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Another Nikon SB-600 being discontinued story

CompUSA currently doesn’t have the Nikon SB-600 listed on their website. I called them up and the SB-600 is not listed in their inventory system. On the phone they could not confirm whether the SB-600 is discontinued or they just dropped it from their catalog. Here is a live support chat session that I found […]

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The updated Nikon instant rebates list

Adorama: those are all possible combination for the new Nikon instant rebates. All prices should be updated: Combination D300s body D300s w/18-200 D700 body D700 w/24-120 70-200 ($400) available N/A available N/A 24-70 ($300) available N/A available N/A 24-120 ($200) available N/A available N/A 18-200 ($250) N/A available N/A N/A 10-24 ($300) available available N/A […]

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Nikon USA has suspended all product deliveries for 10 days

Nikon USA has suspended all product deliveries to dealers for the next 10 days because of their yearly inventory count (March 31 is the end of the fiscal year for Nikon). This will also explain why the new 24mm f/1.4 lens was available in very limited quantities in the US (it was suppose to be […]

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Nikon rebates updated and extended till May 1st

Update: The new Nikon rebates are restricted to either the D300s or D700. Same with the SB-900 – in order to get the $100 rebate on the flash you must buy either a D300s or D700. I will have the full details next week (Adorama and B&H are close for a week). I just got […]

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Nikon related news/links

I will be on the road the next few days with limited Internet access – here is the Nikon links section for this week: Nikon instant rebates expire tomorrow (US). A well known Canon shooter (Ole Jørgen Liodden) just switched to Nikon: check his site for details. The site will soon change to Nikon […]

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Nikon Switzerland investigated for antitrust practices

Update: Nikon confirmed the investigation. This just in: Associated Press reports that Nikon AG in Switzerland (subsidiary of Nikon Corp. in Japan) has been investigated for “preventing other companies from importing some of its photography products.” Read the whole story here.

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