Interview with Miyano Kazumi (Nikon Public Relations)

Interview with Miyano Kazumi (Nikon Public Relations): 

  • Micro 4/3: "Nikon has no plans to do so for the moment... Nikon remains focused for now on FX and DX format."
  • Future of DX format: "Some believe that this type of optical has no place in the family of APS-C, but we are convinced to the contrary and continue to work in this direction on the DX format"
  • New products for the PIE 2009 show"We prefer to make announcements throughout the year when products are ready."


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  • reader

    sounds ok to me.

  • Anonymous

    ladies and gentlemen,

    nikon said it themselves, no such thing of “MX”.

    nikon said it themselves DX is still ALIVE.

    nikon said it themselves to expect some surprise(s) this year.

    now, can we please, please, please drop stupid flame war over “DX is dead!!!!11one” and long ass waiting time for vaporized “MX”?

    • Joe

      DX isn’t commercially dead, hence why Nikon said it isn’t. But, for those who want the field of view and optical quality that comes with FX – DX is dead.

      • Tom

        Oh man, I just knew someone would still try to maintain their point of view is correct even when Nikon themselves tell them it’s not. Pure pride or stubborn stupidity ?

        • Joe

          No, read what I said. DX isn’t dead as a product because people will still buy it and therefore make NIkon money. Ultimately that’s what Nikon want, to make money.

          DX is dead, however, to those who realise that FX is going to be what they use in the future as it offers the larger image area that 35mm did and also generally supports the high quality lenses such as the 14-24 and 24-70.

          • Duh

            Um… Unless I’m missing something both of those lenses will work on DX bodies, although with a “crop factor” thrown in.

            DX is still alive and kicking for those who don’t want to or can’t justify spending $2,500 for a D700, $4,200 for a D3 or $8,000 for a D3x.

            Dx gives me usable prints to at least 30×50 which is what I’m after…So why would I change?

          • Jo

            I decided to dump DX late last year and sold my D300 to help fund my purchase of the D700. That also propelled me to sell my 70-200mm f2.8 VR (at a profit) and replace it with two primes, an 85mm f1.4 and that juicy 200mm f2 VR (still saving for that one!). I migrated to FX because that was my plan all along. I wanted my investment in old glass to yield the wide angle perspectives I enjoyed when I shot with film. I was also intrigued by the D700’s much lower noise levels at higher ISOs which would truly leverage fast optics in available light photography. These considerations were important enough for me to make the change.

          • Anonymous


            i said… “now, can we please, please, please drop stupid flame war over ‘DX is dead!!!!11one'”

            ACCEPT IT AND DROP IT.

            simply don’t buy DX cameras or lenses, there you go, happy?

          • Gustav

            If quality is your top concern, then why stop at FX. Why not go to medium or full format and forget about compromising with FX?

        • Remington

          Tom, i hear you… DX is still alive (even Nikon says so and I think they know a little more about their brand than others) and furthermore, there is still a market for DX.

          Next, if anyone feels that they have moved past the “crop sensor” then low and behold there’s the FX format to choose… that right I used the word “choose”.

          For all those DX is dead folks… We (you and I) have a choice between DX and FX… if you don’t like DX then buy FX. If you can’t afford to buy FX then buy DX but please, please, please make you own choice and get down off of your soapbox and stop lecturing and let me make my choice. Nikon seems to hit both markets by having two formats so let it go already and just be happy!

          • MattM

            lol I think I posted a nice dissertation on FX vs DX in the “is DX dead?” thread in the forums. All you “FX FTW!” people should go read it, and the current pop photography article on it.

          • good idea MattM – here is the forum thread adout the dead of DX:


  • Actually they never said no such thing as “MX”.
    Indeed there is reference to it at all. That doesn’t mean there wont be any, just as it equally doesnt mean there will be any.

    Try not to read into comments what isn’t there!

    • connor

      It was in a past article, read back into the forum before you post slandering comments.

  • Jimbo

    I hear they are going to fire Ashton K, hire Vin Deisel, then come out with the xXx format!

    • Rave

      Nice joke! Thanks for the humor 😉

      The Triple X format – for the Xtremist!

  • Pablov

    The D400 is more delayed than one could have expected.
    I hope Nikon is tunning and checking it carefully, it will probably offer features that some Canons do not.

    • Jeff

      uhh… the D### series normally has a two year turn over rate, and the D300 was released in August of 07, so they seem right on time to me.

      • Actually announced August ’07 and released the end of November ’07.

    • MB

      No it is not, no one ever expected D400 sooner then the end of this year …

  • Duh

    So what I read between the lines here is that Nikon engineers had something, it was as buggy as hell and not ready for PMA or the Japan show and they’re falling on their samurai swords right now trying to fix it.

    Or maybe he’s telling the truth and Nikon is stopping the nonsense of announcing around the shows and letting development run its course, then releasing the product when it’s really ready. hmmm. D3 / D300 wasn’t really around a show. D700 wasn’t around a show. Maybe that’s it!


  • Dweeb

    Sounds about right. Nikon release equipment when they feel like it. With the exception they make damn sure they have new toys available for Christmas ordering. They’ve made it pretty clear they don’t bother to announce things at foreign photo trade shows.

  • Placido

    There is also an interview with Canon on the same site.

    Focus Numérique : We observe that entertainment industry is doing well despite the economic crisis, do you think the photo industry will do as well in 2009?

    UENO Fumihiro : The global situation of markets is not in good shape, but we can still hope a good year in 2009, and for sure we will keep on innovating.
    We cant know by looking at the photo market alone, and we hope that japanese makers will stay cooperative for a forthcoming end of the crisis.

    One can wonder that last sentence mean! That tough competition should be put on hold???

    • Jo

      In Japan, most competing companies belong to an umbrella industry association. Along with guidance from the ministry of international trade and industry, this organization collectively manages the domestic market. This means you will not see one company dropping prices as a desperate measure to remain profitable or take advantage of the opportunity to gain market share without tacit approval from other member firms. i.e. you do not inconvenience other association members or make them look bad with their higher prices.

      The industry association handles any internal conflicts should they arise. If it can’t resolve a problem, MITI steps in before the damage spreads. But that would be a huge loss of face for the association. This group “cooperation” makes it very difficult for upstart maverick firms to compete based on pure innovation. It’s an example of the Japanese saying “the nail that sticks out gets hammered back in”.

      For exports, dumping as a means to gain market share is the primary tactic; but even so I wouldn’t be surprised if a certain level of “guidance” is also involved.

      • Placido

        Thanks for the info, interesting (and somewhat worrying too).

        Last but not least, another funny statement from one of Maeda’s disciples :
        Focus Numérique : Why does your new EOS Kiss X3 (aka. 500D) shoot Full HD at 20fps ? It is unusable for video… why did not you support 24 fps? To me, 4 frames are missing …
        SONDA Takayuki : It is true that it is unsufficient for pro usage, for sure 24fps is requirement to shoot a real movie ; but 24fps wasnt an intent for the Kiss X3 model, which is target to consumers. Full HD is there as an option for users who would just want a video of higher resolution than 720p ; but 720p is the standart resolution for this device.

        • 20fps of 2Mpixel (remmember there is no blur between frames like on film) is perfect for sport shooting. 2Mpixel is still a lot of data for 10×15 or magazines. The targeted customer base cannot mind! It is better to have 5fps than have not the option at all.

        • Pablov

          I don’t find it funny, it’s obvious the fact of 1920×1080 at 20 fps is only an “additional” option not intended to be really the strong attractive of that camera.

          However, some retailers, or even Canon website, remark the “Full HD capture” capability of that camera, wich may confuse many customers who don’t read specifications carefully.

          So, I guess they will change the Overview and Features page (Canon’s website) to avoid comlains about confusing statements…

          The 500D is an entry level camera, I never expected manual control in movie mode as many people claim, although REAL Full HD video was more plausible.

          500D offers HD (720p30) video recording, that’s all.

      • Pablov

        That information sounds kind of worrying.

        Can you give any link to confirm it or learn more about, please?

  • Yonic

    Please fix the second bullet – “Future of DX format:”.
    it should be “Future DX primes:”

    • MB

      No it should not, we should at least expect 3 new DX DSLR cameras and 1 wide zoom lens this year, and some to follow next couple of years. I am not so sure about new primes.

  • MB

    Sorry, my bad, i should have red the interview first. You are absolutely right.

  • Luca

    Glad to hear about the announcements: so that, for example, we won’t get another “we have a new 35mm: but we won’t tell you when it’ll be available…Oh, btw: we’re expecting to lauch it in Elbonia, Atlantis and the Dark Face of the Moon”….Just a hope…

  • Anonymous

    Is this the same Nikon that said it wasn’t going to work on a full-frame camera, a couple of years before announcing the D3?

    • Pablov

      Did it really say so?

      (what competition and market can do…..)

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