential female consumers….

  • Marcus

    Nother one from Thom 2011
    ” Uh-Oh
    June 21 (commentary)–Yesterday Canon announced that the T3 Rebel will…wait for it…come in three new colors (red, brown, and some sort of ugly gray). As long-time readers know, I believe that when makers start trying to put fashion or fad into a product category, the product has pretty much run its course in terms of technology driving sales. It was one thing when Pentax went with the “any color you want” skinning of their DSLRs. It’s another when the market leader does it. Low-end DSLRs are looking more and more like dinosaurs, about to turn into an evolutionary dead-end.”
    If this is any indication of what Nikon has in store for us… Not a good sign.
    But seriously Red and shiny… Still can’t get over it. What does ashton have to say?

  • John

    Hmmmm, a camera from Mars. I want a D800 from Earth.

  • The invisible man

    The “salon de la photo” (French Photokina) is from October 6th to 10th
    If Nikon release some serious stuff it will be at that French event.
    Only one month left to wait !!!!
    (I’ve been there many years ago, it’s boring but there is some cute girls)

  • Up $#!t’s creek

    you have to admit, there couldn’t have been a better practical joke to play on any of the readers to this site.

    nikonrumors readers punk’d by nikon…lol…. wait here comes ashton now…

    • pethunia

      Great practical joke.
      Nice variation on a good starter’s camera.
      Now please show us what we really want (we = this small, secluded NR community).

    • Banned

      Somehow I feel Nikon is trying to ride on the (PRODUCT) RED wave, but without the slight downside of having to share the profit with the RED charity. Not that I care much for this RED initiative but I feel Nikon is trying to associate with something they don’t participate with. You might say I’m paranoid and it’s just a color but why choosing red specifically and not white or grey?

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