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  • Digital Camera Customer Satisfaction Survey: Nikon acquired the first place with a score of 711 (out of 1000), trailed by Pentax and Canon both scoring 697 points.
  • Nikon D3x price drop: I got a report  that Adorama sells it for $7299.00, but you have to call them (not available online). B&H will sell it to you on the phone for $7,699.95. The Nikon price watch section was updated.
  • The rumor is that Nikon will start serving directly the Mexico market (currently they are using a distributor).
  • Fuji DSLR's are still alive? Here is the translation (source):

"Today is the opening day of the Milan Photography Equipment Show and I went there and found out a few interesting things. One of them is being able to talk to a Fujifilm engineer about the next generation DSLR. First the DSLR being developed currently will use the EXR sensor in the F200 and has multiple (film?) modes. Next it's still based on Nikon's body. It's not sure which specific body, could be the D300. Sensor size is most likely the 1.5x DX format. In terms of introduction date, he said very directly that it would be within six months based on the current speed of progress, definitely will be the Christmas shopping season. He also said there will be another flagship consumer model available before the DSLR, using EXR technology."


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  • Joe Boston

    Good to see Fuji is syill in the DSLR market. Let’s hope the menus get a little modernized, yes? The S5 menu always frustrated me.

  • Stephen

    Hate the menu, love the camera. I bought my D700 because I thought Fuji was out of the game. Well…. I guess I’m going to have to have two cameras now and try to figure out which one will be my back up. Curse you Fuji for being so slow.

  • Anonymous

    I would love a Fuji FX chip…. no rumors about that, though.

    I wonder. If the Fuji thing really gets to the market this year, it might be worth waiting for that instead of going to the D700 directly. Heard a lot of good things about the Fuji. Would not want to do the RAW development, though….

  • New Fuji? I hope that does come to fruit, as you could put me directly in the queue for one.

    The problem then comes with which would I use for my main day to day camera, the Fuji or the Nikon?

    Then the bigger problem would be convincing she who must be obeyed that it is in working interest to have both!

  • PHB

    The D3x price drop may well have more to do with manufacturing than demand.

    Nikon was very clearly with their feet to the fire trying to match Canon on full frame pixels. So it was clear that they were going to be launching the D3x at the earliest possible opportunity. With demand so high, price was the obvious method of rationing.

    In years to come I suspect that we will see most serious amateurs and pros using the Dx00 series bodies and the Dx line becoming the body for pros who use super-teles and for rich but ignorant amateurs looking for techno-bling.

    Lots of people were upset by the price of the D3x. Well maybe Nikon are doing everyone a favor because once the production issues are sorted they expect to have an enormous stack of sensors that they can only sell at D700x prices.

    From my point of view the smart route is still the DX format. If, as seems overwhelmingly likely, Nikon does have a 10-24 (or 10-20) mm DX zoom in the works it will mean that the DX shooter can match every lens the FX shooter carries in a bag that weighs about half or less.

    Think about it, two lenses, the 10-? and 18-200 give complete coverage equivalent to 15-300. Not such high quality as the FX equivalents granted, but you would need three FX lenses to cover the same space, all of which are much, much heavier and cost $1500 each. And at any given point in its range the 18-200 is better than the equivalent prime lens was in Ansel Adam’s day. You can always take an FX lens and use it on a DX body. So take a 70-200 and you have a 105-300mm. Put a teleconverter on it and you have a 200mm-600mm.

    I think the future for Nikon will be that the Dx00 bodies in both the DX and FX formats are going to be the ones to go for. At any given time the FX body will offer more pixels or higher ISO.

    So I expect that the next announcement will be for a D300x / 10-?mm lens combo that declares that the DX format is not dead for professional use. That is why the FX snobs who want to look down on everyone else are so upset, they are like the guy who bought an Aston Martin Vanquish only to hear Jeremy Clarkson tell them that the Jaguar XK8 at half the price is the better car.

  • Loa


    Keep this D23x funny piece for future reference, including the date of first publication.

    I wonder how many things will still look completely ridiculous come 2012, but my guess is: not that many.


  • seb

    Please do not tease me with a new fuji body the week before i buy a second S5.

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