Nikon SB-600 discontinued?

Yes, according to Amazon - "Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes"


Update: Amazon removed the "Discontinued by manufacturer: yes" text from the Nikon SB-600 listings.

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  • john

    i thought it was naturally already discontinued….

    last i seen one was long time ago and stock was depleated no?

    otherwise remaining left overs are so inflated… i remember getting mine for $170
    and now well over $50 ceiling margin.


    so it follows sb600-> sb….(700) ??? or etc

    obviously going to have higher MSRP than 600 as did the 900 over 800

    following the current forecast in new product pricing.

    my 2cents

    • It no longer shows as discontinued on the Amazon site, but they did lower the price.


  • Anonymous

    sb700 on the 14th paired with a new slr…

  • STRB

    It’s is plausible, and a SB-700 should be on its way. Time to check ebay for some cheap old stock? (I wouldn’t mind owning a couple more)

  • Desinderlase

    So, the difference between sb600 and sb700 would be?

    • RThomas

      Hopefully the SB700 will pick up the SB900’s ability to detect whether it is mounted on a DX or FX camera and adjust focal length coverage to match.

      • And the ability to update firmware through the camera. I think Nikon is moving toward a second generation of the iTTL, in the near future (2-3yrs away). And no they won’t be using radio frequency wireless.

  • Better user interface? That’s about the only real complaint I have with mine

  • Duh

    Better UI, a little more power but still less than the 800. Maybe a couple of tweeks featurewise.

  • kai

    argh, i just bought a brand new SB800 last week.

  • Segura

    Just got 2 x SB-900’s and 1 x SB-800 this week. Guess I could have just ordered 1 SB-900 and got new SB-700’s or whatever. My plan is to use them as remotes. Funny, I have been shooting with an SB-400 for the last year and love that little guy.

  • Willis

    The SB-600 was a very capable flash, but held back because of its lousy controls. Hopefully the refresh will retain some of the design cues of the SB-900 (Like a dedicated switch to set it to remote flash).

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing it get a bit more powerful. The 600 was generally OK for my needs, but when you start using light shapers etc, it starts to get a little crippled.

  • turtle14

    I’d love to pick up a few more SB600’s, maybe the introduction of the 700 will drive current 600 prices down. May not necessarily happen, but here’s hoping!

    • Greg Tommers

      When the SB-900 came out it drove the SB-800 prices *up*, and I’m guessing the same will happen.

  • Gustav

    Yeah, I’m going to look out for another SB-600 at a discounted rate. I have one now and it’s been great.

  • Anonymous

    If the SB-800 example is anything to go by, prices will actually go up!

    Although for the 600 I doubt this will happen since it’s a lot more limited than the 800 in non-CLS setups.

  • drpeters

    Hopefully the SB-700 will have the same swivel as the 900, which the 600 sorely lacked. I currently have a 900 and my trusty old 600. I would probably pick up a 700 if it had the same controls, user upgradeable firmware, and swivel as the 900.

  • MB

    Well probably all that and support for FX, something like SB900 …

  • Crabby

    An SB-700 is really needed as the SB-900 is larger than Nikon’s small DSLRs! One feature really needed is the ability to trigger other flashes, the real weakness of the SB-600, IMO.

    Will Nikon make the SB-700 about the same size as the SB-600 and leave the low-feature SB-400 alone? The -400 will neither accept wireless triggering from cameras’ built-in flash nor trigger other Nikon strobes, but works great for a macro strobe when paired with a cable. Still, the quality of photo it gives vs. a built-in flash is day and night.

    I’m betting the SB-700 ends up larger than the -600 and a small -500 comes out with more features and limited output for under $200 street.

    • kober

      Nikon screwed up royally when they discontinued the SB800.

  • Warprints

    Amazon USA has the SB600 in stock and available for shipping. No mention of it being discontinued. Some folks in UK are saying dealers can no longer get it.

    • I guess Amazon changed it today – see the screenshot – this was displayed yesterday

  • Will

    I went to the web page and I don’t see “Discontinued by manufacturer”

  • Not sure how the whole “discontinued” thing works, but I wouldnt read much into it. B&H lists the D200 as discontinued, but Best Buy has it for a steal at $650.

  • Anonymous

    amazon love to make up stuff so it’s definitely not discontinued until SB-600’s replacement shows up in stores.

    remember the SB-800? when SB-900 came out in stores, 2-3 months later, SB-800 became discontinued.

  • anony

    i have a friend who flashed sb-600 with a modified sb-800 firmware version. guess what? he just turned sb-600 into a sb-800, although new key control sequences are for geeks.

    • Greg Tommers

      Doubtful. Why don’t you provide some evidence?

    • drpeters

      Interesting, as neither the 600 nor 800 have user upgradeable firmware.

    • Can you provide some more info on this please – I would like to share it with everyone. Thanks!

      • eval nx2.4

        i just contacted my friend who happens to work for the vendor and he’s reluctant to provide any further details for the obvious reason, although initially he was planning to put up a how-to video on youtube. and one thing i can share with you is that is doable given you have access to the necessary firmware and hardware to flash its firmware.

  • Chris

    Whew! I was about to put my 2 sb600’s up on Ebay!

    • Anonymous

      dude, scammers will buy your SB-600 for “your price” but instead they give you absolutely nothing with fake cashier’s checks or “wire transfers”. too much scam for you.

      try, you can sell your stuff to locals wayyy faster and in PERSON, which beats ebay.

      • Eric

        Dude, ever heard of Paypal?

        • duh

          and Craigslist people are like all honest and like there’s never been a robbery or grab and run?

          No matter where you sell stuff – do your homework and for gosh sake – Be Careful Out There!

  • Abouna

    What a lot of people seem to overlook re: 600 vs 800 (700? & 900) is that the 600 is nearly as powerful as the 800. It is much cheaper, lighter, easier on batts, and has a better interface. If you are using these for strobist gear, you can get a slew of 600s for the price of a couple 800s or 900s, have more power (more lights) and way more flexibility. The 600 is a bargain, and will be more so as prices drop.

    • Smaller is better

      My wife says smaller is better and I’ll have to agree. I have both, the 600 and the 800 and I pick up the 600 before the 800, nine out of ten times. The 600 is lighter, smaller and easier to use not to mention $150-200 cheaper. The only time I grab the 800 is when I need to control other flashes using CLS and the on camera flash won’t work. ie. too bright outside or too far away or if I just need more light coming directly from the camera (which is unusual).

      The 600 is Nikon’s best kept secret. Don’t waste your $$$ on the 800.

  • Jim

    B&H is showing the SB600 as “back ordered”.


    I have one 600, and picked up an SB900 a couple of months ago so am not in the market…but I’ve emailed a friend who is considering one to keep an eye on the prices. Nice flash, my photo skills don’t do it justice.

  • CLS

    B&H was showing Back-ordered but now shows Out of Stock.

  • Jason

    If anyone of you would like to “upgrade” or “sell” your SB-600, please contact me via e-mail. I’m looking to buy a SB-600 as my first flash, and maybe SB-800 later to control remote. Will pay via Paypal, no westunion thanks.

  • Jason

    BTW: my e-mail is

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