Nikon Capture NX 2.2 available for download (Europe)

Update: I started a forum discussion about the potential issues/bugs with the latest version of Capture NX.

Nikon Capture NX 2.2 now available for download in the US & Canada:

I guess Nikon could not wait till April as previously announced and they released the Nikon Capture NX 2.2 (Win link) update today in Europe (Mac link available here).

A new version Camera Control Pro 2.4.0 is also available for download.

Next, I will check if there are any traces of new bodies or lenses in Capture NX.

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  • Max

    “Next, I will check if there are any traces of new bodies or lenses in Capture NX.”

    Cool…I guess it means scanning through the files using a hex editor.


  • Changes in this version

    – Support for NRW-format RAW images captured with the COOLPIX P6000 has been added. Capture NX 2 Picture Controls are compatible with digital-SLR Picture Controls. As Picture Controls built into the COOLPIX P6000 are COOLPIX Picture Controls, modifying Picture Control settings with Capture NX 2 will not produce the same colours as in-camera Picture Controls.
    – Some changes have been made to the file-type filter on the toolbar.
    – An Axial Colour Aberration correction function has been added to the Camera & Lens Corrections portion of the Edit List’s Develop section.
    -With the addition of the Axial Colour Aberration correction function, other function labels have been modified as follows.
    Auto Colour Aberration in the Camera & Lens Corrections portion of the Edit List’s Develop section has been changed to Auto Lateral Colour Aberration.
    The Colour Aberration Control option, selected from the Adjust menu > Correct, has been renamed Lateral Colour Aberration.
    – An Auto Distortion correction function has been added to the Camera & Lens Corrections portion of the Edit List’s Develop section.
    – Batch processing speed has been increased.
    – When a batch process was applied to images stored on an external hard disk, processing order was performed in the order the images were created. The Processing order has now been modified so that images are processed in alphabetical order by file name.
    – When the Adjust menu>Light>Auto Levels… option was applied to images captured with the D3X, in some rare cases, the enhanced images had a blue cast. This issue has been resolved.
    – When RAW images captured with the D60 with Active D-Lighting enabled were opened, in some rare cases, the images did not display properly. This issue has been resolved.
    – When the colour eyedropper tool was selected in the Colour Picker dialog to choose a colour from an image displayed full screen, the mouse cursor did not always switch to the colour eyedropper cursor. This issue has been resolved.
    – When negative (-) signs were entered in enhancement step numerical text boxes in the Edit List, the signs were displayed in red and then changed to 0 after a few seconds. This issue has been resolved.
    – When the mouse cursor was moved over the Tone Curve item in the Quick Fix portion of the Edit List’s Develop section while a separate application was active, Capture NX 2 was activated (brought to the forefront). This issue has been resolved.
    – When a monitor utilising a monitor profile with a name that included 2-byte characters was used, colours were not correctly displayed. This issue has been resolved.
    – When Cancel was clicked while opening multiple images that had been enhanced and then saved in NEF format with Capture NX 2, enhancement steps were removed from the Edit List for the images that did open. This issue has been resolved.
    – When Capture NX Ver. 1.X was deleted after installing an upgrade version of Capture NX 2 and entering the Capture NX 2 product key, the dialog requesting the product key was displayed when Capture NX 2 was next started, but the OK button could not be clicked, even when the product key was entered again. This issue has been resolved.

  • Stefan Buchman
  • Alain2x

    Great news

    The big improvement is distorsion correction, fast and effective.
    Speed is also a pleasure, at least on Mac 😉
    Now, when is perspective correction coming ?

  • Tom

    Thanks for the links !

  • HDZ
    • correct – they call it 2.3 updater = 2.4

  • anon

    is it still a 32-bit application?

  • Kichu

    in release comments:

    Auto distortion is automatically enabled for RAW photos taken with On selected for auto distortion control option available in shooting menu of some cameras.

    none of current dSLR’s have this in their shooting menu, are we to expect fw update or such function in a new camera ?

  • pinhead666

    Download your favorite version here :

  • PI

    Running well on my XP 64-bit machine, after endless problems with 2.1.1

  • Maybe this will give DxO a kick up the arse.

    • Niloy

      Dxo trumps capturenx2 in every way! Nx2 gets the advantage because it gets to play with properitary nikon secrets, and gives much better results. But dxo rocks! I’m a big fan of both! Nx2 when you’re serious and want results, yet with a degree of subtlety, and dxo is for when you wanna go Craaazy!

      • Niloy

        Lol. I’m sorry for a comment that you could never take seriously like that. But I mean every word!

        • It’s hard to take most comments in here seriously, so it’s not that your comment is out of place 😉

          Personally, Dx0 never did much for me (didn’t fight past the learning curve), but liked Bibble quite a bit.

  • Klaas

    After updating I couldn’t use Exposure Compensation anymore (NEF-files)
    I asked Nikon Netherlands for the problem.

    I just received a mail from them confirming a bug in the 2.2 update related to the exposure compensation.

    I was adviced to return to vs 2.1

    It is unknown when a corrected update is available.

    • Paul

      Thanks, very helpful !!

    • NXShooter

      Same problem here – Exposre compensation does not work. This is a no-go for me, will stay with 4.1.1, unfortunately. Speed improvements would be welcomed, however

  • alex

    quick fix and compensation works just fine here. no problem at all.

    • Paul

      The english version (MAC & Windows) and the MAC version (at least German version) do not have this bug. It’s in the German Windows version and maybee also in soem other European Version. It is also confirmed from Nikon German.

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