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I will be on the road the next few days with limited Internet access - here is the Nikon links section for this week:

  • Nikon UK will take part in The Gadget Show Live held at the Birmingham NEC from 7th-11th April.
  • By looking at a picture of a scene or location, 47 per cent of Britons can remember the scent associated with the photograph - this is according to an international study commissioned by Nikon (source).
  • Two image processing patents applications from Nikon this week: 20100074519 and 20100073523 are for color drift correcting, a saturation reduction and a color correcting.
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  • Rasho
  • Derek R

    Too bad he already took down his critique.

    • dan

      Anyone know how to find out what he said before he took it down?

      • Banned

        No, it’s not in Google cache :'(

      • Tabitha Green

        He basically said Canon would not give him a 1d mkIV fast enough, but Nikon would give him stuff, so he decided to switch to Nikon out of spite.

        He does seem like a bit of a jerk. More than a bit.

        • Tabitha Green

          “Where’s my Canon 1D Mark IV field review?

          Good question!

          There has been less activity on this field review site in 2010. This is due in part to hard work with my Svalbard book project, photo workshops and expeditions. I have also had more problems than expected in getting a Canon 1D Mark IV camera for some serious field testing. For some reason I have not been given priority and the result has been only 3 days in the field with the camera. This is much too short a time to give you a field review especially regarding AF in different situations. To be honest, the Canon 1D Mark IV seems to be not that impressive compared to the Canon 7D I already had.

          Four weeks ago I needed a fast camera for some action shots of the fast flying hawk owl. I couldn´t get a 1D Mark IV camera, and I was so frustrated that I called Nikon and asked them if I could borrow the new Nikon D3S camera. No problem! In the kit bags were also the Nikon D3X and different lenses: 14-24/2.8, 70-200/2.8 II, 300/2.8, 400/2.8, 500/4 and 600/4. Almost immediately I canceled my cooperation with Canon as a “Canon Master”.

          I had never used Nikon D3 cameras before, but after only one hour I got extremely satisfying results, and after two hour I was convinced! Especially the D3S; it was extremely fast and precise, and the image quality even at ISO 2500 at sunset really shocked me.

          The following weeks I did more field tests with fast moving birds, high ISO shooting and difficult light conditions. After 5000 exposures I was so happy with the image quality, sharpness and colors of my pictures from Nikon D3S and Nikon D3X, that I decided to sell all my Canon gear. This was a shocking decision for me, Canon and my photo colleagues. I´m 100% sure that this was the right decision. Image quality for me is very important, and I don´t see any reason why I shouldn´t use the best equipment available. The photographer is still the most important part of creating a photograph, but I also appreciate good equipment.

          I have always loved to shoot with full frame cameras like the Canon 1DS and 5D cameras. I was very disappointed when Canon was still using the 1.3 crop factor in its new 1D Mark IV. I’ve been waiting for the 1DS Mark IV, but 2 weeks ago I suddenly discovered that this camera already existed as the Nikon D3X. The Nikon D3X has almost everything that I have been waiting for as an upgrade for my old 1DS Mark III. So now I’m already shooting with my “1DS Mark IV”.

          A week ago I also accepted an offer from Nikon to become a Nikon Ambassador. It is strange to shift so fast from Canon to Nikon, but when I decided to sell my Canon gear it was normal to partner with Nikon. I´m now very happy to be on the Nikon team, and with in my opinion the best camera equipment on the market.

          So what happens now?
          First of all, I will do no more Canon field reviews, and I will delete all Canon field reviews from this site. I will soon redirect this site to where I will do both Nikon field tests and articles about photography (not only gear). I will still focus on image quality and how equipment functions and handles in the field.

          Secondly, I will cooperate with my good friend and photographer Roy Mangersnes when building up the new I will also focus more on getting support from sponsors etc. so it’s possible to publish field reviews more often.

          Finally, I want to thank all of you loyal readers for your interest in my field tests, and I hope at least that some of you will follow me over to the new site.

          All the best!
          OJL “

          • dan

            Thanks, man. Much appreciated!

          • woof

            so the guy just got bought over.

          • Gerry

            Some of the posts on that site are hysterical. There is a guy who said he had 2 D3S’s that failed because of their poor weather protection, and his 7D can withstand worse punishement than then D3S… Also all the people who are hating on nikon products in there is amazing.

          • alex

            indeed, that is a true fanboy forum. almost fanatics 🙂

            i don’t think you can find such hardcore fanboys on any other brand.

          • Richard

            Thanks for posting it. I had read it before it was taken down, but I thought I remembered a comment somewhere that he had experienced problems with an assignment with the Canon gear he had and did not think that it would do the job for his owls trip.

            Let’s face it, fast moving birds will challenge an auto-focus system.

  • The invisible man

    Paris 26 giga pixels !
    Enjoy !

    • Banned

      You’re late man.

      • The invisible man

        I just woke up, what’s new ? D900x ?

  • Banned

    From the photog who switched:

    “UPDATE (03.24.2010): I have removed the reasons why I left Canon, due to many negative feedbacks. I don´t want to say anything bad about Canon.”

    Too bad!!! Chicken!

    • Banned

      Apparently he got a good deal from Nikon to switch to them and as part of the deal he must change his site to a Nikon-only site and remove all Canon-related entries.

      Some people would do anything for a quick buck.

      No respect.

      • Gustav


        • PHB

          If I was advertising Nikon I would not want to have any negative comments about Canon on my site. Equally, if I was Nikon I would not want that either.

          It looks like the Canon site is going to remain, he is going to supplement it with the Nikon site, not replace.

      • Gustav

        So after reading the post, it becomes clear that he wasn’t happy with what Canon had to offer and was given a good opportunity to switch. I’m not sure why you would have “no respect” for him in this case. I mean seriously, he was given the opportunity to do what half the commenters on this site threaten to do every time someone says the word megapixels.

        I also think we’re forgetting that cameras are tools – a means to an end. If he used a pinhole in a shoebox and got good results, would it matter? Is the end game here to take nice pictures or to marvel over technology?

      • Anonymous

        Let me you’re guess a Canon user.

    • The invisible man

      Canon make great copy machines.

  • Jackc

    haha…. what a reason to switch to nikon…..

    after reading his ‘excuse,’ it is hard to believe Mr. Kenrockwell’s claim of “i did not receive anything from Nikon”!

  • Meh

    Hey I’ve got kickbacked from Nikon..I wouldn’t even mind lowering my pants down everywhere. LOL

  • I believe he just realized that we Nikon users are on the right side of the force and made the right switch :p kkkkkkkkkkk

    Dude it’s business. Shoot. If I was interested in a photography that costs me to have my equipment changed frequently because of abuse – I would go for the one that offered me the best deal with same level of image quality.
    Say what you want – Canon opened their eyes and brought along great sensors. But the focusing system, color rendition and nikon strategy to keep our pro line FULL FRAME (you know what that means right canon??) is just a better choice for the professional market. Also for situations where you need to change camera setup on the fly – nikon has a much better ergonomics and software in place.

    And for the record I am a Nikonian since F-4. But i’ve had the pleasure to test both systems when new stuff come out and that’s why even thou I approve canon sensor – I still rub on their faces WAKE UP! First was 30% of market shares – Now you have ambassadors switching – And not only Ole. Sports photographer / newspapers – You name it.

  • Jeff

    I was sent the below email concerning the D3s from B&H photo. I clicked on their tab to be notified when the D3s was in stock. Guess I won’t be getting notified as promised, see the below email from B&H as too why.. What’s going on, too much demand and not enough supply? You would think that they would still notify us when available..

    Nikon – NIKD3S REG
    D3S Digital SLR Camera (Camera Body)

    We regret that we will not be able to do so and we have deactivated the “Notify When in Stock” option for this item.

    We understand that this is a disappointment and an inconvenience. Please accept our apologies. We are also sorry that the manufacturer or our supplier has been unable to meet the demand for this item, and we appreciate your patience.

    • I will quote myself

      “First was 30% of market shares – Now you have ambassadors switching – And not only Ole. Sports photographer / newspapers – You name it.”

      Everybody is looking for the better equip. :p
      I got mine from Adorama. They had in stock back in Feb.

    • B&H will be closed for over a week – I think that’s why they sent those notices. I got the same one for another product.

  • low

    is that all the info that OLJ posted about why he switched? thanks!

  • Anonymous

    What a day for BandH to stop their online orders. That’s what I get for procrastinating.

  • Your link to Ole Jørgen Liodden’s Nikon site is wrong. The erroneous URL is currently –

    Obviously the link should go to –

  • Andrew

    I love how so many Canon users are incredibly defensive (re: insecure) about their equipment. When Nikon users switch to Canon, it’s good luck and farewell. When Canon users switch to Nikon, there’s something afoul!

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        yeah and everyone who shoots canon are short, bald, fat and smelly. What is with that anyway?

    • hah


      It’s like OMG how dare thee defy canon!. and when you see their sigs all you see is a bunch of ammateur canon glass in a 40D…pfff.

  • Anthony

    seems adorama has raised their prices today (friday) on their d5000 with the 70-200 lens. so the rebate is actually a lot less than $400, as compared to yesterday.

    • MikeC

      Yes, I also noticed that Adorama did raise their prices….it might have been before Friday. The D3000 kit plus 18-200 lens was priced $150 higher (on Friday) than when I bought it last week. I guess they were wrapping up with the rebates and just posted the revised higher prices. However, I have noticed that Adorama, B&H, and Amazon still have instant rebates (ending May 1) on some cameras.

  • Stanley77

    TWO FIFTY A SHIFT…2.50 per 8 hours? Or is it 10 or 12 hours? Wonder why they make nothing in Japan?

  • optimaforever

    Canon seems to have filed a patent for a 14-24 f2.8

    • hah

      too little. too late.

  • Anonymous

    NO one is talking about the strike and the social problems in Thailand!!!
    I think that with the price we pay for lenses and other stuffs, Nikon could be more socially open,they stoped doing uv filters for ecological reason,or economic one?I love Nikon for hisproducts developement but hate them for marketing and economical strategy ,like keeping product for longer sales making us wait all the time!!
    What I think is that the last generation did all the good work, and now new executives are tryin to get more money out of people and I hate it ,that s why I m keeping my D90 and D 300 not upgrading them till next year new line product!!
    I bought a F6 and a 28 f 1.4 so I feel better now,and I don’t think they worked in the right direction socially I hope new ways of beeing more ecologic an d social will come out next year!!! …….with a D700 XS and dont forget the X because I m not goin to buy a Full frame 12 megapixels!!!! I want more nikon , I am at the point of stopping digital exept for working purpose and doing some films developement in Labs and I am only 35 yrs old ,so something is missing!!!

  • Discontinued

    One thing about this Ole-Jørgen-Liodden-news we can be sure of:
    A photographer has tricked both companies for his own advantage ( I like this)
    but this guy would have went the other way any time just for the same reasons: a good deal of sponsorship and this is why you can already forget his yet non-written Nikon-reviews: they are all going to be a part of the deal. No need to get all too excited about it.

    His page did previously show a lot of Conan’s gear in hard environmental conditions covered by ice and snow. His latest book is all shot with Canon too. So what do make of it? That this book must be crap?

    There is just nothing to learn but this: the guy just knows how to gain advantages from people and companies. Count your fingers after a handshake ! ! !

    • Worminator

      Well it must be nice.

      “Oh, Canon didn’t give me a free camera fast enough. I’ll give Nikon a call. Hey … free D3s, free D3x, free set of lenses to use. Sweet, I think I’ll pitch my flag here for a while.”

      This is not the same thing as selling your Canon gear and buying in to the Nikon system, closer analogy is a hockey player switching to a winning teams mid season.

      No one cares for a turncoat, not in the 100 years war, not now.

  • Anonymous

    where is the dislike do not post again button for this response?

  • Zoetmb

    >>By looking at a picture of a scene or location, 47 per cent of Britons can remember the scent associated with the photograph – this is according to an international study commissioned by Nikon

    And what will that research lead to? Cameras that record odors in addition to the image? Yuch!

    Thailand strike: While I don’t know the specifics, in general terms it seems to me that Nikon as well as almost every other major manufacturer has moved manufacturing to the third world, yet their prices still remain very high.

    The only exceptions to that are low-end consumer electronics: DVD players and the like are remarkably inexpensive.

    If companies like Nikon are going to kill jobs in Japan and other developed countries in order to manufacture in countries with lower standards of living, they should at least pay a living wage in the target country. It seems to me that most people working for Nikon (or any other major company) should be able to lead a middle-class life in their home country.

    I can’t accuse Nikon of making obscene profits, since their margins are generally under 10%, but there’s no excuse for a manufacturer of essentially a luxury item to exploit their workers.

  • Ronan

    Look Ma! It’s canon emo outcry! LOL! Bunch of amateurs.

  • Ronan

    Tabitha Green, since you will never be in a position like him, let me explain everything to you.

    When you VOUCH for a brand, and what you say actually MATTERS and then said brand basically lets you down / turns its back on you, you have the right to tell them to piss off and switch.

    Nikon has never let me down. Panerai has never let me down. Omega has never let me down. And thats why im a loyal customer to them.

    • Discontinued

      please “explain everything” since you seem to know everything …
      Honestly, you even don’t get the difference between a “loyal customer” and someone seeking the best contract (to get sponsorship or even payment). Loyalty simply doesn’t pay. This Ole-Jørgen-guy got it and you didn’t. End of story.

      Or do you get actually payed to “VOUCH” for your wristwatch or is there anything else you’ve been saying that “actually MATTERS” and that I’ve missed ? ? ? Well, I didn’t think so.

    • Ronan – Plus 10 to Panerai!!! They never let me down either – neither Nikon so I sign under your statements 😉

      • Worminator

        Panerai. It’s a clunky, mechanical wristwatch, less rugged and less accurate than a G-shock. You just like the prestige of the brand name…

        “When you VOUCH for a brand, and what you say actually MATTERS and then said brand basically lets you down / turns its back on you, you have the right to tell them to piss off and switch.”

        Loyalty between the sponsor and the sponsored is always a tricky thing, since so much money is involved. It was very poor form – and really stupid – for him to write anything bad about Canon, he should have just said “I’ve got a new sponsor this year and will write Nikon reviews from this point.”

        What *would* be hilarious is if in 3 months Nikon decides they don’t want to deal with this loser and demand their loaner gear back… Nikon should do it, just for the LOLs.

  • Leo

    I am going to have to say, as a recent Canon to Nikon covert. Canon’s current offerings just did not offer a versatile tool for me so I switched. What really sealed the deal was their warranty service, they wanted to charge me over and over for a issue with a faulty camera.

  • grumps

    Did no one click on the close-up rig, which is amazing!

    • iamlucky13

      It really is. I first saw it a couple months ago when someone pointed me to the guy’s Flickr account. They may not be as artistic or eye-catching as other macro photos, but I’ve never seen such detailed shots of insects in flight anywhere else.

      It’s funny that Gizmodo titled their article “Make your own…” This isn’t a light tent, flash bracket, gel holder, or any of the typical do-it-yourself type projects. This is an engineer with professional experience in high speed circuits and a pretty decent shop. He designs and builds his own circuit boards and uses micro-controllers to run the whole setup. Yes, technically everything he used is available to the average person, but he added a huge amount of personal knowledge to the project.

      Unfortunately, everyone seems too busy arguing about the meaning of a photographer switching between brands of gear to notice something genuinely innovative and cool.

  • Zim

    Ok the rebates are over…..bring on the new camera Nikon!

  • Tim

    The guy does sort of sound like an a-hole. It sounds to me that even though he has “constructive” criticisms about Canon and why he switched, it seems to me to be more about spite. In case anyone else here is considering switching (or is curious about it) here’s my 2 cents. I was seriously considering switching to Canon for the 1D Mk IV but after reviewing a few test shots I found that my D3 gave me far better results–and I don’t just mean in low-light, either. The Canon was nice, but the images didn’t have the same high-end look I get out of my D3. Even with an L series prime lens on the Canon (Had the 50mm 1.4 mounted on the Nikon).

    • congo

      April 1?

  • saloom

    where is the new camera??

    The D700 upgrade?? This is frustrating !

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