Tension build up

After receiving few more tips, I can now clarify the initial Nikon press conference date confusion - the April 16th date will be only for China (I guess 4.14 will not be well accepted in Chinese culture). For the rest of the world the date remains April 14th.

In the meantime Nikon UK is out of D300 and D80 brochures (source, send by a reader):


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  • johnny

    let’s wait for the climax!

  • Let’s wait for the cries of “When is the D500 coming out?!??” once the D400 is announced 😛

    • Placido

      But you will certainly agree that Nikon has been recently introducing more than incremental upgrades (and you know which other Company I refer to…)

  • Anonymous

    What upgrades to the D80 would there be? Isn’t that what the D90 was for?

  • anon

    Nice to see that they still aren’t out of F6 brochures, though. 🙂

    • monty11

      and D40 brochures …

  • Chris

    To add a little fuel to the D400 fire – Jessops are out of stock of D300 bodies. That’s pretty unusual.

    Of course it’s also possible that they are shagged financially and will go out of business very soon, and that’s the reason…

    • Daf

      That is unusual!
      WarehouseExpress also listed as “low stock”

  • bw8755

    Dell.com had removed the D300 and kit versions from their website about three weeks ago. I was just about to order one on my dell acct. and it was gone, not just oos.

  • Bruno

    i remember seen something on the tv about the number 4 by the olympics last year.
    if i’m not wrong, there was this thing on the spell for the number “four” to be almost the same as the spell for the word “death”, so they try to avoid it as much as they can, or something like that.

    • Martin

      This rumour about ‘four’ sounding like ‘death’ in chinese is getting a little old, don’t you think?
      What about the following real existing cameras by Nikon:

      Do you think if they’d tried to avoid the number 4 they’d have introduced a pro model called F4 ?

      • Kevin

        “Death” and “4” do sound similar in Chinese. It’s not a rumor, it’s a language. It is avoided for things such as dates for important events or in buildings where the floors may be labeled 1,2,3,5…

      • You’re forgetting that Nikon is a Japanese company, not Chinese.

      • moshangwusheng

        i am a chinese.the 4 (four) ‘s pronunciation is similar to 死(death) in most china,but the 4(four)‘s pronunciation is similar to 发(fatten)in some southern china.

        the 1(one) ‘s pronunciation is similar to要(want or will ).

        so ,”414″ means “death will death”

        it will not be a good day to launch new things.

        for example,canon donot have G8 camera.but have g7 g9.

        because “G8″in chinese pronunciation is similar to “鸡巴”which means “penis”.

  • Hey-nonny-mouse

    Yay…. more camera models….. just what we need.

    Ok, so D60/D40 needs update…but D300 ? Maybe a firmware update for video.

    What Nikon needs is to update their antiquated lens lineup (yes I know you’ve heard it all before). Resolution is getting so high that the camera is no longer the limiting factor. Meanwhile a major competing brand (starts with C???) is miles ahead….

    At a quick count:
    C has 56 AF lenses 44 of which have USM and 21 IS
    N has 52 AF lenses 24 of which have SW and 23 VR
    of which 13 are dx format with 12 having SW and 5 VR
    which means 39 are fx format with 12 having SW and 18 VR (many of those being the $$$$ pro tele and super-teles)

    Maybe not all lenses need AF-S/VR but these stats indicate how long it’s been since the designs were refreshed given AF-S is standard these days and VR on almost all longer/slow lenses.

    The camera race is well over (lets call it a draw), time for the lens race to begin (in which N let C get a looooong head start)

    • Hey-nonny-mouse

      Actually I miscounted, only Nikon 16 lenses have VR and 5 of those are DX

      You get the picture and it ain’t pretty.

      • Placido

        Out of 56, how many Canon lenses are EF-S (ie. DX equivalent) ?

        Indeed the race to lens resolution is important, but how many consumers are aware of this factor? How many knows about optics and lens diffraction?
        How many ‘review’ sites have the resource to measure the lens caracteristics?
        Anyway, one of the very best lens review sites is : http://www.photozone.de

    • WoutK89

      I’ve also noticed that not all USM lenses are ring type Af-motor, so not all are fast (and silent), but I guess same goes for Nikon then with the lower end AF-s lenses

  • 4 is pronounced close to si that means death
    1 is pronounced close to yao that means want

    So, 14=want to die=very bad, there isn’t even a floor in my building with that number.

    Daniel (Suzhou, China)

    • Martin

      Interesting … how do you count then? Do you interleave any number containing a ‘4’?

      • Kevin

        …the same way you would going from 12 to 14 in English. The number 13 is associated with bad luck but you still need it to count with. No different in China with 4… except maybe they take these things a bit more seriously.

      • @Martin, sorry I missed your reply.

        No, the number 4 is used as normal when counting but it’s more for like license plates, buildings phone numbers etc that 4 is considered bad, just like 13 for some in the west.


  • Joe

    How do you run out of PDF files to download? Thats what the box says.

    • MB

      You don’t. This is for ordering printed brochure in UK.
      If they ran out of these that could also mean that the demand for D300 is high.

  • shivas

    well, Adorama still carries the D300, and I think Kit’s selling out (which happen more often than bodies), is a consequence of the prosumer buying more top end gear. . .in this economy, that amazes me. . .but I HIGHLY doubt the D300 would be discontinued or production coming to a halt, for christ’s sakes, the D200 was just on sale at Best Buy for $569 and that’s like nearly 4 years LATER?!!

    So, just pray for a D400 release or a D5000 release on April 14, so that the D300 and D90 will come down and price, and open up a price gap for the new sensor (in whatever body it’ll come in) to wedge itself in. . .

    remember, it went D200->D80->D40x->D60. . .so that sensor seems to be the most tired. . .the D300->D90-> ??? os also a possible gap. . .who knows?

  • Be-Bop

    Thank the heavens they still have D40 brochures available! Ha ha ha.

  • Dweeb

    Yup, just read elsewhere the D300 is discontinued. But hey, you can still buy it right now at the original intro price, just like old discontinued Apple stock sitting on the shelf besides their cheaper replacements. My dealer’s still trying to unload 12MP D3s at over five grand, a real deal considering the X is twice the price. Remember even NASA couldn’t afford the D3 and went for the discontinued D2x.

    I bet you can make great shots with a 400 buck D200 as long as you don’t print over 4 x 3 feet. Your choice.

  • A. Nonymous

    They haven’t had D300 brochures for aaaaaaaaages, that’s nothing new. I ordered one in ctober last year and it still hasn’t arrived.
    Which could mean that this has been in the works for a while, as they may have stopped printing them… OR… *sigh*… they’ve just fogotten me…
    (Dammit all)
    On another note i hope they don’t mega-pixel chase at the expense of noiser files/Slower (or Shorter) Burst rates. I’d have a higher burst rate over more megapixels anyday of the week, but that’s just personal preference for wildlife photography.

  • Wow! I just saw a seemingly faked up image of the rear panel of a D400, which I put up on my blog here if you are interested.

    If thats how D400 will look, I might start to save up for this baby right now:-)

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