Yep, it is April 14

This is the press invitation for the Austria Nikon Event on April 14 - no need for translation, the date is important (I removed all names & emails). The top label reads something like "Nikon starts with new products in Spring", I think "products" is in plural (Produktneuheiten):

Einladung zum Nikon Pressefrühstück

Nikon stellt vor:

Nikon startet mit Produktneuheiten in den Frühling!

Sehr geehrter xxxxx,

Nikon freut sich, Ihnen exklusiv seine neuesten Produkt-Highlights vorstellen zu dürfen.
Aus diesem Anlass möchte Nikon Österreich Sie herzlich zu einem Pressefrühstück einladen.
In bewährter Tradition findet das Frühstück wieder im Hotel Sacher statt.

am: Dienstag, 14. April 2009
im: Hotel Sacher
1010 Wien, Philharmonikerstraße 4
um:  09:30 Uhr

Im Anschluss an die Präsentation steht Ihnen Nikon gerne für Ihre Fragen zur Verfügung und ist gespannt auf einen anregenden Informationsaustausch.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Kommen und bitten um Ihre Antwort an Herrn xxxxx,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Trimedia Communications Deutschland GmbH
Im Auftrag der NIKON GMBH Zweigniederlassung Wien
Wagenseilgasse 5, 1120 Wien
Telefon: +431 972 61 10 /14
Telefax: +431 972 61 10/ 20

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  • kikkk

    hmmm so interesting ….. there will be more Dx lenses??? wo la la

  • Jørgen

    You will get a breakfast there! And maybe a Sachertorte if you are lucky.

    • jdh


      I think that dessert is the only thing that could derail a heated internet comment board conversation.

    • tonashideska

      We stayed there for the millennium, they put Sacher torte on your pillow at turndown every night.

  • Nikkoryan

    I am not getting my hopes up. With our luck it will be more point and shoots (woopdee-doo).

  • sooperkuh

    The “Hotel Sacher” is quite a posh location. If somebody goes there, please eat a genuine “Sacher Torte” for me 😉

  • Mike

    P&S are unlikely as Nikon just renewed its whole fleet one month ago. I guess (and hope) they’ll bring out the follow-up to the D40/60 with that rumored tilt flash and the wide-angle zoom posted on NR a couple days ago.

    Or maybe yet another P&S with the D40’s sensor and a nice wide and fast lens…

    O gosh, I need to stop day dreaming 😛

  • Neil

    It would be great timing for me if they come out with the D400 but I expect that will be late summer. Still, always cool to see new stuff available.

  • James

    Maybe 70-200mm 2.8 Refresh?? Most unlikely but anyone can dream 🙂

    I have my savings ready for this for a long time.

    Maybe Nikon wants me to earn some interest more before I can spend it 😀

    • Eric B

      I sure hope you weren’t investing the money you had set aside 😉
      And I’m not sure the 0.05 % interest at a bank is worth the risk of it failing in this market 😉

    • Yeah. Why are you waiting exactly, if you already have the money for it?

    • kober

      It will be a looong time before Nikon adds another 70-200 VR F2.8 to the lineup. Why would they? They are selling every one of these lenses as fast as they can produce them and exept for negligeable vignetting in FX, there isn’t a damn thing wrong with this, one of the best, most popular lenses Nikon ever made.

  • Nikkorian

    How bout a 17-55 2.8 refresh with VR? [Or a 50-150 2.8 with VR]

    The existing one is really a big minus for Nikon, since Canon’s 17-55 has IS, even a better image quality than Nikon in all tests available, and all that at almost HALF the cost :-O Come on Nikon!! We want high-qualtiy DX lenses (meaning f/2.8).

    • Gustav

      If by “half the cost” you mean “less but nowhere near half” then you have a point.

    • T

      Eh, the Canon 17-55 isn’t a pro level constant aperture f/2.8

      • Duncan

        It is a constant f/2.8 isn’t it…?

        • Eli

          Yes, it is, and it’s an excellent lens. Just like Nikon’s 17-55.

          • Placido

            I own it. It has a very good resolution, but it is made of hardened plastic (it is not a ‘L’ series lens). Quite expensive too, for a EF-S (ie. ‘DX’) lens. and on top of it, it requires 77mm filters… $$$ 🙁

            my advice : keep your money if you plan to switch to full-frame anytime soon.


    • kober

      Who needs VR at the 17-55 range? OTOH, I’d pay big bucks for a sharp, constant f2.8 18-200 VR that weighs less than my truck.

  • steve

    D400 this time – you watch 🙂

    Oh, and I just replaced my vignetting, soft cornered 70-200 with an 80-200, so I’m sure we’ll see an update there are well…


    • kober

      Your 70-200 vignetted on a DX sensored camera???

  • Tony

    And in english

    Invitation to the Nikon Press Breakfast

    Nikon presents:

    Nikon Launches New Products in Spring!

    Dear xxxxx,

    Nikon is pleased to offer you its exclusive new product highlights to be able to imagine.
    On this occasion, Nikon Austria you would like to cordially invite a press breakfast.
    In good tradition, the breakfast at the Hotel Sacher again instead.

    Date: Tuesday, 14 April 2009
    in: Hotel Sacher
    1010 Vienna, Philharmonikerstrasse 4
    at: 09:30 clock

    Following the presentation is available from Nikon happy to take questions from you and looks forward to a stimulating exchange of information.
    We look forward to your visit and ask for your response to Mr. xxxxx,
    Yours sincerely,

    Press Contact:
    Trimedia Communications Deutschland GmbH
    On behalf of the branch NIKON GMBH Vienna
    Wagenseilgasse 5, 1120 Wien
    Phone: +431 972 61 10 / 14
    Fax: +431 972 61 10 / 20

  • Sacher hotel, that’s a nice location for a press conference. I’m curious.

  • Dweeb

    I expect there will be a bump on at least one product towards a 15+MP sensor and 1080P capability. But my stuff works fine for now.

  • Pablov

    I bet it’s a camera, no lens (unless it is a kit)

    Did they ever make similar hotel-press-announcements for lenses?

    I hope a D400, but taking in account that Canon has recently announced 500D, it may be the D5000 if Nikon is ready to announce it (or even better, both, although it seems unlikely to be together at the same announcement, I guess)

    • Tom

      I reckon we’ll get the 85 f1.4 and D5000 or whatever they call it. Perhaps even another crappy dx zoom. 16-55 f2.8-4 VR. Nothing to get excited about until the summer methinks.

      • Pablov

        that prime is dreamed since long ago…

        sorry, not for this time 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Actually, not dreamed about – at Photokina a rep said the next two lenses would be 35 f1.8 and 85 f1.4, so I’m just following on from that rumor which so far has proven true.

          I’d like a 70mm f2 micro DX. Fat chance. Thank goodness for Tamron.

      • Eric B

        more likely a new 18-75 f/4-5.6. They need to fill that huge gap between the 18-55, 18-105, 18-135 and 18-200.

        My dream is that one day nikon will have a line of 180 different DX zoom lenses starting with 18mm and with a different lens for every millimeter from 20 to 200. 😉

        • Tomao

          Dude that is awesome – every millimetre ROFL

        • Eli

          It already exists. It’s called the 18-70.

          • olaf

            Yeah, the 18-70 is a total sleeper. I think my D70s kit came with one and I used it as my walk around on all my DX cams. I finally gave it to my mom, but I kind of wish I would’ve kept it. Awesome budget lens.

        • olaf
  • Jørgen

    Suddenly an ad for a Vienna hotel showed up here. Cool!

    • yes, that’s google at its best – now you know why I have to delete comments with offensive language – they will trigger offensive ads

      • Goo Gul

        Offensive ads triggered by comments! That would never do. Next thing there will be Canon ads here because some Canon user with a Canon P&S or Canon DSLR mentions Canon a lot and next thing you know, faster than a Canon PowerShot, there is suddently a Canon ad on Nikonrumors!

        That would be really offensive. Except to Canon users who shoot Nikon lenses, perhaps.

        Pardon my language

  • A new Nikon fanboy

    Better April 14 than April 1.

    • Jørgen

      All the funny PS-guys are making stuff for april 1.! Expect a lot of rumors that day.

  • Eugene

    Posted in Nikon D400, Nikon D5000, Nikon D60x, Nikon D65
    master have given us a big tip

  • 2ch-hk

    Not joke of april 1!!! >w< I am really looking forward to the new products!

  • HDZ

    How about D800?

    • Jeff

      OMFG, the D700 is less than a year old, that camera will certainly not be replaced until the D4 exists for it to share sensors with. D700x hopefully sooner, wuth the D3x sensor. But it will be called D700x because it will be the same body with a higher res sensor.

    • Eli

      That’s just silly, it’s Nikon’s second-newest body. It doesn’t need an update. A D700x is likely sometime later this year but it would make no sense now, especially with the D40/D60, D300 and D3 all in need of replacement first (in that order).

  • Ron Scubadiver

    My guess is a replacement for the D60. The low end cameras sell in the greatest volume and they are also the oldest in the line. There are so many open spots in the Nikon lens line up as compared to Canon that it is very difficult to predict anything in that area. What one reads in internet forums as wished for, is often far from real market demand.

    • Daf

      D300 is quite a bit older than D60 I think.

      • rhlpetrus

        D60 was a rehash of D40x, same sensor, no relevant update. It’s time to have a new entry-level camera with LV and video. It’s certainly it, plus a few new lenses, likely the 10-24 and maybe a new FF primes, like 85 and some WA.

        • Eli

          Yes, the D60 is a rehash of the D40x, which was a spawn of the D40, which came out 3 years ago. The D300 came out a year and a half ago.

  • Anonymous

    I just want a SB700!

  • AVI

    i want a new 80-400 AF-S G zoom

    • Pells

      Agreed. Such a great lens. Just a little slow and needs updated VR. Would be nice if they made it compatible with the 2x extension

      • I would be happy if it were to just work well with a 1.4 converter.

        • Pells

          If it works with one of them, it should work with all of them

          • Pells

            Actually the odds of this working are slim. the lens would have to be a 2.8 or better to work i suppose. And in that case the lens would be a monster. So maybe you are right. A 1.4 might work if they could get the lens to be a F/3.5 or something in that range.

          • Even an F5.6 could potentially work with a 1.4 TC, though it would have a better chance if it were say F4.8. Actually, I would be much happier if they just delivered it as an F4.5-F6.3 100-500.

  • knips_r

    I wouldn’t be surprised, if they show the D3X, the 35mm f/1.8G and maybe as the highlight the 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G, which by that time we have seen elsewhere already. The German term ‘neueste Produkthighlights’ is marketing speak, and very unsharp. It could include basically everything new since the last event of that kind (Nikon Austria press breakfast) … don’t expect too much …

    • Placido

      The event was reported in Danemark and Germany, so I expect at a European-level event. My guess is for brand new product releases. Maybe D5000, maybe D400, maybe both. But I stick to the recent removal of D40 and D300 minisites.

  • AZ

    I would love to see the new D400 and this AF-S 80-400 /f4 :), but let’s just wait a little bit and let’s get some more confirmations from other countries.

  • Dweeb

    Yeah, $3000 price reduction announcement on the D3X to improve stalled sales. Germany, D3X? Where have we heard that before? LOL.

    • I see what you did thar 😉

  • kristupe saragihe

    I would like to see D400 and AF-S 70-200/2.8 II….and maybe AF-S 85/1.4G ED IF N 😀

  • PHB

    D3x may not be selling fast, but don’t discount the fact that it might still be production limited. The D3x was never going to be as much of a hot ticket as the D3 after the D700 came out in such a short space of time.

    One of the rules of marketing is that you make your message simple. One announcement, one theme. So PMA was all about point and shoot, no DSLRs. I would expect this to be the same. It may not be a DSLR launch at all, it might be a upmarket digital rangefinder. If it is a DSLR it will be either a D60 replacement or a D400 replacement.

    I would have thought that a D60 replacement was the most likely. The D60 is a somewhat old design being essentially a D40x. The remaining stock of D60 should be depleted in the wake of Xmas. And it is very likely that the D90 will have a tweak before next Xmas to keep up with Canon who are now offering full 1080i on the HD video front.

    But having seen the leaked pictures of a reasonably convincing 10-24 DX lens, it would be very logical for that lens to launch with a replacement for the D300. A good ultra-wide zoom would remove the need for many of us to move to FX at all.

    I don’t think it at all likely that we will see a replacement 70-200, 80-400 or 85 F/1.4. While these are on my personal wish list, and are probably the most desired replacement lenses, I don’t see it happening when none appear to be in short supply.

    The lack of a new 80-400 is especially a pity as if it focused faster it would be an absolutely awesome lens for us DX-ers as on our cameras it is a hand-held 120-600 zoom.

    What would be really nice to see happen would be for Nikon to give a roadmap statement of the obvious, such as they will be continuing to support DX and FX as professional platforms for the indefinite future. That the DX lens range will be supplemented where there is a significant advantage to a crop sensor lens (lightweight, wide-angles, super-zooms, macro) but most telephotos will be FX.

  • anonymous

    i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be the D40/D60 replacement which Nikon will announce for their next DSLR. it’s the cycle of features trickling down from the high end DSLR models to the consumer models: D300->D90->D5000? it’s the same with canon: 50D->500D

    until the D40/D60 replacement enter the market, i’m very sure there won’t be any announcement to replace the D300. D200 was only replaced by the D300 after D60 was available. so yeah, after Nikon announce the D40/D60 successor, then we can expect D400 to come, that is for sure.

    curious how Nikon would improve D400 from the D300.., as in what kind of leap of technology will it be, can it do what D300 improved on the D200, more? or less? curious. hopefully it’s not gonna be that silly D40x->D60 kind of ‘improvement’ they have in their mind for the next DXXX(3-digit) line of DSLR..

  • anonymous

    until the D40/D60 replacement enter the market, i’m very sure there won’t be any announcement to replace the D300. D200 was only replaced by the D300 after D60 was available<— i meant after D40x was availabe, which is pretty much the consumer DSLR camera that got the technology from D200.. 😀

  • Trevor Nelmes

    Whatever, that place is expensive to hire and feed people at. And I mean expensive. Really expensive. The food is great. I worked for a major car company who used it many years ago to meet major customers. That was some do. This wouldn’t be the place to show a lens, it would be too expensive to amortize. It would have to be a volume camera. So think low end DSLR.

    • heartyfisher

      Might not be as expensive now with the economic down turn….

  • Anonymous

    A bird told me this: D5000 & AF-S DX 10-24 will be there.

  • Anon

    I work for Nikon, there’s going to be a 70-200 f1.2 the size of a 50mm and costing £499…

    But seriously, if they bring out a new 80-400 I may cry, I had given up hope and ordered one, and it arrives tomorrow…

    • Pells

      I sold mine since I knew the price would be dropping from here on out. If a replacement comes the old 80-400 will barely sell over $700 used. I paid 1200 used. Sold it for 1050 used two years later. Thats why you buy high end lenses.

      In the mean time the 70-200 with a 2x on it is decent, but not quite as good.

  • Bill

    Id like this to be them announcing their answer to the 5D MkII. But hope springs eternal.

  • Press breakfast means a new SLR (and most likely some lenses). Ace.

  • Before Photokina there were rumours about 35mm, 50mm and 85mm 1.4 primes, I think. We got the 50 1.4, and its DX equivalent, the 35 1.8.

    I am still hoping we will see a 35 1.4, and its cheap equivalent (24 2.5, 2.3 or even 2.0), but then maybe I am just dreaming.

  • MB

    We can only be sure of one thing, people there will get free breakfast.
    And they say there is no such thing as free meal.
    As for a new gear, a 10-24 DX lens will be good, and if they throw in a brand new tilt LCD screen camera even better …

  • fxed

    After the cow’s tongue, egg and Austrian cheese wiz breakfast the curtain will go up revealing a D700x, 70-200 f/4 AF-S VR, 80-400 f/4 VR AF-S and 70-180 f/2.8 AF-S VR micro. For sure, really.

    • Dan

      The 80-400 has to be a 4-5.6, or a 4.5-5.6, because a 400 f4 has a MINIMUM front element size of 100 mm – simple math No lens actually has a minimum size front element (the aperture blades need someplace to go, so you can’t possibly get a 100 mm wide aperture (400/4) into a barrel only 100 mm wide) – we’re looking at somewhere between a 105 and a 120mm filter size on anything that reaches 400mm at f4. An 80-400 f4 would have to be in the size and weight (and probably cost) class of the existing and well-loved 200-400 f4, if not bigger. The only way to get a replacement in the size and weight class of the existing 80-400 is to accept a maximum aperture of f5.6 at the long end, which has a minimum front element size around 72mm (the aperture opening needed for 400/5.6 is 71.42mm), and a realistic filter size of 77 mm – the existing lens is 77mm.
      An interesting alternative is something like a 100-300 f4 (requires a 75mm aperture – with tricky design, might take 77mm filters). Sigma has built one of these which is well-liked, although lacking VR or equivalent. Sigma also has a 120-300 f2.8, which is a bigger, heavier lens (another one which requires a 100+ mm front diameter), but still significantly smaller and lighter than the 200-400 Nikkor.

      • Keep the low end in the 50-75 range, with a 300 long end, F4, VRII, nano, and accepts both the 1.4 and 1.7 converter, and it would be a real winner!

        • Dan

          The 1.7 converter would bring the combination to f6.7, making AF iffy – probably unsupported, but might work on some bodies. The laws of physics get in the way of making any lens that is long, fast and doesn’t have a huge front element (and this is just as true if you use a TC to get there). One possible solution is something like Canon’s Diffractive Optics lenses – the front element still has to be full-sized, but the overall lens can be smaller and lighter.

          • The 1.7 converter works fine on the existing 300 F4.

  • Anonymous

    umm, ladies and gentlemen, the invitation didn’t say anything about a formal announcement. product highlight is usually a show where the public can come and try out their new products (D90, D700, D3X, 35mm 1.8G AF-S DX, and maybe nikon capture NX 2.2).

    when nikon plans to announce something, they will say it clearly “we have a product we wish to announce on this date of…”

    don’t get too excited.

    • I am not sure I can remember the last time Nikon said “we have a product we wish to announce on this date of…” – the above text is very similar to the previous press invitations, not to mention that the text actually does say “Nikon Launches New Products in Spring!”

      • Anonymous

        Updated batterieS ?

        • Anonymous

          try updated LCD covers with built-in collapsible hood shade.

          or even better, updated hot shoe covers.

          • Anonymous

            Nikon are going to revolutionize the way every photographer goes about taking a picture ! How can they do such a thing ? They have invented a triple-action system to work in tandem with current dual system side and centre pinch lens cap ! Just press the new centre button and off she pops ! Just like a DVD case ! AWESOME !

  • Joe Boston

    Here come the trolls!

  • Chris P

    I am certain that one of the things announced will be an updated 80-400 zoom. I finally got fed up waiting and bought a Sigma 120-400 two weeks ago.

    • Anonymous

      haha…yeah, I was just ready to get the 60mm micro to double as a portrait lens when Tamron announced a faster lens (f/2) with a better macro working distance. So now I have to wait to see how that measures up. Unbelievable I am now waiting again, having waited for ages already. I’m still using the 70-300 which makes people think I’m taking pics of the end of their nose…

  • The Japanese site is also going down for maintenance on April Fool’s. Maybe we might have something :p

  • I’m not sure about this…I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense to present a new product in some hotel in Austria (without underestimating the fancy hotel). Usually it starts in those countries that start with “F”, like France…Nous avons un nouveau appareil photo numerique…VOILA le D quattre cent! Vive La France!

    • I am still debating whether to delete your comment. I will assume that you were joking.

      • Anonymous

        Oh god I was joking…no hard feelings there…but I really read somewhere that it always starts in countries with “F”.

  • 3space

    1080p @ 24-48 fps/ manual controls / fx sensor / iso 64000 low light / pro audio / timecode / flip around LCD / …..

    Nikon could destroy the video lords once and for every….

    … with the 14-24, 24-70, a new 70-200, and a few zf primes we could shoot a feature film…

  • Digitalux

    Well, given Canon recent cameras @ 15MP and Nikon usually upping the APS-C rez with the DXXX series first (let’s now forget about the D2X), I’d bet on a D400 and an entry level 12 MP in spring and a DXX with the same sensor later – for Christmas the latest. Question being which higher rez APS-C sensor are they going to use ? A variant of the Sony ?

    Just guessing 🙂

  • Desperado

    Sadly Nikon D400 will not be presented on April 14 – I am 90% sure and I wish I were wrong. But I hope very much it will be a reality until June 2009!

  • Alon

    Ughhh. Small question.

    I am planning in getting a D90 next week.

    Should I wait or use the plastic?

  • shivas

    So can we expect a D400, or are we thinking entry level only?

    to the D90 purchaser, WAIT, the same sensor is trickling down into the D5000, so you can probably score the D90 cheaper. . .

  • Robert J Johnson


  • Looking forward to see what Nikon has up their sleeve this time.

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