First Nikon camcorder: the HDV Coolvix

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  • Anonymous

    super cool…..i want one..!!!!!!! nikor lense and 5mpix stills!!!!! prima

  • low

    sweet you can put a nikor lenses on it!! πŸ˜‰

  • HDZ

    OMG!! This have VDO version of NEF!!!

  • Iris

    Very nicely executed πŸ™‚

  • Sn0b

    happy fools day i think)

  • Pablov

    Wasn’t expected, was it?

    Maybe there is no DSLR announcement at 14th and a camcorder instead?

    Any specs?

    “put nikor lenses on it” ??

  • ddovala

    It’s an April Fools day joke people πŸ™‚

  • Pablov

    whattt ??

    Hum…. it wasn’t fair !!! In my country there is no april fool day !!

    And who made the video?
    snif… not fair !!

    But, I’m happy it’s not true, thus giving chances for DSLR announcements πŸ™‚

    (Now I inderstand the “sorry, I could not resist” … lol )
    You made me this one Admin !!! πŸ˜€

    • sorry Pablo, I was not going to publish anything today, but a reader emailed me this and I could not resist… you should introduce April Fools day in your country…

      • Pablov

        Admin, no problem at all.
        it was funny anyway…. πŸ™‚

        (and I guess it wouldn’t be impossible to believe that Nikon could release a camcorder someday)

  • Stephen

    Even though I know this is fake. I don’t think something like this is far off. I think Nikon see canon in the Digital Video market and wants a piece of the action. Anyway, that was well done.

  • Ali

    I want to order one today

  • Weston

    in for one

  • shivas

    i swear the dude that put that together has seriously NO LIFE, it was very clean and believable. . .APRIL FOOL’s!!!!!

    lol. . .one day though, something like that might be reality, he should work for Nikon R&D!

  • Alex

    Nice… HDV is dead though, but good work. Perhaps Nikon really should look at competing with Canon here though,

  • quadrapixel

    Ladies and gentlemen, you have been April fooled!

  • Bill

    OK, its a joke, but Nikon really did have a line of camcorders before. I still have a working VN-950 Hi-8 camcorder that was one of about 30 models that were rebadged Sony’s issued by Nikon.


    Ha-ha. Happy April fool’s day.

  • Eli

    It would’ve been more believable if they had random video samples instead of still samples. Still nicely produced, however.

  • Cyberimage

    Nice… well played

  • JC

    Fake or not, I do hope Nikon make a camcorder that can use the Lens from their DLR. That will make it really cheap right?
    How come they just don’t get it?

  • rollakid

    I woke up on 2nd April, 7.30am, and saw this, and think “for real? no way!” then I realized that most part of the world is still on April fool… D:

    I want a Nikon camcorder! want want!

  • SmallWalrus

    Wow, does anyone know the track the music is from?

  • bstrds

    April Fools lol

  • lol right now when i looking for cool video cam!

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh….buuuuttt….What time was the video posted?

    I see the first comment was at 12.52pm…traditionally ‘April Fools’ ends at 12 noon, therefore, as my Granny would say ‘April fools is past, your (the poster) the fool at last’. If it was posted after

  • DSLRs do video

    No need to sell camcorder when they can sell two tools in one by selling DSLR cameras that have video but with the big advantage of being able to use any lens available and high ISO and more!!
    One day, the DSLR camera will be the ultimate camcorder!

    • PJS

      quote “One day, the DSLR camera will be the ultimate camcorder!”

      And Armageddon will not be far behind…

  • JC

    But isn’t the pixel size much larger for video? So it does much better at low light as it has to take 30 frames per second.

    My old point and shoot has that problem, it cranks ISO super high when taking video at night, and the noise is unbearable. The minoHD does so much better.

    • JC

      I meant the pixel size is larger for camcorder not video.

  • Bruno

    you know what?

    this would be sweet.

  • CArwilk

    Does anyone know of a video camera that accepts Nikkor lenses? Like Canon is doing with their lineup? I seem to remember one of the major players having one some years back..

  • minor

    The name Coolvix must be joke: The pronounciation of “vix” (plural “coolvixen” !?!?) is very similar to the german word “wichsen”, which is a rude, informal word for “masturbation”…
    If anyone in the Nikon Headquarter are aware of this…. ???

    • this whole video is a joke… I hope (published on April 1st)

  • Nikon has laready launched camcorders … 15 years ago.
    The Nikon VN-200 , VN-300 , VN-310 , VN-330 , VN-340, VN-350, VN-360 VN-400 … VN-9500.
    Only the name was Nikon, all were manufactured by SONY.
    Nikon stops before the video became digital.

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