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I don’t really have an April fools’ day joke

We had enough of those already on this blog, so I will take the day off tomorrow. If you really insist, check out the new Nikon D4.1. And don’t send me any tips on April 1st, I will not take them seriously 😉

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Tension build up

After receiving few more tips, I can now clarify the initial Nikon press conference date confusion – the April 16th date will be only for China (I guess 4.14 will not be well accepted in Chinese culture). For the rest of the world the date remains April 14th. In the meantime Nikon UK is out of D300 and D80 […]

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Nikon Capture NX 2.2 available for download (Europe)

Update: I started a forum discussion about the potential issues/bugs with the latest version of Capture NX. Nikon Capture NX 2.2 now available for download in the US & Canada: Capture NX2 v2.2.0 (Mac, USA) Capture NX2 v2.2.0 (Win, USA) Capture NX2 v2.2.0 (Mac, Canada) Capture NX2 v2.2.0 (Win, Canada) I guess Nikon could not wait till April as previously […]

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Yep, it is April 14

This is the press invitation for the Austria Nikon Event on April 14 – no need for translation, the date is important (I removed all names & emails). The top label reads something like “Nikon starts with new products in Spring”, I think “products” is in plural (Produktneuheiten): Einladung zum Nikon Pressefrühstück Nikon stellt vor: Nikon […]

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Nikon announcement on April 14?

Two articles, one source : KemeraBild Zoom: Nikon press conference 14 april ‘There are indications that there are new spejlrefleks’på way from Nikon on 14 April. At least for Nikon in the invitations that they have new products that will make the Danes even better photographers. “Nikon press conference 14 april ‘There are indications that […]

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Nikon related news/links

Digital Camera Customer Satisfaction Survey: Nikon acquired the first place with a score of 711 (out of 1000), trailed by Pentax and Canon both scoring 697 points. Nikon D3x price drop: I got a report  that Adorama sells it for $7299.00, but you have to call them (not available online). B&H will sell it to you on […]

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Interview with Miyano Kazumi (Nikon Public Relations)

Interview with Miyano Kazumi (Nikon Public Relations):  Micro 4/3: “Nikon has no plans to do so for the moment… Nikon remains focused for now on FX and DX format.” Future of DX format: “Some believe that this type of optical has no place in the family of APS-C, but we are convinced to the contrary and continue to […]

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Nikon D90 with Nikon Media Port UP300x combo – the future of photography?

Few months ago Nikon announced a rather weird product: the Nikon Media Port UP300x. At the Photo Imaging Expo 2009 in Japan, Nikon had the Media Port UP300x on display connected to a Nikon D90 – the photographer could basically see the viewfinder through the eyepiece. Pretty cool! You add a remote trigger and you have something you can impress your clients […]

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