Announcement: Nikon D3100 in red

This is the announcement for tonight: Nikon D3100 in red... Well, not really an announcement, there is no official press release for obvious reasons. The red D3100 may only be for the US market since I did not see any updated on the other international Nikon websites. As I mentioned on several occasions, we should all have lowered our expectations for this "new" product.

Update: see my next post for more details on this camera.

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  • joe

    so dumb…

    • ren kockwell


    • gt

      Even with my expectations lowered as far as they could go, this was somehow below that

      • LGO

        🙂 🙂 🙂 !

      • aetas

        +1 This is the best and most suited comment for this post.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Oh thank god. For a while there, I thought the announcement was going to be frivolous or stupid. It’s appropriate that Nikon officially put its DSLRs in the red to match it’s mirrorless market share.

    • Kon_head

      Thank god, finally, a DSLR for the bull fighter!!

    • Reck Konwell

      We’ve been coolpixed again …

    • AnoNemo

      Nikon, stop throwing crap at us!

      I think this is a symbol of the end of Nikon. This company thinks that painting the camera red will help?

    • Should have been pink, LOL.

    • broxibear

      ok…I admit it it…it’s all my fault.
      As a joke I sent an email to the “Make a product improvement suggestion” on the Nikon website saying dslrs would sell even better if they were available in different colours. I also might have suggested that no one really needs a D400, D800 or D4 and that they should concentrate on coolpixes.
      I didn’t think they would actually agree with me ?
      Although the Gold one might work lol.

  • oly

    ugh. i have no words….

  • The Wayne

    Dang!! I wanted green!

    • steve

      I was digging the camouflage on the AW point and press camera.

    • Not Surprised

      Not purple??

      • broxibear

        Purple?…no problem sir we also do a nice shade of magenta

        • paf

          shh… don’t tell nikon of the other possibilities — they might change their mind for the sept 21st announcement…

  • piahi

    really? sigh…

  • cndlpwr

    You have got to be kidding me.

    • FX DX


      • Shasta_D


  • Rich

    Yay!!! It will match that blood coming out of my ears waiting for some real cameras!!

    • Orlando


  • sylvesterii

    the beginning of the end for nikon.

  • cndlpwr

    I have to admit though, it looks kinda cool, in a Ferrari sort of way. BUT the all black lens clashes now..hmm

    Come on Nikon, where are the red Nikkors??

  • SoftOnDemand

    Why red??? Why not white??? Why not d800???

    • R R

      If they had released a Red D800… I would take it ! lol …

      Ugly as Hell but with full frame full HD Video! yuppie! and 24 MP yey!

      hell make the D800 Pink! Nikon.. I´ll buy it!!

      • Hrm..

        24 mpx? I dont think so… the d800 is gonna be below 20 mpx 😛 maybe 16 ? LOL . poor D3s at 12 mpx

  • Well, this is my “I told you so moment” – this is why there were no press events scheduled for this “new” product. Not important announcement, as I already told you.

    • I’m not disappointed. I hope they come out with more colors in all their DXXX lines. Waiting for blue or white myself.

  • IWantedClear

    Yeah, that’s exactly what will gain back your market share in Japan (
    Red. Yep, that should do the trick.

    • Not Surprised

      China appeal. =P

  • FridayLatte


  • It’s all about my fx

    Nikon’s digging its grave…

  • Admin thank you for your Work !!!
    Nikon – another booooo !

  • wtf with that???????????? where is the D800?? FML

  • cndlpwr

    I think it would look good as a Christmas tree topper!

  • LOL, time to go to bed now. Nothing special.

  • nikonman

    looks shopped hahaha

  • DX2FX

    Ha.ha. That’s what we all have been waiting for ! Should have one in pink too!

  • Nicolò

    Still not the real Ferrari-red!

  • ChrisC


  • John M

    Nikon continues to push the envelope.

  • Roeder

    Follow Pentax down to hell…

    • +1

      This is why I hate Pentax.

  • Now we understand why no press conference. They wanted to slip it by without notice!

  • YinYangERROR

    With all this disappointment from Nikon lately, they better announce something earth shattering soon. It is no wonder they are losing market share in Japan.

  • DavidL

    The announcement at the end of Sept. will probably be for the matching red Nikkors.

  • ChrisC

    I suppose it will help to differentiate it from the new mirrorless model which is rumoured to be coming in white!!!!

    Perhaps they should have different colours for FX and DX too…..

    Don’t want to accidently grab the wrong camera as you rush out of the door.

  • kkmomo

    and the white D700 is coming on 24 sept, ‘nikon in white’ event!

  • Shasta_D

    Wait til we see the D700 replacement, the D700R for Red. That is the update we’d all be waiting for.

  • Now we know why no press conference. They wanted to slip it by unnoticed!

  • Elvis

    Next announcement, scented and unscented….

  • amien

    11 November 2013 : Finally, after waiting for so long,

    the D700-S comes out.
    With a great exmor 14.2 MP
    AWESOME for low light shots & web-sized jaggy videos.
    Their’s even a 120FPS iii mode (triple interlaced 480)
    No motor, they even forgot the mirror. So stay tuned for the mirror fix.

    • Rich

      Lmao! Probably true! Deep down Im telling myself its going to be ground breaking and thats why its taking so long. Then I remember waiting for the first Fx sensor and then when it finally came out with 12mp!!??

      • Hrm..

        HAHAHA yea you’re right ! 12mp !? no no its erm… balance between noise and mpx… 😛

  • taco eater

    Even the DSLR line got Coolpixed

    • John


      • John


  • April Fools? Please tell me this is a joke. Reminds me of the Pentax.

  • Bip

    Nikon is telling us that the D3100 is actually for girls; hence, it has a red colour alternative.

  • ian

    so useless, thanks.

  • fordstr

    Nikon is trolling us.

  • ian

    the red on the handle doesn’t even match the red of the camera… Mega Design FAIL

  • DO

    Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.


    Nikon becomes a Liquorice maker : red or black ?

  • Paul

    cool! just like sony came out with red for some of their alphas.
    i’m gonna get one. way to go, nikon!

  • joe

    I don’t know about all the “this is the beginning of the end for Nikon” talk… it’s just our wishful thinking that’s killing us.

    I think I share a major pain point with a lot of other photogs: I need to upgrade, but I just hate the idea of upgrading at the end of a product life cycle if I can save a few bucks by waiting a month or two. We go years being content with what we have, but then get frustrated when it’s time to upgrade.

    • Rich

      Agree 100%. One other factor; I think Nikon was a little too conservative the last generation, staying on the 12mp factor since 2005. I think that has to do with relying on other companies for their sensors, creating their own is crucial in moving forward I believe.

  • Brian

    You all should understand the market for DSLRs now is for the d3100 and 5100. They profits generated from these cameras and with more choices equal more customers. you sell 5 3100 and 1 d700, do the math. its not about what YOU want, its about what WE want.
    goodnight and wake up happy with my nikon d700 in red end of year.

    • Pdf Ninja

      Exactly. Without these consumer models, Nikon wouldn’t make enough money to support the development of a D4 or D800.

  • Dave Konitz

    I’m gonna smash all the coolpixes, d3100, mirrorless,aslkfjalskdjfasdlf until my D4 comes out. I really am desperate for my next shoot!

  • Bob

    To the !diots on dpr that pre-sold their D700’s and D300’s in anticipation of Nikon’s new dslrs!

    I hope you like R-E-D!!!!!

  • amien


    A : Customers are paying bellow 899$ for DSLR, this is why nikon makes more profit with consumer cameras.

    B : Full Frame technology costs about the same as DX technology today (we are in 2011)


    • binary_eye

      FX “technology” isn’t nearly as cheap as DX, and never will be. I bigger sensor will always cost more to manufacture than a smaller sensor.

  • Lol! Totally no idea why Nikon would “announce” this option. The black lens on red don’t look good. Maybe it’s their strategy to try to appeal to the female population? 😀

  • Manuel

    AAAAhhhhhh!!! What’s that???

  • Greg

    Well, I have bought all FX lenses for my D80, waiting for the D700 replacement because I really see the advantages to FX. I understand why Nikon is doing what they are doing but it is getting frustrating. I do know that once Nikon comes out with the FX replacements everyone, (or most everyone) on this site will be saying they knew Nikon would pull it off and will quickly forget the wait, but still, we are getting tired of waiting.
    I can last a bit longer but really, it is like telling me there is 3 1/2 months till Christmas and the house is already decorated. It doesn’t make it easier.

    • Dave


    • Ian

      Neat… an Ironman camera, I am however going to have to switch to CanonSonyOlympusMinolta if I don’t immediately get word of the rest of the Avengers!

  • At least, now we know what this “Nikon in White” invitation for Sep. 21st was all about. A D3100 in white. They just forgot to send out the invitations for the red one.

    But seriously. The red one looks awful. The red nikon triangle on the grip is a different red than the body. Plain ugly.

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