I don’t really have an April fools’ day joke

We had enough of those already on this blog, so I will take the day off tomorrow. If you really insist, check out the new Nikon D4.1. And don't send me any tips on April 1st, I will not take them seriously 😉

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  • Anonymous

    How about a rumor about fake Nikon products flooding the market – anything made in China is a fake ….. ?

  • Nikon D4.1 – it’s 4 – month April, 1 – data….

    this April 1th humor

  • Jørgen

    Because of the Financial Crise, Nikon now have a very large store of unsold equipment. To free space for new cameras, they now give away D300’s. So you have to go to your country’s Nikon-importer, and you will recieve a free D300 with the lens you choose. There are limited numbers of cameras, so you have to be quick.

    • Will

      Approved, free D300 with a purchase of a Nikkor or D700 with a purchase of a Canon L lens.

    • JeJoKu

      Wow, free D300. I’m getting me some of that!!!

    • ddovala


      “A senior Canon spokesperson acknowledged that it was Rockwell’s recent movement against digital photography solutions that scared the two companies into joining together to work on this project. ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures. We believe a collaboration like this will truly benefit our customers.”’

  • 1/4 joke

    18-200 f2.8 VRIII ED & D4X~~
    Canon and Nikon produce D4X together

  • Abouna

    Love the Bangusetsu reference! Clever.

  • No tired attempt at a dumb joke, but a nice play on the date. Bravo.

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